Thursday, March 15, 2012


In the queen office I got a young lady who was concern she might be pregnant again specially when she just had an abortion done 2 months ago,she fills out the intake forms and right of the bat tell me "it safe to have an abortion right ?" I smile at her and ask her to join me in the main counselling room. I notice that in her intake form she has had one abortion before I ask how many weeks she was and where she got them done. She replied with " I was only 5 or 6 weeks and I got done in plan parenthood". I asked her " so what did plan parenthood tell about abortion and there side affects" she looked at me with bold eyes and seem surprised by my question. Her answers where like any other girl who has gone to plan parenthood "that it safe","it not a baby yet", I ask her " do you think it safe" she answers with " they told me it was safe and I think it is because am ok"but something about her was different than any other girl that has gone to plan parenthood. So I dared to asked her Avery simple yet very strong quest "how do you feel?" by this point I can see the pain in her eyes and see how they were getting fill with tears and her trying to control herself and pretend everything was ok. I sit next to her and whisper " let it out" by this point she crying but still trying to hold it together and says to me " why did they do this to me, why didn't they tell me it had a heart" I was shock how did she know a 5 week baby had a heart I asked her where did you hear that she says after I had the abortion I did a lot of research and I found out it has a heart beat at 3 weeks why,why ,why would they lie" after a while I got her to calm down and I gave her a speech of how the abortion industry works she was furious and overwhelmed. By all the information she was getting. I gave her the pregnancy test it turn out to be negative but asked me if I can give some brochures about how abortions really works so she can distribute this information to all her family and friend

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