Saturday, March 31, 2012

A new friend

in queens I had a young lady come into the office she like many other girls wanted a abortion after me explaining to her all the side affect she said she was going to think about it which sometimes when they say that it can be a little worrying because you don't know what there fanial Decion is going to be I told her she had to come back for a sonogram which in fact she did come back Which is good when you see them come back because she can always try again so when she came in she had a huge smile I let her into the sonogram room where we saw her beautiful 9 week baby sucking his thumb she started laughing and she looks at me and say "isn't my baby cute" I smile and say "yes" after she fininished with the sonogram she smile and say when my baby is born I want you to be the godmother it was such a great surprise

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprising news !!!!,

So a couples of days I have a doctors vist, while getting my regular check up my doctor asked me what was I up too I told her I had a very interning job started explaining to her how the organization works and to my surprise she tells me she had a crisis pregnancy when she was 15, I asked her what did she do with her pregnancy and she told me yes I have a 16 year old son she told it was super hard and she wishes there would have been a center for her to go even though she did put her self though college and medical school it was super hard but it funny how many girls are walking around new York city that probably has had a crisis pregnancy and had a great career

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Delivering good news

In queens I got a young lady who seem very nervouse when she came in she fill out the intake form I did the pregnancy test and it was positive and she stared to cry am thinking oh gosh she probably crying because she doesn't want the baby and since she had left that part of the intake blank I was preparing what to ask her abortion and in my head say I prayer when she takes her phone and start taking pictures of the test and crying I asked her how do you feel and she says am happy I been married for 5 years and I haven't been able to get pregnant and now I am sometimes we think that every girls that comes to our center are abortion minded put then there are a few that they really want to have a baby and it an awesome feeling giving an answer that they been long for

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Faith, Hope, Love, and HIV (Part 4)

Some people will read the page for Annette and blame her family's religious heritage for her decision to start a relationship with a pimp, and eventually use her body to obtain crack cocaine, until she was eventually diagnosed with HIV.  Annette herself is likely to know better, because even if her family could have done a few things differently, she describes her actions as rebellious.                                                               Did Annette's Dad, a preacher, ever read to her the words of Solomon in Proverbs 3:1-8?                       "My son, do not forget my teaching,                     but let your heart keep my commandments,          for length of days and years of life                       and peace they will add to you.
Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you;
bind them around your neck;
write them on the tablet of your heart.
So you will find favor and good success
in the sight of God and man.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.          In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.                                                                                                   Be not wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD, and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your flesh
and refreshment to your bones."

Sounds a lot like what God intended for Annette's life.  Yet He loves her, though she was rebellious.  Yet He loves her, though she has used drugs, and been used by others so that she could get drugs.  Yet He loves her, though she has HIV.  As much as I want to start writing about how my own sins are no less grievous to God than those of Annette, I'll stick to the topic of Annette's ad, at least for now, at least for this blog.

On March 7, 2012, Annette spoke up on the campaign's website, saying, "I also don’t believe all you have to do is pop a pill and everything will be okay. A lot of young people are having sex much younger and don’t believe contracting HIV can happen to them."  Well said, Annette.  Well, almost.  It's not just Annette's opinion that oral contraceptives don't do a thing to prevent someone from contracting HIV.  That's a fact.  As it pertains to contracting HIV, it's not that having sex outside of marriage at a young age is significantly worse than having sex outside of marriage at any other age; it's just that the earlier you start, the more likely you are to get HIV during your lifetime.  If an HIV negative couple, a young man and a young woman, are old enough to legally get married, then there's nothing safer or healthier than for them to start that lifelong monogamous heterosexual relationship we call marriage, and start having sex at a young age.  In all likelihood, however, Annette was probably referring to young teens and preteens who are having sex, and thinking that they can't contract HIV.

Phone call

So a couple of days ago I decided to call one of the abortion clinics and ask them questions as if I was a girl who wanted a abortion this is how that went : Clinic: good morning how may I help you Me: hi I think am pregnant and I don't want to have it can you help me Clinic: sure, when was the first day of your last period ? Me: January 22 will it hurt? Clinic: no it won't it safe to have abortion Me: how safe ? Does it have a heart beat? Clinic: yes it safe it 9 times safer than giving birth and no it doesn't have a heart beat your about 8 weeks it just blood tissue. It won't have a heart until it 12 weeks But this point I was getting pretty upset because they are lying to this girls making it seems like it ok to have an abortion

Friday, March 16, 2012

“It is a poverty that a “child must die”, So that you may live as you wish…" – Mother Teresa

   Women who have an unexpected pregnancy at a young age, believe it is "impossible" for them to raise a child, but not just any child..their child. They think they are too young to become a mom. They don't want to give up their time... "what about parties? wht about school?" .One thing I think to my self is the mother of God, Mary. She had Jesus at age 14. At that time, being a single mom was the most horrible thing that could happened. Yet Mary said yes I want to have the son of God.
    During one of my observing experiences counseling, a young woman of 17 years old is a few weeks pregnant, her worries are that she is too young to be a mom, and that she is not ready to become a mom. I try to think that those babies in the womb are a master piece of God and they deserve to be shown to the world! A person someone told me a story, about a woman who entered church for confession, the priest who was supposed to confess her, couldn't confess her. Minutes after, he told the other priest that God reviled to him that  that women had an abortion and that that baby, would of being the next Pope, that's why deep inside his heart he could not confess her. How many babies have being aborted and could of being our next Mother Theresa, doctor, lawyer, or just the best friend of our future children. We aren't giving anyone the chance to keep living and not only that we are taking away their most basic right, The right to Life. The bottom line is we have to follow an example of love and hope.. of sacrifice and commitment just like Mary. God is for us.. no one can be against us.. no one can get in the way of saving lives.

So you think I should have been aborted?

Outside of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America's office on 33rd Street, a man walked by me on the sidewalk.  Apparently he didn't like the sign that I was holding.  "I know you must have heard this before, but you should've been aborted."  I gave credit where credit was due.  He didn't exactly have a lot of credit coming his way. "No, actually, I haven't met anyone that callous."


The protector, the supporter, the provider, the fighter, the lover... where is he? Some girls wonder, where are the real men in this world? Why are men not acting like men?
 In today's society it is usual to see men cussing and calling girls "bitches and hoes", it is okay for a man to yell at a woman, it is normal to see a man leave his family. Men have been leaving their manhood behind.Guys seem to no longer have self-control, responsibility, and respect.

We know abortion destroys the life of an innocent child and his or her mother's soul. Do we know that it destroys a father's manhood? Today at Emily's Abortion Clinic there was a 20 year old man accompanying his 17 year old ex-girlfriend for an abortion. As we spoke to him he told us that he "did his research" and that he tried to convince her to keep the child.. yet it was still her choice. He kept going on about how he could do nothing for this child and he already did all he could and at the same time he would mention how a the kid would make his life harder and could not take care of him. The guy confessed he was very sexually active and he would get a vasectomy to not have to deal with the consequences.This is a sad thing to hear.. a person who is supposedly against murder but when it comes to his child.. he is completely okay with her choice because it is too much of a responsibility.  Abortion is the alternative to a broken condom or failed contraceptives. The value of virginity, strength, self respect and self control are thrown out the window. Abortion eliminates a father's responsibility has by violently eliminating his unborn child. He isn't going to be a father .. he already is one because the baby already exists.. the responsibility is there.. he already has that.. but abortion robs a man from his fatherhood. A woman needs a man that will protect her and love her.. not lust or use her. A real man protects his children from danger. A real man respects the body of the woman he loves and his own as well. This is how we value life. Abortion ends a life ..if it does that than it is never going to give a man responsibility or respect for anyone.
Mother Teresa once said, "Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action." We must put all of our love in our actions. Love begins at home.. it begins in the family.. because the family is formed by God. Abortion never brings love because it destroys a family that is already formed. So..Men.... be men, stand up for life,purity, your loved ones, and yourself. Fatherhood is precious.. treasure it because it is a crucial part of your manhood.

abortion = contradictions

One day outside Dr. Emily's, a man walked out the back entrance of the clinic down the sidewalk alone. This is very common, where the men leave to go buy something to eat or have a smoke once the woman goes back into the operating room.

"Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?"I said and started to walk next to him. I asked if he had a girlfriend inside, and if he knew what abortion was. "Not really." I started to describe the procedure of abortion to him, what it would do to his baby and his girlfriend. He finally stopped walking to talk to me. He said that she couldn't have a baby, she was young and needed to finish college.

"It's her choice," he said. "Yes, legally," I said, "but your job as a man is to be a protector. Do you really want her to go through all that?" He said that we all had to live with the consequences of our decisions and some people are stronger than others. Then he made a comment about how his wife had a couple of abortions earlier in life and she'd been fine. I agreed with him that we have to live with our choices, but that's why we choose carefully.

"How old is your wife?" "Thirty-one."I told him that many women don't feel the pain of their abortion- or realize where that pain comes from- until many years later. She could be forty, fifty, sixty, and experiencing emotional trauma. And she might be holding many things inside right now that she's not telling him.

At this point, I was thinking, "Did I hear heard right? He said it's his girlfriend inside while meanwhile he had a 31-year-old wife and two kids??" But I decided not to question him on it because that's exactly what I heard; no doubt he was having an affair and was here to get rid of the evidence. At this point I just didn't want him to walk away from me.

After seeming to accept what I was telling him about abortion, he said, "Anyway, it's legal." He was African American and this opened up an opportunity for me. "Just because something is legal, that makes it OK? So if you're not allowed to sit on the bus with me or drink from the same water fountain as me, that's OK because it's the law? Back in the time of slavery in America, some people said 'If you don't want a slave, don't own one.' That's like saying 'If you don't want an abortion, don't have one.' So do you think that just because something is legal, that makes it right?"

At this he laughed nervously and shook his head, saying that I had a good analogy.

It's not usually easy to change somebody's mind about abortion in a ten-minute conversation on the sidewalk. But even if you make any progress, the people who are using abortion to get out of responsibility- or escape the sticky mess they've gotten themselves into- are usually still going to go through with it. This man honestly seemed to re-think some things while I was talking with him. But bottom line, if he was there to cover up an affair with a younger woman, then it was well worth it to him.

Such is the culture of abortion.

Woman Power!

   Pro-abortionist feel that the right for a woman to choose to have an abortion is empowering. However I feel that it is just the opposite.

  Abortion mills make women think they have no other option. That they can't raise a baby at this time. That they need to (for whatever reason) have their baby ripped from their womb, as well as other potential hazards that abortions cause. Not to mention the sadness and loss a woman feels afterwards. How many post-abortion follow ups include seeing a counselor? How many pre-abortion consultations include a counselor? Probably none unless requested.

   Crisis Pregnancy Centers are under attack because what we do is counsel. What we do is offer alternatives. But mostly what we do is offer TRUTH. The truth about abortion is that it is ugly, it is vicious, it is full of pain (physical and emotional), and it is NOT empowering.

   Empowering women means saying YES YOU CAN DO IT! Yes you can have this baby, there is help available to you. We empower women. Abortion does not.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Faith, Hope, Love, and HIV (Part 2)

On the page for Vivian, one of the spokesmodels for the organization, it states that she's "battled addiction and prostitution." That's a great statement, because it communicates that prostitution is something that needs to be battled against. It is possible to be addicted to good things, like drinking water or eating fruits and vegetables. In context, however, it sounds like Vivian might be describing a serious addiction to either sex or drugs. Outside of a lifelong heterosexual relationship, an addiction to sex is something to be battled against. An addiction to any serious narcotic is also something to be battled. Vivian's page also makes mention of violence and sexual abuse. Hopefully, whoever was violent (and sexual abuse is an act of violence) towards Vivian was, or is being, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Such crimes don't have any statute of limitations. Somehow, the page communicates acceptance of the transgender population while admitting that this community is "at risk."


In the queen office I got a young lady who was concern she might be pregnant again specially when she just had an abortion done 2 months ago,she fills out the intake forms and right of the bat tell me "it safe to have an abortion right ?" I smile at her and ask her to join me in the main counselling room. I notice that in her intake form she has had one abortion before I ask how many weeks she was and where she got them done. She replied with " I was only 5 or 6 weeks and I got done in plan parenthood". I asked her " so what did plan parenthood tell about abortion and there side affects" she looked at me with bold eyes and seem surprised by my question. Her answers where like any other girl who has gone to plan parenthood "that it safe","it not a baby yet", I ask her " do you think it safe" she answers with " they told me it was safe and I think it is because am ok"but something about her was different than any other girl that has gone to plan parenthood. So I dared to asked her Avery simple yet very strong quest "how do you feel?" by this point I can see the pain in her eyes and see how they were getting fill with tears and her trying to control herself and pretend everything was ok. I sit next to her and whisper " let it out" by this point she crying but still trying to hold it together and says to me " why did they do this to me, why didn't they tell me it had a heart" I was shock how did she know a 5 week baby had a heart I asked her where did you hear that she says after I had the abortion I did a lot of research and I found out it has a heart beat at 3 weeks why,why ,why would they lie" after a while I got her to calm down and I gave her a speech of how the abortion industry works she was furious and overwhelmed. By all the information she was getting. I gave her the pregnancy test it turn out to be negative but asked me if I can give some brochures about how abortions really works so she can distribute this information to all her family and friend

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Faith, Hope, Love, and HIV (Part 1)

There's an ad campaign that's taking positive words like faith, hope, love, joy, honesty, and respect to communicate something about HIV.  Well, maybe.  The name of the organization is optimistic, from the perspective of anyone who's studied community health promotions.  HIV Stops With Me is a great name for an organization dealing with HIV.  Each poster in the metro stations is flanked by a few vague statements.  The first is, "I control my mind and body," the second is, "I decide what happens," and the the third is, "So-and-so, positive since YYYY."  Let's hope that the first and second statements help individuals to realize that they are responsible for the thoughts that lead to actions through which they can contract HIV.  Let's hope that those individuals realize that even if condoms worked 99% of the time (and they don't), if one uses condoms one-hundred times, then that person should expect the condom to fail at least once.  As it is, such failure should be expected much, much more than one percent of the time.  To the population that is HIV positive, the fact that people are living longer with HIV is good news, but it comes with immense responsibility; for all of the years that a person lives with HIV, he or she must be sexually abstinent, or else marry someone who already has HIV in order to prevent the spread of HIV.  For a person who has HIV to risk transmitting it to someone who is HIV negative, is to play Russian Roulette with somebody else's life, and should be considered a form of homicide at worst or manslaughter at best.  To the population that is HIV negative, the fact that people are living longer with HIV should be a warning, more of an encouragement to be abstinent until marriage to an HIV-negative man or woman.  Over the next several blogs, we'll take a closer look at different posters from this ad campaign, and their corresponding statements online.

Control Vs. Direction

     When I found this picture the caption said "Birth control and Religion, both are trying to control my body."

      We all know how birth control works and seeing as it has the word "control" in the name, then yes we'd all agree it controls the feminine reproductive system.

   Religion however does not control a women's body. Religion teaches and directs a women with LOVE into understanding how to respect her body.

   Signs and slogans about the "government staying out of a woman's body/womb/etc" are absurd. The government is ALREADY there, with free condoms and birth control, as well as government assistance with abortions etc.

  All in all a woman controls her own body, because a woman chooses which path she will take. One path full of possible severe consequences and one path full of love and truth.


Kevin's Bio

A lot of people seem to wonder what got me into the pro-life movement. I suppose that I’ve always been pro-life, in that I strive to see all people as they are, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, simply because they are living human beings. I am often asked questions like, “What got you into the pro-life movement?”
This answer may seem like an irrelevant rabbit trail. It’s not.
In Cambodia, visits to Choeung Ek and Toul Sleng (S-21) shook me to the core. Decades after a genocide at the hands of the Khmer Rouge, the country's devastation was still visible. In the United States, I read whatever I could about Cambodia's history. While reading, one day it hit me that what the Khmer Rouge had done to Cambodia, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry were currently doing to America. The two atrocities have their differences, but they also have their similarities. Though passionate about many things related to Cambodia, when it came to the topic of abortion in America, I realized that my apathy was a result of ignorance. I hadn't even prayed about abortion. I had never thought about abortion or its role in American culture. I prayed that God would make abortion bother me.
Since that time, I've read the epitaph given to 16,433 unborn children, whose grave is marked with a single stone. I've stood an arm's length away from aborted children who were packaged up inside cardboard boxes, stacked on the street. I've seen a woman's expression after a botched abortion, as she was placed into an ambulance. I've seen the tears of women who've had abortions. I've heard from a woman who has been sexually assaulted by an abortionist who works in the Bronx, and from a young lady who was forced by her father into having an abortion. I've heard the gruesome details of recurring nightmares that keep returning, a decade after an abortion. I've met people my age, whose parents had considered abortion.
Needless to say, abortion bothers me.

Final de toda una experiencia

Después de dos meses intensos, mi tiempo en Nueva York ha llegado a su fin, he de decir que ha sido una experiencia que nunca voy a olvidar, trabajar en los centros, hablar con las chicas, escuchar sus vidas, tan diferentes a las que hasta ahora había conocido...

Así que me llevo mucho para España, mucho es lo que he aprendido y por supuesto me llevo gente en el corazón!!

Así que este mi último post quería agradecer a todas las personas que hacen que esto sea posible, que hacen que nuestra estancia aquí tenga sentido y que nos ayudan tanto, nos enseñan con paciencia, nos aconsejan y en ocasiones nos consuelan! GRACIAS MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

abortion = irresponsibility

Last week, I spoke to a young man outside Dr. Emily's who had an "ex" girlfriend inside.

He said he was 20 and his girlfriend was 17. (That's illegal.) He was supposedly not dating her anymore, but was there with her and her mother "to be supportive." He said he knew abortion was bad and he'd done his research, so he was aware of the consequences and what it looked like, but the girl wanted the abortion and he didn't want to rock the boat by anymore by trying to change her mind. (This was after first saying that the girl didn't want it and was being pressured by her mother.) He said he could have gotten a 2-year jail sentence because the relationship was legally statutory rape, and he knew that, so he wasn't pushing his luck.

This guy had apparently gotten a different girl pregnant when he was 15 and now had a 5-year-old son, so he knew what it meant to have a baby young. Speaking with him was very strange because at the same time he was admitting abortion was bad, he was saying "it's her choice" and "I warned her that she'd have to get up in the middle of the night to change diapers...she's just a kid...having a baby robs you of your childhood."

As he talked in circles and changed the topic to birth control and "protection," he told us that he didn't believe in birth control but that he had used a condom and said "it's not my fault if the condom didn't work." I told him that responsibility starts with the decision to have sex, because you can't trust birth control or condoms. I said "Do you have any idea how many people I talk to who have gotten pregnant while using birth control or condoms? What are you going to do if this happens again with somebody else?" He gave a "not my fault" shrug.

Then one of the girls standing with me told him, "a real man has self control." How true that statement is! Yet he just brushed it aside saying, "But I have needs, too." He was referring to that age-old lie that because men want sex, they need sex- regardless of the circumstances or consequences for the woman.

Needless to say, by the end of the conversation we were pretty convinced that he was an irresponsible sleazeball who was going to continue to get girls pregnant and bring them to abortion clinics. Nothing new there.

So after this guy had engaged in an illegal sexual relationship with a girl inside the clinic whom he clearly didn't even have respect for, much less concern for (based on the way he talked about her), she was inside getting rid of the evidence. I wondered, did she lie about her boyfriend's age, or did the clinic just ignore it? (That's protocol for abortion clinics- check out

How sad that this guy didn't learn his lesson the first time, at age 15. He was still being promiscuous, but he only had to "pay" for it with cash. The girl will have to pay for it with emotional and physical consequences that might affect her for the rest of her life.

Got Hepatitis C?

If the phone number on this ad by the New York State Department of Health is a hotline that exists to help people with Hepatitis C get treatment, then I would say that this ad might be having a good effect.                                     For all its simplicity, the ad reminds New Yorkers that there's a lot of this specific sexually transmitted disease going around, and if you're having sex outside of a monogamous, lifelong (i.e., marriage) relationship, then you might have Hepatitis C.                        So if you don't know, get tested, and from now until the day you get married, abstain from having sex.  It's just common sense when it comes to your health, and the health of the community that you live in.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What is a person?

Her sign said that pro-lifers were a public health threat.  Of all the silly things that their posters ranted about, this was the most interesting to me.  I had earned the equivalent of a Minor in Health Promotions, and had some experience putting it to good use in a developing country.  I mentioned to her that I had a concentration in Health Promotions, just to let her know that I, for one, actually do care about the health of the public.  Later, she stated that she had earned a Master's Degree from Columbia in Health Promotions, and that she had worked with an organization in Bolivia that performed illegal, and by her own admission, unsafe, abortions.  

Her words reminded me that Margaret Sanger had promoted what are now called, "coat-hangar abortions," many decades before abortions were legal, or foolishly considered safe by any sizable sector of the medical community.  I say that knowing that as books have been written describing the doctors of the Third Reich, books have been written, and will be written, describing American abortionists. 

Now back to her words, and our discussion.  She had claimed to have a Master's Degree in Health Promotions.  If this was true, and not merely an attempt to claim to have more education than I in a subject that I only earned 15 or 18 undergraduate hours in, then perhaps she would be capable of having an educated discussion with me about public health.  She might even be able to educate me in some way.  She had already brought to my attention what I have no reason to question, but only to verify, that abortion is illegal in Bolivia.  I hadn't known that.

Much of our discussion seemed to hinge upon what she considered to be a difference of opinion concerning when life begins, so I asked her to define the term, "Person."  Her first response showed that she was thinking too much about where her answer might land her, because her answer revolved around when she thought a person's life first had value, and she used the word, "Baby."  When she had finished answering the question that I hadn't asked, I pointed out that earlier, she had expressed a desire to use more specific terms, and not use the relative word, "Baby."  It isn't everyday that I get to discuss these things with a pro-abort who can even come across as being that intelligent, so I eagerly agreed not to use such subjective terms, either.

To help her define the term, "Person," in greater detail, I asked her what genus-species a person is.  She couldn't answer.  Thinking that perhaps she was just having what I'll call a brain-freeze, I helped her out, saying, "So a person is a homo sapiens, right?"  Instead of agreeing, she asked if that was the genus or the species. 

Later, a man who is also genuinely whole-life reminded me that the sad part is that many individuals who favor abortion actually believe that abortion on demand is, or at least can be, a good thing.  Without a foundational understanding of the basics, like what a person is, it must be very difficult to distinguish the truth from a lie.

Friday, March 9, 2012

the worst kind of pressure

Last week in one of our centers, I counseled a 17-year-old girl who was pregnant after only her second time having sex. She said that her mother wanted her to have an abortion, because "you're not supposed to get pregnant before you're married."

This girl attends her mother's church, which is extremely strict and judgmental in all the wrong ways. For instance, previous girls who had become pregnant before marriage were shunned by the entire church, and apparently her mother didn't want the public shame; people in the church had been telling her "your daughter is going to get pregnant," and now that has happened.

The girl's boyfriend wanted to keep the baby, and she knew she'd have support from her boyfriend's sister, her best friends family, and others. She was not struggling or living on her own. She had even formed a potential plan in her mind for how she would have the baby: finish high school this spring (she probably wouldn't show very much before graduation), take off school for next spring semester after giving birth, go back to school after next summer. Her only reasons for considering an abortion were that she was too young, she needs to finish school, and her mother told her to.

We talked a lot about the physical dangers and psychological consequences of abortion, as well as her personal religious values. After watching a video which shows an actual abortion procedure, she was horrified and said "I'd rather DIE than go through with that!!" By the end of our session, it seemed that she had exhausted all her excuses and knew the right thing to do. But she was still so scared to talk to her mother.

I contacted her recently to find out how she's doing and if she talked to her mom again. She said that she has to go through with it and has an appointment for this Tuesday, because her mother told her she has to. I reminded her of her words after watching the video, but she said that her mother reassured her.

Of all the cases I have seen and heard about girls being pressured into abortions, times when the parents are the ones pressuring are the worst. It is absolutely despicable for a parent to force his or her own child to do something which will forever change her and harm her, just to save face. This woman so craves the good opinion of her friends at church that she wants to sacrifice her own grandchild. What kind of a church is that?

I tried to explain to this girl that it's her choice, nobody can legally force her to have an abortion. And if her mother told her to jump off the empire state building, would she do it? No. But the thing is that we follow our parents more than anybody else. Even if we disagree, fight, or hate at times, we still crave the approval of our parents, and try to please them, and think that they know best. This is psychological and completely natural, which is why my frustration is entirely with the mother. Women are made to nurture; killing one's own child goes against that and killing one's grandchild is an extension of that perversion of nature.

Please pray for this anonymous girl, that she will have the strength to stand up for her child before Tuesday, and for the mother, that her eyes will be open to the reality that her grandchild has value and worth, despite the circumstances of its conception.

A Safe Haven For The Broken

     When the topic of a maternity home is brought up, often times there are negative views. However a maternity home can be such a ray of hope in the life of a woman who needs help and support.

     Maternity homes are non-profit organizations which rely on funding from generous communities, churches, etc. They provide a safe and loving envoronment for the mother and her unborn child. I know this because I have been that mother. Living in the maternity home (in NC) was a way for me to clear my head from all of the clutter of my life, because basically I was facing enough "clutter". There were people all around to help me, it truly was my "safe haven". In my case I chose adoption for my child. The home was very supportive in this decision and I had every resource available if I needed to talk, had questions, or a shoulder to cry on. This home also had a aftercare program for mothers who chose to keep their babies. The provided jobs, clothing, diapers, etc. This home is very similar to the maternity homes in your area.

    At EMC we have the resources to refer mothers to maternity homes. Some of them may be losing their homes, some may have been kicked out of their current home, and some just need a safer environment for themselves. We are very lucky to have these homes willing to house and care for these women. Please look into the maternity home in your area and see how you can help.

Hay que informarse

Ayer en Queens atendí a una chica de 26 años, cuando empezamos a hablar me contó que había pasado por un aborto y había tenido una pérdida, me decía que en el aborto que se hizo hace tres años, no había tenido ninguna complicación, que tomó la píldora y lo único que el bebé no salió y tuvo que ir al hospital a que le sacaran al niño por cirugía. Eso es una complicación!!!!

La píldora no es como dicen un método seguro, no en este caso, como en muchos más, si el bebé no es expulsado, tienen que ir rápidamente al hospital, ya que si se quedan con algo muerto en su útero la infección puede ser fatal!!!

Como todas las chicas con las que hablo, ninguna sabe nada del síndrome post-aborto y es algo que todas lo sufren, es más, a medida que les voy hablando de el, todas cambian la cara, su expresión se entristece y sus ojos se llenan de lágrimas...Esto es otra complicación, o mejor dicho, es una consecuencia, terrible consecuencia que mata a la mujer en vida, le pregunté si se veía identificada en algo de lo que le estaba diciendo y asintió con la cabeza, me dijo que en el hospital no le dijeron nada más que, que no se preocupara que es algo sano, un aborto sin más y que no corría ningún tipo de riesgo.

Poco a poco se fue confesando y me comentó que bueno, que en realidad hacía dos  meses había abortado por segunda vez, esta vez directamente cirugía, después de la mala experiencia...
Tampoco le advirtieron de nada, ni siquiera de dijeron que después de pasar por un aborto no se pueden tener relaciones sexuales en 6 meses...obviamente no se lo dijeron, porque venía con la idea de abortar por 3ª vez, eso si venía sin saber nada de los riesgos, ahora está informada, puede entender todo lo que le está pasando en su vida a nivel emocional, que es mucho, ahora sabe de donde viene y volverá a hacerse un sonograma la semana que viene. 

A Parent, A Student, and So Much More

Today I was talking with a girl whose friend was thinking about having an abortion.  She said that if she found out that she herself was pregnant, she would keep the child.  When I asked what advice she would give to her friend, she said that it depended on whether or not her friend's school would work with her to help her graduate.  It sounded as if to her, it would be acceptable to abort a child in order to graduate from high school on time.  I couldn't fathom that she really meant what she was saying, so I asked her about a hypothetical situation that pit education against life.  "Let's go back four years or so, when you were in high school.  Let's say that you are in health class one day, and the principle comes in with a living newborn child, gives you a cup of bleach, and tells you that if you want to graduate, you have to pour all of the bleach down that child's mouth.  What would you do?"  Immediately, she responded, "I wouldn't do it."  She had yet to see the similarity.  "Why not?"  "Because that would be murder."  Without a trace of judgement in either my heart or my voice, I essentially pointed out to her that committing infanticide (murder, in her words) in order to graduate from high school was no worse than having an abortion in order to graduate from high school.

All that said, young women shouldn't have to choose between education and motherhood.  I was glad to hear this young woman mention that one of her relatives had kept her child, and the high school worked with her to help her graduate.  That same attitude, seen in this ad for Technical Career Institutes, debunks the myth that motherhood and education are mutually exclusive.

A Lifetime Full Of Blessings


   The adoption symbol is a triangle, each side representing the birth parents, adoptive parents, and child. The heart represents the common bond of love between them.

    International Adoption has recently been made very popular by celebrities. While all kinds of adoptions are important and very needed, domestic adoption sometimes takes a backseat. There are babies being born everyday in America that need good homes. There are women everyday in America finding out they are facing an unplanned, crisis, pregnancy. If you feel as though God has called you to adopt, please look into it! We need loving, willing, and able families to raise these precious children.

   Abortion takes away a lifetime and generations of a family. Adoption gives life and blesses everyone who is involved.

Bethany Christian Services is a private, licensed, non-profit adoption and family service agency, serving 30 states from over 70 locations and in 13 international countries.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Emily versus Emily

When I talk to people about 40 Days for Life and then tell them my name, most of them do a double-take or make a joke about the fact that I have the same name as the fictional abortionist. (Not to mention the pro-choice Emily's List, "a national organization dedicated to electing pro-choice Democrats to office.") Yes, I tell them, I have to redeem my name!

The fact is, as far as we know there is no Dr. Emily at Dr. Emily's Women's Health Center. "Emily" is just a sweet, classic name  chosen to evoke a caring, welcoming atmosphere. It's called marketing. (I mean, no abortion clinic would pick the name "Dr. Lucifer Women's Health Center.")

Emily vs. Emily
Speaking of marketing, take a look at the Dr. Emily's two-page, full-color add in the phone book. The backdrop is a picture of a sandy beach and a woman peacefully looking out over the water. It advertises the abortion pill for a "natural, at-home experience" and "gentle [surgical] abortion" with "no-pain anesthesia." Have you ever seen a video of an abortion procedure?? It is incredibly rough and forceful- anything but gentle.

Abortion clinics, which are built on deception, obviously do everything they can to look warm and welcoming. But no amount of  euphemistic garbage can cover up the ugly reality: abortion is an intrinsic act of violence which kills children and harms women.

1st week of NYC campaign

My first complete week participating in the pro-life campaign has been very exciting, informative, and at times discouraging. I met people from Africa and Spain who are very interesting and easy going. We talked about the similarities and differences each of our countries cultures have. In addition the current abortion laws that are in place in each country and how they effect the general public. So far the best part of this experience is being able to spread knowledge to open-minded individuals who are appreciative to learn about all the negative aspects of abortion and the alternatives to it. The thing I dislike most is hearing some of the inappropriate comments that people say in regards to pro-life. I don't force any of this knowledge onto people therefore, I feel I should not be disrespected for trying to help someone out. I also met Mr. Slattery for the first time at the end of the week, he seems like a really nice guy. I also had the chance to spread awareness at the planned parenthood national headquarters and the largest abortion clinic in the Bronx (Dr. Emilys Womens Medical Center).    

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Si no es bueno para tu hija tampoco lo es para ti...

Hoy en Queens he atendido a una chica de 25 años, que tiene dos hijos, se ha separado y vive con sus padres, sus hermanos y por supuesto con sus hijos, ella ya ha pasado por un aborto, el cual se lo oculto a su pareja, ella pensó que no estaba preparada y punto...

Hoy llegaba a nuesto centro con la idea de abortar por segunda vez, ahora sus motivos son diferentes, se acaba de separar y la pequeña solo tiene 7 meses, dice que está sola y que no puede con todo.

Hemos estado hablando de lo que sin duda a mi me parece lo más importante a la hora de explicar a las chicas los riesgos y consecuencias que tiene el aborto y es el síndrome post-aborto, no falla, no hay chica que cuando empiezas a contarle lo que es, que se sufre, no se vea identificada, hemos seguido hablando, de los riesgos físicos, las consecuencias, en este caso todo se multiplica por dos, y poco antes de terminar la consulta le he hecho esta pregunta: Si dentro de unos años, cuando tu hija tenga unos 17 años, te dice mamá estoy embarazada, quiero abortar, ¿ Se lo recomendarías, que le dirías? Ha sido rotunda en su respuesta, me ha dicho: NOOOO CLARO QUE NO!!! Yo le he dicho que entonces porque algo que no se lo recomendaría a alguien que ella quiere por encima de todo, su hija, se lo quiere hacer a ella misma!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Consequences.  Good or bad, all choices have them.  After forty years of legally aborting males and females alike, Choices Women's Medical Center still hasn't realized that choices have consequences.  They're celebrating uninformed choices, poorly made decisions, and consequences that are fatal.  Choices Women's Medical Center plans on opening a new facility that plans on performing roughly ten thousand abortions annually.  Let's rephrase that.  In their new Choices Women's Medical Center plans on terminating the lives of approximately five thousand females annually.  At least half of the people whose lives are terminated are females.  It is unfathomable that such an atrocity can be committed without any consequences.  A comprehensive reading of the list of risk factors for breast cancer (on Susan G. Komen's website, or that of the American Cancer Society) proves this to be true.    The choice is between life and death.

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Who Can Be Against Us?"

    Romans 8:31-What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

   In the train, on the way to work this morning, there was a woman preaching about being followers of Christ. There were different responses from passengers  all over the car. Some got out at the next stop and changed cars, some praised God, and one woman RAN to the other side of the car and started to yell and   use profane language. Everyone could feel the presence of God as well as the devil. It was very intense. The woman preaching God's name kept going despite the woman yelling at the other end of the car. What she had to say was so true, "If you have God on your side, not matter what, you will be victorious. Even if it means only being victorious in the afterlife."

   What a great reminder! Often in this line of work (Pro-Life) we experience a constant spiritual battle and we forget that even though it feels like we're losing, we aren't! We know how the story ends, We win!!! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

La habitación del pánico de Dr. Emily´s

Hoy después de pasar 4 horas al frente de Dr. Emily´s (Clínica de abortos) he ido a la oficina del Bronx, allí ha entrado una chica de 21 años que ya había pasado por dos abortos, el segundo fue en esta espantonsa "clínica" y nos ha contado su terrible experiencia allí.

Nos ha contado que fue horrible, que les metieron a todas las chicas que iban a abortar juntas en una mini habitación claustrofóbica, en la que no cabían bien, algunas tenían que esperar en el suelo, allí estaban encerradas llorando, muertas del miedo y podían escuchar perfectamente como practicaban el aborto a las chicas que iban pasando, oían TODO!!

Cuando fue su turno,  al entrar en el supuesto quirófano, pudo ver como una mujer metía los restos del bebé abortado por la chica anterior en un bote de cristal y como los guardaba en un armario, cuenta que fue horrible, que no puede olvidar todo aquello, me contaba como en sus propias carnes ha sufrido y sigue padeciendo el síndrome post aborto, lo sufrió tras el primer aborto, entró en depresión y lo está sufriendo después de el segundo multiplicado por 2, cito textualmente, nunca vuelves a ser la misma, todo cambia en tu vida, no te sientes bien, sabes lo que has hecho y te sientes mala persona, es como matarte en vida.

from joy to death

Last week while standing in front of Dr. Emily's, a man walking by stopped in front of us, looked up at the sign on the abortion clinic, and said, "I was born right across the street over there." He knodded to some apartment buildings. "When I was growing up in the 50's, this place [Dr. Emily's] was a movie theatre. You could watch three shows and fifteen cartoons for 25 cents." With that, the man walked away.

it does indeed look like the entrance to a movie theatre.
I looked at the woman I was standing with and we both shook our heads. "Wow," she said, "What was once a place of joy for children is now a place where they kill children."

There are all sorts of miserable ironies like this surrounding abortion clinics: At Dr. Emily's, women are given a lollipop after their abortion. At some abortion clinics, there is a play area for children during their mothers' appointments. At an abortion clinic in Montana, what appears to be baby quilts are hung in the windows instead of curtains.

The same day that man stopped to tell us what Dr. Emily's used to be, a woman also stopped to give her two cents. She was a little old Hispanic woman and she spoke passionately in Spanish.  She said that this place is terrible considering that her daughter has been trying for years to get pregnant and can't. "They should make this place into a daycare!" she said.

What a novel idea, to turn a place that kills children into a place that cares for them. Pray that someday, Dr. Emily's abortion clinic will go from being a place of death to a place of life.