Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tr in Baltimore

This morning the 6 of us that are in Baltimore have arrived to Planned Parenthood at 8.30 in the morning. Just at the time the clinic opened, girls started to go in. Many came to have an abortion (there are more services in this clinic).

The second girl I spoke to was very open to listen to me, which surprised me again. I always think that in this country women are much more receptive than in my country, because in Spain I'm sure they would say ''I do not care'', ''Leave me alone''... I explained her what we were there for, we wanted to help those women who wanted to interrupt their pregnancy, we were also there to explain what abortion was and its consequences. She wasn't aware of anything, thank God she took in several brochures I gaved her which explained what she didn't know. She told me she didn't have economic problems (she was working and lived with her son), her son was a year old and thought it wasn't the right time to bring another child into this life.

After talking for a while, I decided to show her the actual size of her baby with a fake baby rubber we have of 12 weeks (just of the 3 months pregnancy she was), and that was what shocked her the most. Then she went into the clinic. I stayed outside and, as I normally do, I prayed for her and for all women who came in to have an abortion.

At 11 am she came out the front door. I did not know what to do, until she raised her voice and said: '' I didn't have the abortion''. I approached her, I couldn't believed it. I asked her why she had changed her mind and she told me that the pamphlets had helped her a lot because thanks to them, she became aware of all the risks an abortion had, and didn't want her to suffer so much. To be honest, I wasn't very expressive, I couldn't believe it! I kept telling her that she had made ​​the perfect decision, that I was very happy to hear that from her and that we were there for all the help she needed.

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