Thursday, May 15, 2014

When you see the success

I have already told some experiences I have got in the daily work we perform at the EMC pregnancy centers. To deal, to be with a woman in that situation can be tough, although used to be absolutely grateful. Today I want to speak about a pre-natal day, when you see how good life consequences are.

Once per week, in our Brooklyn center, the doctors comes and is available to the mothers… or the children. We made the appointments along the week, taking advantage of the fact we had the dactor that day. Thursday started as any day, with Sandra, one of the technicians, and me welcoming women who came and trying to help them to keep the baby, and it was being a busy day. But time later the doctor came with another person who works with her, and it was amazing to see the center full of people, with the schedule overbooked. A lot of different people were these day, and everyone was cared lovely. Pregnant mothers, and others with her babies. The cutest one was a little baby borned one-week ago. The mother was tired but happy, and they came accompanied by a proud and smiling father, and a chatting grandma. It was awesome to see how happy they were with the new join!

And as the same time the normal work at the office went on, becoming a long but grate day!

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