Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Magic at the sonogram room


Yesterday I was at our office in Brooklyn when I asked this woman to come in. We started the conversation; usual way: she is pregnant, she already had two abortions and no kids of her own. She feels its not "the ideal moment" because she is currently working a lot and living with her grandfather, taking care of him and his needs.

I told her about the different resources that we offer here: the housing, the supplies, baby clothes or the prenatal care; but she didn't care. Her wasn't a financial problem so this resources didn't matter. 

I thought that I couldn't tell her anything to make her realize what abortion actually entails because she had two, but I started overgoing through the different risks that each new abortions means; how it increases in almost a 140% the possibility of developing breast cancer or the potential inability of having children in the future; now she is 26 and feels that is not the moment but, would "the moment" arrive at some point in the future? Maybe no or maybe yes but it would be too late and her uterus too damaged to conceive. 

She was still wanting the abortion so we entered in the sonogram room and there, something magical happens. When she saw her baby moving, when she heard his heart beating, when she could saw that what she has inside was a real baby, with baby shape, and that the baby was healthy she couldn't do anything but smile and said "that's my baby! look what I have created! He is moving!" so she asked Sandra to print a picture of the baby and she asked me when she can start prenatal with out doctor, isn't it amazing? 

Now take a lot at that sonogram, and then dare you to tell me that miracles don't exist. 

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