Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Rent

All of us have been reading, watching and hearing news about the CPC Kill Bill. Most of it is bad news for life defenders. But today, we are talking about a victory. It is not a big victory, but in this war each single battle counts.

As we wrote before, there were twelve abortion clinics in Queens, in this area which is also known as “Abortion Row.” Now, there are “only” eleven. This little victory encourage us to keep fighting and doing our job: save babies.

Decisions, Decisions!

A young girl came into our Brooklyn office yesterday. She is 22 years of age, and 23 weeks pregnant. She recently went to an abortion clinic on Monday. They said they would do the procedure for her. They told her that on Thursday, which is our tomorrow - they will put the seaweed sticks in her cervix. They said, it may take 3 days for her procedure, since she was so far along.

I told her I am so happy you came into our office. We gave her a sonogram and she was 23 weeks pregnant. The abortion clinic dared to tell her that "its nothing"..

Her boyfriend got shot 11 times this year. After counsiling her she decided not to go with the procedure. I am so thankful that she is gonna keep her child.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Not every girl that walks into our office shows remorse about getting pregnant when not yet married. While some may show it, they don´t admit it verbally; and i really don´t blame them. For those who are not remorseful, i strongly believe that they are a product of the society´s disrespect for the sanctity of sex and marriage. For those who may be but do not appear so, it may be a way of shielding their guilt wounded lives. For those who show it but don´t say it, it could be an issue of distrust or guilt. But for those who show it and say it, well, i really don´t know what to say; but here is a story about one of such.

She is a twenty year old from Ivory Coast whose parents were just able to work her immigration papers to the United States two years ago. Her parents are good christians, dedicated to God in their church choir and ushering group respectively. They came to the US some years back and left her in the trustworthy care of her grandmother who gave her sound moral and christian upbringing.

Upon arrival to the United states, her parents reiterated warnings against leading a carefree life and having boy friend in school. Because her parents had worked so hard to bring her to the states, she cherished their advice more and became active in church just to make sure she was far enough from temptation. But she got into college and that was it.

Because the college was quite a distance from the house, she had to live close to the school premises. She was tempted to have a boyfriend whom threatened to leave her because she was too religious and will not sleep with him. And the one time she attempted it, she got pregnant. Although the boy friend is not denying the responsibility of fathering the child, she is still in immense regret of her action. As she told me her story, she kept on repeating two words, shame and disappointment.

"My father will be so disappointed in me", " My mother will be so disappointed in me", "What will my mother´s friends say?", "I am so ashamed of myself", "How could i be so dump?", "Had i known!" These were some of the words she soliliquzied after telling me her story. The overwhelming feeling of regret and fear of how to tell her parents was so intense that i practically felt pain in my chest.
She will eventually break the news when she goes home on a visit this weekend and she knows that as she does that our prayers have long gone ahead of her.

The Pit

The biggest fear of a sidewalk counselor is seeing one of the girls that was turned around at the clinic back at the clinic at a later date. This is exactly what happened to me today.

Sometimes all the work it takes to bring the girl from the pit becomes moot when they fall right back in.

Luckily, this particular girl was able to be convinced a second time around to choose life. Last time she had been shown her baby via ultrasound and talked with for a while. But apparently, just as quickly as she had arisen from the pit, she had fallen back in. Interestingly, I had texted her last night to see how she was doing - she didn't reply but I think one reason she chose for today to have an abortion at Emily's is because she knew we would attempt to help her again.

This time we went to the White Castle across the street and we ate and talked with her and her friends for well more than an hour. (I was illegally parked for more than a half-hour of that time but didn't get a ticket - in this city you know that means God is with you).

She obviously needs prayers and constant support, and I will be more thoroughly keeping in touch and giving emotional assistance. Out of all the girls you talk to and see day after day, a few of them really stand out - for me, she is one such girl. This time I hope and pray she is out of the pit for good.


When a woman is facing a crisis pregnancy, her mind is filled with so many worries and conflicting thoughts. Often times she is rather confused. If in her desperation she seeks out an abortion clinic, she will most likely NOT have an actual person sit down with her and explain the risks in depth. She will instead be given a list to read, of potential abortion complications, with the rest of her paperwork. This is done on purpose, the Clinic Staff are very aware of the emotional state that she is in. They are banking on the fact that she is too nervous to read through her paperwork. You see the Abortion Industry thrives on their clients knowing little to nothing about the procedures they undergo. True information makes for true choice. How ironic that an industry whose very slogan is "Choice", would seek to hide truth from it's clients.

One of the great things about EMC Crisis Pregnancy Centers, is that we really take the time to explain things to our clients. We explain abortion procedures, risks and complications, and even as you see in this video, two of our Sonogram Techs explain the way the sonogram works.

In recent news, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and their friends on the New York City Council
have accused EMC of lying to our clients. The Abortion Industry is losing money by the day and it's because we are very successful at saving lives. Just imagine, if we have three women choose life for their babies after speaking with a sidewalk counselor and receiving a Free Sonogram (as happened this past Friday outside of Dr. Emily's), the Abortion clinic has lost at least $1,000. Now consider that we have been on the sidewalk in front of Dr. Emily's almost every single abortion day for over 3 years! Now take into account EMC's numerous CPC's throughout New York City, where six day a week we see women considering abortion. The Abortion Clinics are losing money, for them it is all about the money! For EMC it is never about the money! All of our services are FREE! They just can't figure out how we are winning hearts for life! All they can come up with is that we must be deceiving women! What they don't understand is that in order to save lives, we don't have to lie. We just tell our clients the truth and give them all the information.

Heather Nicole

Monday, October 25, 2010


One of my co-workers gave me a shirt today. It said something like ''A woman has a choice over her own body. Even in the womb''. That is so true. It made me think. Since most people think it´s ok to abort if the mother is too poor to support the baby, lets just imagine that an extremely poor girl wants an abortion. Two scenario's:

1. She has an abortion and continues with her life with Post Traumatic Abortion Disorder, mother of a dead baby just as poor and broke as before.

2. The mother decides to keep the baby, she gets prenatal and when baby is born, the mother gets help with the delivery, gets help after her birth with clothes and a place to stay. All with the (free) help of EMC.

An abortion doesn't change the circumstances. Often women think their situation is allready chaotic, and they can't have a baby because of that. They forget the oppertunities a child can bring. And that she isn't alone. A wise woman once told me: If girls would abort their babies every time a girl becomes pregnant poor and unplanned, the world would be empty.

The world is filled with lots of people. And population is increasing. Lets keep it that way.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

With the Sisters

Working with EMC provides many opportunities to collaborate with other pro-life organizations with in the city. One of my favorites is the Sisters of Life.

Today it was a tremendous pleasure of mine to be able to pray outside of Dr. Emily’s with such a wonderful group of sisters. The impact of their prayer is of course immeasurable, but they are also well trained sidewalk counselors and, because of the amount of women they have all dressed in religious habits, they force the attention of the community and passers-by to the crisis of abortion from their mere presence.

Since us at EMC are there everyday they commit abortions, I was able to show the good sisters the ‘lay of the land’ – the direction the highest percentage of girls come from, the people I recognized as clinic staff, and also the residents who lived in the area.

It is always important to unite on the pro-life fronts, and especially during the 40 days for life, we need to get as many people together as we can to witness for life.


I used to be very impatient before I came here to do the internship. Most of my co-workers can't imagine that, but it's true. Working with EMC has changed my character in a good way.

And I also learned how to stay focused on one thing in stead of doing multiple things at a time and not finishing one of them. I can counsel a girl without being distracted. I couldn't do that before.

Stamina is also something I have learned. Standing outside of Dr. Emily's abortion clinic for 7 hours a day trains your feet and your spiritual life. Once girls are inside all you can do is pray.

I read my bible more often. I am more confident. Working with EMC has made me a better person.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lies (Part II)

This post is the second part of Lies (Part I)

I can not underestand how a girl can have an abortion just minutes after making the decision. With other elective surgeries the patient has to wait weeks sometimes, and undergo extensive counseling to make sure they are emotionally prepared for it. Even when a person goes to the dentist, if they are under age they have to go with their parents. Fortunately, this is not the case when it comes to abortion.

A girl came to our Queens office not too long ago she had obtained an abortion a few years back. The abortion clinic didn't tell her anything about the procedure and they didn't inform her about the risks and complications that she could face either. They sheilded her sonogram from her and of course it was a silent sonogram because they hid the heartbeat of her unborn child. We hear very similar stories almost daily.

The CPC Kill Bill wants to regulate EMC's ads and brochures, but we are doing nothing wrong. It is not manipulative or coercive to give a woman the alternatives to abortion, to give her all the information, to give her a choice. As if showing a woman an ultrasound, or a fetal development model is going to hurt a woman. You can not make a choice if you don't know your options. But, what about people and companies that make money from abortions? Last week, several local News Channels and newspapers like New York Times or Wall Street Journal wrote about this bill and how the bill was going to stop CPC's from telling lies to women.

National Review asks "What Misinformation?"

I ask myself: Who is controlling who, and who is lying to who? This bill has been promoted by Planned Parenthood, the #1 "non-profit" abortion provider in this country. Who is regulating their ads? Who is regulating their brochures? Who is regulating their counseling techniques? Who is going to stop their lies?!


The Face of a Miracle

One of EMC's precious saved babies, this is the face of a miracle! What a beautiful face it is! He brings his mother so much joy! And to think he almost didn't make it. He and his mom stopped by our South Bronx Pregnancy Center for a visit this afternoon! His pressence brightened everyone's day. I wonder what great things he will accomplish in his lifetime.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Divine Intervention

When I think of Why I choose to work for EMC, days like today remind me why I love what I do.

Today was a rather slow day at the center. This one beautiful 21 year old walks into our centers which she happened to find us on Court Street. This is an amazing story, so get ready to be blown away.

I saw the pain this girl was going through, I really understood where she was coming from. She came in so cold, without a jacket. I took the jacket off my back and told her she can keep it. She was so thankful. Linda and I had tears coming down our faces.

Being her mom died this last June. I really related to her pain. Her mom was always Pro Life. The words of her mother touched my heart as well as Linda's. Her mother always said, "The moment you have sex is the time you are ready for a child, the child belongs in the womb and its Noone's choice to remove that child until delivery.

The young girl has a 5 year old son. Now, she is 8 weeks pregnant. Her mom passed away, and she feels all alone. She has a roommate that had an abortion 4 months ago. Her roommate is constantly pushing her towards abortion- even threatening her of getting kicked out.

I told her that her friend cannot stand to see her friend Pregnant. The reason why she wants her to have an abortion so badly is because it will make her friends' abortion feel validated. Her friend right now is going through Post abortive syndrome, and by her friends pregnancy its killing her emotionally- to see her as courageous as she is to keep this child.

The young lady is Italian, and the father does not want her to have another child. The baby is mixed with African American blood. I told her, the baby will be beautiful!

She is coming tomorrow with her "friend" so we can speak with them both, and try to find some counsel for the "friend" on her abortion past.

This story is to be continued...


Every decision we make for ourselves as individuals, no matter how personal it may seem like what kinds of clothes to wear or what to eat, affects not only us but others as well. One month now into this internship, I have seen how it´s-my-life attitude of young girls has led into premarital sex, resulting into unplanned pregnancy, and then the thought of abortion, which ultimately affects the unborn, the mother, and those who love them both.

For example, we have had situations where a girl´s reason for wanting abortion was because of the realization of the hurt her unplanned pregnancy will bring to her parent or parents, as the case may be. To her, having her baby at a tender age is a destruction of the hope and dreams her parents have for her. It is an addition of an extra load to the weight of responsibilities her parents are still managing carry.

But as she tries to undo the consequences of her initial decision, she does not understand that the abortion decision has even worse ripple effect.

For example, this decision will put the girl under a long list of life threathening post abortion risks like infertility, bleeding to death, or psychological unrest leading to hallucination or night mare. When any of the risks happens, guess who is also affected? Her loved ones, family and friends. The truth is, no matter how universally despised a person is, there is someone somewhere who still loves the person and will share his or her joy and pain.

The abortion decision will also affect the preborn who is to be kept from being born. Who knows what this child may become in the future if given a chance. This reminds me of a song done on behalf of aborted babies by an accapella group. Here´s the lyrics of the song titled, WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO BE.

What was I suppose to be?
What were my eyes suppose to see?
Why did I taste of death
Before I even drew a breath?
I laid my head on my mother´s breast to sing
oh Jesus, what was I suppose to be?
Was I to be a prophet used in the ministry
or a doctor who could find a cure to some terrible disease?
Even if I were born imperfect why couldn´t my parent see that
if I were made imperfect you came back for me
Oh Jesus, what was I suppose to be?

There are still numerous examples of how abortion decision has affected mothers, babies and those who love them both but~I will not be able to give all because of time. Nevertheless I will like to state the obvious that life is not all about just one person. We all are related, therefore we are all affected by our decisions.

For young girls who are contemplating abortion, I believe your present and future well being is more important to your loved ones than whatever it may cost to keep your flesh and blood. And for those who are not yet pregnant, abstenance is possible and is the BEST.

We Are More Pro-Woman

Many people are surprised to hear that when we go to Dr. Emily's abortion clinic we stay there for the entire day - from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM - well before the doctors make it there in order to sidewalk counsel the women going in. But perhaps more surprising to some, is the fact that we are there well after the abortions are committed in order to talk to the women and offer support to them even after the deed is done.

Not only does this show that we are more pro-women than those in the clinic, especially the abortionists, but every once in a while, the endurance it takes to stand outside all day really pays off.

I approached a woman leaving the clinic in the afternoon expecting that she was post-abortive and prepared to offer support - she completely caught me offguard however, when she told me that she 'couldn't do it.' After she was told that she was 20 weeks, she walked out (and I'd like to think the prayers offered for her while she was inside helped make the difference as well).

Immediately, I brought her to the sonogram bus in order for her to see her baby and determine the sex of the child (unfortunately for her, the baby didn't cooperate on the latter). Then after some consultation, I gave her information and we exchanged numbers and parted ways.

Endurance does pay off when at Dr. Emily's and while no one can claim 'credit' for this one instance of a changed decision, I think that this is just one way God keeps us humble in order to remind us that He is the only one who should ever get credit for a changed heart and mind.

Monday, October 18, 2010


She walked into our office for a sonogram. From her demeanor, it was obvious she was not new to our office. Since she met a long queue of girls being attended to, she had no choice but to wait for her turn. While she waited, she told us about her life and why she decided to keep her baby .

This twenty year old is from a strict and pious Muslim family and the only female out of five siblings. She was therefore carefully taught the virtuous life expected of a muslim woman and was jealously loved. From the way she spoke, one couldn't doubt the authenticity of what we heard her relay. She was full of regret as she told us how she dated the father of her unborn who happened to be the first and only guy she has ever dated in her life.

They started dating when she was fifteen years old. To her, he was the perfect man she hoped to marry in the not- too- distant future. The picture of their future together looked so real to her that against her firmly rooted religious beliefs, she gave her body to him. And the most unwanted thing happened; she got pregnant. At this point, she realised how she had not only sinned against her God, but also had grieviously disappointed her parents who could give up their lives to prove she could never do such a thing if they were told by someone. Now upon this realization, she thought of having an abortion; not so much because she was young and still in school, but to prevent the shame and heart break her parents will experience if they found out. Cognizant of the fact that this act is plainly abominable to her religion which she also holds in high esteem, she proceeded on the abortion.

After the abortion, she never remained the same again. Guilt became her daily companion, tears her sleeping pill. She eventually could manage to be well around unaware family members and friends because her boy friend was always coming around to keep her company. Just after she thought she was getting over the hurt of the abortion, she got pregnant again for him. But this time around she wasn't ready to go through the abortion again; she's keeping the baby.

She said having known that her baby's heart started beating after twenty- one days, and remembered the horror she went through after the abortion, she will keep her baby.
She is five months gone now and yet to inform her parents about her pregnancy. Telling her parents will be very difficult, she said. And that may mean being thrown out of the house. She broke up with her boyfriend two days before visiting the office for a sonogram because he turned out to have been cheating on her.

By the time she finshed her story, she had a girl who was thinking of abortion, a fellow intern and myself crying. She herself cried over and over again as she told us her past.
She has even requested to come to our office every once in a while to tell every girl thinking of abortion that it's not worth the life time regretful effect it has on her.

Life is a gift from God.

This is an amazing story This young girl came in last week- during the most hectic day of EMC. We were so busy. Camera crew from CBS 2 were in our office at this time.

This women was only seventeen years of age. She had dreams of being a singer. A baby was out of the question. She called the baby an "IT", because she did NOT want this child. We gave her a sonogram that day. Her womb was a beautiful perfect womb. I said, "look your baby is sucking his thumb"- she starts crying.

I ask her, Where is your boyfriend"? "He is studying at Suny Albany studying to be a lawyer", she said. I said,"well can you bring him here next time?"

This young girl was so stuck on having an abortion, but after explaining to her her options, she decided to keep her pregnancy to full term.

I told her a baby won't stop you from pursuing your musical career. She will be coming in a few weeks with her boyfriend to see their child.

I was so proud that I was able to help this young girl. Just because you have a baby, your body wont change. I explained that those are lies the Devil wants us to believe. Life is a gift from God and should be cherished.

NY Daily News Writes Unbiased Article About CPC Kill Bill

Free choice, free speech: Proposal to regulate anti-abortion counselors is a bad idea

Monday, October 18th 2010, 4:00 AM

Read more:

It is never a good idea for lawmakers to draft legislation based solely on the urgings of advocates for one cause or another, and it is particularly dangerous when the measure in question could curtail First Amendment rights.

That's what's happened with a bill sponsored by City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin and Speaker Christine Quinn. They should know better.

The National Abortion Rights Action League, a pro-choice lobbying group, has targeted 16 so-called crisis pregnancy centers in the city. These are establishments where abortion opponents present women with alternatives to ending pregnancies, such as adoption and single-parenting.

NARAL called eight centers and visited 10, posing as women who might be pregnant and inquiring about services. While finding that the centers "present themselves as hospitable places offering emotional support," NARAL asserted that they "engage in deceptive and manipulative practices," attempting to "coerce women considering abortion into carrying their pregnancies to term."

Without investigation or hearings, Lappin and Quinn - both pro-choice - drew up a bill to require centers to post notices stating that they do not provide abortions or contraception; disclose that no medical provider is available if none is on the premises, and commit to treating all information gathered from a client as confidential.

The implication: It is deceptive just to open up shop as an anti-abortion advocate, and an affront to present women with alternatives. As if women need to be shielded from this information.

What's more, NARAL's evidence shows no deception by the centers. None have "abortion" in their names; they have names such as Pregnancy Help and Pregnancy Resource Services.

More than half the websites say they are "pro-life" or do not recommend abortion. None of the centers gave researchers inaccurate information over the phone and, when asked, most said they don't perform abortions or provide referrals.

The report describes no harm sustained by any patient - and even contains potent disclaimers: "The findings contained herein are not exhaustive." "This report contains no insight into how CPCs would respond to a proven pregnancy."

All of which adds up to no basis for infringing on anyone's right to advance a cause, however disagreeable one finds it.

Read more:


People think that gendercide only happens in China, but it happens here, too. A girl walked into our clinic for a sonogram and if the 19 week old baby wasn't a girl she would abort.

So Linda (the director of the pregnancy centre) basically told the baby to keep the legs shut, so it could live and the baby did. Then she asked her if the mother wanted to hold the baby's hand. And she wanted to, so they said a quick prayer. And after the prayer the mother placed the hand on her stomach and you could see the baby raise his hand up on the sonogram.

She was there with a friend who was 31 weeks pregnant with a boy. I really hope that she will keep her baby so they will grow up together. She's going to come back for more counseling.

A heartbeat for life

Last Thursday there it was busy with clients, and eventually they all decided to keep their babies. There was this one couple of about 17 years old, they were 5 months pregnant and they decided to keep their baby.

I heard the heartbeat while I watched the ultrasound, it was so touching. The work we do is emotionally tough, but we are being strengthened by God and we feel that. Prayer is so important. I really feel a difference between the days I pray before I go to work and the days that I take time to pray and prepare my day with God.

Sometimes there are girls you can just talk to for hours and the message doesn’t seem to get through. It might look like that, but some to keep their baby after all. The work that we do isn’t just about saving lives, because a pregnancy changes the life of a woman anyway, whatever she chooses. Abortion, adoption or keeping it. It is our job to educate women to tell them the truth about abortion and the possible complications. And to help her with all the resources we have when she wants to keep the baby. We’re not trying to scare her as some people say, we don’t judge if she does have an abortion. We’re there to help. And I’m proud to be a part of that team.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lies (Part I)

When interns and staff told me about the lies that abortion clinics say to the girls, I coudn't believe it. In my country (Spain), the doctor has to be sure that the patient understands the risks and consequences before preceding.

I'm writing this, because a few days ago we were in Jackson Heights, in front of two abortion clinics with a 37'' TV playing "The Silent Scream" in spanish. This girl stopped during a few seconds and before starting walking again, Ray Mooney asked her something. At the same moment, I was talking to three young women about the procedure and Ray called me. I talked to this woman for a few minutes, and she agreed to come with me to our office on Roosevelt Avenue (Queens) just 50 ft. from these two abortion clinics.

She told me she was pregnant. She even told me that she had made two appointments for abortions but she cancelled both of them: first, because her boyfriend (who gave her money for the abortion) talked her out of it, and the second time she cancelled because she felt sick that day. When I started to tell her about the risks during the procedure she didn't believe me untill we watched this video about procediures. Then she told me that she had an abortion a few years ago and nobody at the clinic told her anything about it.
This post continues here


Girls walk into our office daily with different and unique excuses for wanting abortion. Many say that they are not financially and psychologically ready because they are still in school and dependent. That the child is an obstruction to their career pursuit. Some also say that the father of their unborn is not worthy to be related to their baby. Again they say that they,being young, do not possess the expected characteristics of a mother. But as they present these reasons one thing surfaces, fear.

These girls are scared and desperate. They are in need of a solution; and a quick one. So when they tell us they want an abortion, we know the situation they are in has not been given a thorough examination. That we need to help them give the situation a SECOND LOOK.

With the second look, we confront the situation head-on because we believe that every problem possesses in itself its own seed of solution.

With the second look, we draw up the inner strength that the girl never believes she has, helping her believe in herself. Consequently acheiving all she has planned to acheive in life irrespective of the unplanned situation that she´s in.

With the second look, we introduce the girl to the adult life of making decisions based on not just the immediate or present effect of the decision but more importantly, the future.

The second look is what EMC gives.

EMC Founder Honored at Pro-life Gala

Friday night, Interns Manuel, Greg and I had the privlidge of attending the Fourth Annual Pro-life Gala put on by the Westchester-Putnam Right to Life. EMC Founder and President, our very own Chris Slattery was honored along with Elizabeth Costanzo; Executive Director of the Westchester Right to Life Party. Both were honored for their "Dedication, leadership, and untiring efforts in the defense of the Sanctity of Human Life".

It's always exciting for the interns to step off the frontlines and out of the Pregnancy Centers and get a little dressed up for a night on the town. But the highlight of the night was the pride and joy we all felt as we watched our boss presented with his award aswell as a Proclamation given to him by the Mayor of Yonker, NY.

Congratulations Chris! In these past 25 years you have truly built a great, life saving organization!

Heather Nicole

Thursday, October 14, 2010


One day, a young lady came into the center with a young man. She was expecting
his child and was seeking an abortion. She knew he would be there for his child
and for her. He would be there even if she chose to abort. She still wanted the
abortion partly because she had just started to date this young man.

When I started to scan she saw her child and still wanted an abortion.
I was almost completed with the exam and she was positively sure that she wanted
to abort. This is when the director of the center who was in the room started to
pray asking God what to do and something told her ask the young if she wanted to
hold her baby's hand. When Linda, the director, asked this question the young
lady thought Linda was crazy. Linda asked her to place her hand on her stomach.

We had no idea what would happen. I simply looked at the baby lying
face up in the screen. Suddenly the baby started to move his hand upwards
towards his mother hand! The child stayed in this position long enough to give
me goose bumps. We could hardly believe what we had seen. Today his little baby
girl is alive.

Sonogram technician.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Through Death, Life

Women never choose abortion because they feel empowered. Oftentimes, during counseling sessions a deeper issue will become evident.

In a striking example of this, I met a girl who was about as abortion minded as they come - incredibly scared and fragile. After talking for a while we got to the root issue in her decision that she wanted to choose death. Her brother had died about a month ago (approximately the same time she concieved), and this was the reason she was in a pit of despair.

The most powerful moment I've experienced in a while was when she finally reached hope by saying that "I don't know what God thinks, but I know my brother would want me to keep my baby."

In this very humbling saying she, although not admitting it, did realize what God thinks - and God was speaking to her in the form of what her brother would have wanted.

When we experience death, sometimes we fall into despair, but if we only can muster the hope, life may arise. God often blesses us when we are at rock bottom, but we must choose to cooperate with his life giving gifts.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Reuniting Couples and Saving Lives; A 40 Days for Life Story

40 Days for Life, Manuel and I walked down Abortion Row on our way to the EMC Pregnancy Center. As we passed the first of two abortion clinics situated almost next door to each other, I spotted her. She walked down the stairs and began to make her way down the street. I quickly told Manuel that I would be right back.
"Mami, Mami!" I called to her. As I caught up to her she turned around and I saw eyes filled with question and a childlike sadness. I asked her if she was pregnant, she spoke little english but I found out that she was looking for a pregnancy test. I didn't skip a beat, "We do free pregnancy tests at my Center just down the street. Gratis! Free!" She followed me to the center!

As it turns out she was pregnant, and feeling the pressure. She and her husband were seperated and he wanted her to abort. She wanted to keep the baby but, the idea of raising the baby all by herself just seemed to much for her. Jowell counseled her. He explained the risks and complications to her aswell as all of her options. He also encouraged her to be strong, couragous, and not to give in to the temptation. Then he began to speak about what it means to be a man, that her husband should protect his family, and be there for them. After a free sonogrm she left with the promise of returning in a few hours with her husband. And she did just that. After their joint meeting with Jowell the married couple decided to reunite and chose LIFE for their unborn baby! We have met with them several times since that beautiful day. They are very happy and looking forward to their little bundle of joy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Her body, his choice

An 18 year old woman walked into one of our clinics yesterday. She wanted an abortion like most women that come to our clinic. She was with her boyfriend, and he told us that they wanted an abortion because they were too young to have a baby.

We showed her a movie that explained how an abortion works and the possible complications and some information on how the surgery increases the chance of breast cancer with 50%.. What surprised me was that when I showed the woman the size of her six week old baby she looked so happy.

Manuel and I counseled them, she said she´d come back today for a free sonogram of her baby. I wasn´t there today but Manuel was and they told me that the woman was going to keep her baby, and that it was her boyfriend that forced her into an abortion. Not her own choice..

I´m so happy right now, thank you Lord! Only with prayer and His help.

"I did not know I was pregnant"

Today in our Brooklyn office, the most unusual thing happened..
So this 21 year old Jewish girl comes in with her mother. And she is rather a large kinda girl. Not big enough to LOOK pregnant.

We give her a sonogram, and she is 37 weeks!! I was just as shocked as the girl and her mother were. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was due in 3 weeks. She did not know she was pregnant throughout her entire pregnancy, till recently experiencing symptoms.

We advised her to go to a hospital and quickly set herself for insurance, and the delivery in the next 3 weeks.

It was a great experience to see the sonogram, and experience the shock of this young girls face. What a wonderful day at EMC!!

The Silent Scream, Queens-style

The Silent Scream, as most pro-lifers are aware, was and still remains one of the most powerful videos of the pro-life movement. In it Dr. Bernard Nathanson, abortionist turned ardent pro-lifer, describes the procedure using actual instruments, shows fetal development models, and perhaps most strikingly, explains an actual abortion shown in real time on an ultrasound.
Perhaps the good doctor himself never realized that his video would be translated into spanish and shown on a big-screen tv in front of two abortion clinics.

This is what happened today and I could tell that many hearts were stirred. Many stopped to watch and talk - and go figure most people in the neighborhood never realized that there were so many abortion clinics in the neighborhood. Some were legitimately inspired to 'do more' and one young man even watched the entire movie twice in this sort of trance - clearly he had never thought too deeply of the atrocity of abortion.

Besides being at the clinics for the women in crisis pregnancies, our presence also greatly influences the surrounding community, and although the turnarounds are more rewarding and quantifiable, this sort of community influence may be just as important in the long run.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The lord is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation. He is my God and I will praise him. Exodus 15:2
While handing out brochures in front of EMC in Queens I met a young lady of sixteen years . When I spoke to her she immediately smiled and listened. We talked about how children are a gift from God . The fruit of the womb is his reward the bible says. We also talked about abstenance and waiting for marriage. She made a decision right there that she will do the will of God in her life. She made a decision for Christ, for in him we are strong.
No one should fear the opinion of men. Do not be afraid or terrified of them for the lord your God goes before you.Duetoronomy 31:6.


A very beautiful girl she is; and from her composition and appearance, you will conclude she is of high social pedegree.

Unlike the girls i had attended to earlier in the day, she radiated with enthrawing smile. She had come for a sonogram not because abortion was on her mind but to calm her fears about the health of her unborn. As she waited to be called up for the examination, she narrated her past promiscuous life to me.

I know by now you all will have been familiar with the alcohol and multiple partner stories that are common to young adults, which also happen to make up this girl´s story. But i will not be giving the details not because i consider it banal but because the summary reveals an issue worth noting.

The twenty four year old who obviously had been sexually active since her teenage years concluded her story saying, "I thought it was part of the fun my parents told me to have". When she said that, i almost thought her silly. But on the second thought, it made meaning to me. Obviously her parents, just like most others, loved their child. They wanted her to have all the pleasures and priviledges financial hardship denied them as they grew up. They wanted to see her happy and enjoy life. It is a feeling i am familiar with though i am yet to be married(Please don´t ask me how).

However, this statement reveals that in desiring and approving fun or freedom for children, especially young adults, parents should be more thorough and specific. Some of these áctivities´parents expect their children to abstain from are deeds that are openly known to be wrong. And research has shown that parents possess the most influence on their children, at least while they are still young. Therefore, early specific and thorough information of what is expected of children shouldn´t be taken lightly.

Children should be educated on the difference between an excessive or unrestrained gratification of one´s own appetites, desire or whim from fun. For children and young adults, self- indulgence and fun virtually mean the same thing.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The choice

A lot of pro-choicers say having an abortion or keeping the baby is a woman’s choice, because it is her body. But isn’t the definition of choice being able to choose from one or more options? And when a women chooses an abortion, isn’t it her right to be informed in a proper way about the upcoming procedure? Such as the possible numerous complications. Or the actual size of the baby. Normally we would sue a doctor who lies about a surgery.

For instance, if I broke my leg, and the doctor said that it’s just a small crack and he would just fix my leg and I’d be fine in a few days but later it turns out that it is a very big crack and it is a risky procedure that might cause the loss of my leg, and I might never be able to walk again. I’d be so mad because he lied and didn’t tell the whole truth.

The statement that it is still a woman’s body and she has her own choice loses its value as soon as she comes near the abortion clinic. Because then the ‘’security’’ (who protect the mothers from what or whom?) will pull the mothers in as soon as they see mothers talking to us. Why? Why would they do that? If it’s a woman’s choice, let her talk to whoever she wants!

Or maybe… they are afraid that these women might want to keep their baby after talking to us, which would result in a loss of money. Funny, as the woman’s health is so called important to them and choice as the most important statement of the pro-choice group. And a pregnancy rarely kills women, compared to the numerous abortions that go against nature.

Fact: Aborted baby’s stamcells are used in anti-wrinkle cream.

Monday, October 4, 2010

She is not alone anymore

This week has been exciting for me because I had my first counseling session.

The woman told us her story. Ten years ago she got pregnant when she was 16 and her mother threw her out of the house. The father didn’t want responsibilities and she went to live with her sister. She took care of her baby with her sister`s help. Two years after, she came to NYC to get a job and she had to leave her daughter with her sister.

In NYC she was dating this guy and she got pregnant 2 times and she had 2 abortions (05 and 09). They broke up and she was depressed and alone. Now, she is pregnant again and she came to the Queens office to have an abortion. When we explained the consequences of abortion she was astonished: no one had taught her about it (infertility, cancer, death...). In fact, she thought that a 7 weeks fetus was "like a ball" and when we showed the 7 weeks model she started to cry.

We were talking for two hours about her situation: how she was emotionally and financially, and if she had some support here... She is going to come back to her country in December because she was alone here. Now she is not alone: until December she is going to have support from each EMC member.

She will have her baby in Peru. I contacted with this association in Lima that provides help to woman in this situation so is not going to be alone anymore.