Friday, August 28, 2015

The Sad Reality

This whole week I was sent mostly to Planned Parenthood, however it was all-different. Instead of large amounts of women going in to seek an abortion, it was a large amount of employees that we hadn’t seen before. We believe that they were either having meetings or a training. We are called to not only be witnesses for the women going in for an abortion but to also be witnesses to the workers. As each one of them passed I would say good morning with a smile in my faces. Some will reply, some would be silent and some would make negative comments. What broke my heart the most was the sad reality, that over half of the people that work there are African Americans. They are working in a place that was created to destroy their population.  They are being lied to, use and manipulated to kill their own people and they have no idea! Some of the interns had some encounters with some of them and they don’t even know who Margret Sanger is. Is in it sad?  Please let us continue to pray for all our brothers and sisters that work in this place, let us show love and compassion to them. Most of all let us educate them on the reality that is Planned Parenthood.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May mother Mary cover you with her love.  

Your Sister in Christ,


Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Beauty of Diversity in the Mission

This Saturday, we had the opportunity to participate in a protest outside of Planned Parenthood (PP), on Bleeker Street. It’s the original PP that Margaret Sanger started as part of her plan to eliminate the African American population, located, tellingly, in “Sanger Square”. I was just one of thousands of protesters across the nation, rallied at hundreds of PP locations. I had the opportunity to pray, sing, and listen to speakers there, including Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for life. We had opposition, maybe 20 prochoicers that showed up and were screaming insults and slogans and chants. One line that caught my attention was “Sex is beautiful. Babies are optional.” It breaks my heart to think of how much more beautiful reality is than their perception. How they’re missing out on so much. Yes, of course sex is beautiful, and I’m glad they recognize that. But sex closed to life is selfish, merely pleasurable, even if it is mutual. The beauty is distorted. If it’s compulsive and uncontrolled, the beauty is lost. It becomes mere instinct. Sex is optional- and that’s part of what makes it so beautiful, such a gift. Sex open to life is a breathtaking display of unreserved love. And it goes without saying that the beauty of life that they’re missing is astounding. Babies are beautiful. Life is beautiful. Love is beautiful. Murder is not. The protest was a lot different than EMC’s normal method of doing things. I’m used to approaching women one on one every day, trying to begin a dialogue full of love and care. This was a large scale, direct protest, not against the women, but against the corporation. Both means are necessary. We cannot hope to obtain legal attention without demonstrating the popular support. But we cannot hope to change lives and hearts without meaningful dialogue. Whatever you’re doing for the prolife cause, please continue. We cannot do anything without your prayers and support. We need each individual to become fully engaged, to honestly commit absolutely everything they can to end the massive slaughter that our nation is permitting. May God’s mercy and grace abound in your lives.

God Bless,


Friday, August 21, 2015

Everything has an impact.. are you paying for abortion?

The past couple days have been a whirlwind of sidewalk counseling and working in the office. One of the most distinct moments was talking with a family outside of Choices. The woman was completely unaware that it was an abortion mill walking in, and was there for a pregnancy confirmation. I had the chance to talk with her as she came out and she will not be keeping her appointment she had scheduled. She told me her story, how she was raped about ten years ago, but decided to keep her child. Her baby girl had complications in utero, and did not live very long. However, this woman knew the hardest of cases, and was completely pro-life. She was now married with two young children, and she looked beautiful with a mother’s rosary around her neck. She was appalled at the abortion industry, and was very adamant about refusing to give them her business as soon as she knew. Throughout that day I also had the opportunity to talk with about 5 other women who considered for the first time that they were essentially funding abortion by giving Choices their GYN business. Several changed their mind. Let’s keep reaching women before they get to the point of abortion! Please, please keep praying for these women, the ignorant or hardened or misled. God bless each and every one of you!
God Bless,

Here’s the video journal I made that day:

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Yesterday I had a particularly sad encounter outside of Choices abortion clinic. Two women approached from across the street. Initially, it was obvious they didn’t know who I was. They were friendly enough, the mother complaining about how the clinic was hard to find. I asked if they were here for an abortion. The mother told me, “don’t look at me” and I gestured toward the young lady, who confirmed it. I handed her a pamphlet, and said, “You know there are other options, right?” At that the suggestion, the mother became visibly irritated, saying “Oh please..” and ushering her daughter hastily away from me, toward the door. I then turned my attention to another woman approaching. What I didn’t see, and what my fellow counselor told me later, was that the girl walked past the clinic door, and was reading the pamphlet, crying. Her mother forced her into the clinic. We didn’t see her come out. Coercion is abhorrent, it’s disguisting, it’s illegal, but more than anything, it’s heartbreaking. But in the popular media, it’s only called “exercising choice.” Of course, there’s hope, because we are fighting from the victory of Christ Himself. Keep praying for us, and for every woman and child!

God Bless,

(One of our team members counseling outside of Choices)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Leadership lessons from John Maxwell

Our founder Chris Slattery went to 3-Day Live Certification Training Event by a leaderhip master John Maxwell. The event took place in Florida and myself with couple of other interns joined Chris on the road trip that included stopping at great historical places. Learning about the birth of America was unforgettable, but I would like to focus on invaluable leadership lessons. We need to encourage expectant mothers to live intentionally and respond to a vocation of motherhood with their full potential.

I had an opportunity to watch John Maxwell speaking live for 3 hours. The phrase that became his mantra was 'Value people'. It sounds obvious, but the value of a human being is too often reduced in communications. Moreover, if everyone valued people, there would be no abortions in the world!

John Maxwell also gave tips on how to succeed quickly:

1. Learn from failures of others to save your time
2. Have a teachable spirit
3. Ask questions
4. Do not bargain on the price of success. Pay the price that many people are not willing to pay

Apparently there is no easy way to success. Differentiating whether to go forward despite of enormous sacrifices or to back out is never easy. This was John Maxwell advice:

1. Treat every door as an oper door, even though people are quick to assume that things they do not want to do mean closed doors. For successful people closed door is not a motivation to quit.
2. If eventually considering backing out, ask God to confirm or disconfirm the move through the closest people. Also ask God to confirm it with an action or a sign.
3. Ask God for other door to go through. 

These insights can really help women in the most difficult situations of their lives. As a pastor, John Maxwell used Bible as the most perfect source of leadership training. 'Translating' it for non-religious community can benefit so many lives!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

...But that should sound familiar to Christians

One of the things about living in NYC is you spend a lot of time in the subway- which is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t think I have to explain why public transportation- complete with crowds, delays and automated voices- can be a curse. But it’s also a blessing for me, because it means this summer I’ve had a lot of reading time all but thrust upon me. Today I finished Father Frank Pavone’s book, How to End Abortion, Not Just Fight It. Through it, God graced me with the words of encouragement and inspiration I needed.  One of the points he makes, relevant to all of us, is “This work is not a hobby; it will require us to give everything. But that should sound familiar to Christians.” For me, this summer, that means giving my all to every woman who approaches the abortion clinic or EMC office. Giving my entire effort and concentration, my whole focus, and entrusting the Holy Spirit to give me words of truth. It means getting out of bed and motivating myself before the day starts, and guarding my interior life ferociously. I often fail, but tomorrow I won’t. And taking it one day at a time is really all we can do. Earlier this week there was a woman who walked out of the abortion clinic. She walked past me, and too late, I decided I should’ve offered services one more time, even though she seemed very intent on where she was going. Then she stopped at the crosswalk light a ways away and was busy on her phone. I hesitated: from fear of being overbearing, from exhaustion, from fear of missing another woman, from fear of what the others waiting at the crosswalk would think. The moment was gone and she crossed the street. Within the half hour, she was back, and walked into the clinic. I tried unsuccessfully to reach out to her. But what if I had reached out the first time? What if she knew that I cared about her not only when I thought she was going in for the procedure? What if I hadn’t hesitated? I don’t know. I never will. But that’s what happens when I fail to give my all, even once. And now, I can only entrust that moment to the infinite mercy of Christ, begging for forgiveness and strength each day in the future. I want to challenge every reader not to make that mistake- don’t fail to give everything. Don’t hesitate to support the mission financially and with your time. Don’t take your responsibility of prayer lightly, not a single one goes to waste! Thank you so much for all that you do.
God Bless,

(Counseling outside of an abortion mill).

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Beauty of The Communion of Saints

Summer is slowly coming to an end and with it our time here in New York. I want to share with you all the beauty of community life in this internship. As you may all know we are all interns from different parts of the world. This summer we come together from Spain, Ireland, Wisconsin, Nigeria, Lithonia and Texas. We all have different cultures, different ways of seeing the world and different pasts. However God uniquely planned for us to come together this summer to build a culture of life. I want to share a little about how our community life worked. Every day we were sent to by two to different sites, we would start out day together and end it together with our partner, just like the disciples. We were there to support one another when things got difficult, we were there to protect each other from harm, and we were there to share the good news of saving lives. After long days we would all come home or go site seeing together, we would cook together or just relax. Our time together was precious because deep down we knew that it was limited and that soon we would no longer be together. For the past two weeks people have started to leave, and it’s extremely hard to say goodbye. The beauty of this internship is not only saving lives and spreading the gospel but is also living the communion of saints, just like the disciples did. Is meeting new people and building holy friendships, obliviously there are cultural differences that make it difficult at times but they also make it beautiful. As I say goodbye to my fellow disciples I can’t stop to think how difficult it must had been for the disciples to say goodbye to each other. However, they had the hope- the hope that we have as well, that one day we will be together for eternity in heaven.
 May the Lord bless you and keep you may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May mother Mary keep you in her heart.
All holy men and women in heaven pray for us!

Your Sister in Christ,

Michelle Nunez 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Made and Aborted in Manhattan (?)

I've become aware of three cases from this past week alone, where girls and women are being coerced to abort their babies. It is a big issue. As well as being morally wrong, it is illegal. One such case is that of "Rachida" and "Ibrahim" from Turkey.

They married two months ago & Rachida came to join Ibrahim in New York, where he has been living for 15 years (They had a long distance, year-long engagement. We suspect that it was an arranged marriage). On arriving at our centre together just one week ago, Rachida was crying. She is pregnant with their first child and she did not, and does not want an abortion. Ibrahim was resolute: he wanted to abort the baby, saying he wanted them to have time to get to know eachother first and that they could "have another one". He also tried to justify the abortion on the basis that Rachida needs time to adjust to life in NY.  When leaving, Ibrahim was as determined as ever to have his wife abort their little baby son or daughter. He has phoned us numerous times this week...

Rachida is in a very vulnerable situation. She only very recently moved to NY & she doesn't speak English. Since her appointment with us, she has communicated to us that Ibrahim has threatened to divorce her & send her back to Turkey if she doesn't abort their baby. We have a lawyer, but Rachida doesn't want to avail of his services because of her husband's wrath and the likely implosion of her marriage. Moreover, in the event of divorce, while Ibrahim couldn't legally send Rachida back to Turkey, she would have no alternative but to return voluntarily, given she has neither or family nor support nor independent accommodation nor a job in NY. Returning a divorced woman in a Muslim would bring shame on her. Personally, I think the divorce is an empty threat. However, my sense is that Ibrahim would make life extremely difficult for Rachida (intimidation, verbal abuse or worse...) if she tries to buy more time or if she refuses outright. I fear that what is most likely is that she could be bullied into the abortion or that she could reluctantly consent in order to placate him, to 'save' her marriage and to prevent her new life from falling down around her. She would pay the ultimate price: the killing and sacrifice of her first pre-born child.

Please pray for this family of three, for the protection of their baby, for strength for Rachida and for a change of heart for Ibrahim.

Made and aborted in Manhattan (?): please pray so that the title of this post does not become this little baby's epitaph. He is meant for more than this.


An abundance of life

I’m constantly reminded how little time I have left in NYC, despite feeling like I just arrived. I have been extremely blessed with this opportunity to work on the frontlines of the pro-life mission. When I head back to Wisconsin, I will probably not be spending much time sidewalk counseling: my town doesn’t even have one abortion clinic. So how will I continue the pro-life mission? There are a million answers, of course: prayer, fundraising, changing hearts by opening discussions, involving myself in the pro-life club. But the one that sticks out to me most is through my career path. I am working to become a physician. I haven’t yet decided which kind, but whatever type I become, my work will help to give life, and to give more abundance to each life that already exists. Christ said, “I have come so that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” We are all called to share in that mission somehow. I got to witness a powerful example of this on Thursday. I was blessed to have the opportunity to shadow a private practice OB/GYN in Brooklyn, Dr. Mark. From circumcision to yeast infection, I got to see a lot. He has a procedure room as well as a sonogram room right in his clinic. But more importantly, I got to see one example of a physician striving to give a better life to those he works with. There are some differences in the decisions we’d make regarding services offered, but it was none the less a powerful opportunity. Furthermore, it was a potent reminder of what my prolife mission may look like for the rest of my life. Please keep praying for us, we need it!

God Bless,

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Pain of Post-Abortion

This entire week I have been sent to the Brooklyn office, and I have to say it was the hardest week of all my time here. All this week I saw clients that were challenging. Most of them had had an abortion before; they were older women who had a stable job- some were about to finish school and even had support from their partner and family to raise a child. However, they decided that they did not feel ready to become a mother, so they wanted to have an abortion. Case after case broke my heart. It got to the point were I told one of the woman who had all the support and resources to have her child that she was being very selfish her respond was “ I know I am being selfish”. This woman was 22 years old and had an abortion when she was 19, when I asked her if she regreted it she said “no”. I continued the conversation by asking her why she had the first abortion she replied “ my mother forced me to. I had no choice. I wanted to keep it.” I told her she had a choice now, she said “ yea and I choose to have an abortion”.  Deep down I could she the great pain that this woman was carrying. I was able to see that she was trying her best to not show her pain- to pretend that she was completely fine. This case was repeated multiple times this week. My request for you is to please focus on praying for these women, women that have had abortions and are broken. Women that are afraid to show their pain and to tell people they are not okay. Most of them left the office still wanting an abortion, however, I know that the seed was planted. I did my part and I know that God and Mother Mary will do her part. Let us always remember to pray for the post-abortive women in our world, let us remember that they too, just like St. Mary Magdalene, are broken and in search for love. 
May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May Mother Mary teach us how to love.

Your Sister In Christ,



Where Sin Abounds, Grace Abounds All the More

I’ve spent the majority of this week on the sidewalk, either counseling outside of Choices, an abortion clinic, or passing out educational material on busy streets. I’ve also spent some time in our Queens office. As always, there’s been a lot of work, little sleep, and rare- but precious- successes. Today in the office we saw a particularly heartbreaking case. A newlywed, Muslim couple came in seeking abortion pills. He spoke English and Turkish, she only spoke Turkish. When we talked to her alone (painstakingly slowly, via Google translate), we discovered that she was more religious than he, and wanted to keep the child. He did not feel like their marriage was ready to withstand the trials of children yet- economically or relationally. It was plain to see that the abortion would drive a deeper wedge in their marriage and souls, but he refused to acknowledge this. His wife was afraid to admit to him that she wanted the child. Eventually, he became impatient and they left. Time after time I’m reminded how only our prayers and God’s grace can change hearts. I turn to Our Lady once more, and surrender their marriage and her fragile heart to her. Our Lady of Perpetual Help has particularly been reaching out to me recently, reminding me that she will always be a source of comfort and advocate for her children. In each struggling pregnancy and with every recalcitrant heart, we must continue to trust Our Lord’s divine plan. That we might not despair, nor become despondant, but surrender ourselves to His love and mercy. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us who desperately implore your intercession!

God bless,

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Power of Life

On Friday, I had the opportunity to work in the Brooklyn office while we performed ultrasounds. I got to experience two radically different situations. The first was a teenage mother who came in with her friend. Upon seeing her ultrasound, she could not stop squealing and smiling out of excitement. With every movement, and with every new feature the ultrasound tech pointed out, she was more enthralled. It was a beautiful acknowledgement of the power of bearing life. The second was a mature woman (20s or young 30s) heavily considering abortion. She teared up upon hearing the heartbeat of her child, as many mothers do who are leaning towards abortion. However, when I got the chance to talk to her, she seemed hopeful but uncertain, saying she thought her child was going to be a girl, with two older brothers. The ultrasound tech had to step out a moment, and the head counselor, Kathy, came in. After she left, it was explained to me that her child seemed to have anencephaly, a condition where the skull doesn’t develop. Kathy delivered this news to the mother, encouraging her to get a second opinion from a doctor at the Gianna center. The mother was absolutely distraught. The contradiction struck me- she was willing to take her child’s life, but was very, very upset when the baby’s health was in question. Sometimes it takes drastic measures for us to appreciate the beauty of life. I don’t understand God’s motivations, but the power of both situations left an impression on me. Life is so powerful, and it’s a potent reminder to make sure every minute of mine counts.

Attached is an audio of the first girl sharing her excitement after viewing the ultrasound.

Saving 'Grace' on Tuesday.

We spend most mornings sidewalk counselling outside a number of baby killing facilities. Last Tuesday morning, I was stationed outside Planned Parenthood on Bleecker Street, Noho (This is a prime location in Manhattan. The building across from P.P.'s premises will open in a few months. The cheapest condominium will cost $4 million - for just 1700 square feet - and they will range up to $24 million in price. It is quite curious how a "non-profit" organisation could even lease an adjacent premises which occupies thousands of square feet - a substantial portion of the block).

I struck up a conversation with two young women, Marina and Kayla, accompanied by a two year old boy, Jamie in a buggy. It was Marina who had come for an abortion and little Jamie in the buggy was her son. We had a good conversation. Marina listened and engaged with me, but her Kayla, her cousin was impatient and they went in after a while.

We prayed hard while standing and walking up and down the sidewalk, in-between making approaches to & counselling other women and girls. An hour or so later, Borja called me and alerted me to the fact that Marina had come out!!!! I gave her space and waited until she walked down the sidewalk towards us. She started to cry and her first utterance was simply "I couldn't do it". She also said she had googled 'Planned Parenthood sells baby parts' like I had suggested & while she hadn't watched one of the videos in the waiting room, she did read an article. 

Marina declined to go to an EMC centre for a sonogram there and then, preferring to go home, but we exchanged numbers and made an arrangement for her to come to our centre in the Bronx on Friday. I've named the baby Grace. Please spiritually adopt Grace and her mom Marina and pray for them & for all our other clients in the days, weeks & months to come.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Glorious Friday

            Last Friday I was sent to the Brooklyn office where we saw 12 patients. Carolina and I were the only two there; our hearts were filled with joy and excitement after seeing baby after baby on the sonogram screen. Each one was unique; each one touched their mother’s heart in a very unique way. It was an indescribable experience to see each mother’s reaction. After each woman had their sonogram we did a consultation, in which each mother opens and pours out their hearts to us, which is something very sacred.  Each one shared with me why she is not ready to have her baby, or how she is being pressure by others not to have her baby. We then explained to her that she is not alone that we are here to help her in anything she needs; we empower them to make the best decision that they can make for themselves and for the baby. Out of the twelve one left the office still wanting an abortion. Eleven babies were saved, all thanks to the grace of God. Please keep praying for all the mothers and all of us that work in pregnancy centers that God may use us to bring the good news to these women.
May God bless you and keep you, may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May mother Mary overwhelm you with her motherly love.

Your Sister In Christ,


Image result for Our Lady of Guadalupe with babies
Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us.