Monday, August 3, 2015

Glorious Friday

            Last Friday I was sent to the Brooklyn office where we saw 12 patients. Carolina and I were the only two there; our hearts were filled with joy and excitement after seeing baby after baby on the sonogram screen. Each one was unique; each one touched their mother’s heart in a very unique way. It was an indescribable experience to see each mother’s reaction. After each woman had their sonogram we did a consultation, in which each mother opens and pours out their hearts to us, which is something very sacred.  Each one shared with me why she is not ready to have her baby, or how she is being pressure by others not to have her baby. We then explained to her that she is not alone that we are here to help her in anything she needs; we empower them to make the best decision that they can make for themselves and for the baby. Out of the twelve one left the office still wanting an abortion. Eleven babies were saved, all thanks to the grace of God. Please keep praying for all the mothers and all of us that work in pregnancy centers that God may use us to bring the good news to these women.
May God bless you and keep you, may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May mother Mary overwhelm you with her motherly love.

Your Sister In Christ,


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Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us.

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