Friday, May 2, 2014


Well friends, here we go with the more impressive experience I have got as counselor. It was a rainy and chilling day of my first week working in NYC. I was immersed in my formation period, learning of the experienced women we have in EMC. This day I was at The Bronx office, working with Linda, who has spent twenty years doing that. To deal with the Bronx place is different than other places, more popular, crowded, with really diverse people, many of them with low levels of formation and without studies. In my opinion, may be Bronx where we manage the harder human cases.

Everyone in counseling have their own way, different people relates themselves differently, and Linda has a very personal style. She listen a lot, and really fells the girls troubles and make it her own.  This day we had a girl with an amazing history. Because the confidential politic we work with, I can write names or even concrete dates. But the history was awful. Pregnant, Under-18, she considered insane to explain her situation at home because they had familiar problems, and with the baby-father missing. She was totally alone. I always believe in life, but there are really tough situations. Linda was listening and comforting as well I was just looking, and learning, unable to do something better. When this girl was crying, telling us that she felt bad but abortion was the only chance, another girl comes. 20 years old, she sat in the opposite side of the room and was filling the entry form, when listening to the other girl, left the form and came with us. She sat beside the first one and told her history. She was in the same situation two years ago, and she had an abortion. Right now was pregnant again, and the only she was sure about is that life is always the good decision. Her experience with the abortion was the worst in her life, she knew that keep the baby would not have been easy at all, but this had been a reason, a task in her life. She was unable to forget she could be already mother, and she was wishful to give up all her love to the new baby. They were talking and crying all together during a long time, she got their mobile numbers and she left the office planning take care each one of the other with their pregnancy. Hopefully, those two babies will grow all together and will become even friends.

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