Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Saving 'Grace' on Tuesday.

We spend most mornings sidewalk counselling outside a number of baby killing facilities. Last Tuesday morning, I was stationed outside Planned Parenthood on Bleecker Street, Noho (This is a prime location in Manhattan. The building across from P.P.'s premises will open in a few months. The cheapest condominium will cost $4 million - for just 1700 square feet - and they will range up to $24 million in price. It is quite curious how a "non-profit" organisation could even lease an adjacent premises which occupies thousands of square feet - a substantial portion of the block).

I struck up a conversation with two young women, Marina and Kayla, accompanied by a two year old boy, Jamie in a buggy. It was Marina who had come for an abortion and little Jamie in the buggy was her son. We had a good conversation. Marina listened and engaged with me, but her Kayla, her cousin was impatient and they went in after a while.

We prayed hard while standing and walking up and down the sidewalk, in-between making approaches to & counselling other women and girls. An hour or so later, Borja called me and alerted me to the fact that Marina had come out!!!! I gave her space and waited until she walked down the sidewalk towards us. She started to cry and her first utterance was simply "I couldn't do it". She also said she had googled 'Planned Parenthood sells baby parts' like I had suggested & while she hadn't watched one of the videos in the waiting room, she did read an article. 

Marina declined to go to an EMC centre for a sonogram there and then, preferring to go home, but we exchanged numbers and made an arrangement for her to come to our centre in the Bronx on Friday. I've named the baby Grace. Please spiritually adopt Grace and her mom Marina and pray for them & for all our other clients in the days, weeks & months to come.


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