Friday, August 7, 2015

Where Sin Abounds, Grace Abounds All the More

I’ve spent the majority of this week on the sidewalk, either counseling outside of Choices, an abortion clinic, or passing out educational material on busy streets. I’ve also spent some time in our Queens office. As always, there’s been a lot of work, little sleep, and rare- but precious- successes. Today in the office we saw a particularly heartbreaking case. A newlywed, Muslim couple came in seeking abortion pills. He spoke English and Turkish, she only spoke Turkish. When we talked to her alone (painstakingly slowly, via Google translate), we discovered that she was more religious than he, and wanted to keep the child. He did not feel like their marriage was ready to withstand the trials of children yet- economically or relationally. It was plain to see that the abortion would drive a deeper wedge in their marriage and souls, but he refused to acknowledge this. His wife was afraid to admit to him that she wanted the child. Eventually, he became impatient and they left. Time after time I’m reminded how only our prayers and God’s grace can change hearts. I turn to Our Lady once more, and surrender their marriage and her fragile heart to her. Our Lady of Perpetual Help has particularly been reaching out to me recently, reminding me that she will always be a source of comfort and advocate for her children. In each struggling pregnancy and with every recalcitrant heart, we must continue to trust Our Lord’s divine plan. That we might not despair, nor become despondant, but surrender ourselves to His love and mercy. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us who desperately implore your intercession!

God bless,

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