Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sometimes a "d" and a "p" make a difference

I was talking with this girl at the Brooklyn office, she already told me that even if she wasn't sure about parenting the baby, abortion was no longer an option. So despite of the fact that I was afraid of bringing up the issue, I told her if she has considered adoption. She said "abortion? I just told you not" and I said "no, no: adoption, with a d and a p". She was quiet for a minute and then she said "you know what? I was thinking that maybe my exboyfriend's family would consider the option of taking care of him".

And so know here she is, discussing such an importan issue with the family of  his exboyfriend, even if she doesn't get along with him anymore, she is strong enough to realize that his family could take good care of this baby and she would not have to go through the tragedy of the abortion procedure.

One day I will tell you the story of one of my best friends, she is adopted and she is the best thing I ever had. So see you soon!

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