Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New Baby!

As a follow up to the previous story by Abby on the baby shower, I was blessed to be able to meet this newest miracle baby, Michaela! We had a little reunion at the Brooklyn Clinic when she came with friends to introduce Linda to this little life that was saved as a result of the work of her center. We aren't under illusions that all problems end there though, so as new needs arise we try to assist where we are able so that the beautiful mother and child are able to live healthy, happy lives together from here on out.

I'm Going In

Ever since the start if the Expectant Mother Care internship, I have been inspired by countless people. However, I also felt, at times, everyone was against the Pro-Life Movement. However, after attending several conferences, counseling clients and participating in the Movement, I have realized the support is out there. Be it from benefactors, center directors, or clients who have been turned from abortion, I have been given a new armor which, I feel as though, has made me invincible to insult.

I mention this due to the fact I have worked outside of a Doctor Emily's Clinic and initially felt self-conscience of the work I was doing. But after listening to other interns' stories of turnarounds, and witnessing the power of God that opinion has, in effect turned around. I have no shame in saying I work in a pro-life crisis pregnancy center, and am proud to stand outside of an abortion clinic to counsel both the abortion minded and post abortive girls.

The emotional and spiritual support from, not only other interns, but "every day" individuals is immensely uplifting. To some people, the prayers said for Pro-Life workers may seem to be ineffective, but in this ministry the work of God is present everyday. I am extremely proud of the work EMC has and will accomplish. And it leaves little to say, without the support and charity of our supporters, it would prove difficult to continue our work in the abortion capital of the United States.


Last Saturday I went to the office we have at Queens. I saw something special that I want to share.

It was 11:15 am when a woman arrived and rang the bell, she had an appointment to have a sonogram. She was nervous and happy at the same time. The sonogram would let her know the sex of the baby she was due to deliver in December. She had no preference for boy or girl, she said that both would be welcome.

With this woman also arrives another girls, who also have appointments at the Queens Office, however, this woman was doubting about whether to have her baby.

The first woman was full of joy, it ends up that she was expecting a boy, when she saw him on the screen she started crying because of the emotion she felt. She began to laugh, to call some of her friends and also her family. She was really happy, She couldn't stop watching her baby on the screen. Her happiness spread all around the office.

The second woman, who I described lines above, saw and heard what happened, all about the sex of the baby and how happy her mother was. She went to the Queens office thinking that abortion was another option but, when we began to talk to her, she explained to us that her feelings were confusing her. The cheerfulness of the first patient gave her the strength she needed to realize that what she was carrying was a human been, a baby that would bring her the same happiness, not just for one moment but of the rest of her life

Battlefield inside us

The other day was my first day at "work". I think I'd rather call it my first day helping because work has a for-profit connotation, and I am not in this for the money but for the baby's life. I basically listened to my friends while they were counseling and it was really amazing. One of the girls was a turn around, she was really touched by the videos we showed her.

Most of them come to us because they do not really know what abortion is, they just think it is a "process" that eliminates the baby, they are not thinking about actual murder but about stopping the pregnancy for a while, because in that moment they are not ready to be mothers but maybe in a couple of years they will get pregnant again and that same baby would start growing up inside them. Obviously these naive thoughts change when they see what a real abortion is: how horribly unnatural and dangerous that "process" could be.

After the consultation not all of them refuse abortion but at least they are aware of what they are about to do. The final decision is up to them, and only God can help those women to choose life, we are just tools in His hands.

learn from the past

This week I have met a girl, she is 37 years old. She came to the center to have her sixth abortion. The other abortions were by surgery and one by pill. She didn’t want to listen to anything about it, or watch the videos.

It took so many tries for us to get her to pay attention to us, and then she said that she was going to think about it and in a few days she would come back and make her choice.

The reason that she wanted to abort was that she couldn’t find a good man for her, a man she could have a good family with. But I don’t really think that it justifies the abortion at all.

I hope she will decide to have her baby.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It is love

Today I met a girl who just refused abortion. She was 3 months pregnant. After knowing how harmful abortion was, she didn't think twice about it; she was keeping the baby.
She was scared of having a disabled son but a possible disease is not enough reason to kill him and put yourself in danger. You could see it in her eyes, a mother's love is so big that it overcomes every doubt. Even if he had downs syndrome, if he was blind or deaf, he will be her son. Life is an adventure and she's now ready for that. Let's make a toast! Hooray!

Jacksonville Conference

I have spent a week having many new experiences and I was lucky enough to attend the National Right to Life conference in Jacksonville, Florida. In there I learned many things I didn´t know about abortion, women, the unborn, maternity, and more…

The conference lasted three days. First there was a general session with some important American speakers like Abby Johnson, who was formerly a Planned Parenthood employee. Carol Tobias and Burke Balch were others. Then there were many workshops which I enjoyed very much and in which I learned many things. Some of them were for example: "Medical abortion: An Update and Review of the psychological Dangers to Women” and “A Love for Life: Christianity´s Consistent Protection of the Unborn.

I recommend everybody see the movie “Doonby: A life Worth Living a Story Worth Telling"; a movie full of intrigue.

Hi I'm Luis!

I´m Luis, I am from Spain and I´m the youngest of 6 brothers and sisters. All my siblings have already married and I have fourteen nephew and nieces. With this big family I´m very sure that being surrounded by people is a great thing. that’s why I am a pro-life boy. Now I am an active pro-life boy because I started working with EMC, helping pregnant women to save the lives of their children and themselves. I have many desires and ideas in mind, which I will express in following blog posts..

I haven´t tell you anything about my studies yet. I study law at the university of Navarra, even thougth I´m from Mallorca, I heard about this internship from two friends of mine that came last year and I recommend everybody to become an active prolife intern. It will be for your own good.

This is a photo of me with my new nephew Tomás.

Lots of Bottles; Lots of Babies

For the past week , I had the unique experience of interacting with thirty two parishes who participated in EMC's yearly fundraiser. While I was responsible of scheduling the pickup of the donations, I had the opportunity to work with two of EMC's Spanish interns, Maria and Teresa.

Despite the conflicting schedules, the counting of money and horrific traffic, I consider myself blessed have gotten to know foreign interns, various parish center directors, and to have had a part in the critical fundraising activities of Expectant Mother Care. I witnessed the interaction between generous communities and our crisis pregnancy center. The charity and generous nature of the Catholic community within the area is irreplaceable, immense and inspiring.

It is truly the work and charity of everyday individuals who spiritually and financially arm centers, such as EMC, with the armor necessary to fight the evil of abortion and dehumanization of the American culture. The result of receiving so many bottles will inevitably be the saving of innocent lives.

On behalf of all of the interns, and all the amazing individuals within the Pro-Life Movement, I say thank you for your support, for it truly allows those on the frontline to continue the effort to save babies and fight the culture of death.


Hello! I am Marta and I am studying Fine Arts in Madrid, though my hometown is Pamplona, Navarre. As I grew up I learned that everyone is special, every life is important and different, no matter their disabilities or problems, we have to love them.
But it looks as if the world has forgotten that. Abortion is a growing issue in Spain. In fact, last month they announced the opening of a new abortion clinic in Pamplona.
Thankfully, more people are realizing that abortion not only kills babies, but endangers women too. But being pro-life is not only an adjective, is an action. We have to stop this business and each of us counts.
By coming here I have the opportunity of helping the people who don't know about abortion, and promote the fight against it in Spain.

Another pair of Spanish hands

Hola gente! My name is Teresa and I'm from the most lovely city in Spain: Pamplona. It is located in the north of the country and it is the because it has such a peaceful atmosphere and a lot of nice people that I am the way I am. My Pro-life enthusiasm comes from my family: I'm an only child (which does not necessarily mean that I am one of those selfish and egocentric girls...) and it is because of my parents that I have learned the value of a life: it is priceless. My Catholic school and a bunch of good friends are the reason for my positive attitude towards life in general. Leaving aside my wishes of saving lives while I'm meeting new people and I'm living in the city that never sleeps, I have no specific reason for being here. But suddenly I found myself booking my flight and leaving home. I hope that the time I spend here helps me to develop my personality and to grow as a human being.

A WorldWide Movement

Growing up in a society where abortion was accepted, I had always assumed there were many Americans who both supported and opposed the "Freedom of Choice" way of thinking. However, since the inception of my internship at EMC, I have realized the widespread opposition of abortion and the culture of death.

I previously assumed it was a uniquely American problem, however since meeting and working with various Spanish interns, and Hispanic employees, I realize the overall distaste of abortion.

I am astounded by the fact that so many Americans are anti-abortion, and the effort that those individuals make are impressive. However, I also am impressed with the movement in Europe, as well as, the eight Spanish interns that have come to New York City to intern with Expectant Mother Care. They will take their experiences back to Spain, and speak of the battle over abortion amongst themselves. These experiences will inspire and provide an outlet for hope for the Europeans who may think the battle for life is over.

This is not a uni-national movement, but rather it is worldwide. We have united to save the innocents who do not have a voice, and we have proven language is not a barrier to that sacred work.

every one can help

They feel that the only option available to them is to have an abortion, because no one tells them that there is help for them. Many women don’t feel like they have a choice at all. No one lets them know that they have somewhere else to turn.

But there is an option, there are so many ways to help these women, counselling them, giving support to them, and also if it is not possible to do all of this, other people give money to finance all this work and this is as important as the other ways.

So now I realize that all the help that everyone can give is important to make it possible. And that is what people did when they donated money with the baby bottles for the mother’s and father’s day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chains Are Breaking Every Day

How hard it is to look in a woman’s eyes and say her boyfriend is a sleezeball. Yet sometimes that is what I have to do. (Okay, so maybe not in those words but still…) She has been cheated on, lied to, and used. Now she is pregnant.
She knows she needs to lose the boyfriend, not only for the baby’s sake but also because she deserves better. Yet she keeps hoping he will change. It hurt to see her going through this pain. She is connected with him because of sex, and it is even harder to break away because he is her first. The chemicals in her brain are reeking havoc on her heart.
Every day I see the pain that comes from sex outside of marriage. Every day I see the shock and horror on a woman’s face as she looks at her test. Pregnancy is not designed to be a disappointment. Sex is not designed to be used outside of a holy lifelong God given relationship.
Each woman and girl that come to our offices have had sex. Most are without a ring on their fingers. But all, like this girl, have pain that we can help with. Whether they hear us, is up to them. So pray for them! The message we give is one of love and truth and many truly listen.


This week I realized that we’re not the only people that we are involved in EMC. The last few days I went with John to collect the baby bottles with donations. We drove to different churches around NYC. They are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and also in North Bronx.

Thanks to all the people who generously donated to EMC. With your help we are able to provide our services to women in crisis pregnancies.

With a little contribution from each person we are able to help many more!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Learning About EMC

I’m Teresa, a Spanish girl. I’m 19 years old. I study bussines in CUNEF, Madrid. I’m the fourth of five children.

This is my first week in NYC, in the Bronx and among all these amazing people who saves lives every day. I’ve learnt a lot not only from those who work here but from the mothers that are facing the hard decsion of whether to carry on with the pregnancy, demonstrating that life is a present given by God.

I think that life is really important. In my family and also at school I’ve learned that.

I like staying in the Lifehouse because we fight for the same cause despite our different cultures, traditions and beliefs.

I hope I will be able to help women who need support.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First days

I'm Maria, a new member of EMC, I've been here just one week. I study law and bussines at the UCM of Madrid. I’m the oldest of 7 children.

My little sister has Down Syndrome. She was born one year ago. At the beginning it was hard to accept but now we realize that our own plans are not always the best plans. My sister is the best thing that has happened to me.

A lot of women came to the center saying that they want to abort because a baby wasn’t in their plans. This point reminds me what we thought when my sister was born. In this life there are difficult situations and everybody needs support. I'm going to do my best in this work in the following weeks.


I’m Cristina, a new girl from Spain. I’m 20 years old. I study architecture at the UPM in Madrid.There are 8 of us in my family. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I’m the third. I went to a Catholic school in Madrid. I’ve been pro-life since I knew what it meant.

I’m excited about this job because I want to show how important life is. This experience is better than I thought before coming to NYC. It's pretty hard sometimes but it also makes you feel that you're doing good. I'm so happy to be here to lend a hand to this cause. I did not know what to expect at first but I have learned a lot this first week and was amazed at how much good work we are able to do in such a short amount of time.

In this week, I've seen many women, many of them were not sure of getting the abortion, the most common excuse is that there are not prepared to be a mother, the truth is that they are scared.

Over the next weeks I want to help them!

The Unknown Lawyers

These past few days have been ones of experience and growth for me. Recently I’ve been in the South Bronx EMC pregnancy center with Liz - the director and sidewalk counseling at Dr. Emily’s with Jowell and Roseanna. These people have given me a real glance at what pro-life work really looks like.

I’ve read books on pro-life work, logical arguments, and statistics and even though they have taught me a lot and enriched my knowledge, these arguments, statistics and logic often don’t “work” on the average person we see coming in to the pregnancy centers.

This is now a culture of relativism. Our mantra is that there are no absolutes. (Except that one - get the irony?). This battle is not just a battle of whether the baby is human or not, but whether life is intrinsically valuable or not. We are taught that a whale’s life and prevention of extinction is more valuable than a baby’s. (Have you seen the pro-life signs “Pretend I’m a tree and save me?”) This is a culture of self. Everything now revolves around the individual.

All these people who work in pregnancy centers, counseling women to turn away from abortion and choose other alternatives are the unsung lawyers. Many times I have watched directors and other interns sitting with women, day in and day out they dedicate themselves to being a voice for the unborn.

I am all for legislation to stop abortion from happening. Even though I am full of hope that some day in the future a law like that will be passed, it’s not something that I see happening in an instant. I think that politics play a tremendously important role in the pro-life movement. Abortion clinics need to be accountable for what’s happening in their clinics. There must be a check. But right now - the reality is - abortion is legal.

The most eloquent lawyers are the brave men and women who sit in the tiny offices in NYC making passionate pleas on behalf of the unborn children growing in the women who come to see us. Every day a life and death decision is made. We passionately argue for life. And we won’t stop.

*Photo courtesy of Live Action

Friday, June 24, 2011



I'm Paz, a Spanish student that has just arrived to work with EMC. I am studying Advertising and Public Relations at the Univeristy of Navarre, in Pamplona, although I am from Madrid.

I am the youngest of a big family, I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters and I already have 2 nieces. I have a theory about life: in this life there are only a few things that are truly important to me and family is one of them. My family gave me all I have, all I am. Since I realized how blessed I am for having this family, I want to spread that understanding to others. Family is the best present life can give you.

I came to New York for the summer, looking for an intership here, in NYC, but I found something much much better! I found an opportunity to work with women who are in great need of help. I am learning lots of things, thanks to all the the people who are a part of EMC. They are teaching me how to manage many different situations...

In the following weeks I will share with you all my experiences. My best regards to all those who follow this blog!!

In the following weeks I will try my best.

Someday Her Prince Will Come

The problem of abortion stems from other problems, as we know. We got down to the root of those problems with a client and her boyfriend recently: loving another more than yourself. That means treating them with the greatest respect and dignity possible. That means listening, learning, and dying to self so that you both live to the fullest. Unfortunately, this young man was not ready to do that. I was able to have a long conversation with him and learn about his admirable ambitions and wise insights into life. He cared about living a good life and being faithful to his girlfriend more than most guys we encounter here, but when it came down to it, he didn't care as much as she needed him to.

She came for the morning after pill (which we don't provide) and that turned into a long conversation about contraception, abortion, diseases, and abstinence. When she left and tried to communicate all this to him, he was overwhelmed and not ready to make any changes, despite her new resolutions. When it came down to it, she wanted to stop the sex and go back to the purity and peace she had known before. He wasn't willing to do that. He cared about her in some way, but that was in his way. Not in the way that was true love of her, rather true love of himself.

Compared to everyone he knew, he was living an exceptionally upstanding life with her. He didn't believe that marriage even exists for our generation. She wasn't getting through to him. She wanted someone who would give her all the love and respect she finally realized she deserved and knew now that she would have to wait for such a man, that it wasn't the one sitting next to her. We encouraged her and supported her as she tried to make her decision clear. We told her that her life would be totally changed if she lived out this decision, but the man she was hoping for would come. We can only pray that she is strong enough to withstand all the opposition she is facing and is able to hold out until she will truly be treasured as the princess she is.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


All morning at Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic I talk to women going in to the abortion clinic; but in the afternoon I see them leave after the abortion is completed. As I stand outside watching them drive or walk off, I often look into their eyes. Sometimes they look sad or in pain, but most of the time they look ashamed and rarely make eye contact with me. If I can talk to them while they wait for a ride, then I will. I want to know if the woman is ok, needs an ambulance, help or just someone to talk to. Many times the woman will walk quickly past saying “You’re too late, I already did it.” But just because a woman has an abortion doesn’t mean that I give up on her and stop caring for her. There are so many complications (physical, psychological, spiritual) that come from abortion. If she needs healing, counseling, advice - anything - I sincerely want to help her find it.

A few days ago I approached one woman who had just come out of the clinic. She stood by the edge of the parking lot smoking a cigarette. I asked her if she was ok, if she had the abortion and how she was feeling. She said she was ok, had the abortion and that she preferred that to being sick all the time (from being pregnant). She said she had several abortions previously. I asked if she had any complications from any of them - and if she knew what the complications were for abortion. She looked at me as her ride drove up and answered me (and I paraphrase) - “I know what they are. I got cervical cancer as a result.”

As she rode off my heart went out to her. I feel deeply sorry for all the pain she’s gone through. All the abortions. Cervical cancer. Her life is drastically changed because of it. What I don't understand is how cervical cancer is better or easier than pregnancy symptoms? A life threatening condition preferred to a baby?

I don’t write this judging her or condemning her. I am broken, just like she is. But there is hope. There is healing. There is a God who loves us.

Me, me, me.

When people subscribe to the pervasive cultural mentality that an unborn child is simply and "it", an object, then they are able to find such easy reasons for not having their baby.

I was sent to Manhattan a couple times this week for the first time and met with some clientele that were very different demographically from those I'd been accustomed to in the other boroughs. One couple in particular stuck out to me. They had a nice place to live, good job, were engaged...but their reason was that they simply were not planning on the pregnancy. It was not the time they had been thinking it would be best, they said. They thought there was a chance of the baby being unhealthy because of their substance usage and they didn't want to have an unhealthy baby. Not now anyway. They thought it better to abort it. I said, you don't want your baby to be unhealthy so you'd rather terminate it? They said yes. What they were saying was, they'd rather have a dead baby than a potentially unhealthy one, in order to offer the least amount of inconvenience to their current lifestyle.

Who are they really concerned about here: their child or themselves? Their baby's life or theirs? If the baby is not recognized as a human being on some deeper level, it becomes equivalent to the decision of whether or not to buy a dog or paint the house. Even there, there is a difference because they already have it. It's a question of whether they'll keep it. Everything around us tells us to look out for #1, don't worry about anyone else. When we get that wrong, we get everything else wrong too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Complexities And Blessings

Two wonderful women. Two very different situations. I started out with a woman who is planning on keeping, but everything and everyone in her life is pushing her to abort. She is choosing to be strong, she is choosing to trust in God. She had sex with a guy who just wanted a one night stand. She is in a lesbian relationship. Her mom has already told her to find a new place to live. She doesn’t feel like anyone loves her. She feels alone. Or at least she did… Now she has my private number. Now she knows she is in our prayers.
I pray things get better. I know they can’t get much worse. And I know God will bless her for choosing Life!
Next, I met a woman who has everything going for her. Her boyfriend proposed. They will be getting married before the baby is due. Her baby is going to be born around her birthday. She already has a beautiful name picked out. Her mom has opened up her home and finances until the baby is born, then will help her find her own place with the money she has saved.
I looked at the second woman and told her, “you are so blessed.” She nodded like, yeah whatever. So I told her what most girls in my office go through. She realized how amazing this pregnancy is. How wonderful her life is, and will be. She is so happy to be a mom!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


From everyone at EMC we would like to wish all fathers a most blessed father's day!

Unfortunately there are many fathers who have lost their fatherhood through abortion - and to them we wish all the healing and forgiveness they need; that they may be reconciled to God and their families, and that the prayers of their fallen children may help them to fulfill their duties as men.


My time here at EMC has been one of both intense growth and personal discovery. I have learned a great many things these past few months since I first arrived in the Big Apple. The women I have seen, have each touched my heart in a profound and tangible way. The abortion issue has completely turned around for me. It was once about ideals and well-thought debates. But it is now about people... real people, in real situations. I came to NYC to lose the fear that seemed to cripple me at the thought of speaking with an abortion-minded individual. This fear still creeps up from time to time, but I now know that God uses the fearful to change the world. The work that God has accomplished during my time here at EMC is beautiful and I am fortunate to have been a part of it! God Bless all that I have worked with... and thank you for being patient with me and for shaping me into the person I am now. Specially thanks to Linda, the Brooklyn Center director for her guidance and friendship. Forever in my heart, you will you stay!
God Bless you all until we meet again!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sigh of Relief

The other day while I was working in E.M.C.'s Queens office, I came into contact with a couple who had been previously counseled by a co-worker, Abigail. This young couple had decided to parent their expected child. However, after the sonogram was given, it was discovered that this young woman was if fact not even pregnant.

After receiving the news, the couple's facial expressions went from being taunt and frightened to happy an relieved. However, we preceded in showing them a neutral video regarding abortion and its possible side effects. The happy looks vanished when it was made apparent that abortion is unnatural and unhealthy. The couple realized that abortion was not the easy option out, but rather an emotional and trying path that would remain with them for the rest of their lives.

When asked how they felt after viewing this video, the mutual reply was one of disgust and resolve to do the natural and morally right thing, that is, parent if they were to become pregnant in the future. This is when my co-worker stressed the point of abstinence and made the argument of how this course of action was a physically and spiritually healthy option.

Not only was this couple turned off to abortion, but were convinced to do the morally right thing and express their love in another way. The way of self control may be said to be old fashioned and "dumb" in our day and age. However, when I look at couples who have been together for years, I notice the fact that adhering to morals remains the most healthy option. At the conclusion of the session, Abby and I knew we could finally issue a sigh of relief as well.

Children of Men

For any who have seen the movie, you can call to mind the incredibly pro-life message of one child causing unprecedented respect for the mystery and value of a human life. Though the child is guarded closely by its mother, the story is largely focused on the men in the picture.

Here we are at Father's Day and a reflection on this day can't exclude children. One can't be a father without a child. When we celebrate fathers, we celebrate children. We celebrate family, unity, love, and life. There are many blessed men who will be spending this holiday surrounded by loving children (like my father) and there are many that won't. There are some fathers out there who do not have any living children to celebrate with. They may not even consider themselves fathers, for this reason. And there are those who mourn a lost fatherhood today, because their children never made it to their arms. We mourn with them and pray for them. We all know what it is to lose someone close to us and they are no less worthy of sympathy even if they somehow willed the loss of their children. They are the ones who suffer the most.

May God give us pardon and peace and bless all the fathers of the world!

Boyfriend's Choice. Parent's Choice. Not Women's Choice.

In the few days I’ve started working with EMC, I’ve had a lot of learning experiences. I’ve talked to many women who come into our centers and have been able to observe the trained directors and staff at several of the EMC pregnancy centers. One big issue that has stuck out to me recently is how many abortions are not as a result of “women’s choice.” Rarely women are 100% abortion minded. Many women I’ve seen and talked to are undecided. When asked why they are undecided it’s usually because “my boyfriend wants an abortion” “my mom wants me to get an abortion” “my sister and my friends want me to get an abortion.”

Many women do not make the abortion decision based on what they want. I’ve heard several women tell me (and other staff) that their boyfriend will break up with them if they do not get an abortion. This is manipulation with a child’s life on the line.

Peer pressure. I know everyone has heard the “talk” about peer pressure. Don’t let your friends or acquaintances pressure you into drinking or taking drugs just because it’s “cool” at the time or because they’ll drop you as a friend if you don’t. Why are women pressured to abort? When did keeping your baby become something your boyfriend will break up with you over? When did killing your baby become something you’ll be accepted for doing?

Between testimonies I’ve heard and women I’ve talked to, parents are a huge reason they abort. Their parents usually think that the unexpected pregnancy will be something that their child’s life will be ruined over. Having children does change your life, but it does not strip you of ambitions and talents. How did getting into a good college make killing your baby rationalized?

What saddens me is seeing this culture of death day after day. Now, a relationship with a man who wants you to abort your baby is worth more than keeping your child. Now, killing your baby is worth getting into college and getting a good job. Now, death is valued over life.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Twins saved at Dr. Emily!

My friend Jowell came through again at Dr. Emily when this week when he talked to an abortion bound woman going into the abortion facility. She already had two kids, one 9 months and one four years, and was nervous about the pressure another child would put on her.

She was definitely in for a surprise however.

After talking with Jowell for a while she decided to conduct an ultrasound with us on our ultrasound bus. We all discovered that she was carrying twins! Somehow, the joy of motherhood reawakened in her, and the fear of having a third child vanished mysteriously when she discovered that she is the mother of four!

Now she is excited for her journey ahead and EMC will be there to help her every step along the way. Praise God for all the sidewalk counselors in the country that help lead confused girls like this to a better path.

Chance Encounter?

I had just finished working outside of Dr. Emily’s, and was sitting at the bus stop. I watched as this old man started to walk past the bus stop. I watched him do a double take, and come around to stand in front of me. He looked at me and stuck out his hand. I took it and he started to pump it enthusiastically.
I guess my confusion must have shown on my face, as he started to speak rapidly and with great emotion. Unfortunately he was speaking Spanish. I am really bad with Spanish, but I was able to (in Spanish) tell him I couldn’t understand him. He nodded and shook my hand again, then walked off.
I turned to the woman next to me and asked if she could translate. She didn’t speak much English, but she pointed at Dr. Emily’s and said, “Aboot, Aboot.” I got the gist. The old man had been thanking me profusely for sidewalk counseling outside the clinic. I knew the community was grateful for us, but to be recognized and thanked somewhere else was truly wonderful.

A Walk with an Abortion Bound Woman

Recently when I was at Dr. Emily abortion clinic I began speaking to a woman who came out of the back of the clinic. Because of the time of day, I was sure that she had not gotten an abortion (the doctors were not there yet).

She told me that she was only in the clinic for about five minutes before it was too troubling and she left. While she was still very abortion bound at this time she felt she wasn't ready to get the abortion.

While we talked I found out that she was struggling because she lives in the Bronx but works in Brooklyn and has no one to support her. She also comes from a devout Muslim family that would not support her pregnancy because she is not married.

Happily though, she accepted the invitation of mine to take the bus to one of our pregnancy centers down the street with me. There we talked more and I was able to share with her videos regarding abortion and pregnancy. She left with an appointment for an ultrasound and a firm resolve in keeping her pregnancy even though she knows it will be very hard.

I will keep in touch with this woman to make sure she is helped during her pregnancy and beyond.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Insult to Injury? I Think Not.

The apparent stigma of being a employee of a Pro-Life organization is one of being a crazy, religious, and over-the-top individual who will go to any length to save a baby, including strapping a pregnant woman down til she gave birth. Everyone involved in the Pro-Life Movement knows this stigma is definitely false despite most of the participants being religious, and willing to embarrass themselves in order to inform women of the various dangers of abortion. The Pro-Choice advocates often paint a picture to abortion minded women that we are protesters, and violators of the rights of women. When I hear such accusations, I have to make an effort not to laugh at the ridiculousness of such claims.

Be it various insults from escorts, the lies of those employed at abortion clinic, or the ignorance of the uniformed public, we know the truth.

This brings me to the episode involving our office in Queens. As I manned a table at which I handed various informational papers to pedestrians, I took notice of a lady handing out cards to the local abortion clinic. As a co-worker was speaking with her, I also noticed she was staring at me. I was then told that she said I was a racist and I actually do not care about women. She furthermore said I was only there because of the fact I was getting paid. I, despite being angry due to false accusations, kept my cool and calmly replied I did this work, not for money or some other gain, but because I care about these women who are troubled and scared.

This blatant display of ignorance surprised me,but after contemplating it, truly didn't shock me. Racism has been an aspect in our society for ages, however I never thought I would experience it while interning at EMC. Logically it can be followed that respect for each race stems from the respect for life. Therefore, it can be followed that from respect for life comes respect for different races.

Regardless of what we have been labeled, the Pro-Life Movement can be confident in the fact we are doing the morally right thing. In fighting for life, insults can be spewed, but they will not injure us. In conclusion, disregard those who are hateful, and appreciate the life and abilities God gave you.

So many turn arounds, so little time!

This internship is always a blessing, but it isn't always easy. Most of the days can be hard and long. We see woman after woman who comes in abortion minded, goes through the counseling, and leaves less sure of her decision before. However, we are often unaware if she will decide to keep her baby until later when we follow up with her. But today was not one of those days!

Right off the bat we had several clients filling the waiting room. This worried me a little because there were only a few of us working there and the women can become impatient, and then unreceptive, if they have to wait too long. Miraculously, we had some of the fastest turn arounds I have ever seen. I suddenly became aware of how quickly God can change the minds of abortion seeking women to hearts of expectant mothers. As the day progressed, we had turn around after turn around! Within four hours, New York City went from having six more fearful women, to having six more happy mothers. "This is such rewarding work!" Julie said with a smile. I couldn't agree more. Praise be to God!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She Gets It

Today I had the pleasure of working with a client who had a ready and refreshing answer to the question of what she planned to do with her pregnancy. When I asked she what she wanted to do, she said: Well, I'm pregnant, so I guess I'm going to have a baby. Just that simple. Pregnancy=baby, that's how nature works.

Choices are what make us free and they are a blessing. But sometimes there are too many "choices". Sometimes these "choices" don't increase our freedom, instead they open opportunities for us to distort things and make us slaves to our own convenience and desires. Many clients come to us confessing they feel they have no choice about their abortion, that it is the only option. They feel forced by family, friends, and their own situation.

The abortion option doesn't introduce more freedom, it introduces an unnatural way to force a situation to suit the conveniences those involved. When we take it out of the equation and look at the reality of the pregnancy (a baby is going to be born), we have the freedom of choices that will decide how to incorporate this change into our lives and continue to move forward.

The True Face of Doctor Emily's

Doctor Emily's Women's Medical Clinic is seemingly a innocent name of practice for the benefit of every woman. However, both you and I know better. To the unpracticed eye, it looks as though it is a general health clinic, but to those who stand outside waiting to inform women of the truth, it is easily recognizable as an abortion mill.

The lies and deceit these women face are immense. Not only are they uniformed of the abortive procedure and its dangers, but also the sign it self is a blatant lie. There is no Doctor Emily, and to say so is false advertising, which misleads many of the girls entering that clinic. The Pro-Choice Movement has pushed their bounds in slandering the Pro-Life Movement, as well as convince the women they serve into thinking of a friendly center where abortion is "just" a procedure done for the benefit of that individual woman.

I have seen women leave that abortion mill crying, angry, ashamed and hurt. Those women are not told of the emotional pain they will endure, nor the physical damages upon their bodies. The truth must be told. Abortion advocates claim that they are "Pro-Choice"; if this is the case, then why the escorts, the barriers and the insults? If it were truly a Pro-Choice stance, then both sides would be able to present their information and let the woman choose.

But, this is not the case. We are impeded at every turn, be it by the government, the barriers, and the escorts. However, this doesn't stop us. We are morally in the right and fight for the most basic right every human has, the right to life.

"Justice is Blind": Court Hearing on Bill#371

On June 15th, I was able to go to the hearing down at City Hall about Bill # 371.

This is the bill that the New York City Council is trying to pass in order to eventually shut down crisis pregnancy centers in New York cities.

I have never been to this particular building before. But what I noticed when I first walked in, was a huge statue center stage of the lobby, of a woman-blindfolded. She is holding in both hands, the scales of justice.

What catches your attention first about this statue, is its statement "Justice is Blind".

When I finally got up to the 11th floor to be present in the room where the Honorable Judge William Pauly was leading his courtroom, I first encountered a woman on the pro bill side pleading her case before the Judge.

Her voice sounded wavering. I heard her repeat the same statement over 6 times. She kept saying over and over again-just using different words- how crisis pregnancy centers are lying to women.

The Judge asked if she would be satisfied if just the centers that blatantly misinformed women were shut down. She wouldn't accept his offer. Her defense was that, "Your Honor, that is not fixing the problem". His response was, " See, I don't see how that is NOT fixing the problem".

She didn't want a few shut down, she wanted all shut down so that Planned Parenthood might have precedence over the future lives of our children, teenagers, and mothers. She's standing up for women. She's helping them receive their list of choices. What she doesn't realize, is that she is blind to the fact that women want to bare children. They want to nurture little ones. They want to have a bond with the father of their child, to watch the child grow.

Her wavering started up again. She repeated teetering again, the fact that these centers lie to women. That's what happens when you go and negate what God has originally intended for his people. And He gives us his Word-the Holy Bible- to help us see what his plan for our lives is.

He sees everything. Unlike this woman and our justice system, he is the onlooker from the seas to the mountains; from the east to the west. Since he left us his words of wisdom in the Great Book, why not follow that?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lose Not Faith nor Hope

I was told that despite how demoralized I may become in this work, there is always hope. As I think back to that comment, I realize that it is not just the hope to save babies, but also hope for the restoration of a society focused on life.

It is easy, especially in our moral less society, to lose our sense of direction. However, I have realized that the basis of our Christian society is the social unit of the family. Throughout history, civilizations have risen and fallen due to the standing of the family with that particular social structure. It amazes me as to how our American way of life, which is founded in the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, has given way to the principles of irresponsible behavior, immoral materialism and disregard for the needs of a people. When does pro-death behavior give liberty to Americans? It neither allows for the "socialist equality" of the liberals, or the right to bear a child without being pressured by a massive government funded abortion mill. Where is the defense of the unborn Americans who are to stand up and defend this great nation when our generations have passed away.

The pro-choice liberals have little thought to morals, but also to the future of American independence, for which so many courageous men and women have fought and died for. If we do not defend the most innocent and frail, then when do our morals compel us to do anything else. I realize justice will eventually be served, however, as the great phrase goes, "God helps those who help themselves." And if our nation is to preserve itself, the recognition of the institution of family and the Pro-Life Movement is inevitable. Have the hope we can persevere and the faith the next generation will assist in that, after all hope is a one way street.

Time Is Money, Money Is Not Time

"I don't want one, but..." She walked up to us on the sidewalk at Dr. Emily's. All she needed today was someone to listen and offer a friendly voice. Her boyfriend had started out by saying yes- he wanted a child, but now had changed his mind. It is so common for women to feel alone, yet support is what they need most. Most people turn away and leave her to her horrible choice. Never to hear, "I'll help you. I care."
EMC Frontline is only a small organization compared to the amounts of women that need help. If you truly care about what happens to these women and their babies, than I challenge you to prove it. Many of you are already giving of your finances. Some of you are donating your time and talents. I hope to see more start coming face to face with the women, letting them know we care.
Are you good at public speaking? Than ask your Priest or Pastor about speaking within the church. Are you able to spend even one hour a week devoting yourself to prayer for these women and the people who are involved? Would you learn to counsel and volunteer in a center or out on a sidewalk? Would you donate diapers and clothes for toddlers? (Babies don't stay little, and some are born big!)
The work will get done, but will you one day be able to look into a woman's eyes as she thanks you? I hope so.

New Realizations

There is nothing like standing outside an abortion clinic for seven hours straight. Especially if it is your first time. It can be somewhat intimidating and frustrating, yet exhilarating and hopeful.

The biggest challenge as a newcomer was trying to figure out which women were going into Dr. Emily Women's Health Center and which were simply walking down the street. There was an amount of profiling I had to do. Does she seem nervous? Is she eating or drinking anything? Does she work there? Is she too old? Is she too young? There were so many factors to consider, and the last thing I wanted to do was assume wrongly and approach a woman who was simply passing by and look like an idiot! On the other hand, I didn't want my ego to stand in the way of talking to a woman who was going to enter the clinic and just let her pass by! So, just like the pro-abortion community would put it, I had a choice to make. Either risk feeling ridiculous, or risk ignoring a woman in need with the life of a child on the line. The choice was easy.

Towards the afternoon, the women stopped coming to the clinic and the escort, or "deathscort" as they have been nicknamed, moved to the back entrance. This puzzled me. I walked to the back and John, a fellow interned, explained that they can only perform so many abortions a day. Once all the slots are filled they stop taking women. I came to the new realization that abortion clinics are not at all like health care centers, as they claim to be. They are stores that sell death for a profit- factories that crank in women, kill their babies, and spit them out as their product. Abortion is not a choice, its a business.

I recognized the women who walked out of the back doors as resembling the women I had seen walk in. However, something was different about them. Before, they had looks of anxiousness and fear. After, they had looks of sadness and pain. I remember one woman in particular. She seemed fine as she walked out of the back doors and across the parking lot. As she made her way outside the chain fence and along the brick wall she staggered and paused. There was an intense look of physical pain on her face. "Ma'am, are you ok?" I called out. "Do you need help? Do you need to go to a hospital?" She looked up at me startled and surprised that I was speaking to her. She quickly shook her head "no" in a sort of panic and hurried off in pain.

Working outside of Dr. Emily Women's Health Center can be very discouraging. Especially on days when turn arounds are hard to come by. But it is those turn arounds, the women whom God is able to touch through something we do or say and decide to leave and keep their baby, that give us hope and reaffirm that the work we are doing has eternal value.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The one in which you meet the new girl.

Hi! I’m Sarah. The newest of the intern group thus far. So, a little about me. I am from Gaithersburg, MD (which is not far from DC). I love chocolate, have a thing for ancient historians, and know a dead language. I use sarcasm rather abundantly but am learning when to reign it in.

As far as formal education is concerned, I have been home-schooled for most of my life. Throughout high school I mainly took classes outside the home, and had a rather untraditional senior year. I went to “Summit Semester” an organization created by Summit Ministries which takes 30 students out into the gorgeous mountains of Colorado and teaches them how to think. (Not WHAT to think. HOW to think.) We were taught by several amazing professors from all over the country. There’s really nothing quite like pondering some of the greatest questions and ideas on top of a Colorado Mountain. This coming fall I am planning on going to The King’s College NYC to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

What in the world do I want to do with a degree like that? Good Question. Let’s start at the very beginning. I am a Christian. And as a Christian I think it can be so easy to stick to your “denominational group”. No offense to denominations (as I do ‘categorize’ myself as Reformed Presbyterian) but there tends to be more conflict between doctrinal differences and not enough unity in being a strong leading force in our culture. This is the beauty of the pro-life movement. Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and Atheists are just some of the religious groups all working together in pro-life organizations.

I am passionate about reforming culture. I think that Christians tend to stick to their little “sub-culture” of Christianity with their “Christian music”, “Christian friends”, “Christian bumper stickers” and “Christian game nights” etc. I want to speak to them - to wake them up to what is really going on in the world. We shouldn’t be hiding from culture but out there reforming it. We need Christians in every area of culture - Christian teachers, lawyers, trapeze artists, politicians, dancers, doctors, musicians, hot air balloon makers - you name it!

As you might be able to tell I get quite passionate about this. Anyway, I am so excited to be in NYC this summer working in the pregnancy centers, and “practicing what I preach” so to speak. So, nice to meet you, and enjoy watching me learn a lot this summer!

P.S. After looking at this picture you might get the impression that I'm gorgeous, serious, and intellectual. (oh. and humble) In which case you would be 100% correct. But I actually do like to smile and laugh. Just so you know.

Nice To Meet You!

Hi, I'm Gabrielle! I was born and raised in Lynchburg,VA. I am the middle of three children. My parents instilled in me the value of human life from the time I was very young. However, I only became personally active in the pro-life movement in the past three years. I helped with fundraising at the local pregnancy resource center in my hometown, even helping to organize an annual benefit concert.

In my free time I enjoy playing vollyball, dancing, doing yoga, and singing. I will be attending The King's College in NYC in the Fall. I plan to concentrate in politics, philosophy, and economics. I am so excited for the opportunity to be more involved in pro-life work and learn and grow and help save lives in the Abortion Capitol of America.

Baby Shower of Love

This is my beautiful client from Brooklyn.

She's 9 months pregnant in this picture. At this point she knew she was going to have a little girl. The name she picked out is Makaela. However, she was having a hard time settling on the middle name.

One of her friends, with good intentions, told her that she wanted to throw her a baby shower. She wanted to have an event where all her friends would be there and support this new pregnancy. Unfortunately, life became complicated and her friend was not able to give her the shower she originally wanted.

At this time, God laid on my heart to give her the baby shower she deserved. She has had a rough life. She lives in a society where it is more socially acceptable to have an abortion than it is to keep your child.

Based on these facts, she deserves a far greater event than the shower we were able to give her.

We only wished we could have done more. The people that I work with all came together as a family and made this shower of love happen.

Her due date originally is June 21st. We shall see the exact time the Lord wants this baby to come into this world.

I will keep you posted on that, as well as the final decision on the baby's middle name!

Turns out that some people just need a little help.

A couple came into our EMC Brooklyn Center on Monday afternoon. They were looking for a place to get an abortion, and they were referred to 44 Court St. by a clinic. They were a young couple; married with two young children and filled with such a radiant glow that you knew they truly loved eachother. The man's body language showed that he was not comfortable with the prospect of his wife having an abortion. She had never had an abortion before, and I could see the uneasiness in her demeanor as clearly as the beautiful freckles on her face.

Before they had even filled out half of the paper, I asked them the reason that they thought an abortion was the best option for them. "I don't have any work right now... I just don't see how we could do it," the husband told me. At that moment Linda, the Center Director, felt the inspiration to speak boldly to the man. "Is the fact that you are temporarily out of work a reason for your baby to die?" The man's jaw dropped at her blunt and direct question. He told us that if he had a job then they would be fine and they wouldn't want the abortion. "Is that all? Jobs are easy. Money is material, but this baby is eternal," we told them.

Within the course of a few minutes Linda was on the phone and had this young man interviews and appointments with 3 different employment possibilities. The wife was thrilled! Looking at her face, it was as though a ray of light had suddenly penetrated the darkness of her reasoning and illuminated her mind with real understanding and hope for her situation. Abortion was not a "solution" any longer. In the course of about 10 minutes, this couple went from abortion minded to excited... the fastest I have ever seen! If they had walked into an abortion clinic, would they have been asked about their situation? Would anyone have taken the time to help with the real problems in their lives? Praise God that He always gives us what we TRULY need, not what we THINK we need!

After the Abortion....

Her knees were buckling as she stood on the sidewalk. Supported by her boyfriend, she stood their trying to regain her strength. The hot sun beat down on her; the hottest day we had seen this summer. At this young age, she felt abandoned to recover from the procedure on her own as her boyfriend and his friend attempted to help her. At this same moment Linda, the EMC Brooklyn center director, felt the need to go to the sidewalk. Unexplainable was the reason for her feeling, but obediently she complied. Upon finding this young lady broken after an abortion, Linda knew the reason. She consoled them with words of motherly comfort. "If you need a place to sit out of this heat for a while, you can go to the 12th floor." And then she left them with the choice to do whatever they thought best.

This young lady and her boyfriend came into our center. The paleness of her lips were the first thing to strike my attention as she came to the door. We made her as comfortable as we could, and she slept for a while. She had been allowed to leave the clinic when she was clearly not ready to endure the heat. After she had rested and eaten, we asked her about her experience. She didn't know that there were places that were willing to help her. The boyfriend, upon learning about the process that this girl had just endured, said he would never let that happen to her again. They both walked away from our office feeling love and support. It was a beautiful thing!

The percentage of women that have multiple abortions is anywhere from 33 to 50% (depending on which report you read). This number is too high. It is a cycle that unless something changes will continue. This lovely girl that we meet after her first abortion, will not be one of these statistics. Pro-life is much more than educating those in crisis pregnancies. It must include educating post-abortive women as well to prevent them from falling into the snare of multiple abortions.