Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My aim

Well ladies and gentleman, last posts I have been talking about real experiences I have got as a Pro-Life volunteer in the city of New York. Today I would like to speak about what I think, and what I fell as a young guy doing that.

When you work in our pregnancy centers, you use to have scared woman, who need understanding, supporting and also advice. Most of them come shocked, and everyone has experienced how important is the right word when you feel the ground disappearing beneath your feet.  This is our task, not to make philosophy or to indoctrinate people about how to manage their freedom. But someone must say… we have been fooled! Who said that anything is good just because we are free to do it, who said that freedom means to do as we please, who convince us that love is whatever, that sex is the only reason to live for. We have lost our ability to enjoy beautiful things we have around us. We are people with dragoon skin, unable to feel the wind in our skin or the warm sunshine, unable to listen quietly music, to enjoy the air we breathe, the colors we see, the thoughts we have, the life we live.

It is sad to see the music we listen loudly in the subway as it were drug, possessed by hard metal, how we need alcohol gallons to enjoy Saturday night, blood in our films... excess. We are the non-sensitivity, the black or white generation. And there is no strong power above the earth which can satiate us, as well as hold back the consequences of our actions.

Here is my aim. I won´t be stolen any more. This is my life, this is my freedom. I choose to be naive, to be kid. I want to enjoy my normal things, my daily work, my friends, my loves. To get the happiness I have in every corner of my normal life.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

When you see the success

I have already told some experiences I have got in the daily work we perform at the EMC pregnancy centers. To deal, to be with a woman in that situation can be tough, although used to be absolutely grateful. Today I want to speak about a pre-natal day, when you see how good life consequences are.

Once per week, in our Brooklyn center, the doctors comes and is available to the mothers… or the children. We made the appointments along the week, taking advantage of the fact we had the dactor that day. Thursday started as any day, with Sandra, one of the technicians, and me welcoming women who came and trying to help them to keep the baby, and it was being a busy day. But time later the doctor came with another person who works with her, and it was amazing to see the center full of people, with the schedule overbooked. A lot of different people were these day, and everyone was cared lovely. Pregnant mothers, and others with her babies. The cutest one was a little baby borned one-week ago. The mother was tired but happy, and they came accompanied by a proud and smiling father, and a chatting grandma. It was awesome to see how happy they were with the new join!

And as the same time the normal work at the office went on, becoming a long but grate day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A different evening!

I would like to write today about another side, of the interns life here in New York. Eight hours working per day, five days per week, plus Saturday morning, plus long subway trips, plus other commitments… To be volunteer in EMC means to work, and everyone who does need to rest. Our Chief Commander knows it, and because of that, some days ago we got the chance of going to Yankee Stadium!

Spanish people use to love sports, and it is nice to know more about the big four, MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA. This day, two interns were relived sooner of our obligations and we came to Yankee Stadium to witness an amazing game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Yanks. Incredible show to be in this stadium, the atmosphere, the people, the game… We had a hot dog and peanut, we drank coke and we enjoyed a good time, talking with people, supporting the local team and hanging around the place too. Incredible moment the seventh-inning stretch, when the game stops and everyone sings “God Blessed America”.  I love this American way of life! We left the game happy, having shown many strikes… although unfortunately the most were done by Orioles, and the Yankees supporters were not so happy at all.

I will be back with more histories in EMC New York!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Real happiness

EMC, LifeHouse, NYC… This is an experience! To work in EMC is something serious. You are trying to safe babies, trying to help women in that situation! But what amazing histories you got sometimes.

One week ago I was working at Brooklyn office. Perhaps the office when we attend more women. It was 10am when came one girl, alone, nineteen years old, absolutely stressed. This day I was emplaced with Rosana, one of the tech who make sonograms. The first step was to calm her down, and she started saying us that her father was so strict, and must not know she was pregnant. She was really scared about the decision she had to take. Her life was changing forever, and she wasn’t ready. She must have had an abortion. We were talking deeply about the life, about how sometimes we have to be tough, about those kind of situations you think are the worst and became so nice in your life. She agreed to take the sonogram, thinking in abortion yet. I remember that during she was with Rosana, came three women more and I was so busy. Thirty minutes later, when I had a minute, I saw her watching a National Geografic video, about the pregnancy developing, she was crying, but smiling? She watched the video twice, and told me, totally excited, she was going to keep her soon. She remembered me my sister, who when is moved, cant stop talking. It was almost 1pm, and with the stress she hadn’t eaten nothing along the day. We left the office looking some food. While we were eating pizza, she told me how amazing has been to see the sonogram, to see her son moving, completely formed. She was in love with baby and showed me the sonogram-picture again and again. She was decided to implicate her boyfriend in his parenthood and she was much peaceful about her father. She kept our telephone number, and she left, giving thanks because our task.

I came back to work enjoying the taste of real happiness.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Well friends, here we go with the more impressive experience I have got as counselor. It was a rainy and chilling day of my first week working in NYC. I was immersed in my formation period, learning of the experienced women we have in EMC. This day I was at The Bronx office, working with Linda, who has spent twenty years doing that. To deal with the Bronx place is different than other places, more popular, crowded, with really diverse people, many of them with low levels of formation and without studies. In my opinion, may be Bronx where we manage the harder human cases.

Everyone in counseling have their own way, different people relates themselves differently, and Linda has a very personal style. She listen a lot, and really fells the girls troubles and make it her own.  This day we had a girl with an amazing history. Because the confidential politic we work with, I can write names or even concrete dates. But the history was awful. Pregnant, Under-18, she considered insane to explain her situation at home because they had familiar problems, and with the baby-father missing. She was totally alone. I always believe in life, but there are really tough situations. Linda was listening and comforting as well I was just looking, and learning, unable to do something better. When this girl was crying, telling us that she felt bad but abortion was the only chance, another girl comes. 20 years old, she sat in the opposite side of the room and was filling the entry form, when listening to the other girl, left the form and came with us. She sat beside the first one and told her history. She was in the same situation two years ago, and she had an abortion. Right now was pregnant again, and the only she was sure about is that life is always the good decision. Her experience with the abortion was the worst in her life, she knew that keep the baby would not have been easy at all, but this had been a reason, a task in her life. She was unable to forget she could be already mother, and she was wishful to give up all her love to the new baby. They were talking and crying all together during a long time, she got their mobile numbers and she left the office planning take care each one of the other with their pregnancy. Hopefully, those two babies will grow all together and will become even friends.