Saturday, November 8, 2014

Turning Point!

            Today at the abortion mill it was quite cold. Very few girls went in for the period of time in which I was there. Two in the back one in the front many pro lifers showed up today. At first it was only one. Her name was mary and she was praying very fervently I appreciate her prayers. It encouraged me. Today lifted my spirits back up!Many more showed up Standing very near the holocaust chamber entrance praying and fighting in the spirit in fact a girl had started walking up the block. Saw us and turned right back around and went back where she came from perhaps she chose life!! I pray She did. I hope so. I hope this place closes in the name of Jesus. Abortion will end or I will die fighting against it my entire life!! In fact seeing so many people praying infront of the doors today I started weeping.                                                                                   While i was in Queens when I first got here, I was looking through the spanish dictionary I found a word. A spanish word. It is Guerrero. This means warrior. I could never forget this word as I am in the frontline of a spiritual battle. A battle for the right to life!! While I was nowhere near this woman who chose to turn the other way. Pray she does not come back!! I believe it was the prayers that turned her away. Perhaps she is catholic and she completely changed her mind when she saw us! Please continue supporting us in the great endeavour of battling for life!!  Thank you Jesus

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