Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learning from the others

This last week I have had the opportunity of being in a lot of counselings with different interns.
I have been in Jerome's, in Liz's and two days in Emily's this week, both of them with Laura, when I had the chance of being in the Laura's first turn-around which was really moving.
In Emily's, I could talk with some girls. One of the women were really open-minded, but then, a woman who works in the clinic appeared and said to her: . And then, the woman went into the clinic.
The next day, a man in his forties, riding a bike, asked me: I 'm very curiosity to know what are you doing here, because yesterday I saw you here too. I began to explained him but he interrupted me and asked me: So, you are trying to discourage the girls to come into there?
I answered: Yes, I am. And his answer seemed to me really weird: That is bad.
After, he left. Ok, I thought, if what I'm doing it's bad, is it good what people inside the clinic do?
I have been counseling with Liz, with Maria and with Aracely and everything that I learnt from them has helped me today to do my first counseling alone. It has been great. When I started to talk with the woman she was really decided to get an abortion. Two hours later, after two videos -abortion procedures and the Silent Scream, of the Dr Nathanson- she has cried a lot and we have been in the chapel for minutes talking about the life who is growing inside of her, about God's will, and about suffering.
In the end she was almost persuaded to keep the baby. She would want that the baby was a girl, and called her Ofelia, as her mother, who died when she was seven years old.
She has a hard story but there is a incredible strength inside of her.

Washington D.C.

After talking about our trip to Washington D.C. I have to say that it was a challenging opportunity to see that we are not the ones figthing against abortion and that we have to continue in such way due to the fact that we are more and more every day.
It is so nice to meet people from all over the nation that have the same beliefs as us. Also, we have to remark that the more we are the bigger is going to be the impact.
We were a lot those two days in the press conference and really important people as stated before.
At the end, it was a meeting to share our experiences and contrast what other things can we do to stop abortion!!!!
So the more we join the better!!!
For all those that follow our blog, just to invite them to participate in our events!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today, Jesus blessed me with my first turn-around!!!!!!!!

At "Doctor Emily's" Abortion Clinic, I saw her approaching the front door. I called out to her, asking if she had an appointment. She didn't hear me and was practically through the door. I was just going to let her go because I thought she was ignoring me. I felt this tugging on my heart to call after her again, so I did.
This time, she heard me. She walked over to me and I asked her if she was pregnant. She said she wasn't sure, but she hadn't had her period for about two months. After asking her what she planned to do if she was pregnant, her reply was that she was determined to get an abortion. She said it was her only choice. She didn't know of the other options and of the help that was so easily accessible to her.
She asked me if she'd be able to get in for an abortion today. I told her that hey'd probably be more than happy to get her in, but they wouldn't tell her any information on fetal development or abortion procedures; what will happen to the baby and what will/could happen to her. I advised her that she should know this information before she made her decision. I asked her if she wanted a free sonogram, and told her that the abortion clinic wouldn't let her see her baby. She said that was something she really wanted. So, I introduced myself and we bagan to walk to the sonogram bus. On our walk, I gave her the skinny on fetal development, suction curretage and dilation and extration abortion procedures, and a quick list of possible complications and emotional trauma she may undergo. She had been completely unaware of any of this information and I could see the wheels turning in her brain; I could see the Holy Spirit at work:]
We got into the bus and she told Wadiya, the ultrasound tech., she still wanted an abortion. She went in for the ultrasound and nothing was seen in her womb. Her periods may be irregular and she may not be pregnant, but we gave her a take-home pregnancy test to be sure anyways.
We talked about what she would do if she turns out to be pregnant, and she concluded that she would not, could not abort. She's talked to her mother, who would be supportive of her keeping the baby, unlike the baby's father, who she decided wasn't a positive thing in her life.
Regardless if she is pregnant or not, Isa's heart was deeply touched and changed by Christ's truth today.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My First Week [Part 2]

We live in a culture of death. Naturally, we should expect that our work is not going to be easy. Regardless of what I was expecting when I first arrived in New York, I did not come prepared for what I have encountered thus far. It was extremely easy for me to get discouraged when dealing with women who were rock solid on aborting their child. They're just so clouded by the thoughts of satan, that they cannot see the truth that is right in front of them. This week, I have seen satan more clearly at work than I have ever seen him before.

Prayer, along with having a strong support system rooted in the Faith has been crucial in keeping my sanity. One my good friends reminded me that I was only the seed. I was to show up, follow God's call, and witness His truth. I myself, am not going to save babies, or change hearts. God's truth and God's message, when it lands on fertil soil, is going to save babies and change hearts.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Facing the Culture of Death

I sidewalk counsled yesterday at Dr. Emily's. Unfortunately, we were joined by some friends who did not like us very much, in fact I think a few of them hated us and if you had asked them they would have agreed. They did interfere a lot with our sidewalk counseling but I think we were doing more than sidewalk counseling yesterday, and it was just as important. We were being witnesses.

The difference between us and the militant pro-choicers was clear- they yelled, intimidated, and belittled. They were full of anger and I soon realized how horribly ignorant they were about what really goes in inside of Dr. Emily's and abortion mills across the country.

Sadly enough, most of the attacks they uses on us had nothing to do with us but what kind of people we were. Many of them had been lied to about the work we really do. However, I could tell that I was challenging many of the protesters notions of pro-lifers and the work we do. Part of the work is not just to stop individuals from getting abortions but also to evangilize and convert the culture of death to life.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Building a Community

The other day I worked with an older woman who said she wanted a pregnancy test. I was mildly surprised, because she looked too old to be pregnant, but I began filling out the entry form with her nonetheless. Then she said she was 59. Confused, I asked her when her last period was, and she said she hadn’t had it in 20 years. At this point I tried to give a basic biology lesson, but the woman didn’t want to listen. Instead she kept talking about the lump in her stomach. Finally I asked her when she last had sex, and she said it had been 15 years. By now I was at a total loss for words, because I really didn’t know how else to convince this women she wasn’t pregnant, especially when she refused to believe the negative pregnancy test. In the end, all I could do was suggest she visit a doctor and laugh it off.

This story stuck in my mind partly because it was humorous, but partly because it was one instance where EMC had become part an integral part of a community. The woman’s niece had brought her on the advice of a pregnant friend whom I had been working with, and the niece herself asked for literature to give to a friend who had gotten several abortions. These women were turning to us when they needed help, even with a crazy situation like this. Such a trust is the foundation upon which our best work can be built.

Everyone wants a birthday

It's always surprising to see the scars that come out when counseling these women. We are all sometimes guilty of holding close yesterday's hurts and allowing them to color our actions today.

Recently I met a woman in our South Bronx center who is the eldest of several girls, all of whom currently have children out of wedlock. As the eldest, she has always had more responsibility, and has always felt that her mother didn't appreciate how hard she works, how little she asks for, and how difficult a time she has caring for her own daughter.

I know this explanation is a bit convoluted, but basically this woman was considering abortion because her relationship with her own mother was so poor -- she didn't have the support she needed, she couldn't bring another child into this situation . . . she was allowing the pain from her past to be stronger the promise of tomorrow.

The most recent example this woman gave of her mother hurting her was that just a few days previously, her mother had forgotten her birthday. Her own mother actually did not acknowledge her daughter's birthday in every way -- and they live in the same house.

That's a pretty sad story, right? A mother forgetting her own child's birthday. No cake, no card, no mention of anything special at all.

But it's not so sad. After all, there are sadder things. At that moment Liz said, "At least your mother gave you birthdays. Wouldn't it be worse to have never had one at all? Everyone wants a birthday."

Perspective. Gentle but firm.

This woman decided to keep her baby. A week later, I was in the room when she had her first sonogram. At sixteen weeks now, her baby will join us in late January, just around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. One more child, one more chance at life, one more birthday.

Because our job is the start of a better future

The 22sd of Septemeber, 1980 the New York Times quoted:

"I´ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has alredy been born" Ronald Reagan

Its been almost twentynine years since president Reagan was quoted in the New York Times. And twentynine years later our battle for life is as important as it´s ever been. After working for EMC Pregnancy Center I´ve realize all we can do to help thoose who can´t help themselfs, the unborn. I´ve had the opportunity to understand how important the protection of life is in todays´ society. But above all, I´ve had the opportunity to help dozens of women understand why a child is always a blessing and never a 'problem'. In a few days I´ll go back to my hometown in Spain, but I´ll never forget what I´ve learnt here, in New York City. With me I take all thoose wonderful feeIings that flooded my heart every time a women decided to raise her daughter/ son instead of killing her/him. And I take with me all the wonderful friends I met during my internship.

Thank you,


Her name is Renee, she is 20 years old and her life-experience hasn't been the nicest but as we know and we used to say...she is a survivor. As most of the girls that we talk to, she was thinking about abortion, as an easy way out, because her thoughts about her baby were that he/she was a problem.
It is important to say that she had the added problem of the "not sure who is the father" one, and apart from that none of them wanted the baby.
Cata and I, we talked to her, we made her see the procedure video and that was enough for her to start thinking about the real and good CHOICE...KEEP THE BABY.
The thing that really impressed me was that she seriously asked us what SHE HAS TO DO. The answer was clear, keeping the baby, but no because we say so, because everything is against that so un-natural procedure, abortion.
Her mother was there too, and she was supporting her, even tho she wanted her daughter to keep the baby, because when she was young and she got pregnant, her boyfriend also wanted her to abort that baby that has become into the beautiful girl that was next to her.
Thanks God, everything had a happy ending and this is one of the special cases that I will always keep in my mind and remember.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

An emotional turnaround

Today i went to Linda's and I counseled a girl by the name of Janessa. She came in today with the mindset of having and an abortion. When I asked her why she said,"Me and mother don't get along.. we haven't since i was little and she said that if i was to have a baby she would kick me out... my dad doesn't support having a baby out of wedlock." I told her that my mom put me through a lot of things.. things that I'm not able to write about on this blog and i also told her that having abortion wont make things right between you and your mom. We started to cry together. in her heart she knew it was wrong. I told her about the help that we would be able to offer her and she was so excited. She finally said that she was going to keep the baby and that she promised. I took her word. My heart was filled with joy. I certainly did not do this on my own.

One life wanted and many others not

This past Saturday, a good friend of mine had to attend the funeral of his sister-in-law. He had to watch his brother say goodbye to his college bride, had to watch her parents bury their precious child, had to acknowledge that this member of his family was gone.

And this week while counseling I have thought many times about my friend and his family, the juxtaposition of his sister-in-law's life and death and the sort I see here.

She fought cancer for six years, gave everything she had to stay here, to steal more time, to absorb as much of this life and this earth as possible. They called her funeral a celebration, not a mourning that she died so young but a joyful time of remembrance that she touched so many while she was here.

Would a single person who knows her have preferred to have not met her at all than to have met her and had to watch as her light slowly faded out?

And every day I meet women who would so quickly throw life away. The stories vary, the situations are often less the ideal, but still -- to have to bargain, to have to cajole, to have to plead with a mother that she would save the life of her child -- I wish they could see what joy this child might bring them, if only they would open up to the possibility.

Every single day I watch women as they try to make this incredibly heavy decision, as they waver between the life and death of their child. I will never stop being surprised by their situations, I will never cease to be touched by their suffering and their tears. And I will never meet a woman for whom abortion would ease her burden or save her from pain.

To cast off the life of your child, it is a tragedy. No celebration of life nor mourning of death for these little ones -- and we will never know, how bright each life might have shined.

Oh the People We Meet

While working for EMC as an intern, setting up a table on the street I have been fortunate enough to meet a few other good hearted people and a few people that were willing to listen.

During these times, I have been able to meet Celeste Mohammed who wants to volunteer with EMC, because he too wants to save baby lives.

Then there was Rolando Bini, who runs a parenting class with Parents in Action. He's using the pamphlets that we give away every day on the street in his parenting classes.

Then there was the lady with dyed red hair that works at Lincoln Hospital, whom had decided to get an abortion, went to an abortion clinic on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens and was all ready for her abortion, when she felt her baby move. So she consequently got up and left. Most ladies would have known what they were doing was wrong, but would not have been able to get up and leave. Praise God she was able to. That was about 7 weeks ago. She was 19 weeks along at the time and is due in October.

Then there were two guys. Kids really. One just laughed and the other was somewhat interested. The interested one turned out to be a dad of a baby currently in the womb. After telling him that all of our organs our completely developed by 11 weeks, he told me that they didn't know what they were going to do and weren't ready to parent yet. He said he would come in with his girlfriend.

And then there were two girls that came by. One is pro-choice and didn't want to take a pamphlet and consider the information, while the other girl wants to do an internship with us, because she's pro-life. Her name is Tana Bray and she goes to college just down the street from us on 149th street in the Bronx.

As you can see, while we give out hundreds of pamphlets a day to help educate people on the street about the facts of abortion and how well formed we are in just a short amount of time, we are truly making a difference. So people just want to wave their finger at you righteously without knowing all of the facts and others just see "Free Abortion" where it actually says, "Free Abortion Alternatives". Unfortunately, a lot of people just don't seem to understand what alternatives mean. This is the society that we live in today.

Dr. Emily's Success Story

While working at Dr. Emily's, Grace and I came across two girls who were walking into the abortion clinic. We had spent most of the day praying for the conversion of mothers' hearts to have their baby and for the protection of the unborn. It was very slow this day and the women who were showing up were ignoring us.
The two girls we came across were nice and stopped to listen to what we had to say. Grace and I began to tell them who we were and what we were there for. Through hand gestures and words of persuasion I got the two girls to come into the sonogram van for a free sonogram.

After she saw the ultrasound we all sat inside the van and discussed options. By the end of our conversation she was smiling with tears in her eyes. During the conversation we came to realize that the girl's cousin that was with her wanted her to have the baby. This was a major positive factor in her reasoning.

She went home after the experience in the sonogram van and I texted her on her phone shortly after her departure. She texted back to me that I should thank her cousin who talked her into having her baby. I was very happy for her and I could tell that she was happy that she didn't have to make such a tragic decisions.

In all my experiences with prolife work, I've never seen terror and extreme sorrow in the face of a mother that chooses to have her baby. However, most of the women that choose to have the abortion look empty inside after that decision. They know their choice is wrong. It's just a matter of how faithful the mother will be.

Now She Knows

This is the story of a girl that came yesterday to Liz´s office. There was a difference between this girl and the others that come to the office. She was married! Most of the girls I have met were single, so this was a new situation for me. She also has six children. The older one is already 16. She told us that she had two abortions before. When we finished all the cuestions we show her the DVD of the procedures. I noticed something strange in her face. She was actually scared with what she was seeing. When the DVD finished she just said: I´m not doing that again. She was going to have the seventh child, a new life coming to our world.
With this girl I realised that there are many other girls out there that don´t what abortion really is. I´m sure that If we would be able to show this DVD´s to all the girls that are going to have an abortion, a big number of them wouldn´t do it. And this is actually that the people working for EMC and the interns are trying to do.

All I've Learned From my Fellow Pro-lifers in Las Vegas

In my personal opinion and in my own experience, each week, even each day working for the pro live cause i´ve had a lot of amazing experiences. This week a few of the interns, I was one of them by the way, had the chance to go to a rally with prolifers from all over the country it was placed in Las Vegas. They were really surprise when they saw us apeared, i mean it was kind of surprise for them because it was a national rally, anyway they were really thankfull for all the work this organization is doing.

In this rally i´ve met a lot of interesting prolifers each one had a lot of things to teach and i was willing to learn, they were many important prolifers and we had the chance lo talk with almost all of them, we talk about many many things they had a lot of experience in this cause, and it was refresing hear all of their personal experience with the womans they had work with and their issues with the police related to the work they do for the cause, they had had many troubles with the law but they said that they wont stop doing what they are doing because they know that is the right thing to do.

One of the ¨work¨we did for the rally was being in front of one abortion clinic with all the hot 120 degres it was like being in the oven!, there we tried to stop the women who tried to get in side by talking. At the same time in freemont street we put a huge pictures about abortion, this street during the day it´s really busy, so we could reach more people to see it. We saw many diferent reactions in the peoples faces, and we talked with many of them. And we get many diferent opinions and stories.

If i have to say o even write a resume of Las Vegas rally it will be: ¨ An amazing experience of knowledge from the main important prolife activists in with i´ve learned many many things which i will never forget, not just for their bravery fighting against the abortion sometimes ending dealing with the court, i admire then for their strength that shows ever day by acepting all they failures and keep working every day giving their best¨.

Interns wanted for Internship

If you have a passion for the unborn and would like to help women understand how an abortion actually occurs and what it does to them, than you should prayfully consider becoming an intern with Expectant Mother Care (EMC) Frontline Pregnancy Centers.

Interns currently receive $100 a week and free room and board at the Lifehouse.

If you think you might be interested in this exciting Pro Life opportunity you should call, 347-621-2278 where you can talk to a current intern. If no one answers the phone, please call 660-287-5717 and your call will be acknowledged or returned to you.

If you live in the NYC area you should also know you can also serve as a part time intern while you work or go to school. Interns are especially needed in the fall, winter, and summer months.

Las Vegas

Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to attend a pro life convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. After working for a pro life organization in NYC it’s very rewarding to see how men and women, hundreds of people from around the world, are willing to save lives as we are in NYC. Thanks to the posters that we made, we were able to talk about abortion in Las Vegas streets. Now, its time for us, the pro life, to be proud of our ideas and our believes. Now, more than ever, we are happy to fight for this cause, the cause of human life. In Las Vegas I’ve had the privilege to see all the great goals that can be achieved thanks to pro life organizations. Because of that every day, every hour and every minute it’s important.

Cata and Inigo

Jerome Office

I was at Jerome today and I saw some stories that made me think about them.
The one that shocked me most was the woman who came into the office saying that she was pregnant of 22 weeks and she wanted and abortion. The thing is that until one week ago she wanted to keep the baby, which is a little girl. However, lately she moved back into her mom´s house and she suddenly decided that she did not want to keep the baby anymore. In fact, the main reason was financial aid.

We tried to counsel here in many ways and told her that there is an office in Manhattan where they can help her with financial problems or clothing.... She suddenly left the office without saying nothing and later on her cousin came asking for our phone number just in case she could change her mind.

We hope she will change the idea of the abortion and she keeps her baby!!!


Her name is Darlene, she is from the US and lives in The Bronx. I gotta say that her situation is not the best possible and we knew that before start talking to her. But as we know and use to say...God only bless the ones that chose life...
She was abortion mindee when we got her, she already had one like a year ago and the baby was pretty big, 20 weeks when he decided to finish with her pregnancy. She really regrets that now, now that she knows what abortion is and what abortion did to her BABY and her BODY.
We talked to her, for a really long time, we showed her videos and all that information that might crush her heart. At the beginning she was speechless, but not in a good way, but suddenly her heart got open and she started to cry like never before in her life.
It was a really intense and complete moment, when you know that you have reached someone else heart.
She was ready for a sonogram, because really in her heart she really wants to keep thaty little baby, that baby that now we know is a LITTLE GIRL
I asked her to text me when she was out from the sonogram and of course she did. Hers is the first REAL turn around that I have had in collaboration with Sofia.
Darlene's case will always be in my mind and in my heart.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Week at EMC [Part 1]

By. Christina Tangney

Tuesday, July 22.

Today, I went with Brenda to our Jerome office. I sat in with her counseling since this was just my second day with EMC. We had five girls come in today.

Our first client was 18 years old and 6 weeks pregnant. She's leaning towards an abortion. Her mom had an abortion about a month or two ago and Kim sees a difference in her. Not a good one. Brenda encouraged her to talk to her mom because she has a really great perspective on things since she JUST went through it, and still is, and will continue to be. It's helpful that for the girl that she and her mom already have a good relationship. She agreed to talk to her mom within the next two weeks and seemed more positive about everything after talking with Brenda. I think she's more on the fence now. She said she has a lot to think about. We showed her two videos on fetal development and abortion procedures.

Our next client was also 18 years old and 6 weeks pregnant. She has a two-year old already. Her sister had a botched abortion and had a hysterectomy. She said she received a lot of information and she needs to think about it. We showed her videos on abortion procedures and post-abortive woman's stories.

Our third client was 21 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. Although she's recently turned 21 and said her pregnancy is an inconvenience due to her wanting to party, and her boyfriend not acknowledging her pregnancy, she WANTS TO PARENT:]

Next we met a girl who is 17 years old and 10 weeks pregnant. She is undecided. Her boyfriend is happy about pregnancy so that's positive. She seemed really excited about getting the sonogram, since that was basically the first thing she asked about.

Our last client was perhaps the most difficult. She is 29 years old and 5 weeks pregnant. She said that it's not a baby until 6 weeks, although I'm not exactly positive about her reasoning behind her point of view. When Brenda confronted her about her point of view, she changed the subject. She definitely was aware that her reasoning was bogus, but chose to ignore it. She has another child who is 2 ½ years old and she's been with the father of both children for 6 years. They just broke up because the relationship isn't going anywhere and he doesn't know about the pregnancy. She doesn't feel like she has the support she needs and she doesn't want to deal with morning sickness or the pregnancy in general. She is extremely set on getting an abortion. She's Christian and thinks her pregnancies are punishment for staying with her boyfriend.

Being with Brenda was extremely beneficial. I really learned how to effectively communicate with the women. I learned how to be compassionate and loving, yet firm in my convictions. I learned an extremely helpful formula in how to approach the women and how to effectively spread the Word and Light of Christ.

The Devil at Work

This past Saturday, a few interns and I went to Dr. Emily's abortion clinic to sidewalk counsel and pray. When we arrived, we noticed that there were pro-choice women standing outside the clinic doors wearing shirts that read "CLINIC ESCORT" across them. Having previous experience with sidewalk counseling, I knew we were in for trouble. Sure enough, these women were not happy to see us there. Not to mention all the dirty looks they gave us, they also did everything in their power to try to intimidate us. For instance, when we first arrived, I tried to act with Christian charity by introducing myself to them. When I asked where they were from, one replied, "I don't like chitchat." The conversation had ended.

Another time, I was standing near one woman and she said, "People are going to think you are pro-choice because you are standing near to me so why don't you get out of my bubble." I wasn't standing as near as she made me out to be, but with Christian charity I obliged, but not before she had told me that I was no different than the man who had killed Dr. George Tiller. She also told me I was no different than the fanaticals who had thrown acid on her shoes at a clinic once. She would not even let me talk so I simply shrugged her off and walked away. I would not let myself get angry over her.

At one point, a neighbor was walking by with her dog. Personally, I love dogs so I went up to it and began to pet it. Suddenly, I hear a voice from behind me say, "Can I say hello to your creature?" A clinic escort had come up to us from behind. The way she called the dog "creature" sent chills up my spine. I quietly moved away and let the worker pet the dog.

All in all, I realized that the escorts were there for a reason: we had to have been getting on the clinic workers' last nerves. I know we are doing God's work, and I won't let these escorts get me down! Today, at Emily's, we were able to save three babies despite the new Clinic Access Bill that came into effect this past Monday! PICTURES COMING SOON!

Spreading the truth

Here are Lucía & Jose, again. Most of the days since we arrived to the internship, we have worked in passing informatives brochures out. Those brochures, in spanish and english, talk about the abortion procedures, consequences, alternatives, and stories of girls that were happy to keep their babies. Usually we just give them to the women that are walking on the street. Most of the times we have a table near us, with a DVD player with abortion videos, or fetus models of different ages. The table help us a lot, specially by attracting people who ask us about what are we doing. The best part comes when those people talk with us in a very friendly way, and give us support. It's very encouraging to meet this people and talk with them during a while. It's always great to feel supported by even more people.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's a Woman's Choice, He Said

I just happen to be walking around the Brooklyn Street Mall when a man stopped me. He invited me to join him for lunch, and so I did. He spoke of his life, how great it was,and how he loved it so much! During the course of our conversation the question of my job came up, and I told him of my work. He remembered the time when he went to our office with a girl who was pregnant by him. The baby unfortunately was not saved. I asked him why he let her have the abortion. He told me, "Its the woman's choice." I said, "Do you know, that if your mother had the same mind set that you have now. She could have aborted you and you wouldn't have the joy of telling me how great your life is." He suddenly kept quiet.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Here are Lucía & Jose from the EMC lifehouse. We arrived the last week, on Friday. In these days, we have helped in different labors: passing out brochures, showing videos about abortion to people in the street, counseling girls who came to the offices... But perhaps the most shocking experience we have had so far, was this Saturday at Dr. Emily's abortion mill.

It was a really hard morning. When we arrived, we found some people that were standing in front of the abortion mill too, in both entrances. Unfortunately, when we saw the posters they were carrying, we realized that we were going to have a really difficult time. They called themselves "Pro-Choice". However, after our experience there, we would rather call them "Pro-One and Unique Choice - Abortion" people. If they were really "Pro-Choice", then they would allow all women to have both choices and wouldn't mind if we stand in front of the abortion mill. They would allow women to talk with us if they want. They would allow us to give information to the girls, to help them to make the best Choice. That's what they didn't do, but making noise when we were starting to talk with the girls, and keeping in silence when we wanted to talk with them. Keeping ourselves in silence. They don't want to listen, and they don't want the girls to listen. Why? If they're really convinced, why they don't want to talk with and convince us? Because they have fear for the truth, because they have no reasons. That Saturday, the main murderer was the ignorance.

In several times, they even were against the law, on their mission to silence the truth. When the wind took away some of our brochures, one of the girls stopped the paper with her foot, and when we were going to pick it up, with a really unkind smile, she picked it instead, and throwed the paper to the garbage. During all the morning they all had a very hostile attitude towards us. It was really frustrating. We were invaded by the sadness, while we were seeing the girls leaving the abortion mill, without a baby who would have been able to live, if some ignorants hadn't hidden the information to the girls; if they hadn't silenced us.

That's not Pro-Choice, definitely.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jerome Avenue girl

Here is another update of a girl that came in to Jerome Avenue.
The truth is that until now the most impact stories that I have heard have been at Jerome´s office.
In this case it was a girl who was 19 years old and was pregnant.
The thing was that she already had had 7 abortions and one baby. We explained her all the consequences that abortion has and that maybe there is going to be a day in which we would like to have another baby but due to the consequences of so many abortions, she may not be able to have them.
The reasons she was giving to us where that she was really young to have another baby, but the truth is that she did not want to take the responsibility of rising a child.
Also, at the end she told us that she knew she was selfish but the only thing in which she was thinking now was in spending good time in life.
Even if we told her that one day she would regret it and that spending good time in life is not in such way, there was no way to convince her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Kind of Love Called Hope

One of my favorite parts about this summer has been the beautiful sense of community the interns have in the house. Gathered from so many different places, sharing the most important values of faith and family, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we truly enjoy spending time with each other.

Every night we'll discuss our days with each other, sharing both the moments of joy and those of sorrow. Encouragement, advice, support, and prayer are all offered. And though the girls I have personally seen are usually the ones who stay with me, occasionally another intern's experience will hit home.

Laura and I go over our days together almost every night; she's not only my housemate but my roommate, and one of my closest friends here. Wise beyond her years, calm and thoughtful, I know she has touched many girls this summer and her presence has been a blessing to everyone in the house as well.

Last night she told me a story of a young girl who came into her office -- maybe 17 or 18 -- a young girl who had every socially acceptable reason to abort her child: difficult childhood, history of abuse, lack of familial and spousal support. But after discussing her situation for a bit with Laura, she decided to keep her baby. She decided to defy conventional wisdom, and the odds against her, and she decided to choose life -- a better life for herself, and life at all for her child.

Laura, she who might be the most mature 19-year old I have ever met, was marveling at the wisdom of this girl who had come into her office. And one phrase she repeated to me, which I know I won't forget. "There's a kind of love called hope," the young girl said -- her explanation of her choice.

There's nothing I can add to the exquisite and simple truth this girl gave to Laura, which Laura gave to me. There's a kind of love called hope . . . what that we could give that love to every girl we meet.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Introduction

I just wanted to introduce myself to all of our readers! I'm one of the newest EMC interns, my name is Heather, I'm 26 and come to you from Northern California. I am incredibly excited to be here in New York City, to do this wonderful work along side such couragous people! I have been involved in Pro-life activism since I was 11 years old. Most recently I participated in several 40 Days For Life Campaigns in my local community as well as a lot of grassroots work for the proposed CA Prop 4 Parental Notification legislation.
One of my passions in life aside from the Pro-life movement, is teaching teenagers about Chastity. Teens are just amazing, they have such a youthful energy, that when put to good use can effect change in their communities and in this world!
In my spare time I love to sing-- The Blues, Soul, Gospel, and Country Music are some of my favorites. I also really enjoy cooking and especially love learning to prepare the cuisine of different cultures. Another one of my hobbies is gardening! I find it to be very relaxing and it also makes for good cooking when you have garden fresh vegetables and herbs. It is my hope that any talents that I posess will be put to good use in building up the Kingdom of God and help to save children who's lives hang in the balance.


Sandwhich Boards

Here in NYC, if you walk around with sandwhich boards saying, "Free Abortion Alternatives". People unfortunately don't know what your trying to say. On the one hand, abortion is such an emotional issue that when people see a sign saying, "Free Abortion Alternatives", they can't quite seem to grasp all three words as the first two are so powerful and say such an opposite message than what were for.

People think were offering free abortions, instead of alternatives to abortion that are free. At the same time this also gives us another opportunity to help ladies that are dead set on abortion to know the truth about abortion.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Genuine community care

It's not uncommon for girls who come into our centers to have heard about us via referral. Usually that referral comes from a sister or friend, but, inexplicably, we get the occasional referral from a Planned Parenthood or other local abortion clinic.

Today Grace and I met a girl who needed a pregnancy test. The last time she had needed a pregnancy test she'd gone to Planned Parenthood, but after hearing about us from a friend she decided to see us first. Grace and I chatted with her as we filled out the intake form and she took her test, and after her test result was negative, talked to her a little bit about abstinence and the consequences of sex. She was smiling and laughing with us, listening to us and trusting us. At one point she told us, "I'm so glad I came here . . . You guys are so much nicer than Planned Parenthood!"

An important part of our work is building this level of friendship with the girls, showing them we are not just doing a job or dealing with them when they're right in front of us, but proving that we care about them tomorrow and next week too, that we care about their other children, their families and their friends, these communities. It's been good to see that these deeper relationships are not uncommon at EMC.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Food For Thought

"When a woman has an abortion, she is still a mother, but of a dead baby"
"You never know what womb holds the chief"
"A woman who has on abortion changes her destiny"
"having an abortion wont change the bad situation your in now"
"A baby in the womb cannot run from a knife"

Washington Heights

Today was a special journey for some of the interns. We started to minister to women in a new area of New York, Washington Heights in northern Manhattan. At nine in the morning we went to the neighborhood with our equipment: camera, television, pamphlets, and pregnancy tests in our van. All the women where touched by terrible images that we show on the TV. Many of them didn't know anything about the abortion procedures that take the lives of about 1.5 million unborn children every year in the United States alone.

"You're doing a great labor showing this! The girls need more education about abortion," a woman told me while she was watching the video.

Many girls volunteered to help us distribute information about our pregnancy resource centers. We are very happy to start advertising in this new place. We believe that as we expand our ministry into new areas more women will be educated about the cruelty of the abortion, translating in more babies' lives saved. Even one life would make it worth the effort!

Hi Everyone!

This is our first week in NYC, in the Bronx and among all this amazing people who saves lives every day. We’ve learnt a lot not only from those who work here but from the mothers that facing up hard situations decide to carry on with the pregnancy, demonstrating that life is a present given by God.
We have a very special friend we would like to mention here. Her name is Guillermina, she is a really brave mother of two girls. She is living with her little sister, who is studying at University, while her mum is back in Sto. Domingo.
When she first came into the office she was decided to have an abortion, but it wasn’t really hard to convince her to change her mind as she knew a new life was growing up inside her womb. She said she could feel her baby’s fear when she came into the building.
From the very first moment she knew something was going on against her soul and her first task in her life: motherhood. She loves the baby since she knew she was pregnant and now she is peaceful because she made the right decision: give the baby what he/she deserves: LIFE.

Flying over New York

Today I'm having a unique experience. I'm discovering a new way to get the word out about a crisis pregnancy center. I've never seen such a thing in Spain but today leader will be flyng a banner over a local beach advertising our centers. Prior to the ad we passed out pr-life literature (outside the beach entrance in order to avoid any problems with the police) to prepare the beachgoers for our ad. I feel that we are going to have an excellent response to our airplane ad, thus being able to help a large amount of women!



I am going to explain the life of a woman who has not been so lucky in life as we may have been. This woman came into our office in Jerome. She was pregnant and she wanted to abort because she was saying that she was not prepared to have the baby.
In fact, she did not have any other reason for abortion. What is more, she was having the support of his boyfriend.
However, the big problem was that she was thinking that her mum and friends were going to see her as a failure due to her pregnancy.
What we tried to explain her was that being pregnat is not a reason to feel apart from society or as a failure. In fact, it is something fantastic to create a life. Also, we suggested her to talk to her mum about it, that we were sure she was going to support her in everything.
She inmediately started crying saying that she was not going to be able to continue studying or even work and we tried to convince her in a sense that pregnancy is not a barrier for anything. I mean she could continue working or studying during her pregnancy.
Finally, she told me and a friend interning here that she was going to think about it and that she would call us back. She has in fact the sonograhm date for the end of July, so we hope she has some time to think about it and change her attitude towards the pregnancy.
Hope she does and we could have saved a life.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coney Island Picture Show

Today a few of us went to Coney Island to hand out literature and take pictures of the plane flying overhead. The beach was very crowded, and many heads looked towards the sky as the plane flew by.

Click on a picture to expand.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plane Simple

Today, EMC had a plane fly over the beaches in Brooklyn and the Bronx with a banner advertising "Free Abortion Alternatives" with EMC's number to call. All of the interns were split up to be at each beach that the plane would fly over so that we could pass out pamphlets while the plane flew over. When a woman called from the beach, her call would be transferred to one of the interns on that particular beach. The interns would then find her and counsel her there on the spot and if she needed a pregnancy test, we would administer her a pregnancy test. Over all, the day was great, and the plane advertisement was wonderful!

That was a true sign!

That was a true sign!
This was my first week at the house and doing pro-life work. At the begining it has been a bit hard. I was not used to do this time of work, so it took me like two or three days to get used to it. I started giving out brochures. I did that work for four days. This tuesday I went to an office to do counseling.
The title of this blog is about a girl that came yeterday. I was talking to her when Brenda appeared. The girl was looking at Brenda amazed. They actually met on Jerome avenue's EMC office the other day. She came to the other thinking about getting an abortion. This was the second time that these girls was coming to us. She started thinking about this "coinidence" and then she realised that these was not a coincidence. She told us that that mus have been a sign, a sign from God that she was receiving. After that sign, she decided to keep. Most times we get God's help to help these girls and these unborn babes, these is a good example of it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My first week

This is our first week in the United States doing pro-life work. We did not know what to expect at first but we have learned a lot this first week and was amazed at how much good work we were able to do in such a short amount of time. we have done everything from handing out pamphlets on the street to counseling in the centers. we can see right away how we are able to affect the pro-life movement every day.

Just this day we had a turnaround with a girl from the Dominican. At first she was very afraid of the abortion but felt like she had no other choice. She already had a baby of eleven months and her boyfriend was in another country. However, once we started talking to her she immediately broke down in tears and decided to keep the the baby. Liz took her to the chapel and told her that Jesus was her doctor.

I am very excited for the work to come. Pray for us!

The Corruption of the American Justice System

Yesterday, I went to an abortion clinic in Queens along with a few other interns. While there, we stood outside the clinic passing out pamphlets and counseling women who came in for an abortion. At one point, the clinic workers came outside and told us that we could not stand within 15 feet of the premises. Julie, a full-time worker for EMC, kindly told the women that the Clinic Access Law had not been put into effect yet (it goes into effect on July 20th). The workers then said that they were calling the police. And they did. The police came and asked us what was going on. Thankfully, the workers had gone back inside. Julie explained what we were doing, and the police officers told us that as long as we did not block the clinic's doors, we were fine. They then left without another word.

About thirty minutes later, two clinic workers called the cops again on us. Two new cops came, and without waiting for an explanation, they came out of their car and asked for my ID (and my ID only). I obliged, and they went back to their car. The clinic workers then came outside and went up to the police officers. Meanwhile, Julie had been trying to talk to the officers, but they would not listen. They listened to whatever the clinic worker had to say, though.

After awhile, one of the clinic workers went back inside and then came out immediately with a piece of paper in their hand. They handed it to the police officer. After a few minutes, both workers went back inside. The police officer came up to me and said that he was writing me up because I had been "blocking the door." I immediately became angry by this statement because I had not been blocking the door. That was a complete lie. Julie tried to defend me, but he cut her off saying, "You need to shut up. You talk too much and argue too much. I am talking to this boy, not you!" He then told me that I had to go to court on August 28th. The other police officer with him snidely said, "If you don't show up to court, then they are putting an arrest warrant on you!" The police explained that they were writing me up because I was not supposed to be within 15 feet of the clinic doors. When Julie explained that this law had not taken effect yet, the officer took out the paper the clinic worker had given him which only stated what day the law was signed. He would not even listen to us how the law was not in effect yet. He then said he was writing me up to "justify his existence." This angered me even more because a police officer shouldn't write someone up simply to show that the police do have authority. The officer also said that if I tried to plead not guilty, he'd make sure he was there to make sure I was found guilty!

So I now have to come back to New York City during my college school year to go to court. This just shows the corruption and injustice of some of the police officers in the country. I did not even break a single law, but I was treated as if I was a criminal. So simply say your prayers so that this all can be worked out!

Want to hold your baby’s hand?

Want to hold your baby’s hand?

Sometimes the toughest women are in the most pain. Once inside the walls crumble. Today a girl came in Linda’s screaming and swearing for an abortion. She is twenty years old and she came in with her mother. The father of the child and the girl’s mother want the baby. The young girl was adamant about ‘getting it out’. Linda, after some time, convinced the young girl to get a sonogram. This is the part I witnessed first hand. She came in the sonogram room tense, angry, scared. She laid down on the table and Sand, the sonogram tech, put the jelly on her belly. On the screen I could see how tense her body was. As she was looking at the screen she said, oh those are hands! Linda said, Yes, yes those are and here are the feet, your baby is all there. Sand then let the girl hear her baby’s heartbeat. Through all of this the young girl refused to let her mother into the room. After about ten minutes on the sonogram table she began to relax and become happy. Her baby left the corner of her womb and came to the center. Linda asked her if she wanted to hold her baby’s hand. Linda took the girls hands and placed them on her belly. She asked the young girl to just start talking and relax. She did. The baby reached up towards her hands; over and over again the girl held her baby’s hand. Miracle, God enabled and willed. She finally let her mother in to see her baby. To make a long story short, Linda thinks she is going to Keep. Pray.

I had my first turn around. The girl I spoke to about the joys of adoption decided to keep and parent her child. I congratulated her on giving her other child a sibling. I told her to keep in touch with me and the center.

my first week

I'm new member of EMC, i've been just one week but i've already have experienced many things and been honest it's not an easy job, it's pretty hard sometimes but it's also make you feel that you're doing good. I've come from Spain and i'm so happy to be here to gave a hand to this cause, im really really happy.

In this week, I've seen many womens, many of these womens were not sure of getting the abortion, the most common excuse is that there are not prepare to be a mother, the truth is that they are scared. Or they don't thing that an unborn it's not a baby, but it is. Most of this womens knows that the abortion its bad, so thats why they just wanna get sleep during the procedure so they can "skip" the abortion, but the truth is that it doesn't solve anything because its still an abortion, and is something forever...

I started working on monday, it was a tough day, sometimes its not easy, mostly because i didn't know how to act i mean, it was in english and its dificult at the begining to express myself, but im happy to say that know i've improve a lot. but the next day, the tuesday was absolutely great!! its my first solo cuonceling because it was really busy in lizz's i talked to 4 women, one had had already 8 abortions and i needed lizz's help and we did great, at first she was 100% sure of taking the abortion, but we talk for an hour and then she change her mind!!! it was so beautiful you know, she said that she can not do it again to her baby! that was so so beautiful! awesome.

My two favorite stories of the week, because i was so proud of those, one was 16 years old she has a tough story, she was forced to had an abortion last year, her mother forced her, and she had been going all the year to counceling because the abortion, and she is pregnant again, her mother doesn't know this time but she is now in a better situation, her boyfriend, and his family too wants to help her, and even her sister, i was really proud of her when i saw her stregthness, i was really happy for her and for her baby. And the second story was about a jamaican woman unemployed, single, with a daughter in jamaica, for whom she had fight so hard to bring her to USA, she has been fighting for tree years, and know she get pregnant again, it was a really tough story, mostly because she knew that the abortion is really bad, but she beliebed that she cannot handle the pregnancy, not just the economic situation it was because of the father of the baby, he wantes to get rid of the baby!. she has an abortion when she was 18, at the same circunstances of the 16 years old girl. So she was really upset, she doesn't see another way, she suffered a lot because the previous abortion, but she was concern about her little girl in jamaica. After 2 hours talking she saw a way out, a way to carry on with the prengnancy, and she looks so happy, we offer her help, so she can carry on the pregnancy.

Its truth that i've seen a lot of stories, but those three, makes my job worthy. I do really beliebe it, and i'm so happy for those women, and babies.

A Warning

Many of the girls who come into our center do not know if they are pregnant or not and take a pregnancy test with us. Consequently many of these tests are actually negative. However, that does not mean we are done with these girls. These girls are actually my favorite to work with. It is important that we make sure they are not in the same situation again which could result in a potential abortion.

Bring in the abstinence talk. Surprisingly, the chastity talk actually makes a lot of sense to the girls but no one is telling them the truth. I talked to a women yesterday who was absolutely shocked that I would even suggest she stop having sex, was that even a real option?

I managed to talk at least three girls into a changed lifestyle of chastity. The funny thing is it wasn't even that hard, they just needed to hear the truth from someone. Sorry, MTV- young people do not in fact need sex to survive

No such thing as chance

One cool thing about EMC is that we have so many outposts throughout the city -- I believe in the Bronx alone we have four different locations from which we work.

Earlier this week, I spent the day at our clinic near Fordham & Jerome, and I counseled a girl of about 18 who said a lot of the things we hear every day -- she's scared to tell her mom, she's just 'not ready' for a baby, she had never really considered the possibility that she might get pregnant, even though she's been sexually active for several years. We talked for awhile, she cried, I gave her a sonogram appointment for a few weeks hence, but when she left I could tell she was far from convinced.

Today I was assigned to another one of our clinics in the Bronx, on E. 149th Street. We had an incredibly busy morning, and I felt like I was rushing from girl to girl for several hours. While counseling one girl, I momentarily stepped out to grab a pamphlet, and there in the corner, filling out the intake form, was my girl from Fordham & Jerome. She had no idea the two centers were connected, and she had come to another EMC center looking for an abortion -- two in one week!

After I spotted her and she realized she was in another EMC clinic, and after talking to Jose and Maria for a few minutes, she realized that maybe God was telling her something, sending her across my path twice in one week. She happily told me that she was definitely keeping her baby now, and we agreed to meet up at her sonogram appointment in a few weeks.

In a city of 8 million people with untold numbers of abortion clinics and pregnancy centers, not to mention the fact that I could be in any one of six locations on any given day, I can only marvel at the amazing way God orchestrated our meetings this week. What a beautiful way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Portrait of the Future

Today I worked with a woman whom I first met while counseling last week. She has since gotten a sonogram, and today I took her down to meet with the Sisters of Life. I was struck by the difference in the woman in just the past week. At first glance, she seemed to be the same determined woman working her way through school and supporting her child. Yet her attitude was subtly different. She came in this time seeming so much more relaxed, and was more willing to talk and joke around with the people around her.

Perhaps it was the atmosphere at the Sisters that did this, the peaceful and prayerful presence that surrounds such holy people doing such important work. But I think it was something deeper, a hope sustained by the people working to find her housing and a job. Her boyfriend and one year old son had come with her, and I could see that as we worked with her, she could begin to envision a home and family. Such a vision offered a world in which a baby was possible. Painting this vision for women is often key to our work, because it allows a woman to look beyond the fears of the present. As this woman considers the help offered by the sisters, please pray that she will do the same and make a choice that ultimately protects her baby.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Suckers – Adoption – Tampa

Suckers – Adoption – Tampa

I mentioned very briefly in my last blog the suckers received by the women after their abortions at Emily’s abortion clinic in the Bronx. Today I saw a woman on the subway eating a sucker and I was almost made sick. I don’t think I’ll ever eat one again. Julie told me how someone, I for got who, says they use suckers to sort of slap us in the face. Suckers because their child was sucked out a tube; however, instead they call them Dum Dum’s, because the women are Dum Dum’s for having an abortion. I wonder if there is any truth in all this. Do the clinic workers purposely give the women suckers after their abortions just to spite us sidewalk counselors? Or are we reading too much into it? Maybe the clinic workers are trying as hard as they can to liken abortion to having a tooth pulled at the dentist. The dentist always gives you a lolli pop, if it’s a good dentist a toothbrush accompanies the candy. Now, what about the women? Would I accept a sucker on my way out of the clinic after killing my child? Would I ask for a specific flavor? These are all thoughts I have been having…

I told a woman my story about the adoption of my little brother. I have to be careful of who reads this because he is six and does not know he was adopted. That conversation will come later in life. Basically if you know my brother or you ever meet him and you decide to under mind my family by saying, Oh you are adopted, I will then have to tie your tongue in a knot. ;) But let me continue; I told the woman my story while I was committing the ultimate sin at Liz’s, showing a client the supply room. Of course I wasn’t told until afterward of its sinfulness. I do not, however, regret it. She needed to see that we REALLY CAN help her! I believe the counselor at that given moment knows what methods are best to reach the client. My client needed comfort, reassurance, someone to tell her everything will be okay. So in the cluttered supply room with baby supplies all around us I told her my story. (one of them) We adopted my little brother and before him I never understood what unconditional love was. He taught me how to love with no bounds, because of the age difference at times I feel like he’s a son. I am very protective like a mother. I told her how much joy my little brother has brought to my life. Yes, he is a little pest sometimes, but he’s my little pest. I love him so much and I can not imagine how my life would be today without him. I then told her that if because of her situation and circumstances she is unable to keep her child, she has the opportunity to provide that same joy that I have to others. She is able to carry her baby and then place it in a safe place with a family that wants and is ready for a child. At one point we returned to the counseling room. I left the room for a second and when I came back in she was inquiring more about adoption. She left undecided but saying she was going to look into adoption. I am going to follow up tonight or tomorrow.

I was also able to meet a girl that is from the same town I am from in Florida. She came all the way to NY because she was so afraid of telling her mom she might be pregnant. Her test was negative, but she has missed her period for two months. I told her to come back in two weeks for another test. I gave her my phone number and I think we will stay in contact.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from Spain

After being an intern last summer here at EMC, I decided to come back for another year. I am from Spain--a long, long way from New York City. The abortion laws are completely different here from those in my country. Here, they are much less strict compared to my country so I am more than willing to help stop this abortion agenda in America. Since being back here, I was able to work in the Brooklyn office and see miracles happen. I love working in the Bronx, though, because my native language is Spanish and many of the Bronx women speak Spanish. I also have enjoyed working outside Dr. Emily's, the largest abortion clinic in the Bronx. I have had the privilege to see a few turnarounds since I've been back. I know I am here on God's will, and I will continue to keep everyone updated about my second time in the United States.

Not always a happy ending.

While working in front of Dr. Emily's, an abortion clinic, I persuaded a girl to come over to the sonogram van. I had high hopes that when she saw her baby in the ultrasound she would decide to have her baby. However, after a little more than an hour of conversation about what the right thing to do is and the best way possible to go about doing it she decided that she was not ready to have a baby.

She was finishing up college and wanted to look for a career and now just wasn't the right time to have a baby. She went back into the abortion clinic after we had exchanged phone numbers and we began to text each other.

She explained to me that she was thankful for people like us who care and appreciated our concern. She went on explaining how she knew what she was doing was wrong and that she knew she was going to suffer for it and that God didn't want her to do that. She still went in and got the abortion anyway. I told her we'd still be there for her if she needed to talk and am continuing to pray for her.

Telling Mom

One of the lessons we have to keep in mind at the Lifehouse is that even when we have cases that seem hopeless, we may be planting seeds in someone’s heart. I was blessed to see this happen this past week with a young girl whom I counseled. Only 15, she came in frightened, accompanied by a friend who was the only person who knew she was pregnant. I’ve never seen anyone so frightened of telling her mother anything. When the mother called to check on her, she and her friend had an elaborate lie worked out about where they were.

The counseling session seemed unproductive. The girl was too desperate to listen to reason, and in too much of a hurry to “get the thing out” to stop and consider what she was doing. Recognizing how alone she felt, I suggested she talk to her mother. Yet, in my heart, I didn’t even expect her to show up for the sonogram appointment, much less open up to her mother. I was delighted, then, when I got a text from her a few days later. She had talked to her mom, who had been in the same situation at age 16. Because she regrets the abortion she got then, the mother wants her daughter to keep the baby. The daughter was so happy to have such love and support just when she thought she was most alone. And I learned an important lesson about how the Holy Spirit can use a few words spoken in passing to transform a terrible situation.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

my first week

this is my first week being here so i havent seen any action yet, but while i was at liz's place, i watched a video which was in spanish but what i understood from it was that the guy in the video was talking about how an abortion was done. When i was about to leave, a young girl came in, i think she was 17 years and she was there for an abortion ...... i was so surprised about how people just walked in seeking an abortion. Tomorrow im going for training so hopefully i get hands on training on how things are done here

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freedom for All

On this Independence Day, which celebrates the liberation of America from the oppression of Great Britain, we pray that the fundamental rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are extended to all. We ask God's blessing on those mothers who struggle over this holiday weekend with a crisis pregnancy and its consequences.

We beg God for the grace of conversion for those who are making plans this weekend for another busy week in the abortion industry. One day, they will see the error of their ways - that they are not helping women, but taking advantage of their slavery to fear and despair.

We pray for all lawmakers, that they may be inspired by the patriotism of this holiday to stand up for the rights of all people, regardless of age, disability, or level of development. May they always stand up for the rights of all people, from conception to natural death.

And may God bless, you, all those who read this blog. May God give you peace, security, and abounding grace in all you do.

‘America Runs on Dunkin’

Today I stood outside Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic, the biggest and busiest clinic in the Bronx, with Julie. For hours we stood on the gum spotted sidewalk, with a chain link fence keeping us ‘dangerous pro-lifers’ from the women driving in for their abortions. This was not the first time I have stood outside of an abortion clinic, I have also back home in Florida near my college campus. However, this is the first time I stood outside not only praying but observing and trying to learn the art of sidewalk counseling. Julie is flawless in her efforts, much like a young lady back in Tampa named Cari. Both are attentive and compassionate people. I watched Julie walk towards every couple, group of friends, and lonesome women walking towards the clinic with the same fervent look upon her face, she knows this back alley is a battleground and this facility has us often outnumbered. Even when women left the clinic with their souvenir sucker (Dum Dum lollipops) after their abortions Julie had the boldness to lovingly approach them. Never allowing herself to become visibly discouraged, she kept on counseling her heart out until just before the so-called doctors left for the day.

It rained today over the clinic at several different times throughout the day…
Twins were aborted today. Black babies, Hispanic babies, White babies, Indian babies…. All aborted today. This slaughter house holds no prejudice; money is still green no matter the color of the hand it’s coming from. The cha-ching sound is universal.

Julie road her bike to a Dunkin Donuts, myself riding the subway. At first the DD sign blended in with the other neon signs that were obnoxiously on in the day-time. Then I saw the safe, comfortable, delicious sign; it made me want an iced coffee, after all I was parched from standing outside the clinic in the sun. Just as I grasped the door handle I heard my name called from behind me. I let go of the door and turned around. It was Julie; she’d gotten stuck behind some slow pokes on the bike ride over. She told me if I was going in to go ahead and get whatever and she’d wait (or some equal dialogue was exchanged). I went into to grab the usual medium iced French vanilla coffee with cream and sugar, when I saw that their small was 20 cents more than a medium in Tampa! I was outraged, and thirsty, more thirsty than outraged. I caved and bought the coffee. As the guy was making my coffee I overheard the cashier girl talking with a man on my side of the counter, they seemed to be friends. He asked her why she wasn’t smiling and why she looked so sad. She looked around and sighed before she said nearly below her breath, I have an appointment. They guy paused then continued questioning her, abortion? Yes, the girl replied. With a pause, sigh, and jokingly light-hearted voice he remarked come on that’s killing the baby. At this moment I was unzipping my purse and pulling out the last English pamphlet I had left over from standing outside Dr. Emily’s. While I was extending the folded papers to her I spoke, we can help you, we can help you financially and in every way. I asked her to read the paper and think about it. I then offered to give her my phone number; she said the paper was enough. I said okay, and asked her again to read the paper and to think about it. She said okay, I said thank you, and then proceeded to walk out of DD. When I told Julie what happened she was more excited than I was. However, later on I realized the importance of this event, not only for the girl in DD, but also myself. I am not going to speculate on the outcome of the girl’s decision or her child’s fate, however, I can pray that God uses that pamphlet to soften her heart and make her aware of the help we can and will offer her. Now, like I said, this event was also for my benefit. Let me explain. I was feeling very small, insignificant, and ineffective. But the Lord gave me an opportunity to be bold (however small the boldness might have been). By being aware of my surroundings and receptive to His will I shared potentially life saving information by a simple extension of the hand, accompanied by a reassuring smile and a sincere plea to read the information. I pray God takes it from there and His child is brought into the world. I may never know, but it’s not about that, it is about knowing that I obeyed God by taking that opportunity He presented.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Second Chances

The other day I was counseling a young woman of twenty. I could tell right away that she was a warm and sweet girl but I started to grow discouraged when I saw she had already had an abortion a year ago. Having one abortion greatly increases your chances of having another abortion and it is very easy for a girl to develop a hardened heart. I took a deep breath and continued with the session reminding myself that there is hope for each girl.

I put in the abortion procedure video. She said as we started to watch she said to me "I also wondered what they did to me when I had the abortion." I thought of how sad it was that she had no idea what they had done to her. She started making shocked noises as the movie continued and commenting she didn't know if she could do anymore. Thanks be to God we did not even finish the movie before she yelled stop! stop! I'm keeping my baby!

She told me she had promised God that if she got pregnant again she would not go through with another abortion. She told me she knew she deserved a decision she could be proud of and live with. She knew it wasn't right to deny someone life and especially her own child.

Her eyes filled with tears as I told her how far along she was and when her baby was due. She was left with joy and peace as she walked out the office taking the second chance God had given her. She was proud of herself and so was I!

Mother Among Moms

Yesterday I had the pleasure of escorting a woman named Michelle from Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic to the Sisters of Life. She had walked over an hour to get to the abortion mill that morning because she could not afford train fare, which is now $2.25 each way. Before entering Dr. Emily’s we gave her the opportunity to have an ultrasound in our mobile clinic. As she looked at the picture of the abortion procedures, she knew that she could not do this. Michelle does not believe in abortion and has four children at home. She is not working and is completely dependent on her fiancé for financial support. He was also pressuring her to have the abortion.

She sat in the mobile clinic for over an hour talking after she decided to keep her baby. We finally headed downtown to meet with the Sisters. On the train ride to Manhattan, Michelle talked non-stop, telling me all about her life and situation. She had so many concerns and responsibilities; she is truly trapped in her situation.

We stayed at the Sisters of Life, talking for over four hours. They served her lunch and it took over an hour for her to finish her sandwich because she didn’t stop talking long enough to chew. My heart went out to this poor woman. I could tell that she had so much bottled up inside. She obviously has no person that she can really talk to and her fiancé was extremely controlling. Michelle is only 27 but already has graying hair and looks like she could actually be in her forties. She doesn’t have enough money to buy diapers for her youngest child and often has to use towels. Michelle doesn’t eat as she should because she ensures that her children eat first, followed by her fiancé, and the leftovers are what she gets.

The Sisters provided her with a bag of groceries, maternity clothes, and diapers. These things lifted Michelle’s spirits, but the greatest gift given to Michelle was hope and love. For the first time in a long time or maybe the first time in her life, she had found someone who truly cared for her and her needs. She has become so used to not having any appreciation or attention. That day she was able to see not just the Sister’s love and compassion for her, but the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Please keep her in your prayers as she makes the beautiful sacrifices of a mother so that her baby can live. Praise the Lord, Michelle chose life!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The way God wants it

This afternoon at our Brooklyn center a Nigerian woman stopped by who had come in for the first time a couple weeks ago. On her first visit, she had been planning to have an abortion but changed her mind upon glimpsing her child on the sonogram screen.

She came back to visit and to chat, and she told us she had picked out a name for her child. She plans to call him Boluwatife. She beamed as she told us what her son's name will mean in Nigerian -- the way God wants it.

A Brooklyn Rescue

On Monday, I was able to go the Brooklyn clinic. At one point during the day, a woman came in bawling with her sister. Linda, the director of the clinic, led the women to me and said, "This is Brian, he will take care of you now."

I immediately took the women into one of the counseling rooms and asked her what was wrong. She continued to cry her eyes out as her sister told her to "get herself together." I couldn't get the girl to stop crying. Finally, the sister said she had to go to work and told the woman to call her when the procedure had been finished (the sister assumed that she had taken the woman to an abortion clinic). After the sister left, I said, "I can tell you don't want to go through with this. Have you ever thought about keeping?"

The woman looked up from her tears and said, "I can't. I can't keep this baby." When I asked her why she couldn't, she replied, "I almost died during my last two pregnancies. Almost died. The doctors could barely keep me alive. They said if I tried to give birth again, I wasn't going to make it. I don't want to die..."

She then began to bawl again. I didn't know what to say at first. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide me. I was still thinking of what to say when she whispered, "I don't want to go to hell." I immediately looked up. "So you are a Christian?" I said. She nodded. "I was raised Baptist all my life. I don't know what else to do, but I don't want to go to hell."

I immediately felt at ease. I knew exactly what to say now. I explained that God does not give us anything we can't handle. Yes, at times things could be challenging, but if we trusted in Him, he'd lead us through all of our troubles. I told her about my favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:11 in which God explains that he has a prosperous future planned for all of us. I told her that God would not abandon her. She couldn't abandon God, either.

After talking with her for some time more, she finally looked up. She asked if she could make a phone call. As the phone was ringing, she told me she was calling her mom to ask what she should do. I remember, at that moment, I spoke to God saying, "Lord, I got her this far, but it is up to you. I can't do this alone. You said knock and I shall receive. Well, I'm knocking!"

Well, she talked to her mom, and her mom miraculously said, "Come on home. Bring the baby with you!" The woman was so overjoyed that her mom would help her raise her unborn baby. She had decided to keep her child! She turned to me and said, "Thank you for everything!" She then left. I texted her later that night and she said she was doing well. Praise God!

A Bronx Story

In my first day at Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic, I was nervous but at the same time motivated to help the women entering the clinic as much as possible. This time I was lucky because by the grace of God, I spoke to a woman named Lucy. As she entered the clinic, Chelsy stopped to talk to her, but she spoke Spanish. I asked Lucy if she wanted to have a free sonogram in our mobile clinic. She told me she knew she was pregnant, but she didn’t know how far along she was. Together, Chelsy and I were able to convince her to go for the ultrasound.

On the way to mobile clinic, she told me her situation. Her husband and her mother did not support her in the pregnancy. Lucy already has two children and was worried that a third child would be more than she could handle. I told her that it was not a question of support. I asked her how can kill your child when you have the chance to love your child. I told her that she needed to be brave because she didn’t have the support of her husband, but encouraged her with the support we could offer her.

Julie took her inside the mobile clinic for the sonogram and I returned to the back of Dr. Emily’s. I later found out that Lucy had decided to keep her baby. I felt completely grateful because I was able to play a part in saving a baby’s life. I knew it was because of God, but it was beautiful to be a part of it. I think my whole trip here is worth it because of this one child that will now live. It was amazing to know that the first woman I spoke to on my first day was also my first turnaround.