Past Interns


My name is Dale McKenzie and I am from Albany, New York. I have found out about the NYC pro-life campaign from a very close friend who stumbled upon an internet link and forwarded me the information. Through friends I have experienced abortion and the ongoing emotional and mental stress it can cause. With this experience and additional training that I will receive I want to help as many people as possible make the right decision so they will not have to deal with the burden and regret that comes with an abortion. I volunteered for a short period of time in Albany helping distribute information about the alternatives to abortion in front of a planned parenthood now I have an opportunity to make a difference and save many lives while bonding with like-minded people from all over the world. In my spare time I enjoy watching sports, exercising, conversing about world issues, and making music (producer).

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Hi everyone! My name is Maggie, and I began my internship in early June on the recommendation of my dear friend Brian, who interned at EMC several years ago. I am from northwestern Virginia, so coming to NYC is a big change for me, but I love the city. That being said, nothing will ever compare with the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley. But I digress. I just graduated in May 2012 from the University of Richmond, and would like to work in the pro-life movement full-time. I'm not sure where that desire will lead me, but I'm very excited that this internship with EMC is where my life saving work will begin.

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Carolina Fernández

My name is Carolina Fernandez, am a New Yorker. Am so excited to be part of this pro-life organization. The way I got involved was on day I was walking on street, and I saw this people with a huge T.V showing how abortion is killing babies they were giving out brochures that said “she a girl, not an option” from that moment I saw that I knew I wanted to involved some how, so I asked if I can volunteer, and they told me there internship program, so I went to there office and started working for them, and so far it has been a wonderful experience.

For me pro-life is accepting that we are humans from the day of conception, we all stared out this way. So what the difference from someone who is alive and one that aborted, they also have right to live. I want to let every one know about this. Most people don’t know how abortion really works, and this organization is doing such a good job telling people going into the street giving awareness and helping girls in the office am so proud to be part of this life charging organization.

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Hola, mi nombre es Miguel tengo 23 años soy de Murcia, España. Estudié derecho. Soy el cuarto de once hermanos, y vine a New York porque me lo recomendó mi hermano mayor, el estuvo trabajando con EMC hace un par de años.

Empece a trabajar con EMC el 16 de Febrero de 2013, y estoy muy feliz de estar aquí, me parece fabuloso el trabajo que realiza y, espero y deseo poder ayudarles a llevar a cabo su ardua y complicada tarea, en solo una semana he aprendido mucho, tanto de las personas que trabajan en EMC, como de las futuras madres que he conocido.

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Hola! Mi nombre es Carlos. Soy de Madrid y estudié Derecho y Finanzas.Soy el pequeño de 4 hermanos y tengo 4 sobrinos. Desde pequeño mis padres me educaron en el respeto a la mujer y a la vida, este último, como derecho fundamental e irrenunciable.

     Doy gracias a EMC por la oportunidad que me han brindado de venir a Nueva York para colaborar, como voluntario, por tres meses. Asumo este reto con ilusión y con muchas ganas de aprender y, ayudar en todo lo necesario, a todo el equipo de EMC en la defensa de la vida y en el apoyo a mujeres embarazadas.

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Alvaro Sobejano

Hey there! I am Alvaro Sobejano one of the new interns in the lifehouse. I am 21 years old law student and I am from Spain.

Since I heard about this wonderful prolife internship I always wanted to come.
I did not expect this internship to be this great. I have only spent one week here and it has been amazing. 
As I expected I am improving my english so much and also I am meeting a lot of nice people from all around the world. But the most important thing I am helping EMC with his wonderful cause of defending live and helping the most needy.

I am very excited to be here and I hope my work here will help to save a lot of lives.

Lets make the most of it!

Megan Louise

Hi Ya’ll! My name is Megan, and I am come from the great land of Western Kentucky in the small town of Whitesville.  Prolife work has been imbedded into the essence of who I am as the 3rd of 9 children.  My parents fostered a respect for life throughout my upbringing.  We live on a tobacco farm in the rolling hills of the Ohio River valley and I loved growing up learning to work hard and help others.

  I am 22 years old and a recent graduate of Murray State University where I received a BS in Chemistry and Biology in preparation for medical school.  While at MSU I also co-founded a campus prolife group and found prolife work to be a passion that I held close to my heart.  I was also very active in the Newman House Catholic Campus Ministry where I helped with music, religious education, mission trips, retreats and other spiritual activities.  After graduation, God revealed to me that He does not want me to pursue medicine at the moment… so instead he called me to go to New York City and work with EMC.  I have worked with EMC since January of 2011 and I am truly amazed at all that I have learned.  I came from Kentucky, a state that only has two abortion clinics in the entire state, to New York City where I work in our Brooklyn office that has two abortion clinics in the SAME BUILDING! 

My hobbies include playing guitar, hiking, singing, canoeing, camping, baking and crocheting.  I am a lover of nature and the great outdoors! I spent a summer working at Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp and I have a huge heart for youth ministry.  God is so good to have led me here to EMC and I can only trust that wherever He decides to send me next, I will be serving as His hands and feet. 

Heather Nicole

I come to you from Northern California. I am incredibly excited to be here in New York City, to do this wonderful work along side such couragous people! I have been involved in Pro-life activism since I was 11 years old. Most recently I participated in several 40 Days For Life Campaigns in my local community as well as a lot of grassroots work for the proposed CA Prop 4 Parental Notification legislation.

One of my passions in life, aside from the Pro-life movement, is teaching teenagers about Chastity. Teens are just amazing, they have such a youthful energy, that when put to good use can effect change in their communities and in this world!

In my spare time I love to sing-- The Blues, Soul, Gospel, and Country Music are some of my favorites. I also really enjoy cooking, and especially love learning to prepare the cuisine of different cultures. Another one of my hobbies is gardening! I find it to be very relaxing and it also makes for good cooking when you have garden fresh vegetables and herbs. It is my hope that any talents that I posess will be put to good use in building up the Kingdom of God and help to save children whose lives hang in the balance.

                                                                        Brian D.

In December of 2009, I graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a degree in Economics. Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee I am 24 years old and enjoy to travel, read, and garden. 

In addition to my being a Catholic, my interests in economics include demographics and population control.

Manuel Jose

I am a 24 year old law student from Santiago, Chile. I am finishing my degree at the Catholic University there. I learned about the EMC Internship program from a family friend who had met Mr. Slattery at a prolife conference in Peru. I have been involved in prolife work in my country and wanted this opportunitiy to help here in NYC and also gain experience in English.

Jennie N.

I am from Tampa, Florida. I'm 18 and a sophomore at the University of South Florida. My major is Biomedical Sciences and I plan on becoming a forensic scientist. I was an intern this past summer and have returned for 3 weeks during Christmas break.

Santiago C.

Five years ago I spent 3 weeks in India volunteering in an orphanage. My daughter, Tatiana, was an EMC intern during the month of August 2009. When she returned to Spain, excited about her experience here, it inspired me, so I took time off from my job in the tourism industry and banking communications in Madrid to come to NYC and get involved, myself.

Brian C. 
I am a 19-year-old sophomore at Franciscan University of Steubenville from Martinsburg, WV. I grew up in the D.C. area before moving to WV in 2003. I have been active in pro-life work since I was a mere toddler (my mother having taken me to pray outside abortion clinics), but it wasn't until I began working with EMC that I started counseling women one-on-one. During the 2008 summer, I was a part of the core team of the Maryland region's Face the Truth Tour. During that tour, the core team members' focus was to let the people of the Maryland region know the truth about abortion. I enjoy working at EMC with all my heart and know that I am doing God's work. 

Grace L. 
I am a 21 year old student of Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN. I am a Humanistic Studies major who studied a semester in Seville, Spain last spring. I grew up in Tempe, AZ near Phoenix before attending college in the Midwest. I have always been passionate about the pro-life movement but have become increasingly involved over the years. I'm currently the president of the right to life club at my college after serving as the vice-president for two years. 
I decided to come to New York after feeling a call to serve women in crisis pregnancies and their children. I am touched every day by the beauty of the women we work with and the dignity belonging to both the mothers and the children. I pray every day for Jesus to use me to touch hearts and bring hope to those in despair and darkness. Pray for me! 

Philip J.S. 
I am 28 and a recent graduate of the University of Central Missouri. I have a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and have attempted becoming a State Representative in the last two election cycles without much success thus far. I have been born and raised in Sedalia, Missouri and was in the Missouri Army National Guard for 9 years. Fortunately, there are no abortion clinics in my town of 20,000 people and I'd like to help keep it that way. 

Sean M. 
After a conversion of heart at age 16 I decided to take my faith a lot more seriously and depend on God with all my heart, mind, and strength. My eyes were opened to the reality of good and evil in this world, and I wanted to help out others in need. After graduating high school I began to go to Nassau Community College majoring in Criminal Justice. At this time I wanted to become a Police Officer and in my community I joined the Volunteer Fire Department. I also joined a Catholic Campus Ministry group at school that introduced me to a new community of faith. We placed a high importance on service to others and improving our relationship with God through Mass and weekend retreats. 
My devotion to Christ increased as I got older and I began to go to Mass as often as I could. I transfered to St. John's University located in Jamaica, Queens after graduating NCC with a GPA of 3.68. I decided after one semester at St. John's that I was going to join the Cathedral Seminary Residence in Douglaston, Queens to discern whether or not God was calling me to become His holy priest. 
After deciding that He was not calling me to that life (at least at this time) I decided to serve God in what I believe to be the most important issue of our time, the issue of Life. I hope to be a big help to the Pro-Life movement by saving babies and helping the others I work with and serve to become closer to Jesus Christ, who is the truth, the way, and the life. 

Christina T. 
I am 18 years old and off to Franciscan University this upcoming Fall to study Bioethics and Psychology. 
I grew up in a family where, although we had a Catholic background, no religion was practiced. 
Circumstances led to my adoption by my Uncle Mike when I was 13. Shortly after moving in with him and his wife, Kristin [they now have three children- Pat 6, Ava 3, and Gianna 1], I was sent to a Catholic camp, where I very deeply discovered the endless love and mercy of God. This was the beginning of my development of faith. 
Over the next three years, I developed my own spiritual life and explored living it out in every way of my life. One way, however held me back. This was the very touchy subject of abortion. 
I've always enjoyed arguing, but not with my Uncle, because he'd always win. So, when he brought up abortion, my eyes would glaze over and my mind would wander off to other things. I already had my mind made-up that I wouldn't have an abortion, but who is a person to force another person to keep an unwnted child, especially if it was forced onto them, such as in the case of rape. 
So, when I was 16, my uncle encouraged me to go to Camp Joshua, a pro-life activist training camp put on by Oregon Right to Life, i gladly applied. I aimed to go to this camp and slyly open the eyes of these people to the truth of the propaganda they had their minds clouded with. My intend was to spread the pro-abortion agenda. 
My plans, however, were drastically flushed down the toilet. At Camp Joshua, I learned of fetal development. I saw pictures of children in the womb. I saw sonograms of babies sucking their thumbs, swimming around, and making faces. I learned of abortion procedures. I saw pictures and video footage. I heard testimonies of post-abortive women and men. I learned that abortion is the worst act of evil; killing an defenseless, human LIFE. 
I realized that abortion needed to be stopped and i made the committment to do everything in my power to stop it. 
Thus, I began a pro-life youth group called the LifeSavers. Using the format learned at Camp Joshua, we covered all the pro-life issues, prayed in front of Planned Parenthood, held informal surveys at the state capitol, and used our different gifts and abilities to spread the truth amongst anybody and everybody. 
When i heard of this internship with EMC, I knew it was something I was called to participate in. I am so incredibly blessed by God to have this amazing opprotunity to spread His truth, His hope, and His light amongst all I come in contact with and I'm extremly greatful. 

Laura N. 
I grew up in Montana, but moved to New York last year to attend college at Fordham University. I will be a sophomore there majoring in International Political Economy. Looking to move beyond the academia of college and into the Bronx community where I lived, I began doing sidewalk counseling through the Fordham Respect for Life club. This eventually led to the internship this summer. Please pray for me and for all the interns here as we work to serve the women and unborn children of the Bronx. 

Brenda Kay 
After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in political science and English, I chose to take a gap year before starting graduate school. Last fall I taught English in Vienna, Austria, last spring I nannied in Michigan, and I'm spending this summer with EMC. 
I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this work, to live in the Bronx and offer love, support, and encouragement to these women at such a crucial and difficult time in their lives. I truly believe that in this work we have the privilege to be the hands of Christ. 
This September I will matriculate at the University of Chicago, working towards a masters in public policy and international relations. I look forward to returning to my studies, and I expect that my work this summer will have a great impact on the way I approach my policy coursework.

Irma R.
I am from Spain. Actually I am studying International Degree in Economics at the University of Navarre in Spain. However, next fall will be in exchange in LA. I certainly heard about EMC in a reunion in hour university about internships for summer. I was really into it since it is an amazing experience from where you overtake different challenges. I will be staying for a month and a half more or else and hope that I can also save many lifes that do not have the right to decide.

Lucía María M.
I'm 20 years old and I study Philosophy with Journalism at the University of Navarra in Spain. I started to be conscious about the abortion issue when I was 7 years old and I recieved some pro-life flyers which showed how horrible is to kill a baby.
In the university of Burgos we're starting an association for helping pregnant students to let them know that they're not alone during their pregnancy.
I'm here because a friend of mine, Jose M, mentioned the intership. I felt it could be an excellent way to spend a few weeks this summer. I hope to learn how to best serve pregnant women in order to improve our help center at the university of Burgos.

Jose M. A.
I'm from Marbella, a beautiful southern city of Spain. I'm 19 years old. I've finished my second year on Audiovisual Communication at University of Navarra. I love music and I play the piano too. I've come to EMC internship to fight against abortion because I think that this is really gonna help me and others, and because I love that gift of God called Life.

I am 21 years old and I come from Madrid, Spain. I will be starting the final year of my Law degree in the fall. In Spain, I work in an amazing law office every afternoon, and I'm very happy with it.
I am the youngest of eight siblings. I chose to come here because Ana recommended me, and I am very happy because it's the greatest experience of my life. I am learning a lot of things, not only from the staff but from every mother who chooses to continue her pregnancy.


I’m from Chihuahua, Mexico. I’ve been involved full time in the prolife movement since I finished my degree in law. First running a pregnancy centre in the border city of Juarez, Mexico. Later as a counselor in a pregnancy centre in London where I was also part of the helpers of God's precious infants group. Currently I’m studying a Master’s program in Marriage and Family Sciences in Rome at the John Paul II Institute. 

Gabrielle Sophia

Hi, I'm Gabrielle! I was born and raised in Lynchburg,VA. I am the middle of three children. My parents instilled in me the value of human life from the time I was very young. However, I only became personally active in the pro-life movement in the past three years. I helped with fundraising at the local pregnancy resource center in my hometown, even helping to organize an annual benefit concert.

In my free time I enjoy playing vollyball, dancing, doing yoga, and singing. I will be attending The King's College in NYC in the Fall. I plan to concentrate in politics, philosophy, and economics. I am so excited for the opportunity to be more involved in pro-life work and learn and grow and help save lives in the Abortion Capitol of America.


My name is John, I hail from the Electric City of Scranton, Pennsylvania. As the youngest of seven children, the pro-life morals have been instilled in me since before I can remember. I attend Christendom College, a Catholic liberal arts school located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Aside from pursing my B.A. in Political Science, I enjoy playing soccer, reading, and being involved in the school community.

My experiences involving the pro-life movement have been limited to attending the March for Life in Washington D.C. I am extremely excited to be involved in pro-life work with E.M.C. and to be working with courageous individuals who make the effort to protect the most defenseless form of humanity. This experience that God has placed before me will, undoubtedly, have challenges and present the opportunity to do the work of God.

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I'm Paz, a Spanish student that has just arrived to work with EMC. I am studying Advertising and Public Relations at the Univeristy of Navarre, in Pamplona, although I am from Madrid.

I am the youngest of a big family, I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters and I already have 2 nieces. I have a theory about life: in this life there are only a few things that are truly important to me and family is one of them. My family gave me all I have, all I am. Since I realized how blessed I am for having this family, I want to spread that understanding to others. Family is the best present life can give you.

I came to New York for the summer, looking for an intership here, in NYC, but I found something much much better! I found an opportunity to work with women who are in great need of help. I am learning lots of things, thanks to all the the people who are a part of EMC. They are teaching me how to manage many different situations...

In the following weeks I will share with you all my experiences. My best regards to all those who follow this blog!!

In the following weeks I will try my best.

I’m Cristina, a new girl from Spain. I’m 20 years old. I study architecture at the UPM in Madrid.There are 8 of us in my family. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I’m the third. I went to a Catholic school in Madrid. I’ve been pro-life since I knew what it meant.
I’m excited about this job because I want to show how important life is. This experience is better than I thought before coming to NYC. It's pretty hard sometimes but it also makes you feel that you're doing good. I'm so happy to be here to lend a hand to this cause. I did not know what to expect at first but I have learned a lot this first week and was amazed at how much good work we are able to do in such a short amount of time.

In this week, I've seen many women, many of them were not sure of getting the abortion, the most common excuse is that there are not prepared to be a mother, the truth is that they are scared.

Over the next weeks I want to help them!

I'm Maria, a new member of EMC, I've been here just one week. I study law and bussines at the UCM of Madrid. I’m the oldest of 7 children.
My little sister has Down Syndrome. She was born one year ago. At the beginning it was hard to accept but now we realize that our own plans are not always the best plans. My sister is the best thing that has happened to me.

A lot of women came to the center saying that they want to abort because a baby wasn’t in their plans. This point reminds me what we thought when my sister was born. In this life there are difficult situations and everybody needs support. I'm going to do my best in this work in the following weeks.

Teresa Abascal

I’m Teresa, a Spanish girl. I’m 19 years old. I study bussines in CUNEF, Madrid. I’m the fourth of five children.

This is my first week in NYC, in the Bronx and among all these amazing people who saves lives every day. I’ve learnt a lot not only from those who work here but from the mothers that are facing the hard decsion of whether to carry on with the pregnancy, demonstrating that life is a present given by God.

I think that life is really important. In my family and also at school I’ve learned that.

I like staying in the Lifehouse because we fight for the same cause despite our different cultures, traditions and beliefs.

I hope I will be able to help women who need support.

Teresa Beitia

Hola gente! My name is Teresa and I'm from the most lovely city in Spain: Pamplona. It is located in the north of the country and it is the because it has such a peaceful atmosphere and a lot of nice people that I am the way I am. My Pro-life enthusiasm comes from my family: I'm an only child (which does not necessarily mean that I am one of those selfish and egocentric girls...) and it is because of my parents that I have learned the value of a life: it is priceless. My Catholic school and a bunch of good friends are the reason for my positive attitude towards life in general. Leaving aside my wishes of saving lives while I'm meeting new people and I'm living in the city that never sleeps, I have no specific reason for being here. But suddenly I found myself booking my flight and leaving home. I hope that the time I spend here helps me to develop my personality and to grow as a human being.

Hello! I am Marta and I am studying Fine Arts in Madrid, though my hometown is Pamplona, Navarre. As I grew up I learned that everyone is special, every life is important and different, no matter their disabilities or problems, we have to love them.
But it looks as if the world has forgotten that. Abortion is a growing issue in Spain. In fact, last month they announced the opening of a new abortion clinic in Pamplona.
Thankfully, more people are realizing that abortion not only kills babies, but endangers women too. But being pro-life is not only an adjective, is an action. We have to stop this business and each of us counts.
By coming here I have the opportunity of helping the people who don't know about abortion, and promote the fight against it in Spain.


I´m Luis, I am from Spain and I´m the youngest of 6 brothers and sisters. All my siblings have already married and I have fourteen nephew and nieces. With this big family I´m very sure that being surrounded by people is a great thing. that’s why I am a pro-life boy. Now I am an active pro-life boy because I started working with EMC, helping pregnant women to save the lives of their children and themselves. I have many desires and ideas in mind, which I will express in following blog posts..
I haven´t tell you anything about my studies yet. I study law at the university of Navarra, even thougth I´m from Mallorca, I heard about this internship from two friends of mine that came last year and I recommend everybody to become an active prolife intern. It will be for your own good.
This is a photo of me with my new nephew Tomás.


My name is Ignasi Grau and I’m 20 years old. I’m from Barcelona where I study Law in the UPF, a Catalan colleague. This summer I decided to take part in the EMC program in order to make this world a better place.
Before that I spend a summer in Africa helping in a Charity center of Mother Teresa. This summer I decided to come to New York, the abortion capital city in the USA, in order to showing people the people that abortion is against fundamental rights and human dignity.


Hello everybody, I am new here. I’m Oriol from Girona a pretty nice city in Spain. I study economics at the UPF college of Barcelona. I have a big family - I’m the second of five brothers.I can see from all of them happiness and love. I learned that life is a gift of God and we have to defend it.
I am very excited to have this opportunity to join EMC and fight against abortion because as a pro-lifer I think that we can do a lot to help pregnant mothers. I expect that we can all do a great job here in New York and also then when we come back to Spain with all we are going to learn.

Sarah Lynn

So, a little about me. I am from Gaithersburg, MD (which is not far from DC). I love chocolate, have a thing for ancient historians, and know a dead language. I use sarcasm rather abundantly, but am learning when to reign it in.
As far as formal education is concerned, I have been home-schooled for most of my life. Throughout high school I mainly took classes outside the home, and had a rather untraditional senior year. I went to “Summit Semester” an organization created by Summit Ministries which takes 30 students out into the gorgeous mountains of Colorado and teaches them how to think. (Not WHAT to think. HOW to think.) We were taught by several amazing professors from all over the country. There’s really nothing quite like pondering some of the greatest questions and ideas on top of a Colorado Mountain. This coming fall I am planning on going to The King’s College NYC to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics.
What in the world do I want to do with a degree like that? Good Question. Let’s start at the very beginning. I am a Christian. And as a Christian I think it can be so easy to stick to your “denominational group”. No offense to denominations (as I do ‘categorize’ myself as Reformed Presbyterian) but there tends to be more conflict between doctrinal differences and not enough unity in being a strong leading force in our culture. This is the beauty of the pro-life movement. Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and Atheists are just some of the religious groups all working together in pro-life organizations.
I am passionate about reforming culture. I think that Christians tend to stick to their little “sub-culture” of Christianity with their “Christian music”, “Christian friends”, “Christian bumper stickers” and “Christian game nights” etc. I want to speak to them - to wake them up to what is really going on in the world. We shouldn’t be hiding from culture but out there reforming it. We need Christians in every area of culture - Christian teachers, lawyers, trapeze artists, politicians, dancers, doctors, musicians, hot air balloon makers - you name it!
As you might be able to tell I get quite passionate about this. Anyway, I am so excited to be in NYC this summer working in the pregnancy centers, and “practicing what I preach” so to speak. So, nice to meet you, and enjoy watching me learn a lot this summer!

P.S. After looking at this picture you might get the impression that I'm gorgeous, serious, and intellectual. (oh. and humble) In which case you would be 100% correct. But I actually do like to smile and laugh. Just so you know.

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My name is Ambrosia, and I'm 18. I was homeschooled for most of my life.

I have three living younger siblings, but there are 9 of us total. I came from Maine, and being in a city is quite an experience!

I want to do all I can to help. I want to be on the frontlines, looking into the eyes of the women who need help. I want to know that if a woman did not know she had other options, It wasn't because I chose to not help.

I think what excites me most about this opportunity is how well it fits my dreams. I have known for years that helping women and children this way is one of my biggest passions. I want to do so much. I have seen already the pain in a woman’s eyes as she goes though the pain of losing her child. A single friend of mine had three children on contraception. She miscarried the first two. I sat with her for seventy-two hours as she lost the third, a little boy, at eighteen weeks(LMP). I will never forget the pain in the maternity ward that weekend.

Since then I have become even more passionate about being Pro-life. I never want a woman to ask me why I didn't care about her enough to warn her. I wish no woman ever felt she had to put herself through this horror.

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Hi I'm Borja Cocho, I'm 20 and I come from Valladolid in Spain. I'm studing medicine at the University of Navarre and I think that life is the best thing ever so this is why I'm doing medicine and become active in the pro-life movement with EMC.

About me: I'm the youngest of three siblings which makes me realize the importance of family and team work.


My name is Alejandro J.Pérez Alvarez, I am a student of Mechanical Engineering in Tecnun (University of Navarra). 

I have been in contact with different pro-live groups in San Sebastian. Then I heard about this organization and I thought that this would be an excellent way to save lives working with other people who think like me, by helping those mothers who don't know how to deal their pregnancies.

I'm pro-life because life is a right given by God that nobody should steal, so I hope I will do my best in this exceptional work and try to learn all I can while I stay here. Thank you all.

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Hi, I am Nacho Escauriaza a new internship from Spain. I study Mechanical Engineering at the University Navarra in San Sebastian, a small city in the north of Spain.

I have heard about this organization by a friend of mine who had been before in New York. When he told me about this way for saving babies I wanted to come. I have been trying to save lives in my country, but not through this kind of way. Now I can directly save babies and for me it is a great form to give glory to God.

I hope to learn a lot from the people who I live with and from the rest of the people that work here fighting against abortion. I am sure I will do my best!

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Hi Everybody!!!
I´m Paloma,from Spain.I´m studing enginiering.
I have a big familiy,4 sisters and 3 brothers.
I´m pro-life since i have reason,the same as my family.2 of my sisters worked here 2 years ago.
All human being has de right to live,that´s why I´m here,helping pregnant women.
They are worried so I want to help them during this complicated moment in their lifes. 


Mi name is Ana Pacheco. I am from Spain and I arrived to the Lifehouse August 18th. I am 25 years old and I have studied journalism in Barcelona.

For me Pro-life means the respect for life. The right to life is the cornerstone upon which rests or should rest our civilization and I'm sure that the right to life from the moment of conception is the first right of all. It is for that reason that I'm firmly against abortion, which would be the opposite of pro-life.

The experience here is incredible. I worked two days and it is impressionant to have the opportunity to help women who are pregnant and want to abort because they see no other way for child and we can convince them. It is beautiful to have the opportunity to convince them about the life, about that they have a baby inside them and he has to life. I know that if this girls and women are informed about what they will be subject, they would have the chance of choosing what they would like to do

I am surprise seeing that the most women that comes to the centers doesn't know really that they have a baby inside with life that would have the opportunity to born. This experience is beautiful because we can valorate our life and explain to other people all the things that our family have explained and teach us.

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Hello!! I´m Lis Esteban. I´m 23 years old. I´m from Barcelona and I have already finished studying Dentistry.

I´m very happy to be here with EMC. I`m the third daughter of my family, there are 7 of us. We are 4 daughters and 3 sons. I´m a pro-life person because I have my own experience with my family. We defend life in everything. Every new fertilized cell (embrion) is a new human being.
I arrived to the NY Internship on August 18th. Yesterday I went to the Queens office and it was awesome. I´m very happy because I think we could do a very good work helping them.

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Hi I´m Carlos, I´m studying Architecture at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, a city of Spain. I am the seventh of a family of twelve children.

Since I began to study in Pamplona I have been a member of an organization like this, so when a friend of mine told me about this internship in New York I thought it was a great opportunity to support this cause.
My parents always showed me the importance of the right to life, and whenever I can, I tried to fight for this cause.

I arrived last saturday but I will stay here until september, so I hope to learn a lot from other people and I will try to help as much as I could.

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Hi I’m Belen. I’m a Spanish girl that has just finished Advertising and Public Relations. I’m from Barcelona a big city in Spain.

I’m the third of a big family. I have four brothers and two sisters. Since I was a child my parents showed and taught me from their example the importance of life.

In Spain the term life does not raise many followers, but there are many organizations trying to defend the gift of life, helping mothers or looking for possibilities for themselves and their future children.

Last summer when one friend explained me the work that an American organization was doing in New York, I thought that it could be a very enriching experience. So, in June I finished my last year in College and I decided to come to the EMC internship. I just arrived last Monday but I hope that this period in New York I will learn a lot from other people and I'll try to do my best!

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Hola everyone;
My name is Gabriel Muzás and I have just finished a journalism degree at the University of Navarre, in Pamplona, Spain. However, my hometown is Vitoria, a small city in the north of Spain. 
I have a big family: I'm the oldest of three brothes and two sisters. We all know the good values of life, family and charity.

For a long time I have been looking for a volunteering possibility to do in the summer. Last year, a friend of mine who came to EMC two years ago told me about this intership program. I found it interesting from the first time and it seemed to me a good way to help people to know the importance of the life.

I'm very exited to start working at EMC at New York. I'm sure that this is going to be a good summer and an important time for me to help and learn at the same time.

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I feel greatly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work for EMC over the next couple of months - - apparently I'm the first British intern too! I met Chris Slattery by chance whilst at World Youth Day in Madrid, and wanted to get involved as soon as I heard about this incredible organisation.

It is so important that women are taught the truth about abortion and realise not only how precious they are, but the lives of their unborn children aswell. Everyone should experience real, sincere love in their lives; EMC offers this to women. It encourages them to believe in themselves and realise their value and capabilities. It's an honour to work with them and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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Hello, here I am... a new intern after all sommer-interns are gone.

My start was incredible: one minute later we opened the door of the center came a woman and I have must to attend her... then Jowell came and after one hour counseling with us she went decided to have her child... wow! it works! she will be hopefully a new happy mother!

I learned very much during this first counseling and I am glad to take part on this internship. The next weeks I am going to write about more experiences. See you soon!

Manuel G.

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Hi I´m Trini and I´m from Spain. I´m in NY doing an internship with EMC for three months. I´m here because I would like to help women that can’t find a way out, be able to save lives and learn a lot so that this may help me to grow as a person.
For me, Pro-life means to defend human rights and the Natural Law. It’s the defense of life, of the most defenseless; babies, the elderly and people who have suffered brain damage.
I will tell you about my experience here.

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                                                Abby S.

I am 24 years old. I graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA in 2008 where I received my Bachelors of Arts degree in Theatre. Right out of college I stayed in my college town and lived in an apartment with 3 amazing girls who are my best friends. I am originally from North Carolina where the majority of my supportive, excellent family lives.

I am very eclectic. I used to live in California, San Francisco Bay area, where I worked with Special Needs. And while living in Virginia I taught long term substitute teaching jobs for Lynchburg city schools. I taught 12th grade government for a semester. I have lifeguarded for the past 4 years.

I love being active. I love people. I have a passion for them. I have a passion for these girls or women that I see everyday. They are broken and hopeless, until I tell them the hope they have in God. God is my everything. I try to love like He loves. I pray that He continues to break my heart for what breaks His.

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        My name is Luis Mondragon, I am 25 years old. Born in Guerrero, Mexico but moved to Sanger, California when I was 8. After I graduated high school I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I currently study and work not only professionally but also with the Pastoral Youth. I am a member of a community called Sembradores which was started by Rev. Nestor Torres. Father Nestor is a Colombian priest that was brought over to work with the youth of the Archdiocese of Chicago. He always tells us that God needs an army and that we are called to be that soldier that HE needs; and once a soldier has been trained and knows enough to go into battle he must do so, that is why I'm here. I wanted to do my missionary work and after looking at some options this is where I felt my heart closest to as my mom was a single parent and I Thank her for not choosing or ever considering this route as I probably wouldn't have been here since my dad left before I was born.
         Babies don't have a voice and we must be that for them, specially unborn as in there they don't even have a cry that can be heard. We are not only called to do so by our Faith but also by our humanity. We must respect and protect all of God's creation, specially his greatest and most beautiful of all, his children.

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I was born and raised in a small farming community in rural Michigan. Growing up I remember distinctly declaring on more than one occasion that the last place I would ever want to live was New York City. The fact that said city is now the place I am incredibly excited to be moving to is proof of the power and persistence of the Holy Spirit. Really, my whole life is proof of that.

God has blessed me with many different experiences in ministry and outreach, such as working with children, teens, the elderly, and foreign mission, but working in the Pro-Life arena is a first. Being the second of nine children, I grew up with a natural love for new life and the blessing of babies. I also love adventure and a good story. There has been adventure aplenty in my life. This will be my 6th residence since graduating from high school in 2005 and during that time I have taken classes through 7 institutions of higher education (including a couple through a school in Italy).

Language, Theology and People are my greatest interests. Throw in some photography, countryside, and exploring new places and you have a general overview of my life. I graduated from Lansing Community College with an Associates in Foreign Language, followed (rather unexpectedly) a few years later by a Bachelors in Pastoral Theology from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. While I love learning, especially those subjects, I don't like sitting in classrooms. So, I am thrilled to be heading out onto the streets of New York to put my experience (and God's grace) to good use!

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My name is Gregory Webb. I’ve always been pro-life but really began understanding the abortion issue in high school. My senior project and other important papers that I wrote all dealt with the injustice of abortion.

At St. John’s University I was a member of Student’s for Life and was president my junior year. Around that time I started working with EMC in order to get myself and my group more frontline experience – going to the abortion clinics where the ‘rubber meets the road.’ Seeing how the prayer outside the clinics transformed my own life and how sidewalk counseling was effective at changing the hearts of women, I was hooked. I mean this literally saves lives!

Since winter of 2008, I’ve been working with Chris Slattery and EMC, taking a few breaks to finish my undergraduate degree and work as a painter in my hometown of Norwich, NY. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and know that no matter what my vocation this experience will benefit me.

My other interests are physics (BS 2010 St John’s), theology, and philosophy (which are my minors). I love how they all converge in the discovery of the truth. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that my favorite non-pro-life activity is music. My first love is the guitar but about four years ago I picked up the banjo. 

I’m very grateful for the gift of life and wish to help others enjoy such a gift!

- Greg

Hola a todo el mundo!!!

Soy Make, tengo 28 años y vengo de el norte de España, más concretamente de Bilbao, hasta Nueva York con el fin de poder colaborar en está misión tan importante  que realiza EMC (Expectant Mother Care), dejándose la piel cada día por todas esas mamás que acuden a pedir ayuda a los diferentes centros que hay por toda la ciudad.

Lo primero de todo quería agradecer a las personas que forman parte de esta institución todo lo que hacen y, por supuesto, el darme la oportunidad de ser una más dentro de EMC.

En segundo lugar quería deciros a todos que vengo con mucha ilusión y que voy a poner toda la carne en el asador cada día, quiero aprender, conocer y ayudar!

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   My name is Noelle Arvanitis, I'm 25 and originally from Winston-Salem, NC. However I have lived the past year of my life in Ocala, FL. This is my very first time in NY! I cannot describe how awesome it feels to be a part of the hustle and bustle of New York. So what brought a southern girl like me all the way to the big city you ask? When I was 17 I faced an unplanned, crisis pregnancy. I felt so alone and so scared, wondering what my community would think, how would I finish high school, and most importantly HOW COULD I BE A MOTHER?! I felt anger towards God for letting this happen to me, of ALL people WHY me? Little did I know how He would turn this potentially destructive situation into a completely constructive life lesson and blessing. 

   I made an adoption plan and on November 26th 2003 my daughter, Olivia Noelle was born. That little girl, who is now 8 years old, has blessed so many lives. She is the reason I'm here, the reason God has given me to have such a passion and heart for women. For the women who are scared beyond belief but BRAVE enough to carry their baby for 9 months just so their child can have an entire lifetime.

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My name is Emily Wilkinson and I'm from Montana. I found out about this internship one year ago at the Students for Life of America conference in Washington, D.C., and it has been a dream come true to be accepted into the program.

 My parents were actively involved in the pro-life movement before I was born, and I've been attending pro-life rallies since I was an infant. During high school however, I began to feel drawn toward the issue; I had an urge to get more involved and formed a pro-life club at my high school. I went on to start more Students for Life clubs at the two campuses of Montana State University that I attended before graduating in December 2011. During the few years that I finished college in Bozeman, MT, I was privileged to be involved in the local pro-life movement in other ways: I worked part-time at a wonderful Pregnancy Resource Center, organized an annual March for Life, connected with the local Right to Life chapter, and met community members who pray at the area abortion clinic.

Other than being involved in pro-life activism, my interests are dancing (especially Latin, ballroom, and country), making and listening to music, road trips, photography, and meeting people from all over the world.

When I take a step back and think about this movement, it amazes me that we even need to be doing this work in the first place! It is really crazy that such a thing as abortion even exists, even more so that people profit off the lie of abortion and get away with ruining the lives of millions of unsuspecting women who have no idea of what's in store for them after abortion. This is truly a spiritual battle, and abortion, as some leaders have said, is the Devil's prize. It is the ultimate perversion and destruction of God's image because it targets the most innocent, the most pure of His creation. However, I believe there will be a day in the future when people will look back on the years of legal abortion the way that we currently look back on slavery and decades of racism- with shame and embarrassment that we tolerated such evil for so long.

I feel that pro-life activism may be my calling, and I'm extremely excited to be here for what feels like the next step in that path. Please pray for me!

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