Friday, June 17, 2011

A Walk with an Abortion Bound Woman

Recently when I was at Dr. Emily abortion clinic I began speaking to a woman who came out of the back of the clinic. Because of the time of day, I was sure that she had not gotten an abortion (the doctors were not there yet).

She told me that she was only in the clinic for about five minutes before it was too troubling and she left. While she was still very abortion bound at this time she felt she wasn't ready to get the abortion.

While we talked I found out that she was struggling because she lives in the Bronx but works in Brooklyn and has no one to support her. She also comes from a devout Muslim family that would not support her pregnancy because she is not married.

Happily though, she accepted the invitation of mine to take the bus to one of our pregnancy centers down the street with me. There we talked more and I was able to share with her videos regarding abortion and pregnancy. She left with an appointment for an ultrasound and a firm resolve in keeping her pregnancy even though she knows it will be very hard.

I will keep in touch with this woman to make sure she is helped during her pregnancy and beyond.

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