Sunday, July 21, 2013

and then there were none

Hard and difficult week out here in Cleveland. We went through a lot of problems, security guards, police, and the reminder of the accident still hitting my head. Starting something like this in a new city is hard, so how do we start? Visits to pregnancy centers, fighting in front of abortion clinics and making new contacts all over Ohio. I could make a list of names of people who helped us fighting our war, but i would not have enough space in just one blog. Being a prolife intern is not easy. You have to be used to be treated like a piece of shit most of the time, and not only because of that ones called "prochoice" but also inside your own home. The best part about this week? Three babies saved because of the combined efforts. This is how we work, together, as a team, we are stronger, we are invincible. And after this war we are fighting I would like to say, I came here to help you, I will not give up with you, this battlefield is not a tomb, is the beginning of something different, better. I will never say after this war I am alone here and then there were none. We are survivors, we will make it together.

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cgvhb said...

Glad to see all the effort and hard work you guys are putting on this task is producing the results you expected. Congratulations on your good deeds. Keep on fighting.