Friday, December 31, 2010

The man's role

It's easy to be the man in a couple who is pregnant. It's the woman who is faced with the real issues. The man is not pregnant, and in fact can never be pregnant and as such how could a man truly understand and relate to a woman’s pregnancy? If the woman chooses she can give birth and keep the baby, however if she chooses abortion she will end a life, the choice is solely hers in the United States. She will be admitted to the hospital to undergo childbirth or in the "hospital" while the"doctor" is killing your baby; while, you are in the waiting room reading the newspaper.

Is this our role? Of course not! A lot of woman come to us considering abortion. When asked about the father of the child, the majority of the time the relationship is not very good and often times we find that the man is pushing for abortion.

A lot of women say that if they were in a stable relationship they would have the baby. Where is the man? We should stand by our Significant Others and our children. We men also need to understand that children are a gift and not a “burden”. We need to stop being selfish and stand up as men, protecting our children and the women in our lives from the heart wrenching pain of abortion.

Remember, she holds the child in her body, but it is your child too. You should fight for the family and love it despite all the difficulties that arise. Men have much more of a role than we thought in the mind of the woman.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

EMC Featured in LifeNews Article

New York Pregnancy Centers Still Battle Anti-Free Speech Law

by Steven Ertelt | New York, NY | | 12/29/10 5:45 PM

Pregnancy centers helping women find abortion alternatives in New York City continue to battle the city council and its attempt to limits its free speech.

The city council is considering a measure that would place stringent limits on the advertising pregnancy centers use and require them to post signs designed to dissuade women from seeking their abortion alternatives services.

Christine Quinn, the City Council speaker, and Councilwoman Jessica Lappin are behind the proposed ordinance. Should the measure be approved, one pro-life legal group is planning to sue the city over the law.

But Christopher Slattery of Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers is hoping the efforts his group of pregnancy centers are launching will help stop the bill in its tracks.

“We’re in the middle of a major battle with the New York City Council over their proposed free-speech-muzzle Bill #371 and tomorrow we kick off a five week ad campaign featuring Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King, Jr’s niece to defeat the bill,” he explained an email received.

“We will air two different spots: a 60 second spot on WMCA-570AM, and 970 AM-The Apple, and a 30 second ad on WCBS-880AM, WINS-News 1010AM,” Slattery added. “We are spending over $12,000 on our initial four New York radio station buy to drive folks to our new petition and informational website.”

Slattery says the record of success at the centers proves how much they are needed in America’s largest city. They provide free services inside 12 centers and clinics in five counties and on the streets of the South Bronx with their mobile clinics including free ultrasounds, subsidized pre-natal care, supplies for moms and kids, ongoing care and love, adoption aid and spiritual guidance..

“EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in New York City were able to Save close to 3,000 moms and their babies from a certain abortion in the abortion capital of America in 2010,” he said.

He estimates anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 women will be helped at the centers in 2011 “who would otherwise fall prey to the largest concentration of abortion centers in the United States.”

“Without any changes in law we have been able to save over 38,000 children from abortion. EMC’s effective life-saving system is the best possible way to save the tens of thousands of children at great risk here,” he concluded.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


As has been the recent custom, today at Dr. Emily the pro-choicers came out as well. They block any attempt to counsel women and have even chanted us down while we were praying and singing Christmas Carols.

Today though, it became obvious to me that many simply do not care, or cannot accept, what reality is. To her credit, one of the clinic escorts came over to engage in a polite dialogue today with me and my friend. When I showed her what a baby looks like 12 weeks after conception using a model she simply did not believe it was accurate. When I pressed her and asked her that if it was true that the fetal model I presented, which looks a lot more like a smaller version of a newborn baby, than a 'clump of cells,' is an accurate account of reality - if that would cause her to reconsider her position - she didn't respond.

My friend offered to purchase her the National Geographic (hardly a pro-life or Christian publication) documentary, "In the Womb," which illustrates fetal development, on DVD, she declined. When confronted with the cited evidence for the accuracy of such models she dismissed the embryologists claim because she thinks he works for a Catholic university. I would like to emphasize however, that I was impressed by at least a willingness to talk to us as human beings.

Oftentimes, pro-lifers will be cast as ideologues. However an ideologue is somebody who holds to a claim despite overwhelming contrary evidence. It is the pro-choicers that are ideologues - and how sad that our youngest brothers and sisters in the womb must die in part because many people simply cannot accept the overwhelming evidence.

Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis the Season

Being an EMC Intern in the Abortion Capitol of America can be an emotional roller coaster at times. During this joyous time of year I want to focus on the many happy and joy filled moments of my internship experience.

The Babies!
  • Holding in my arms a baby that I helped saved from abortion... there's nothing like it! This is by far the most joyous event for an EMC Lifesaver!!
  • Hospital visits to meet newborn saved babies!
  • Watching via facebook as 'my babies' grow up.
  • The knowledge that this year will be the first Christmas for 'my babies' that have already been born!
  • Watching the monitor during a sonograms as beautiful, pre-born babies move, suck their thumbs and even roll over in the womb! And of course hearing that fetal heartbeat... gets me every time!

The Mom's

  • The relationships of emotional support, sisterhood, friendship and sometimes even mentoring with my mom's.
  • When she chooses LIFE for her baby!
  • Having one of my mom's regularly send me funny and inspiration text messages. They brighten my day!
  • Getting a phone call from one of my clients who I was sure had aborted many months earlier, only for her to tell me that she is 7 months pregnant!
  • Getting this message on my facebook wall:
  • When one of my mom's told me that she feels a connection with me and the knowledge that I will be a part of her life and that of her child for years to come!
  • When a mom stops by to introduce us to their Miracle Baby! This happens all the time!!
  • Helping pregnant women in need!

These are just a few of my joy filled moments since I began my internship with Expectant Mother Care. To all of our readers, I wish you all a very joyful and blessed Christmas!

Heather Nicole

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yesterday I learned of an incredible and inspiring story, when a past client stopped by to pick up a winter coat for her son. I could say this story goes back 11 years, but really it goes back farther, how much I'm not sure.

She is in her early 30's, the mother of a 10 year old EMC Miracle Baby. She came in to one of our Crisis Pregnancy Centers considering abortion, nearly 11 years ago. She met with a staff member who explained the truth about abortion and the many options that were available to her. She received a free sonogram, making it possible for her to see the humanity of her precious unborn child. She chose LIFE at EMC that day! She was rewarded with the sheer joy of motherhood and a beautiful son of her own.

What makes this all so much more incredible, is the story behind that staff member that spoke to her. She had first stepped through the doors of an EMC Pregnancy Center, considering abortion herself. When her eyes were opened to the truth she chose LIFE for her child and was later hired by EMC to help women in similar situations.

This is the story of one of her saves! He is a beautiful, healthy, happy little boy and his family loves him very much! Every beat of his heart and every breath that he takes is a testament to the caring and knowledge that was poured out upon his mother by that EMC staffer.

Clipart from

A sign

Recently a woman walked into our office at 149th street in the Bronx right after we opened in the morning. The first fortuitous sign for her was that the clinic that she has had abortions in the past was not opened yet, and the second was that she had forgot her phone so she didn't have the number of the clinic to call.

Then as she was wandering back to the subway she ran across our sign that says "unplanned pregnancy?" and came right in. She almost immediately understood her morning as a sign from God that she should keep her baby.

Incredibly, this is her 12th pregnancy - she has had three abortions along with her eight children. She even said she hemorrhaged during her last abortion and was still considering doing it again.

But that all changed very quickly in her mind because of how the morning unfolded and because of our counseling and help. Lets hope and pray for a healthly ninth (live) child for our client.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A twenty- two year old girl from Bermuda came into our Brooklyn office today for a sonogram. She had seen our advertisement on the subway and was amazed to know there could be FREE services in the United States of America,most especially of the sort EMC offers. So her coming was actually to confirm the veracity of the information on the advertisement she had seen and hopefully to have a sonogram. I didn't know about this until we both sat down after her sonogram and we talked, even then she told me more about her fears.

She was pregnant last year for a boyfriend who was father to three children of different mothers unknown to her. When the other ladies heard about her pregnancy, they waged war on her so that she decided to end it by getting rid of the baby. She constantly intentionally exerted pressure on her stomach to cause miscarriage. Within this period of pregnancy, she was involved in a car accident but nothing happened to her pregnancy. Then after trying all these and did not get her desire, she proceeded for an abortion.

When she got to the clinic in Florida, her heart wasn't at rest. She paced up and down in front of the abortion clinic contemplating her decision. Eventually, her mind was made up so she went in. During the sonogram, one of the two nurses present in the room commented on the size of her baby. Being already uneasy about her decision, she requested to know the sex of the baby and how far long she was. According to her,the nurse declined her request saying that if told,she may change her mind. The abortion was eventually done and is the major reason for her current fear.She said that the abortion was horrific because the anesthesia was not strong enough so she still felt pain during the surgery.

Some months after the abortion,she got pregnant again for her new boyfriend but had a miscarriage.Now she's pregnant and fears that she may loose her baby. She said if she had known about what the abortion procedure was and its aftermath like the psychological trauma she's been dealing with, abortion wouldn't have been considered. For her, last year was the FIRST and LAST time she'd ever go through an abortion. Putting it in her own words,"I will NEVER do it again" was what basically ended the story.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A marriage affair!

So I meet this women. Her husband is in the Dominican Republic , because of his status. The wife has been having an affair for a couple of months with this man in the United States. She came in terrified to take a pregnancy test.

As we were counseling her, and asking her whats wrong. She was opening up to us on how her family is going to be ruined. She was so afraid of her husband finding out about her affair. I told her that marriage is a union, and she should stop her affair with this man.

As she went to take a pregnancy test, her menstrual came. She was crying, and felt so relieved. I told her God gave you a second chance. I told her to rethink her decisions, and try to stop.
She was praying and asking God for forgivness, and said she will never do that again.

Hopefully, she will get through her marriage, and things will work out for her and her family.

An amazing story of a brave mom.

In continuation to my story from last week about the young women. The young girl came back, and saw her sonogram. She said after having a sonogram, she just could not kill her child. Even though her baby son is suffering of Sickle Cell, she is going to be responsible and keep her child. I am so happy that she came back. I was so worried for her, and just wanted her to be okay. I cant imagine how it feels like to have a husband that is incarcerated.

She is starting her prenatal care with us in Brooklyn. I am so thankful that I was able to talk to her. I am glad that she can see past all her issues and get through this difficult time. There is always a way, if theres will.

We will try the best we can to help her.
TO be Continued..............

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A thing to consider

During a recent phone conversation I had with a woman who had come into our Queens pregnancy center I realized that sometimes the most simple observations can have a lasting impact.

It came out that one of the things that had stuck with her the most during her visit to us and the conversation we had at the time was the realization that, while her situation was not ideal, other women have it much worse and 'they can do it, why can't I?' She had just spent some time with family, and this lifted her spirits in discovering that she does have people that will love her and materially help her.

And it is so true, not only does the poorest women in the United States compare quite favorably to the poorest women in other countries, but they also compare very favorably to almost all the generations of women in the past. This is not to downplay the hardships that many women have, especially in facing crisis pregnancies, but it does highlight an important point.

When women want to terminate their pregnancies, it is often because they think that they simply cannot handle it considering their situation, or at least they won't handle it very well. But this is a lie. While it is true that each woman is different, it is not true that they are so different from one another that they cannot gain strength in the knowledge that others around the world and in the past have successfully raised children and lived happy lives. During our conversations in fact, quite frequently women will eventually admit that they will have help, that it is not impossible - that they can do it. (The fact that most will not even consider adoption on the grounds that they would 'want it' after going through the pregnancy at least shows to some degree I think that women do think they can do it - they just don't want to.)

And I think it is a lesson for most of us, that we do all have more than enough to live happily and that if we examined our lives, most of us have more than enough people that love us. This is enough to get us through most any difficult situation.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Some days ago I was at a gathering that had in attendance two ladies that EMC helped in keeping their babies. The two mothers looked so happy with their babies that one would never have thought they ever nursed the idea of aborting these babies. The way they held them, fed them and looked at them while they slept spoke volume.

At a time during the get together,someone requested to hold one of the babies. When this person held the baby and the baby started crying, the mother directed the lady on how the baby likes to be held. The way she said it was what interested me. It sounded like "Hold her up, if not she won't stop crying. I know MY BABY". I liked her confidence! She obviously is a proud mother. Through EMC, this mother was translated from a scared, abortion minded pregnant lady to a proud mother. It was indeed a good sight to behold.

There was no complaints or regret whatsoever about their decision in keeping their babies. The babies looked so perfect that one would mistake them for planned ones.

Friday, December 10, 2010


This week has been one of the most exciting weeks have had at EMC. Why? Because I was able to talk with four girls about abstinence and they all responded well, giving me an evidence of a beginning of discipline in that area of their lives. What more can I ask for than for girls to respect God and their bodies therefore greatly reducing the high rate of abortion in America. I believe one of the major reasons for the spread of abortion in the United states is loss of the sanctity of sex in marriage.

As I talked to these girls about abstinence, I realized that they all had the same thought about it. They all acknowledged that it is right and the best way to live until marriage. One of the girls, who is sixteen years old, admitted that premarital sex took away her studious life style and her sister who came with her to our Bronx office testified to it. We three examined what they can achieve being abstenant and it was a great discovery. By the time I finished speaking with them, overwhelmed,one of them said," I will teach my children this way". When I heard that, I felt proud and fulfilled.

This is the reward of what we do. When we see people's lives take a turn from lies to truth, godlessness to godliness and looseness to selfworth, that is fulfillment. I am glad to be an agent of positive change in the lives of the youths of today knowing that, " When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary".

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Intern

Hi! My name is Marc. Last Monday was my first day as a volunteer in EMC Free Abortion Alternatives. Before beginning to talk about my new experiences with my co-workers, clients and in general on the job, I would like to introduce myself to you.

I am 26 years old and I am from Barcelona (Spain). In Spain I live with my parents and I have two younger sisters. I am catholic. I studied economics in college, and I finished the studies 2 years ago. After finishing college, I was working a year and a half in a multinational consumer company in Barcelona. In order to advance my position within the company or to have the opportunity to find a better job position, I need to improve my English. I made the decision to travel to NYC for a few months. I arrived in NYC on October 1, and I was taking English classes during my first 2 months here. After the first month, I knew that I wanted to stay longer. I got the idea to find some kind of job like a volunteer opportunity. I am pro-life, and I started to search for information about some organizations that could give me the opportunity to collaborate with them. In the past, I worked as a volunteer in my city and for one month in Erfoud, a city in the desert of Sahara (Morocco).

I hope my help will be useful in this hard work and I look forward to being part of stories with a happy ending.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Being myself a native of California, I can tell you that the NYC weather is always a bit interesting to me. In the summer the humidity is insane and the winters can be frigid as can be! In my hometown of Sacramento, we are elated if a few snowflakes fall from the sky, which happens almost never!

Now why would I write about weather?! Well you see, part of EMC's life saving work in the Abortion Capitol of America includes sidewalk counseling in front of Dr. Emily's Abortion Center. That means we are outside and exposed to the elements. I can remember last winter, bundled up with many a layer of clothes underneath my winter coat, hand warmers in my gloves and boots, jumping up and down trying desperately to keep warm, but we were out there ready to save lives, even in the blizzard! That will be the story again this winter.

We have already had a few snowflakes fall from the heavens this week. Those snowflakes remind me of the dedication and sacrifice of Expectant Mother Care staff, and I am proud to be a member of this team.

This picture was taken during last years blizzard in NYC. For more photos check out Sidewalk Counseling in a Blizzard!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30,000 Strong and Growing

Since it's founding in 1985 EMC counselors have saved the lives of more than 30,000 children from the certain death of abortion! Can you imagine! 30,000 lives! That is quite a number, and a bit tough to wrap ones head around. So I did a little research. Here is a crowd of 30,000 people. That is equal to the population of the small country of San Marino! We could fill a small country with the lives saved by Expectant Mother Care! That is 30,000 people breathing, 30,000 hearts still beating, 30,000 women saved from the pain of abortion! The most exciting part is that we are still going strong! Everyday EMC staff work tirelessly to offer options, help, and hope to women in need, and everyday we save lives. It's no wonder that Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and their friends on the New York City Council are trying to shut us down. 30,000 children saved, means a whole lot of money they weren't able to make off of the blood of innocent children!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Looking for help!

I had the privelege of meeting a wonderful young lady yesterday. Her husband is incarcerated for 6 years with a felony. her son at home is 2 years old, suffering from sickle cell anemia. She is pregnant with her second child. She explained to me why she just could not have this baby. She spends lots of time in hospitals due to her son's illness. She explained to me how she sometimes had to walk to the hospital, because she had no money.

As I spoke to her, my heart really opened up to her. SHe had lots of pain in her eyes, sadness, and confusion. I truly felt for her. She had to give birth without her husband, she had to take care of her baby alone. Sometimes starving, because of not having money for food.

I encouraged her to just give EMC a chance to help her. She will be coming back next week for a follow-up, and I hope to meet her son. She is very confused and unsure about this pregnancy, because she is all alone. I really want to be there for her, and encourage her to continue being the strong woman she is, and never give up.

Hopefully,I will see her next week, and give you the continuation of this amazing story.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pro-life work

Last week a met an incredible woman. When she was 19 she started to feel sick and she went to the doctor with her boyfriend who was much older than her. Once in the hospital she got up in a bed and a nurse said to her that the procedure had gone well. "What procedure?" she asked (she didn't even know she was pregnant). "The abortion" said the nurse.

From that moment she couldn't avoid the guilt. She felt depressed: no one could help her and nothing could comfort her. But then she discovered God - not the God of anger, but God as a father who Forgives. Fortunately, now she is married and has two kids, but whenever she tells the story she still cries.

Her friend decided to abort last week, and she was afraid because she didn't know what to say or how to say it. She had heard about EMC before so she came to our South Bronx office asking for help. I called her friend and after we talked, she decided to come to our office. She did Pro-life work, because even just talking about that is Pro-life work.

Now, this girl who was a victim of an abortion wants to do something else, and wants to to work with us.


When a girl comes in to one of our offices and is undecided on what to do with the pregnancy that almost always means that she is unsure whether to keep or abort the baby. And that very scenario is what I was expecting when one nineteen year-old walked in the other day, telling me she was undecided.

Much to my surprise however, the indecision had to deal with whether or not she should keep her child or place him or her for adoption. Already a very mature young adult, she realized many things that may seem obvious (if that's the right word) to others, especially in the pro-life movement - like how an adoption would clearly benefit the child more than an abortion, and that an abortion isn't the easiest thing to go through from a physical or emotional standpoint.

"How can they see what they're doing? What if they miss something? What kind of doctor would do something like this?"

All very good questions. It takes a strong person amidst a crisis pregnancy to think clearly, and this girl was one of them.

Friday, December 3, 2010


With the high rate of abortion all over the united states and the large number of its supporters,alot of people have thought our fight against it as a waste of time. Last week a man walked up to me while in front of Dr. Emily's clinic and offered me a job because he thought me jobless. Another Woman in the very same place referred to us as people who have nothing 'worthwhile' doing. As I consider these comments and other negative things that have been and are being said about what we do, I see more reason why values and principles are moving into extinction.

"If you can't beat them,join them" is a saying I find underlining the minds of some our oppose rs. They believe that whatever the majority supports is right and the way things should be. The words of Alfred North Whitehead better explains what I mean when he says,"What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like, and immorality is what they dislike.'' What a life! If human beings were God I wonder what the world would be like? They say the world is an evil place,but what would you call it if everybody did the same evil and nobody to do the opposite all because of the pressure of number. Should we give up on what we know is virtuous just because it's scarce? Should parents lessen their lesson of sexual purity for their children because majority of youths engage in premarital sex?

If it is about making money or gaining fame, you hear people say, "step out and be courageous", "don't let people's failure determine yours" and all sorts of motivational phrases.Interestingly you see people actually achieving things they thought they never could. But like Mark Twain I say, "it is curious- curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare".

I also say to those who think us jobless that the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandment; and that's what we're doing. It is no waste of time offering our time,strength and love to the girls. It is no waste of time letting them know that abortion is not the solution to the problem they are trying to solve.

My internship with EMC has been no waste of time at all.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"I don't want to, but I have to do it" (Part II)

The first part of this post is here.

She started to cry, took the 7 weeks fetal development model and asked if her baby was really like this. I said yes and she started to touch the baby, seeing fingers, nose, mouth, eyes...

We kept talking for a while about fetal development and looked at the other models (until 10 weeks). I thought the counseling was going well, that at least, she was thinking about changing her mind but suddenly she said: "Ok ok. It seems like a baby, but it doesn't feel any pain. It is not going to experience the procedure." I tried to explain to her that there is some evidence to suggest that in some instances, it does appear that fetuses can feel pain. Evidence of this is "The Silent Scream."

In this movie there is shown an abortion in real-time on a sonogram screen, and Dr. Bernard Nathanson explains what the fetus does when subjected to the procedure. In fact, we can see that the fetus' heart beat almost doubles. It also shows the baby trying to escape from the vacuum instrument. It seems to show that the baby can feel and suffer.

This young girl definitely had a lot of things to think about, and she left the office crying and carrying a few brochures to read at home.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A young couple walked into the Brooklyn Office on Tuesday for a pregnancy test. When she had it and tested positive, she proceeded for a sonogram to know how far long the pregnancy was; to her surprise, she was seven weeks. On knowing this, they both sat down quietly with a rueful stare into the space. The boyfriend looked so lost in thought that one would think he was the pregnant one confused because of the news. So I sat down with them and asked what their thought was and the boy poured himself out

He told me, with tears strimming down his face, that his mother warned him about premarital sex when she knew about his girlfriend. His mother didn´t just give a casual warning, but an intense and a pleaful one because she had alot of trouble training him as a young mother of fifteen years. She made him understand that abortion is no option so impregnanting his girlfriend will somewhat be a replay of what she went through when she had him, that was why she gave the warning. Now the deed has been done, they are young, and how is he going to face his mother who had pleaded with him to be abstinant.

I could practically feel the pain this boy was going through because everything about him showed he was sincerely sorry and remorseful. Although the girl didn´t cry, you could tell she also felt his pain. In her case, she said her mother had always told her if she ever gets pregnant,she should consider herself homeless, and despite that they have both decided to keep their baby.

I encouraged them to be as sincere as they were with me with their parents when they make the announcement. I believe that after the initial shock and disappointment, they all would still sit to talk as a family that they are.

My meeting with the two was really emotional and enlightening. I can really identify with them because in many ways i´ve been a victim of a forewarned ¨harm¨.

My Internship Experience

After 10 weeks, my internship is coming to an end. I got the oppertunity to talk to a lot of women, and some of them decided to keep their babies. So the work is rewarding, I feel like I've been here for a reason. Working in front of Dr. Emily's has taught me courage, because it takes a lot to walk up to women who you don't know and who (usually) don't want to talk to you. But it is so encouraging when they do and it's amazing what our sonogrambus at the clinic does. Seeing the baby makes so many women change their minds.

At the offices I was able to talk to to girls and I heard some really sad stories. I learned to appreciate my own life, it made me realize that it can always get worse and that there are people out there that need help. It's different when you read the stories then when you actually hear them from someone in need.

I am grateful for this experience. And I had a lot of fun with the other interns. I would recommend it to everybody.


The picture was taking during one of the intern trips, with a few of the other interns.