Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Power of Life

On Friday, I had the opportunity to work in the Brooklyn office while we performed ultrasounds. I got to experience two radically different situations. The first was a teenage mother who came in with her friend. Upon seeing her ultrasound, she could not stop squealing and smiling out of excitement. With every movement, and with every new feature the ultrasound tech pointed out, she was more enthralled. It was a beautiful acknowledgement of the power of bearing life. The second was a mature woman (20s or young 30s) heavily considering abortion. She teared up upon hearing the heartbeat of her child, as many mothers do who are leaning towards abortion. However, when I got the chance to talk to her, she seemed hopeful but uncertain, saying she thought her child was going to be a girl, with two older brothers. The ultrasound tech had to step out a moment, and the head counselor, Kathy, came in. After she left, it was explained to me that her child seemed to have anencephaly, a condition where the skull doesn’t develop. Kathy delivered this news to the mother, encouraging her to get a second opinion from a doctor at the Gianna center. The mother was absolutely distraught. The contradiction struck me- she was willing to take her child’s life, but was very, very upset when the baby’s health was in question. Sometimes it takes drastic measures for us to appreciate the beauty of life. I don’t understand God’s motivations, but the power of both situations left an impression on me. Life is so powerful, and it’s a potent reminder to make sure every minute of mine counts.

Attached is an audio of the first girl sharing her excitement after viewing the ultrasound.

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