Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saved from an abortion!!!

 So two days ago a girl came in wanting an abortion. Of course this is not unusual where we work. However she had a baby that she originally planned on aborting. He is now two years old. I had the great pleasure of holding him. He just came up to me and reached his hands out to me. I held him and he fell asleep. However this new baby..please pray for her new baby. She plans on aborting this one. her last baby boy was actually born def. She is taking him to have implants put in his ears, a surgery so he can hear. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR HER AND THE NEW BABY I BEG YOU!!!  This little boy.. had grown on me so much while I held him. Also a new girl came in today. Another abortion bound mother. Her intention is still to kill. Her actual boyfriend is in jail and she admitted that the reason she has been sleeping around is because she wanted to fill the void in her heart that had been missing him. She already had a child behind his back and when he found out he was devastated. She said she could not do this to him again. She even after our conversation which lasted for about two hours still decided she wanted to abort i set her up for a sonogram appointment she is 14 weeks and I'm praying when she hears that heartbeat.. That she would decide to keep. Also pray for her the baby and even her boyfriend who is in jail.

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