Friday, August 14, 2015

Leadership lessons from John Maxwell

Our founder Chris Slattery went to 3-Day Live Certification Training Event by a leaderhip master John Maxwell. The event took place in Florida and myself with couple of other interns joined Chris on the road trip that included stopping at great historical places. Learning about the birth of America was unforgettable, but I would like to focus on invaluable leadership lessons. We need to encourage expectant mothers to live intentionally and respond to a vocation of motherhood with their full potential.

I had an opportunity to watch John Maxwell speaking live for 3 hours. The phrase that became his mantra was 'Value people'. It sounds obvious, but the value of a human being is too often reduced in communications. Moreover, if everyone valued people, there would be no abortions in the world!

John Maxwell also gave tips on how to succeed quickly:

1. Learn from failures of others to save your time
2. Have a teachable spirit
3. Ask questions
4. Do not bargain on the price of success. Pay the price that many people are not willing to pay

Apparently there is no easy way to success. Differentiating whether to go forward despite of enormous sacrifices or to back out is never easy. This was John Maxwell advice:

1. Treat every door as an oper door, even though people are quick to assume that things they do not want to do mean closed doors. For successful people closed door is not a motivation to quit.
2. If eventually considering backing out, ask God to confirm or disconfirm the move through the closest people. Also ask God to confirm it with an action or a sign.
3. Ask God for other door to go through. 

These insights can really help women in the most difficult situations of their lives. As a pastor, John Maxwell used Bible as the most perfect source of leadership training. 'Translating' it for non-religious community can benefit so many lives!


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