Sunday, November 30, 2014

Being mother, the best choice

            What do you need to be happy? Maybe we need more money, having a bigger house or going every Summer to Hawaii. My mother thinks that having a great family is the best thing that she has had in her life. When a girl has a no desired pregnancy she always thinks about money or she is too young to be mother. Why they don't think that a baby could be somebody who gives them love and happiness?

             Being mother is not only spending money for your baby, it is seeing how your baby is growing up, it is going to his first football match or her first ballet dance, it is going to their wedding, it is becoming a grandmother... I have never met a woman who is be sorry to be mother.

Sidewalk counseling again

So the other day, before heading back to the Queens office, I was sent to Choices, the abortion facility that does more abortions in the five boroughs of the City.

I have done sidewalk counseling in the past, that it has been a while since my last time so I decided to talk and learn from some of the veterans that were there ir order to make the most of my time. And that was how I met Sister Dorothy.

Sister Dorothy is a nun that gives workshops to teach people how to approach the women that are running into the abortion mill, what to tell them, what to offer and how to offer it. She was great.

I realized that her main weapon was love, respect and comprehension. She never judge them, never yells at them or never force them to get their pamphlet or listen to her.

It was magical, I was shocked. I hope this week I could attend one of her workshops in order to improve my skills and be more helpful in the future. For the moment, still praying for the end of abortion.


This has been a different week. On Thursday Thanksgiving. On Saturday, my birthday. This, apparently, is a week to be thankful: for what we have, for the people we know, for the experiences we have, for the lives that touch us and the lives we touch, for the family, for friends, for chances, for choices, FOR LIFE.

On Friday Miss K came in, she is 24, married and mother of a three year old kid. She had an abortion performed in 2013 and, shockingly, she has had 12 miscarriages. She has a problem with progesterone, and needs to be treated from day one of pregnancy. Last week she was been treated in order to keep the baby, but this week she wanted an abortion. When I asked the reason, she told me that she was moving to another house and that timing was not a good one (sorry for the word, but: bullshit!). I used the emotional pain of the miscarriages and we talked about post-abortion syndrome, nevertheless, I was shocked with her answer: “When I have a miscarriage, I feel that I have done something wrong and that’s why I feel so hurt and guilty. With the abortion it was easier” SORRY????? Then I told her that that it’s not true, that the difference between an abortion and a miscarriage is that with the first one YOU KILL YOUR BABY, while in the second one YOUR BABY DIES for one reason or another. After speaking for a while, I recommended her to go back to her doctor (she has an appointment this week) and check that she is ok, she agreed to go, though she believes that she will change her mind if she does. Let’s hope that she does, let’s hope this doesn’t turn into her 2nd abortion or her 13th miscarriage.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


  So today a girl by the name of Ana came in. She was very sweet. Yet cold hearted. She already had a sonogram. Her and her boyfriend have been broken up for about a month. She has been thinking of having an abortion for two months she said. The her mind is already made up. Nothing I do or say can change her mind. I showed her the video of an former abortionist. She began to cry. She still wanted to do it even after talking with her about the health risks to herself. After telling her a story of my aunt who had an abortion. And was not able to have children. She said it wouldnt happen to her. It was weird how hard hearted she was about it yet was polite to me and left with a smile. This is a traumatizing experience not just for these girls and babies but also for us please keep us in your prayers.

Friday, November 28, 2014


They used to be kind, they use to be nice, but sometimes they don't choose the best decision for you. Today, a 17 year old girl walked in. Her mother was with her. After talking to her for a while she left. The reason...? The mother wanted her abortion NOW, and she didn't want to wait for a free ultrasound in our Brooklyn office. It's hard, but it happens. There are some girls who have it really difficult to keep their child's, not because they want to, but because they are forced to.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The bad interpreter

Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn office and it was chaotic, we had around fourteen girls in the morning and I was constantly talking with someone, doing a pregnancy test, looking for information for their insurance or in the sonogram room. 

The roughest case I have had so far was the Russian woman's one. She only spoke Russian so I had to let her American boyfriend in, in order to translate the consultation and it was terrible.

We don't allow boyfriends or friends inside the room because we are going to discuss very personal stuff that maybe the girls themselves are too embarrassed to admit in front of someone that knows them and they know that because of the confidentiality agreement that we both signed they are safe and can say whatever they want.

With this girl was all very difficult because the boyfriend was answering the majority of the questions without even ask her or was refusing to translate some things or apparently changed my question into a different one. Anyway, her background was pretty tough: 37 years old, one four years old boy, 3 abortions and a pregnancy that she wanted to terminate (I'd rather say that HE wanted to terminate) because she was only here doing tourism, visiting his boyfriend but on February she had to go back to Russia. 

I told her that if her son was born in the USA they would allow her to stay with the baby here and she would be able to come whenever she want because her son would be an American citizen but it was impossible. The boyfriend said that they only want the abortion and there was nothing in this world that could make them (him) change their mind.

So they left seeking an abortion facility and left me very sad. I hope that woman is doing ok. I'm so sorry for th life of that baby. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


When working at EMC, we do different kind of tasks: answer the phone, make calls, set appointments, counseling in the office, pray at the door of an abortion clinic and of course, speak about our work so that other people can get to know it and try it themselves.
The perks of this job are countless. I learn everyday to listen, to talk, to understand, not to judge, the difference between cultures but more importantly, I learn that every person is different, with their circumstances and their difficult lives. I learn from my co-workers, my research but mostly from the girls with whom I speak every day. Nevertheless, there is a thing that, as an intern, I won’t get to see, and it is the joy of meeting the babies I have saved.

Early this week, on my way to work, I took out on the subway an intake form in black, just to reread it. While I was holding it, a girl who was sitting beside me asked if I worked for EMC and when I said yes, she hugged me and told me: “Thank you guys so much! You saved my baby six months ago” She is having her baby in 18 days from today, so for the intern who did this: Congratulations!

Everything is easier if you are not alone

           One of most important problems that women who want to have an abortion is that they are so scared that they don't tell the truth to anybody. I know that it is very difficult for them  talking with their parents about an unwanted pregnancy. It is probably that your parents would be angry with you for some time but you should think that your parents or your brothers and sisters love you, and they will help you in worse situations. So I am going to tell you a true story.      

            A girl who had a great family was studying in a College in Spain, she was pretty and intelligent and her family loved her. The girl met a boy and she fell in love with him. One day she knew that she was pregnant and she felt afraid because her family were devout. When her family knew the news everybody felt angry and disappointed, but both parents told everybody that she had to be supported by all family. Nine months later was born a beautiful girl, all family were happy with that new member of the family. Actually that family is one of the best family in the world.

            Don't be afraid if you are pregnant. You haven't got a problem, you have a gift but don't forget that your family could help you like that girl.                                                        


Sidewalk counselling

First day of snow in NYC. Tomorrow we have thanksgiving day. We have been standing in front of the Abortion Clinic in the Bronx. We had less people coming in. Hopefully this means that for thanksgiving nobody is going to have an abortion. We hope. We pray.

 I took a picture of the inside paint. It speaks about "Right to choose" "No Sexisms" "Respect" "Live by choice not by chance" and even not visible "Abortionists are Heroes". I suppose that they use this messages to try to convince the woman.It sounds as terrifying and ironic as the famous "Arbeit macht Frei" in front of the  Nazi concentration camps. 

I Had a Dream!

      Sorry I do not have any photos to post with this particular client. However last week there was a girl in our office. Her name is Nadia. She left wanting to abort. I provided both her and her boyfriend with all the possible complications of an abortion the emotional and physical effects as well as what would happen to the baby. She went home she had a dream about her baby's future!!! She called me this morning she said I changed my mind... I don't want the abortion please help me with the services you told me about. I had a dream about the baby and honestly I don't care if my boyfriend likes it or not I'm having this baby. I pray that he will just fall in love with our child but I thought hard about there is no way I can actually go through with that! Praise God. For he is faithful and prayers are being answered!!!
   I am very thankful for her decision!! And just before thanksgiving. What more can you be more thankful for than a new member to the family?!?! I want to say that I am thankful for each mother who walks in that room. Wether they plan to abort or not. That is a new person God sent our way in order to touch they're life in some form of way. I am most certainly thankful for those who chose life I am thankful for the baby saved ffrom an abortion I got to hold. I am thankful for my neices and nephew. And my older brother who at 13 had his first child and had three more after word. I am thankful he is still with the same woman and they are all from her. I am thankful for my aunt who had an abortion..and she lost her fertility. I am thankful she is alive and is still as sweet as she is. I miss my family and friends dearly. I know it is God's will for me to stay a while longer. Above all his will must be done and not mine. Above All I am thankful for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For without him everything done and being done...would have no purpose we would all be damned to hell. There would be no second chance for me or you or any of these girls. It would all be in vain.  I know God would not send a baby to hell. So we are fighting for these children's only chance at life. For those who are in heaven. I love you little ones. I am thankful for you all too. There will be many babies to be held in heaven many adorable cute faces. Each unique and blessed. Thank God for his redeeming love and for everything he is.  

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sometimes a "d" and a "p" make a difference

I was talking with this girl at the Brooklyn office, she already told me that even if she wasn't sure about parenting the baby, abortion was no longer an option. So despite of the fact that I was afraid of bringing up the issue, I told her if she has considered adoption. She said "abortion? I just told you not" and I said "no, no: adoption, with a d and a p". She was quiet for a minute and then she said "you know what? I was thinking that maybe my exboyfriend's family would consider the option of taking care of him".

And so know here she is, discussing such an importan issue with the family of  his exboyfriend, even if she doesn't get along with him anymore, she is strong enough to realize that his family could take good care of this baby and she would not have to go through the tragedy of the abortion procedure.

One day I will tell you the story of one of my best friends, she is adopted and she is the best thing I ever had. So see you soon!

Planned Parenthood

Standing out there in the cold for a whole week. A guy with a pink dungaree of Planned Parenthood . Woman passed by. It seems like if we are not touching their heart. But we do. We always do. We are not only just standing outside. We are the last chance. Their last hope. We pray for them. We wait for them.


On Wednesday Miss L came into Queens’s office. She is a 16 year old girl whose face and appearance looked like she’s been through a lot of difficult things in her live, nevertheless, she was an easy smile girl and this made me feel a lot more comfortable.
As usual, our talk started with the form. While we were completing it, I tried to take the best out of each question, we talked about her family; how her mother had raised her as a single mom; her friends, her school, what she wanted to study in college, her boyfriend, etc. and then it came the most difficult question to do: “what do you plan to do with your pregnancy?” – “I don´t know” (that’).

– “Why? Why would you abort?” – “I am 16, I am very young, I’m still in High School, I don’t have a job” – “Ok, and why would you keep the baby?” – “My boyfriend wants to keep it, and so does his family” “That’s great, having support is very important, does your mother know you are pregnant?” – “No, but she is finding out today, my boyfriend is telling her” – “What do you think she is going to say?” – “She’ll kill me” – “At first she might, but after that?” – “She will support and help me” – “I’m glad to hear that. What are your personal thoughts about having an abortion?” – “Well, I had one when I was 12 and a second one when I was 13, so I am familiar with the feeling. This year it would have been the first year of nursery school for my older baby” – “Would you be able to go through that feeling all over again?” – “No, I know I didn’t do the correct thing, not for me not for my babies… I don’t know. You are making me think! PERHAPS I’M READY FOR A NEW ADVENTURE” – “You are! and in EMC we can help you!”

No healthy? Kill them

          Have you noticed that there are not a lot of child's with Dawn's Syndrome? I am going to tell you the truth. Nowadays we have the best technology for knowing all about a pregnancy, sonograms are one of the best things of these, we can know the size of the babies, hearing their hearts and knowing if they are sick. Now a lot of pregnant women have an abortion because they don't want a sick baby.                                                                                                                                                   It is ironic that when somebody finds a cat with a broken leg he feels sad, sometimes he helps to that cat. That is the truth in this world, a hurt cat is more important than a human baby. Greenpeace says the we are monsters because we allow that thousands of threes are cut every year, but they don't say anything when in the United States are killed three thousand of babies every day. Abortion doctors say that if you baby is not healthy kill him, your next baby could be healthy. You are not healthy doctor, you are crazy and you should go to a madhouse, because nazis killed babies too because they said that their race were not the best.

Brothers in arms!

    Yesterday at Planned Parenthood I was able to speak briefly with 5 women...They all still went in and it as quite discouraging. These men here showed up and we began speaking about God and abortion. We exchanged numbers and said they would like  to help. The one man. The bigger fellow was very outspoken. He actually began to call the abortionists babykillers and such. I told him even if it is true we must be very careful how we speak. These girls who are pregnant are already scared enough they want to feel like your on their side. Not Just there because you hate the clinic you must genuinely care about them. This is the only way they will listen to you. Not with shaming them or calling them names.
          He told me of how he had a daughter and he cannot imagine such an atrocity happening to her. The other man spoke of how he would make sure the place was destroyed if he had the money. I told him it wouldn't be that easy. Especially with the history behind the business. So I also shared with them the truths behind Margaret Sanger. How she spoke at KKK rallies and hated blacks and hispanics. They were not surprised in fact they had more stories of their own about rascism to share with me. In any case. I pray that they would join us. Please continue to pray for us and them and against Planned Parenthood and the devil's schemes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why EMC?

         When I was in Spain I thought that I was a good person. I went to Mass every Sunday, I helped doing house work and I studied, but I felt that I lived in a place where everything was too easy. I talked with my mother and she told me that if I was not happy with my shelf I should go out of Spain and do something that could help people. My sister had been in New York two years ago and she told me that helping women who want to have an abortion was the greatest thing that she had done in her life.

         I came to New York a month ago. Now I can say that I agree with my sister. Sometimes I feel frustrated because of my horrible English, and think that I could do more. Even with this problem, a few clients have changed their decision after talking with them. That makes me feel better than a general who has won a battle. It feels wonderful when I work for this great family called EMC.   


Ok guys, I know I should tell you about my experience here, but this week something happened related to what brought me here and I feel that I should share it.
I went to the same Catholic School for fifteen years, the group of friends I have now was formed within the last two months of our senior year. My friends are one of the most important things in my life, we are thirteen girls who love and help each other, all of us are very good friends. One of these lovely girls is Patricia.
On the first year of college Patricia told us that she was pregnant, her boyfriend was (sorry for saying this) an idiot. When she told me about it I felt… I don’t know, I think it was mostly pity for her; she was nineteen and dropped her studies in order to start to work and be able to raise her child. On November, 3, Gary was born. Then, she told us that her relationship with her boyfriend was over. Nevertheless, six months later she called me and told me that she was pregnant again. I told her that everything was fine, that I was always going to be there for her, but when I hung the phone I cried, I couldn’t believe it! On January, 6, Elisabeth was born.
These babies have been a huge part of my life since they were born, I have changed diapers, played, fetch them from nursery school, gone to the park, bathed them, etc. I love them so much!
This Monday Patricia called me and broke the news that she is expecting her third baby, the father is a different one, her two children are excited and painting things to welcome him.

Can you imagine how I felt? She is a waitress in a restaurant, she is 23, has no studies apart of high school, she earns very little and doesn´t receive any help. But even with all this, THANK YOU GOD, BECAUSE SHE NEVER THOUGHT OF ABORTION! My friend Patricia is a brave woman who has given up her dreams for her children’s shake.

Who says boyfriends weren't supportive?


So today I had a wonderful day, a beautiful 18 year old girl came, she wasn't sure wether she was going to parent or not so while she was in the bathroom taking the pregnancy test I started talking to her boyfriend. They have been together for just two months but I asked him if he loves her and he said: "yes, I have been after her for a long time and now I am not going to screw it up by having her abort our baby, we are going to be parents!".

So when she came with the positive test in the hand I asked both of them to watched the video of the abortion procedure and the risks and consequences that it entails and I must say that while we were talking was the boyfriend the one that said the majority of things that helped her changed her mind.

I was surprised because I wasn't expecting such a good reaction so I told them "you are being very brave and you are making the best decision". They left the office very proud of themselves and saying "we know". So I expect them to come back in about three weeks for a sonogram. I'll keep you posted! 

Prayer are being answered!!!!

     Yesterday as a man was pulling up to Planned Parenthood his car hit a metal rod on the curb. This punctured his tire and caused it to go flat. So he went to the volunteer who stands outside of the abortion mill and opens the door. He asked him "do you know where a hardware store is?" The volunteer simply replied no. I quickly pulled out my phone and told him there is one right down the street. I started to realize he intended to park there. The man comes back saying "do you know how hard it is to be black in this neighborhood?" he told me that they would not let him returnt he tool he just bought and it was the wrong size. He went in Planned Parenthood. Then back to the store. So when he got back from the store I asked him, "Are you here for Planned Parenthood?" To which he replied "yeah, I'm here with my girl. she's young and I already have two kids, she's setting up an appointment for tomorrow." I said to him "You know, I was just thinking that you said it's hard to be black and I'm sure in some places it is. I said "Do you know who Margaret Sanger is?" (As the whole block area is named Margaret Sanger Square). He had no idea. After we finished talking. He went inside, then came back outside they sat in the car for almost an hour and a half talking.
     He came back out of my car and started saying "I am so sorry man. I had no idea I am so thankful for you being here. Me and my girl were just talking for a while and we decided were keeping our child.Can me and you please stay in touch and be friends?" I said absolutely. We exchanged numbers. His name is Rah. Keep him and his girlfriend in your prayers. There was also a couple other women i was able to speak with. One was standing outside crying with her boyfriend. I told her God loves you and counseling is available if you just had an abortion. Her boyfriend asked what I said. I told him. He said "no we haven't done it yet. We also don't really want too. I told him about EMC Free Abortion Alternatives and how we offer all kinds of help. They got on the train and went straight there!!! They alo have exchanged contact information with me. They were in a bit of a hurry to leave though as it was very cold.
      So yet another girl was standing outside older. I asked her also if she was there with someone. She told me of how her daughter was coming but she was an hour late. She also told me of how she didn't want her daughter to abort.Yet her daughter wanted to abort and nothing she said changed her mind. Her daughter is 13. The mom took her daughter in when she showed up. She agreed to come out and talk to me some more.
So her daughter did end up having the abortion sadly she began telling me of two neices she has who are also pregnant and planning on aborting I told her where we are what we do. I gave her my number as well. She said she hopes and prays her neices will be willing to go!! I hope these two babies can also be saved keep them in you'r prayers! Perhaps the man who's tire was flattened was answer to prayer. I even told him it could be a sign from God you need to keep this child. He told me of how hard it was to get there to Planned Parenthood. Again please please pray!!!!!

Flat tire

This week our work was to try to get as many women from Planned Parenthood to our offices. Josh and me stand in front of the clinic and where handing out our papers and talking them the services we offer in Brooklyn, Queens and in the Bronx. Yesterday we had a great time.

A car arrives at Planned Parenthood. A guy and a woman walk into the clinic. When the guy wants to move the car hit to curve. Flat tire. He was the whole morning upset, moving from one place to another. He had nothing to change the wheel with. He moved from one Hardware shop to another, had no enough money in his pockets. We tried to help him, and he asked Josh what we where doing in  front of the clinic. He was like "you know, I think God doesn´t want me to be here. That's why all this happened to me."

When his girlfriend came out, they where talking into the car for about an hour. When she gets out, our friend came to us and said, "You know guys, we´re going to keep it!" This was the biggest gift we can have. The whole time standing out there in the cold weather was worth it.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

God is stronger

Another baby saved!!! She said that originally she was not sure she wanted to keep the baby of a boy she didnt know she would be compatible with or not. However she says she really wants to marry him. I encouraged her to bring the boy with her and come back
.            After showing her the video we often show and then telling her the risks she said "okay there is no way I can do that. So where can I go for prenatal care?" I'm hoping to see her again with the boyfriend because according to her. He thinks it's only a piece of paper. So I would like to speak with him about this. Also we took a huge hit with the supreme court. More laws trying to protect the murdering of innocent children.. So please pray against these spiritual battles.
             As we wrestle not merely with flesh and blood but against the evil ruler and his minions. Pray against his plots. Lord guide the words that come out of our mouths. Guide the footsteps of these girls to you and to our doors so we can help them. Melt their hearts of stone.

A brave woman

        This week I was alone in Queens. I felt nervous because I had never been alone in the office from EMC. This week I was talking with few girls, but thanks to the last of them, who came to the office the last Tuesday this week has been one of the bests. She was from Long Island and she was eighteen years old. She didn’t know if she was pregnant, so she came for doing a pregnancy test. When she did the test and she could see that she was pregnant she couldn’t believe it. We were talking about this great news, she knew that her life would change with a baby but it didn’t mind her, she was so happy that she called to all of her friends and her family to tell it them.

        She didn’t know that I was happier than her. It is very hard seeing every day a lot of women who think that abortion is so common like going to the hairdresser. So I sometimes need meeting one of these girls, they give me hope and I grew strong again. Do you know what is the greatest thing? Knowing that a baby will be born.  


This has been the best week since I’ve been here. On Monday I had a “turn around”, on Tuesday I had two “turn arounds”, but the girl who impressed me the most was the one on Wednesday.
She came in wanting an abortion, thinking that she was going to have it that same day. When I sat with her, I told her that we had to complete a form, do a pregnancy test and then a sonogram. She didn’t want a sonogram, didn’t want to see what was inside of her. I explained its importance and took advantage of that to talk about fetal development with her. She was amazed! We spoke about everything, her family, her situation, her fears, abortion, side effects, her daughter and her baby, the baby she wanted to kill. 
“You are not alone, you are a great mother. Be a greater one!” That was my sentence.
After an hour and a half of conversation, she went into the sonogram room. When she came out, a nurse told me that she was 11 weeks and 4 days, so I picked the choice book we have in the office, looked for the picture and information of an eleven weeks old fetus and showed it to her. Then, while she was holding and looking at a picture of her baby, I asked: “What do you want to do with your pregnancy?”-Silence-“Do you want an abortion?”-Silence-“Are you undecided?”-Silence-“Do you want to keep it?”-Silence-. She kept her head down looking to her baby in the picture, then looked at me and said “I think I’m going to keep it!”

This has been the week in which I’ve felt more comfortable. That has resulted in 4 babies saved!

Confidentiality and confidence


Yesterday I was at the Brooklyn office and a 15 year old girl walked in. I sat with her in one of our rooms and start listening to her story.  What I like the most about this internship is the chance I get of speaking with a wide range of different people: teenagers, young adults, even women in their late forties (I once had a 50 year old one, but that's another story) and their boyfriends, parents or friends. 

But obviously, these stories have a condition: I can't just go and start telling everybody that Miss So and So is pregnant and looking for housing; so the first thing I told them is that what they are telling me is confidential and I would never share their personal information such as name address or phone with anybody. Sometimes they allow me to write down their initials for the posts in this blog, so that's what I'm doing now. 

This girls was S, and although her test was negative she was really thankful for all the information that I told her about the different procedures of abortion, depending on how far the woman is, we were also discussing the risks and consequences for quite a long time. Then she asked me a couple of questions about birth control and was really surprised when she found out that the pill has plenty of side effects and that condoms don't protect you from all the STD's. 

To sum up, what I love about this work that I'm doing here in New York is that I have the chance of reaching plenty of people and inform them of things that would help them to make an aware decision; and that they are calm and can speak up because they know that I would listen and understand. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Into the... Bronx!

I just passed my first week in the Bronx office. "Free Abortion Alternatives" and "Biomo Beauty Tattoo" is what women see when they pass in front our door. "Oh", they might think. "I get an abortion and a Tattoo for free?". We work hard to make them return back home with another question "They rescued my child's life for free?". Yes we do. Every day. Here, at the Bronx office.

Next week we are going to have a brand-new Sonogram and one of the nice nurses that are training this week in Brooklyn. So let's see!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This week I have already been a couple of days in Brooklyn, this is, because there are three nurses being trained, and there is an extra hand needed.
Yesterday I had a woman who was called Miss T, she is 41 years old, has three children and two grand children.  The only reason why she wants an abortion is because she feels that she is too old to be a mom at 41. I told her that she isn’t that old, that her boyfriend would help (he wants to keep it), that the baby is also his, that he has a say in this decision. Her baby will be able to play with his or her niece and nephew and they will take care of their baby aunt or uncle.

Saved from an abortion!!!

 So two days ago a girl came in wanting an abortion. Of course this is not unusual where we work. However she had a baby that she originally planned on aborting. He is now two years old. I had the great pleasure of holding him. He just came up to me and reached his hands out to me. I held him and he fell asleep. However this new baby..please pray for her new baby. She plans on aborting this one. her last baby boy was actually born def. She is taking him to have implants put in his ears, a surgery so he can hear. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR HER AND THE NEW BABY I BEG YOU!!!  This little boy.. had grown on me so much while I held him. Also a new girl came in today. Another abortion bound mother. Her intention is still to kill. Her actual boyfriend is in jail and she admitted that the reason she has been sleeping around is because she wanted to fill the void in her heart that had been missing him. She already had a child behind his back and when he found out he was devastated. She said she could not do this to him again. She even after our conversation which lasted for about two hours still decided she wanted to abort i set her up for a sonogram appointment she is 14 weeks and I'm praying when she hears that heartbeat.. That she would decide to keep. Also pray for her the baby and even her boyfriend who is in jail.

Magic at the sonogram room


Yesterday I was at our office in Brooklyn when I asked this woman to come in. We started the conversation; usual way: she is pregnant, she already had two abortions and no kids of her own. She feels its not "the ideal moment" because she is currently working a lot and living with her grandfather, taking care of him and his needs.

I told her about the different resources that we offer here: the housing, the supplies, baby clothes or the prenatal care; but she didn't care. Her wasn't a financial problem so this resources didn't matter. 

I thought that I couldn't tell her anything to make her realize what abortion actually entails because she had two, but I started overgoing through the different risks that each new abortions means; how it increases in almost a 140% the possibility of developing breast cancer or the potential inability of having children in the future; now she is 26 and feels that is not the moment but, would "the moment" arrive at some point in the future? Maybe no or maybe yes but it would be too late and her uterus too damaged to conceive. 

She was still wanting the abortion so we entered in the sonogram room and there, something magical happens. When she saw her baby moving, when she heard his heart beating, when she could saw that what she has inside was a real baby, with baby shape, and that the baby was healthy she couldn't do anything but smile and said "that's my baby! look what I have created! He is moving!" so she asked Sandra to print a picture of the baby and she asked me when she can start prenatal with out doctor, isn't it amazing? 

Now take a lot at that sonogram, and then dare you to tell me that miracles don't exist. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Living a lie

             Today I have been with a girl in the office of Queens, she wanted to have an abortion. Like a lot of women she told me that she couldn't keep her baby because she was studing, she wasn't ready to be mother. I showed her the video about abortions methods, shuddently she told me "Please, stop it!", she felt sick and two nurses came to help her. That girl never have had an abortion before, and she didn't know anything about abortion.

              Not only women are beguiled about this but also abortion doctors are not interested in letting people know all risks that an abortions has. I can't allow that women make up their mind without having to understand the details of abortions. I'll be in front of abortion clinics, in the office or wherever I could help women, beacause they deserve to know the truth.


  I live in a World where killing millions of babies is legal, I live in a World where a dolphin is more important than a human baby. They always told me "they are not persons", how funny! That was said by Nazis when they killed jews. I am afraid because that is the problem, they can't understand that they are persons. Could you imagine what would happen if I did an abortion to a dolphin? I will go to the jail, but a doctor who does thousands of abortions is inocent.

           So there is only a way that the Law can't prohibit us, praying. Everybody who thinks that abortion is a murder should pray about this. We think that we are living in a free World, but liberty costs too much. In this World there are being killed millions of unburned people. Yes, we are not different to Nazis.    

In front of the clinic

This weekend we stood in front of an abortion clinic. We were handling out papers to woman who went out of the clinic. Why? Because if we gave it to them before entering, the security guard destroys our papers. There is also a line we are supposed to do not cross, so we patiently have to wait a few meters away of the door. The most terrifying thing of this clinic is that they attend little children to visit the doctor... In the same clinic!!! It is really incredible how people can have two faces.

There was also a nice group of nice people praying in front of the clinic.  They used to stay there one time a week. It gives us forces to continue our work!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chicharito has a new fan!

Last day I had my first turn around! I feel very proud of it! A spanish speaking woman, A.R. borned in Mexico called to the brooklyn office. I caught her call and tell her to come to the office to have an appointment. She thought that she was like one and half week pregnant, but after the sonogram we saw she was FIVE WEEKS PREGNANT! After seeing the video about the abortion procedures and her son through the sonogram, she said she didn´t want to get her child murdered in such way. She simply had no idea what abortion was. Now she is happy about her decision, she had three other children and is married, and was going to tell their sons that they where having a new little bro/sis.

A.R. told me that her sons love soccer, and they where big fans of Chicharito, the mexican soccerplayer of Real Madrid. Next June, a new little Chicharito fan is going to be born!

My first week at EMC

A week has passed since I arrived for the first time in my life to New York City. Coming to New York is like déjà vu, you already know the places because of the movies. The city is incredible and the people over here are very awesome, but our aim here in the city was... to get bring more awesome people to life.

My name is Fernando Fanjul, I've been studying law for the last four years, and doing actually a course focused on Movies and Films. I'm an enthusiastic of movies and theatre and I love to act. What makes me really happy is to help other people. EMC offers me, not only helping other people, it helps to bring people to life. I'm going to stay in NY for three Months.

During my first week at EMC, Chris and Kathie helped me to do my job as good as possible. I've been in the Brooklyn office reading, watching videos related to abortion procedures, handing papers out in front of abortion clinics and assisting to my first appointments. The first time I did one on my one was last Tuesday, with the presence of Nicole the nurse, and after that, with Sarah.

My first impression is that the woman who came to EMC are begging for help, even if they don't know it. Abortion is the last way they would go throw, but they really don't know the alternatives. Therefore we are here, to help them and to explain that there are alternatives, real alternatives, free abortion alternatives.

Turning Point!

            Today at the abortion mill it was quite cold. Very few girls went in for the period of time in which I was there. Two in the back one in the front many pro lifers showed up today. At first it was only one. Her name was mary and she was praying very fervently I appreciate her prayers. It encouraged me. Today lifted my spirits back up!Many more showed up Standing very near the holocaust chamber entrance praying and fighting in the spirit in fact a girl had started walking up the block. Saw us and turned right back around and went back where she came from perhaps she chose life!! I pray She did. I hope so. I hope this place closes in the name of Jesus. Abortion will end or I will die fighting against it my entire life!! In fact seeing so many people praying infront of the doors today I started weeping.                                                                                   While i was in Queens when I first got here, I was looking through the spanish dictionary I found a word. A spanish word. It is Guerrero. This means warrior. I could never forget this word as I am in the frontline of a spiritual battle. A battle for the right to life!! While I was nowhere near this woman who chose to turn the other way. Pray she does not come back!! I believe it was the prayers that turned her away. Perhaps she is catholic and she completely changed her mind when she saw us! Please continue supporting us in the great endeavour of battling for life!!  Thank you Jesus


Just to let you all know: MY FIRST WEEK IN THE NEW OFFICE IN QUEENS IS OVER!!! Sadly we haven’t had a lot of clients this week, but the ones we’ve had, have been great!!
Early on the week a girl called Tiffany came in. She is 19 and her boyfriend is 18. I asked the boyfriend to wait outside, where I have strategically settle some information down, while I talked to her. She told me that they both work, though they don’t earn too much. He is in High school, she would love to go to college. When I asked what were they planning to do with the baby, she told me without hesitating that they wanted to keep it! After talking I gave her a pregnancy test and then, while we waited, I started to speak to both of them. He had been reading one of our books in the waiting room and had been watching pictures about abortions and of babies that have been aborted, he was horrified, he was repeating over and over: “Babe, we are never going to that ok?? It’s HORRIBLE!!!”

When the pregnancy test came out and showed them that they actually ARE expecting a baby, they were so happy that felt like celebrating, so I accompany them outside, we bought a bun and a juice and have breakfast together.

The fruits of our labor


The other day, I was at the Bronx office when this girl arrived. She was young, just turned 19 and she had a shy attitude but I invited her in and she smiled me back.

From that moment on I knew that we were gonna understand it each other. We start talking about her: her story, her situation, her family, her past. She told me that a couple of years ago she was pregnant and her family made her an appointment for an abortion and force her to do it. She has been regretting it every single day. She confessed me that she is glad and surprised about the warming atmosphere that our office has, despite of our youth or the difficulties that some of the spanish interns has with the language we try to make everybody comfortable and confident. They must feel that they are at some place of peace, where they can be themselves and that there is no need for them to be afraid or ashamed of what they have done or they were planning to do.

And that is what Iove the most about this job. That there is no judgement, we accept them as they are (and I must say that they accept us to, because hey, who says that been a spaniard in New York City was going to be easy?) so I told her not to worry and she took another pregnancy test and we confirm that she is pregnant. Ok, let's take a deep breath, "this is magnificent"-I told her" You have been given a new chance, and this time you are not going to let your family decide for you. You are making the decisions, this is your baby, growing inside of you, and no one has the right to force you into anything.

Those words gave her strength, or maybe she was a really brave girl, gee she must be a warrior. She began to tell me about her plans for that baby, about her finishing school this year and getting a job. About her taking her of this baby, her baby. And she was excited. I asked her if her family was going to support her this time and she said that probably not, that her mom was sometimes threating her saying she would kick her out if she got pregnant again. I told her about maternity houses and the Sisters of Life. Groups or asociations that are focused on giving shelter to pregnant women until they give birth and 6 months later, places where they help them find a job; and she was happy and she take note of everything.

Then she leaves with an appointment for an ultrasound in our Brooklyn office next week and she told me to stay in touch.

I hope this story encourages more people to come and help because these are fruits of our labor, this is our reward and these are the babies and the women we are helping. This is real. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anonymous Heroes

          Sometimes, when the day is over and I am at home, I think that I am fighting a lost battle. Fighting against abortion in a country where it is a free and legal choice is like a battle between a fox and an elephant. When I can't convince a girl to keep her baby I feel frustrated, but when I do, I could open a bottle of champagne. I have to say that winning a battle here is more difficult that anything you could imagine. But when I think that everything is against me, "they" give me hope.

          They are people that help us with their prayers or their silent support, I call them anonymous heroes, few days ago I met one of them. I was praying near an abortion clinic when a car stopped in front of me, a man told me that I was doing a great work and he was proud of people like me. His name is Enrique, he is from Colombia and he has got a beautiful wife and a lovely son. He told me that he prays every Saturday in front of that clinic for all of those mothers that they can't understand that a baby is the greatest gift that a woman could receive.

             When I meet one of these people I feel that I am not alone in this fight. Thank you very much to all of you.


Last week it was our last in the office we had in Elmhurst. Each day we had a chair less, a table less, or a cupboard emptied. On Thursday, a couple hours before closing for good, a woman came; she was accompanied by a friend. Her friend (whose name was the same as the district we were in) came up the stairs and rang the bell: “Do you help pregnant people here?”,  I looked at her and then down the stairs and saw a very and merry pregnant lady (Miss S) who couldn’t even come up. I answered “yes” and went down the stairs to talk to her.  Miss S is eight months and a half pregnant.  On her second month she was diagnosed with a risky pregnancy which has held her in bed ever since (skipping doctor’s advice to come to see us). She hasn’t been able to work, there for; she hasn’t got any money to welcome her baby girl!

On Monday, we started in the new office in Jamaica Ave. It took us very little to settle in, though we are going to need, at least, a couple more weeks to adjust completely. Sadly, our first day, no one came in. Nevertheless, I took advantage of it and phoned Sisters of life. I told them about this woman, asked for the resources she needs and gave them her address. 

In this job teamwork is very necessary, because we cannot reach to cover everyone’s needs. It would be impossible, so there is one association for every step in the way. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back to the frontline

Hey there, this is Teresa posting again here at the EMC blog. I just graduated this past May from the

University of Navarra School of Law and I have been thinking a lot about what I like to do now and 

actually, I don't know. 

So I've decided to come back to NYC, the city that never sleeps, the land of opportunities, the place

where dreams como true to find out what I want to do. And is there a better way for doing so than 

helping others? Helping all those young women that come to the EMC offices everyday looking exactly 

for the same thing: an answer. An answer called love. 

Wish me luck in my third adventure with this wonderful organization called Expectant Mother Care, I 

hope to bring them peace or at least, just a smile :) 

Here is a picture of me with my really good friend Fernando. He has come to help too. We will keep 

you posted!

Lies of Abortion industry The pit of death!

            Yesterday in Brooklyn, in the ASA college vacinity on 81 Willoughby st there were a few women who Appeared to be having an abortion eventually a man came out and said "we do not do abortions here anymore,we used to but no longer do i have worked in this building for 20 years and i do not agree with abortions believe me we used to but no longer do." Here are a few of the girls I was able to hand out some of our flyers too. 
                So what I had done was told one of our workers at EMC, (a female) to go schedule an abortion. As i assume they had lied and she was successfully able to schedule an appointment. Mind you she is not even pregnant. But clearly business is just business. Money is money. Lies are lies and that is all this business is. Lies of evil and plotting for money and death.  I have some of the cards with The dcotors names on them in order to set up an appointment. I will post the pictures of the cards when I can. Many girls, most girls would not even so much as look at us. A few were willing to speak with us. I knew the lies an deception behind The Abortion industry. I've experienced many of they're tricks in the past. Including an abortionist who tried running me over with his car.
         A man was yelling at me at the Planned Parenthood on Bleecker street and said he wishes he could have me arrested for disrupting their business. I said nothing back. However I thought to myself I wish you were arrested for the many lives of children you are legally killing and calling it a business. This is very disturbing to me. Please pray for the closing of the abortion industry. Pray the devil's schemes would be thwarted.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


While I was in Brooklyn my first day in training, I heard one of the other counselors ask a mom: “What do you think your baby would tell you right now?”
This week, in the middle of all the moving out hurries, I had a few clients. One of them was M. She is a wonderful American girl, she didn’t know what to do. When I was speaking with her, I made her this question. She was in blank, but I could tell what she was thinking, so I turned it around and asked: “What would you say to you baby? How would you explain?” As she answered, all started to make sense in my mind, and in hers.
 “I am sorry baby, I know you are inside of me, I know that you exist, but I need you to understand. I am not ready to welcome you, I haven’t got the money, the time or the maturity that is needed. I didn’t plan you, you were a surprise. I am afraid of not being able to give you everything you need, afraid of not giving you all the love and security I should. I don’t know how to be a mom, I wouldn’t be a good one, of that I am SURE”.
“Don’t be afraid mom, I don’t know how to be a son, but don’t worry, we’ll help each other”.

After a bit more talk, M decided to keep the baby.

Another beautiful Turnaround!

Another beautiful turnaround!  This girl here in the picture gave me permission to take a photo with her. She has had a rough few weeks. She found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and he does'nt know that she knows he was. She found out when going through the messages in her boyfriend's phone with another girl. We talked a lot about him. How she deserves better. He has been cheating on her for at least two months now. Yet she has stuck around God bless her poor aching heart! She has made the decision to break up with him and keep her baby anyway!!! I told her she should speak with her mother since that's all whom she lives with!! we were speaking on the phone and she told me her mom would help support her in keeping her baby!!!
         I told her I was sorry about the boy. That t his baby is a blessing from God she is catholic and I told her how a baby can take the heartaches away and turn that heartache into joy and love. She cried and hugged me and thanked me when she left. Again I am so thankful to the Good Lord Jesus Christ for he has shown me love when i used to lash out in anger and following him as been the best decision of my life. In fact I spoke with her about God as well. She stated that abortion is horrendous to her however she felt it was the only way out. I shared a few bible verses with her and told her she could call me if she ever feels like she can't take anymore. I am so thankful for what God is doing here. I am thankful for his holy spirit without it I would be completely lost in how to handle these situations. Please pray for her!!

two Turnarounds at PP!!

Earlier this week we had several conversations with many women and two of them had agreed to go to brooklyn for a sonogram!!! They are both keeping as of now. This was such great news, it is so good to be used by God in such a way as saving lives. Many are called and few are answered and simply by answering the call to come to NYC for this internship history is being changed!!! One man thanked me dearly as his fiance was in there. He is a Christian and he said he was deeply convicted by my presence there he called his fiance and had her come out to speak with me. She wouldnt speak with me. she was very shy so he spoke he said how they were Christians. So I have been speaking with them on a very regular basis. He was saying it was no coincidence our paths crossed. He constantly thanks me. They are going to be going to prenatal care through EMC!!!
        Praise The Lord for his mercies which are new every day even for those who originally intended on killing they're child. Bad is used for good for those who love him! In this case the intent of planning on killing they're child caused them to meet me and get free help!! Oh how good God is. That is all I can say. It isn't me who's doing this it is him and I will acknowledge him for it. All that has been done has been through constant prayer and I firmly believe that. Very firmly so I ask you to constantly and continously pray for those who work for EMC for wisdom patience a love that is ever growing boldness and integrity. I ask the same for the workers at Planned parenthood.
          I pray they would have wisdom as well and the boldness to quit what they are doing. I believe they already know. In fact I know they know what they are doing. I cannot point my finger at them though. Judgement starts with the house of God and if we are not doing are job how can we blame pagans and merely use them as a scapegoat for our own lack of ambition and self righteousness?! We must first be blameless and Holy in his sight. We must walk in love and truth. My goal here is not to serve EMC, but to serve Jesus. My Lord, My Saviour. He sustains me. He is also the only way out these worker have the only way out these mothers and babies have. Pray fervently for each of them I beg you all dearly. Be generous in your living. Be faithful. Do not give up on these children ,mothers, or abortionists,(they need Jesus too!) please support us. Please stand with us. As we are giving so much. The cause is worth it!!!