Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Real happiness

EMC, LifeHouse, NYC… This is an experience! To work in EMC is something serious. You are trying to safe babies, trying to help women in that situation! But what amazing histories you got sometimes.

One week ago I was working at Brooklyn office. Perhaps the office when we attend more women. It was 10am when came one girl, alone, nineteen years old, absolutely stressed. This day I was emplaced with Rosana, one of the tech who make sonograms. The first step was to calm her down, and she started saying us that her father was so strict, and must not know she was pregnant. She was really scared about the decision she had to take. Her life was changing forever, and she wasn’t ready. She must have had an abortion. We were talking deeply about the life, about how sometimes we have to be tough, about those kind of situations you think are the worst and became so nice in your life. She agreed to take the sonogram, thinking in abortion yet. I remember that during she was with Rosana, came three women more and I was so busy. Thirty minutes later, when I had a minute, I saw her watching a National Geografic video, about the pregnancy developing, she was crying, but smiling? She watched the video twice, and told me, totally excited, she was going to keep her soon. She remembered me my sister, who when is moved, cant stop talking. It was almost 1pm, and with the stress she hadn’t eaten nothing along the day. We left the office looking some food. While we were eating pizza, she told me how amazing has been to see the sonogram, to see her son moving, completely formed. She was in love with baby and showed me the sonogram-picture again and again. She was decided to implicate her boyfriend in his parenthood and she was much peaceful about her father. She kept our telephone number, and she left, giving thanks because our task.

I came back to work enjoying the taste of real happiness.

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