Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Pregnant Woman Needs Help, Not an Abortion

I was talking to a friend the other day who is pro choice. He works on Wall Street, so intelligence is no doubt evident among his background. He was explaining to me the difficulty he has in understanding the pro life side.

Then he told me that he got a lot of help from his "big brother" from his fraternity in college who happened to be pro life. He asked his big brother, "how does someone like you , who is so smart- maybe the smartest guy I know-, stand against abortion and say the woman doesn't have a choice?"

His big brother responded with a story: There are 2 men and a young boy stranded on the boat in the middle of the sea. They have no food but lots of water. The water lasts them for many weeks, but they still have no food. They are getting to the point of dying from starvation.

The 2 men talk to each other about what they should do. Finally, their conclusion was to kill the boy and eat him in order to survive. A few days after they did this, they were rescued.
They were taken to court. They were on trial for the murder of the young boy. The trial lasted for a long time and the final verdict was guilty.

Both men were guilty for the murder of the little boy and here's why: Who are they to decide which one should have died? Who are they to have that power over the life and death of another human being?

The story has ended, but my point has been clear. Who are we to say a woman can choose over the life and death of her child? Who is she that can demand the final verdict in the life of another human being?

And that's why I stand outside of abortion clinics in NYC with my sign (this one's in spanish because I was in Jackson Heights, Queens) that reads "A pregnant woman needs help, not an abortion".

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stay positive. You're Having a Baby !

A beautiful married couple came into our office in Manhattan. She is in her first trimester, and wants to see her baby.

I set her up with an appointment to get a sonogram the following Saturday. Her husband was with her when she came to see me.

The 2 of them shared concerns on the health of the baby. She was not taking all the precautions that she could have been during the first month of the pregnancy.

They had questions, and we are hoping together, to find answers.

Our sonogram technician will be assisting them with knowing the state of the baby. Our doctor will be assisting them with physical questions they have. And our prenatal care system will be assisting them to walk into a healthier state, both mind and body towards this pregnancy.

After I set them up with these things, I told both of them it is critical to stay positive in thought. They seemed very hopeful. Please continue to pray for them. Thank you .

Happy Turnaround Comes to See Us

Sometimes EMC is so blessed as to have a turnaround come back to visit us. This was such the case when a very special turnaround came back to see us, albeit at an unfortunate location - we were at an abortion clinic, but then again, at least she knew where to find us.

The details of her case are too sensitive to disclose but it will be enough to suffice that she was in a very difficult situation and where she was living was unacceptable. So we contacted another great pro-life organization that runs a network of maternity homes, Good Counsel Homes, and we were able to place her there with some help from us.

By no means is her life perfect now, but she was very happy to see us on her free time one Saturday morning and we were able to catch up some on her life. Moments like these make me very happy to be a part of EMC and working for the pro-life cause full-time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Helping Women in Any Way We Can

It takes a lot of time and attention to focus on the needs of abortion minded women who walk through our doors every day, but we aren't solely interested in keeping women from the pain of abortion, we also want to help them find healing for pain other abortions may have caused. We are about a lot of things, but the pain of abortion cannot be overestimated (try as society might to sweep it under the rug). So, along with our host of resources for struggling pregnant women, I have also been becoming more familiar with the local organizations that work specifically in post-abortion healing. There are so many women that we know who have been hurt by abortions. Maybe we don't know that's why they are wounded and maybe they don't make that connection in themselves either right away, but we know people who are hurt need healing and people who have been through the pain of abortion are hurt.

So, I have been learning more about ministries such as Lumina, which have a very beautiful and loving approach to women looking for help and healing. These ministries are vital and I try to encourage women to look into them. Maybe simply writing their name on a paper and giving it to them, knowing they can go home and do a Google search anytime when they feel ready to seek help. It's their choice to make the move or not, but with our support we pray they can find the healing and hope that will make them feel whole again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Day at Dr. Emily

On a recent day at Dr. Emily abortion clinic we had five people going into an abortion clinic change their mind and chose life!

Some of the stories I have already written about and some I will write later but I think one of the most striking examples of the beautiful decision to choose life is this picture I was able to take of one of the turnarounds.

In it are two of our sidewalk counselors, Jowell and Chiara, as well as the pregnant woman and some members of her family.

Look at how happy everyone is to choose life! This is just one of the many turnarounds we get each week at an abortion clinic and is a great example of the relief many women have once they move past the decision to abort and look to real solutions that would work for both them and their baby.

We at EMC live for moments like these and can't see how anyone can object - no matter if they think abortion is okay or not. God bless EMC and I pray the work we do will continue until no woman in New York even considers abortion.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"You're Actually 8 Months Pregnant !"

A client came to me this past Wednesday who thought she might be 1 to 2 months pregnant. She has been pregnant before, but she had a miscarriage.

I did a consultation with her. She said she thought she would be at least 5 weeks pregnant due to when she had her last period. She really, really wanted to get a sonogram. I told her we don't like to give sonograms until our clients are at least 8 weeks.

I called our director from another borough to ask what we should do. She told me the same thing I told the client, "it's too early." As I am on the phone with our director, the client gets out of her chair, takes my hand, and puts it on her belly. I put the phone away from ear and looked at her incredibly pregnant looking stomach and said, "GIRL. You gotta be at least 6 months".

I got back on the phone, and said, " I have my hand on this girl's stomach right now, and I can feel a baby. She's gotta be more than 5 weeks." Our director went with her intuition and said, "bring her in".

Sure enough she went to get a sonogram to find out she is a whole 8 months pregnant !

How she thought she was only 1 or 2 months pregnant? I have no idea, but what I do know is that EMC was there to help her. We were there to help her know more of what was going on with her pregnancy.

EMC also carried through with setting her up with prenatal care. We did all the work in networking her to the right establishment to keep her body healthy and to have a safe delivery.

So much suffering

My last day with EMC was spent working in Brooklyn. My heart broke when I heard a certain girl´s story; she already had 2 children, had gone through 5 abortions and on this particular day, was planning to abort her 6th baby. She rang EMC saying that she just felt that she couldn´t go through with it - she said that there was something that just didn´t seem right. She was concerned about the advice she had been given from Planned Parenthood. The poor girl had been told that they could carry out the procedure within 1 day, and that there wasn´t any need to have a sonogram because she didn´t look like she was that far into the pregancy. Upon giving her an ultrasound, we discovered that she was 5 months pregnant! I thank God that she had listened to her conscience and contacted Linda for advice. When I was introduced to her, I felt great sorrow, I could see the pain in her eyes and as soon as I began talking to her, she broke down in tears saying that she couldn´t take any more. We then discovered that she was also abused by her boyfriend. How many more people are out there suffering unneccessarily? Does this not emphasise the broken society that we live in? When will people realise that the only thing lacking in their lives is not money, success or power, but love! Pure and simple love! The saddest thing is that unfortunately, many don´t even know what the word signifies anymore. Thankfully, women experience a taste of it when they enter EMC´s Centres!

Two Great Women

Time after time I see women returning to the centres to say thank you to the special ladies in charge, Liz and Linda. It has been a privilege to work alongside and learn from them. For me, this emphasises the need for EMC in this city. Women who find themselves in the position of trying to decide whether or not to have an abortion need to feel that they are first and foremost respected, and also being given genuine, sincere advice. What makes Liz and Linda so special is that go one step further. They have a motherly affection for these women, I believe it is their great faith and love for Our Lady that makes this difference. They not only save babies lives, they save the mothers´ lives by giving them great hope, love and support. Liz and Linda don´t have a selfish bone in them; they work tirelessly, fighting to save lives. I have experienced so mnay women stopping by the clinic just to say hi and I hear the same sentence over and over again: ´I was planning to abort my baby, but by chance came accross EMC and thanks to Liz or Lindas´counsel, decided to keep my baby`.

What testimony!

God bless you both!!

And more lies....

Here I go again...

I decided to call Planned Parenthood the other day because I wanted first hand experience of their so called 'genuine' advice. I pretended to be 5 months pregnant, wanted an abortion but as it was the first time, I didn’t have any idea as to what to do. I also repeated the fact that I was scared of the consequences and wanted to be assured that there would be no doubt that I would still be able to conceive another child and deliver safely in the future. Here’s what I was told:

PP: ‘Oh, it’s nothing only takes two days.’

Me: ‘Oh, will I feel anything, does it hurt?’

PP: ‘No, you’ll be asleep.’

Me: ‘Will I be able to get pregnant again and are there any side effects?’

PP: ‘Yes, of course you will. They just put the Laminara sticks in you in the first day, and then the suction only takes 10 minutes the next day’. I guarantee there aren’t any side effects, it’s really quick and safe and it costs $1145.

Me: ‘Really, there aren’t any side effects whatsoever? Will I be shown what happens during the procedure?’

PP: ‘No, you'll be asleep. Take care honey, bye’.

So much for the truth! How are they getting away with this I continue to ask myself!!!

Denied the truth

I have been working for just over a month now and Planned Pregnancy never cease to amaze me. I find it very hard to believe how this organisation continues to conceal the truth from women and get away with it.

The other day a beautiful young lady walked out of Doctor Emily’s along with her mother. Thankfully, she didn’t choose to ignore me and accepted my invitation to come onto the bus so that we could give her a free sonogram. When I asked her why she was thinking of having a abortion, she replied, ‘I don’t feel ready to be a mother yet’. This was her first time at the clinic. I asked her if she had any knowledge of the side effects of abortion; if she was aware of the psychological and physical consequences that the majority of woman usually experience. She replied that she didn’t know anything about it. When I asked if anyone had informed her about the procedure and potential side effects whilst at the clinic, she said that they only told her how much it cost to have an abortion and how long it would take. This is what devastates me the most; it is a known fact that most women who see their baby on a sonogram do not go through with the abortion. Surprisingly, they didn’t offer her the option of having a sonogram...

This young woman has her whole life ahead of her, she is in a more fortunate situation than most women whom we normally encounter. Upon seeing her baby, both she and her mother were filled with joy - this girl decided to keep her baby in a instant. They were both so overjoyed upon seeing the baby. ‘Es varon, es varon they exlaimed!’ (Varon=boy in their Spanish dialect). The soon to be grandmother had only girls up until now....

I cannot believe how Planned Parenthood describe themselves as a ‘family planning service’. My understanding of the term ‘family planning’ leads me to think that people are given genuine, sincere advice and information. Obviously Planned Parenthood’s is slightly different.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"I know I should love my baby"

On one of the most successful days I can remember recently at Dr. Emily abortion clinic I met a young girl who knew she was pregnant. While I wouldn't quite say she was dead-set on an abortion, she was definately walking into the clinic and probably could have been convinced that an abortiBoldon was best for her considering her situation.

Luckily I got to her first.

She was still in high school with a year left to go before graduation but did have a supportive boyfriend and family. She wasn't sure how far along she was but our ultrasound determined she was about nine weeks. She heard the heartbeat, and whatever I had done to encourage her in keeping the baby before that moment was fortified by that sound.

The moment I will never forget was when I asked her if she thought there was a right thing and a wrong thing to do going forward. After she replied in the affirmative I asked her what the right thing to do was and she gave the best answer I have ever heard, "I know I should love my baby."

I will keep in contact with this girl to make sure I can do whatever I can to help her with her baby.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adolescentes sin información

Esta semana, en el centro del Bronx, tuvimos una visita inesperada. Cinco jóvenes entre los 15 y los 17 años vinieron a comprobar si estaban o no embarazadas. Las cinco querían hacerse un test de maternidad. Me sorprendió doblemente: una, porque vinieron en grupo (eran 5) y por la temprana edad de las chicas.

Nuestra misión es formar e informar a las mujeres que vienen a los centros y ofrecer la información certera, clara y diáfana de lo que supone un aborto, de lo que es un aborto. Así pues, antes de los test de embarazo les explicamos, con rigor, qué implicaba abortar, tanto a nivel físico como emocional. Mientras visualizaban uno de los vídeos gráficos algunas de ellas miraban sus móviles de última generación, escuchaban música o estaban chateando por alguna de las plataformas digitales comunes. A los pocos minutos les digimos que tenían que atender a la información que les estabamos facilitando en favor de su conocimiento. Algunas de ellas, dejaron de lado sus teléfonos. Otras continuaron distraídas. Después del vídeo gráfico, tres muchachas nos dieron las gracias por informarles. Reconocieron abiertamente que no sabían nada acerca del aborto, que nunca nadie les había contado antes este tema radical, ni en sus familias, ni en la escuela.

Es trágico que las jóvenes y no tan jóvenes que acuden a pedir asesoramiento a los centros EMC (Expectant Mother Care) se plantean la posibilidad de abortar sin saber absolutamente nada de esta "opción". No puede evitar preguntarme, ¿por qué?, ¿por qué nadie o pocas mujeres que acuden a los centros EMC apenas si conocen la realidad de tomar esta irreparable decisión? Aún estoy buscando la respuesta.

Another Saved from an Abortion Clinic

It was already getting late in the day when my friend and colleage Rosanna told this young woman about all the services we offer at no cost. This young woman happily chose us over the abortion clinic she was going to for a pregnancy test.

You see at many clinics, the atmosphere and innuendo of the clinic can persuade a woman who just finds out she is pregnant into having an abortion - even if they aren't overtly pressured (which they sometimes are).

This woman is an example of such a case - perhaps she would have taken the results of the test home and never thought about an abortion - but perhaps not. We don't like to take any chances. Also this was a great opportunity to share the message of chastity and marriage with someone who definately would not have heard such a message otherwise.

Overall, I am grateful to work for EMC not such for the chance to help mothers who are definately abortion bound, but also just help share the truth of human sexuality with those that might not be so dead-set on an abortion. Indeed many times it is a great relief to help a woman who was never considering an abortion, like this one may have been.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Una película romántica

Hoy he hablado con una chica de la castidad, del sentido que tiene. Le he contado que la castidad no es cuestión de mentalidad anticuada, sino cuestión de amor.

Le he explicado que cuando alguien vive la castidad está amando al que será su futuro marido desde antes de conocerle. Se está reservando el regalo más grande que podemos dar, nuestra propia intimidad, para esa persona especial, para esa persona que estará toda la vida a su lado amándole en la “salud y en la enfermedad, hasta que la muerte les separe”. Le he dicho que no sólo es amar a su futuro marido, sino amarse a sí misma. Porque sabiéndose valiosa se daría cuenta de que no puede estar en manos de cualquiera.

Ella conforme me iba escuchando los ojos se le iban poniendo cada vez mas vidriosos y sus labios se tornaban en sonrisa. Hasta que me dijo: “Esto que me cuentas es la mejor película romántica”. Y es que el amor de verdad sabe respetar y esperar.

Woman Dies While Protecting Children

The Story of a Woman From Brooklyn

Maybe you heard this story a couple weeks ago when it made breaking news. A pregnant mother of 12 uses herself as a human shield to save three children when gunfire breaks out in front of their school. It is a tragic story but also incredibly heroic. She cared more for the lives of others than herself. That is really the message that I think comes out loud and clear. We all need to take that message to heart. It is at the core of what our work is about too. Women have really tough choices to make when they come to see us, but we try to show them how to find the meaning life: putting the lives of others before our own.

Sidewalk Counseling 101

My colleague Greg Webb and I were invited to speak at a pro life conference at Fordham University this month. It was an effective event. The purposes of Greg and I's presence was to inform the audience on how to "sidewalk counsel".

Many in the room didn't know what sidewalk counseling was, until I explained the basics of it. Sidewalk counseling is exactly what it's title states. You are located on the sidewalk, outside of an abortion clinic, where you attempt to counsel girls going in.

"Counseling" consists of actions taking place. This suggests the task is not passive,but active. You can't just stay in one spot of the sidewalk. You must move with the girl, and walk with her as she makes her way to the door.

It's essential to have some sort of pamphlet. This way, you are not just using verbal , but also photographic communication. Extend the paper out to her, so that she has something to hold onto while she waits in there. You are giving her something that has contact information for the help that she needs.

Always smile. Have an unavoidable peace that transcends from your facial expressions to your body movement that has her guessing, "what does this person have that I don't?" She will become curious as to what you have to say. This also helps her feel less threatened and less judged.

These were a few of the basic principles I taught at the seminar. It was a great audience. I would love to do it again sometime !

If you have any specific questions about sidewalk counseling, feel free to contact me via email:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Like any well established work, there are lots of layers to this organization and what keeps it going. Can't forget prayer is always bedrock. Beyond that though, I've been able to meet a lot of the generous donors who support our organization over the past week and it's beautiful and refreshing to hear their insights on our work. They have hearts for the pro-life cause like we do, so they are participating in the way God has called them to, like we are. Some have had so many years of experience that it is lovely to learn from their wisdom. They increase our hope and our appreciation for the value of each and every little life we are all trying to save. Sometimes it's hard not to get bogged down by the darkness we are continually exposed to and so it's great to encounter lights such as these along the way.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYC Public Schools Encourage Visits to Abortion Clinics?

This week I was able to speak with some other area pro-lifers and hear about the upcoming mandate of sex education in NYC Public Schools. It brings our work to a whole new level. With secular sex education, practice using condoms, visits to local abortion clinics to learn about services, and deliberate exposure to the contraceptive market, does it seem likely that we are going to see an increase in abortion bound women? Absolutely. And that is a tragedy. So, in continuity with our mission here, we are working to fight against this detrimental new idea as well.

For more details, you can find articles all over the place, like this one: Click Here.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EMC in Harlem

Recently I had the chance to attend a conference in Harlem.

New York City is attempting to implement an egregiously pro-contraception school curriculum. In it, middle school and high school students are recommended to attend abortion clinics and ask about their services and go to the pharmacy to catalog different types of condoms.

As a result there was a small conference intended to inform local pro-life leaders and help them to get out the word to their contributors, parishoners, or church-goers. Some of the key attendees were Dr. Alveda King, Reverend Faulkner, Reverend Clenard Childress, and of course our very own Christopher Slattery.

Lets let parents know how bad the new school sex-ed curricula will be!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

40 days for life is ongoing!

All around the country for 40 days for life people are organizing in peaceful prayer. We at EMC are the organizers of this event in New York City and would love you to join us.

Contact us by email or phone or just come out and pray.

Perhaps the easiest time for you to come may be during the evening - we will be in the Bronx on Wednesdays at Dr. Emily's and Queens on Thursdays on Roosevelt Avenue. We'd be happy to have you - contact us for more information.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Double Edged Sword

Mother Teresa told this story:

"I once picked up a woman from a garbage dump and she was burning with fever; she was in her last days and her only lament was: ‘My son did this to me.’ I begged her: You must forgive your son. In a moment of madness, when he was not himself, he did a thing he regrets. Be a mother to him, forgive him. It took me a long time to make her say: ‘I forgive my son.’ Just before she died in my arms, she was able to say that with a real forgiveness. She was not concerned that she was dying. The breaking of the heart was that her son did not want her. This is something you and I can understand."

There is a great brokenness inflicted on those who reject their loved ones and those who have been rejected. That is the kind of struggle and hurt we deal with on a daily basis. It is not about judgment, but as M. Teresa shows us, it is about encouraging the healing of this hurt as much as possible. We are not going to help anyone by pointing fingers and casting blame, only by hoping in forgiveness for acts committed by persons who were acting "not themselves" and as such have turned themselves into victims as well.

EMC Follows Through With Their Clientele

One of our strong willed clients Victoria recently had her baby in June. She was considering abortion, but chose against it. She is incredibly joyful and full of life now that M' Kayla Abigail is in her life.

She was living with her mother in Brooklyn. However, there was a lot of nonsense happening within the house that made it detrimental for little M' Kayla to stay there.

Finally, a push came to a shove when Victoria's mother kicked her out of the apartment.

She had no where to live.

That's when my colleague Greg Webb and I picked her up in Brooklyn and drove her to the South Bronx where a van was waiting for her to be taken to a home called Good Counsel in upstate New York.

She is living there now with little M' Kayla, away from the dangers of domestic threats.

We don't just encourage our clients to keep the baby or make an adoption plan and then become aloof. We follow through with each client as best we can to make sure they are getting the best and most help available. Please continue to pray for our founder and president Chris Slattery, and EMC. Thank you so much.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Alleged Abortion Baby Is Now Living At 5 Months

This past May, a client come into EMC's Queens Pregnancy Center considering abortion. She had just moved here from South America and was 100% not planning on getting pregnant. She left SA due to a tragic stabbing attack. She wanted to come to a safer country. She now lives in NYC with her family.

Referring to the stabbing incident, she said, "I am still traumatized by what happened. I can't be pregnant. I need this abortion." I asked her, "Do you want to get an abortion?" Her response was, "Of course not, but I don't have a choice." I said, "No. See, it's the opposite. You do have a choice!"

I inquired where all her family was living to see if they could be within reach to help her with the pregnancy. I found out her mother and sister are still in South America.
She said, "My mom will be furious if she find out I am pregnant. I cannot tell her." I said, "Do you want me to tell her?" Surprised, yet relieved, she got out her phone card, dialed her mother's number, and I spoke with a woman living in South America about her daughter's pregnancy. What an interesting conversation! Her mother was not mad!

The young woman ended up lingering in the office for the next 2 hours. My fellow Intern John shared with us a true story about his sister's experience with an unexpected pregnancy and the rewards of perseverance. She so was moved by the story! It opened her eyes and helped her to choose LIFE for her precious child.

She is now 5 months pregnant and is overjoyed about her baby! On December 3rd I am teaming up with one of her best friends, to throw the best baby shower there could be! We want to make her feel secure and joyous about her decision to keep her baby. We want to celebrate her courage!

Unfortunately, the rest of the family is still having trouble adjusting to it. Her step dad is indifferent about it. Her mother and sister still are not sure it is the right thing to keep the baby. I am so proud of her, and she s proud of herself! Thank you for praying for EMC. God's hands are at work and alive.

Diocidencia II

Suena mi teléfono. Mi compañera me llama nerviosa. Volvía de la oficina. Iba haciendo el camino de siempre pero con más prisa de lo normal. Pasando por un puente se encontró con una chica mirando al frente. Siguió deprisa, pero algo le dijo que tenía que hablar con esa chica y regresó. La chica tenía la intención de suicidarse. Empezó a hablar con ella y llamó a la policía mientras que la sujetaba. Cuando llegó la policía la consiguió rescatar.

Ser próvida es amar la vida de todas las personas desde el primer momento hasta el último. Esta historia no es sino una manifestación más de las vidas que por “coincidencia” llegan a nuestras manos.


El viernes pasado llegó una chica a una de nuestras oficinas. Venía con una compañera mía. Se habían encontrado en la puerta de una clínica abortista.

Después de hablar un poco con esta chica me dijo que a ella su cabeza le decía que tenía que abortar, pero que su corazón le decía que no. Ella es cristiana. Al salir de su casa para ir a su cita en la clínica se puso a rezar y a pedirle a Dios que si no iba a hacer bien con ese aborto que le mandara una señal. Ella esperaba que el taxi se estrellara o algo así. Nada de eso ocurrió. Llegó sana y salva a la clínica. Llegó a la vez que mi compañera pasaba por delante de la clínica camino a la oficina con su bicicleta. Mi compañera decidió hablar con ella desde la bicicleta, pero la chica no respondía. Esa no podía ser su señal. Mi compañera insistió y entonces reaccionó.

Cuando llegó a la oficina me dijo que había sido consciente de que eso no había sido una coincidencia. Dios le había demostrado que le iba a ayudar con ese bebé.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

God's Beauty

We know God doesn't make junk, but we also know that so many people, especially women, struggle with feeling beautiful and valuable. In the Song of Songs, God inspires the author to write: "You are all-beautiful, my beloved, and there is no blemish in you." That is what we should be trying to communicate to the women we meet in everything we do. Because if she really believes and understands that, then her whole life will be changed very quickly.

A Father's Role In A Woman's Pregnancy Is Everything

This past Friday, I gave a pregnancy test to a client who came to our center in Manhattan. Her test was positive. She is a very sweet natured girl. She is currently enrolled in school. She lives with her family, whom she loves very much.

She is close to her siblings, mother, and father. Obviously, she is a very family oriented kind of person.

Only because I possess a gift to read body language well, I was able to detect a spectacular joy that overcame her when she learned she was pregnant. It was subtle, but it was there. However, once I started discussing her probable due date, reality set in.

Her biggest obstacle with having the baby isn't lack of money, isn't disapproval from the parents, and isn't fear of failure to complete school. It's the father.

Everytime I mentioned his name or his effect on the pregnancy, her hands grabbed onto the chair handles, her back became tense, and she abruptly blurted out the sentence, "but I'm not having this baby" while shaking her head 'no'. I don't know the history between the 2, but clearly there's hurt.

I gave her a sonogram appointment at our office in Brooklyn for next week. Please continue to pray for her. I know she wants this child and so does her family.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dr. Emily's - A strange place

One of the most unexpected interesting things about sidewalk counseling is all of the interesting people you get to meet.

One of the more outlandish woman I met was a person escorting her friend for an abortion. She had come outside for one reason or another and we struck up a conversation.

Of course I believe that demons are actively involved at Dr. Emily's, but very rarely does a woman openly confess to me that she is a lesbian in her fifties and had even experimented with eccentric pagan practices like wearing a goat's head. Yes, a goat's head.

Of course nothing really surprises me, like the man who went on a 15 minute rant on how our political and economic system is the reason for all of societal ills. When I mentioned that in my opinion human freedom had something to do with it - he replied that one needs only to look at Cuba to find utopia. Right, Cuba.

Sometimes a little levity can go a long way, and I am grateful that doing my very serious job I have the opportunity to have conversations and meet people of all different flavors.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

40 días de oración por la vida

El pasado 28 comenzó la vigilia de oración por la vida que vamos a vivir durante 40 días. Desde EMC la estamos viviendo desde la puerta de clínicas abortistas. El primer día estaba con una de las compañeras rezando en voz alta frente a una de estas clínicas en Queens. Yo tenía el rosario en la mano y ella un letrero que decía “40 días de oración por el fin del aborto”. Era sorprendente como la gente nos miraba y asentía con la cabeza o incluso se paraban a preguntarnos como se podían unir a nosotros. Un caso simpático fue el de un chico que nos observaba mi rosario tras el cristal de la cafetería y cuando vio que yo le miraba a los ojos me enseño la cruz que tenía colgando del cuello a modo de apoyo y me sonrió. Esta experiencia me hizo dar cuenta de que no estamos solos y como la oración nos une a todos en un mismo propósito. Me hizo dar cuenta de que en realidad sólo unos cuantos quieren el aborto y que la oración es el mejor megáfono para hacernos escuchar. Me hizo reafirmarme en que todos unidos en Dios y por medio de Él podemos poner fin al aborto.

Good news!

My first experience of working in one of the pregnancy centres was very positive. Of all the clients that came in wanting an abortion, all but one changed their minds. I find it very hard to believe that they are so unaware of the dangers and devastating effects of abortion. The first client that I spoke to was just about to turn 18, she said that she wanted an abortion because she was scared about what her family might say, and felt that she wasn’t ready to become a mother. As soon as we began to talk about the abortion procedure, it was evident that she didn’t have any genuine knowledge. Women are led to believe that having an abortion just involves going into a clinic and ’having it done’, ( I hear this so much) as though they were going for an appointment at a hair dressing salon. The moment the client had her ultrasound and saw her baby, she began to cry and said, ‘My baby! I can hear its heart beating’. She changed her mind within minutes and couldn’t wait to show her sister the picture of the baby. I was so moved by this experience. If one client can change her mind within such a short time, that surely tells us something - they need to be told the truth! EMC is telling the truth, saving lives and I’m seeing it first hand!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I feel greatly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work for EMC over the next couple of months - apparently I'm the first British intern too! I met Chris Slattery by chance whilst at World Youth Day in Madrid, and wanted to get involved as soon as I heard about this incredible organisation.

It is so important that women are taught the truth about abortion and realise not only how precious they are, but the lives of their unborn children aswell. Everyone should experience real, sincere love in their lives; EMC offers this to women. It encourages them to believe in themselves and realise their value and capabilities. It's an honour to work with them and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.


Many people read the post I had written recently about one of the most sensational experiences at an abortion clinic I ever had: there was a rush to the emergency room, a barely conscious woman, and what was a happy ending.

However, tragically, this woman ended up losing her baby. The baby had caught an infection which is one of the major risks of of removing the laminaria sticks and keeping the baby. Of course, in many instances the baby will be okay, but unfortunately this was not the case.

When Jowell saw the woman who had just delivered her deceased baby, neither could hold back the tears. The woman even requested to hold her baby, and was allowed to do so. Even though the sorrow was great, she had a peace about her decision to keep amidst a tumultuous pregnancy.

As I reflect and pray about this story I can't help but think that even though this story ended in tragedy, at least it ended with a mother holding her baby, and that makes it worth all the effort in the world.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A New Catholic Understanding The Traditional Rosary. And It's Beautiful

The history of the Rosary fascinates me.

I just converted from being a Protestant all my life to Catholicism.

The journey I went on to get there was exciting and is still adventurous in its own spectacular way.

There is a variety of ways to look at the history of the Rosary. Here are a few:

Paul of Thebes (234 to 347) is said to have recited 300 Our Fathers each day, counting them by shifting pebbles from one pile to another. The objective in mind was to "pray without ceasing". The Irish monks used to sing the 150 Psalms, dividing into three groups of 50. In the 11th century, the Hail Mary rose in popularity.

In the 15th century, the Dominican Alan de la Roche suggested to meditate on the Incarnation during the recitation of the first 50 Hail Marys; on the Passion during the second; and on the Resurrection, Ascension, and Glorification during the third.

The most recent development in the history of the Rosary is the addition of five more mysteries: the Mysteries of Light or Luminous Mysteries, by Pope John Paul II. They were added in the Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae on October 16th 2002. That date is rapidly approaching us now !

40 Days for Life has already begun. It's the event that hundreds are doing around the globe, seeking to end abortion.

Whatever city, state, or country you are in, find an abortion clinic, stand on the outside of the legal lines, and pray. For me, the Rosary is what I will be meditating on. Cheers.

Encountering My Abortion Bound Client On The Busy Streets of NY: No Coincidence

On Friday, I had a client in the Manhattan office who wanted an abortion. She is in her first trimester and has a career all planned out. "A baby doesn't fit in the plan right now" she told me, with her boyfriend shaking his head 'yes' in agreement beside her.

At the end of the counseling, I brought them both in to talk about the matters at stake. Her words seemed so sure that she wanted an abortion, but her body language looked uneasy, uncomfortable, and unsure. I brought that to her attention to tell her, "you really don't want the abortion for yourself though. Do you . " She just looked at me. No words. Her boyfriend felt sick and had to excuse himself to the bathroom.

Here are 2 wonderful, full of life, young people with the world at their feet, who both think it will be a "better" decision to terminate their own child. They legitimately think it's what they "have" to do. And yet, all the while it's not at all what they want.

Moving on, I went to mass at Church of Our Saviour this past Sunday. Afterwards, I was doing a little bit of shopping in that area. I walked out of one of the stores, and guess who was right there on the sidewalk? Of all the places in the city, of all the milliseconds of the minutes of the hours of time in our day, I ran into the boyfriend. I couldn't believe it.

I walked up to talk to him. I told him " you know this is not just a coincidence right ?" He agreed. I told him if he and his girlfriend changed their minds, I would still be here.

I prayed a whole rosary on the way home on the train. I prayed over and over for the baby, for the boyfriend, and for the mother. If you would, please also pray for this couple. Thank you .

New York City

There were so many wonderful experiences as I spent a week in New York. Seven days that I hope to remember for ever. The first full day I was there I went to one of the EMC centers in the Bronx. There I met Liz who counseled three girls in the time I was there. All of these three young ladies had a different story and they all wanted to terminate their pregnancy. Liz's main objective is to let women know what an abortion is and the consequences of it. I had the privilege of sitting in while she talked to them and showed them videos that showed abortion procedures and explained the many consequences of it. I had this same experience when I visited another one of the EMC centers in Queens. This day, we had many more clients -about seven when I was there. Again, young women with different stories and with the same objective. Here I also got to sit in as Greg and Jowell talked to them. I have a lot of respect for these two young men; they listen, talk, support and give hope to women that are in a desperate situation. While I was at the EMC centers I did intakes, which allowed me to talk to the young ladies coming in and I learned a little more about their life and current circumstances. I was very sad to see that all of these women were young, hispanic and Catholic. What a tragedy. Every time I asked what their religion was and as they answered "Catholic" my heart would break.

Later I understood, more than ever, that women do not turn to abortion because they want to, but because they see it as their only way out and secondly, because they just do not know what an abortion is. They don't know that abortion has many physical, mental and spiritual consequences. Young women are led to believe that abortion because is legal, is a normal procedure, that there is nothing wrong with it and that their problems will be quickly resolved thanks to having it. This is a lie. A lie that pregnancy centers work to unmask. This is why most women walk out of pregnancy centers with a changed heart. What side walk and pregnancy center counselors do is speak the truth about the evil of abortion and encourage women to choose light, to choose life even if it's the harder choice. So often the right thing is the hardest thing to do. But is also the only choice that brings peace and joy. If people knew what an abortion really is, very few would remain pro-choice.

I felt God's presence the entire time I was there. He knew the desires of my heart and he took me on an adventure where I enjoyed every single minute of it. He granted my desire to go see Andrea Bocelli live in Central Park, but not only that, he added Celine Dion and Tony Bennett to the list! There was nothing like sitting in Central Park, listening live to Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion as they sang "The Prayer" on a lovely chili evening in New York City. Also, what are the chances of me running into a Mexican parade in New York City? I mean, there a lot of spanish-speaking people in NYC but very few Mexicans. Before I ran into the parade I had only met one Mexican person during my trip. And just like that, out of no where, I was surrounded by hundreds of "mis paisanos" with Mexican flags and shouting "Viva Mexico!". It was great. Later that evening turned into one of the best days thanks to the company of Marnee and Manolo. God really spoiled us that day with good chai tea, great weather, great view, free coffee, free kayaking, free tango lessons and a BBQ gathering with Manolo's friends from Berlin.

My time there ended with a lovely night where Chris took us out to dinner in Little Italy. Most of the team was there. The people there are truly amazing, there was an immediate connection I felt as if I had known them for a very long time. Again that night, God spoiled me with Italian food at an Italian restaurant with good wine and good friends. A perfect way to end my trip in this lovely city.

I hope this is the first of many visits to this city.

I want to thank Chris and the whole team in NYC that fight every day to end abortion. My prayers will always be with you.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

40 Days for Life - Be a Part of the Witness

We have started a new 40 Days for Life campaign and I am very excited. This year we've decided to include a vigil from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at abortion facilities in the Bronx and Queens.

Praying at abortion facilities is nothing new to me, but I had an exceptional experience at Dr. Emily abortion facility in the South Bronx at our candle-lit vigil, praying as the sun went down. Something about being there when the clinic is closed changes the perspective, and allows the individual an opportunity to focus on the witness and prayer aspect of the ministry.

Along with only a handful of people, we prayed continuously all four Mysteries of the rosary, and were only interrupted briefly by rainfall that lasted only one or two minutes, during the period of time that we were meditating on the Crucifixion (go figure).

I am grateful for this experience because it has really rejuvinated me - hopefully next time however we get more folks out!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

option of ad-option

She came today for second day. She wanted to speak to the father of the unborn baby to clear the situation of their relationship. She was really surprise: like an ostrich don't confront the lyon and hide its head in a hole, he didn't want to see the sonogram of his own child!

After have seen, that she won't reckon in the future with his help and preoccupate to last more her sister, she felt much more insecurity and fear. As natural consequence of this she was decided to abort her child, despite have understood (and seen!) what is an abortion.

In this moment I spoke to her about adoption. Her first and quickly reaction was: - I can't do this! And mine: - so, you can't put your child under the protection a couple who is loving him, but you can kill him?! I know, this words were very crude (she broke in tears a long while) and I apologize me for this, but she realized how contradictory her maternal feelings were by the situation.

in the street

A few days ago I was informing the pedestrian about EMC's services i Queens. At the same time I asked them what do they think about abortion. Most of them (over 95%) were against it!

It was specially interesting to converse with Antonio, a robust mexican man. At the beginning he was defending the abortion for girls who are still too young (he could not decide which age, 13? 15?). Slowly the conversation became more and more personal. And in a moment two tears began to flow down in his row and hard face while he explained me how his mother had two abortions before he was born. It was his father who was punching his mother at this time (!).

It was the first time he told someone how much he miss his unknown brothers. And after hugging me he promised me to help every woman, who would think to abort her child.