Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Beauty of Diversity in the Mission

This Saturday, we had the opportunity to participate in a protest outside of Planned Parenthood (PP), on Bleeker Street. It’s the original PP that Margaret Sanger started as part of her plan to eliminate the African American population, located, tellingly, in “Sanger Square”. I was just one of thousands of protesters across the nation, rallied at hundreds of PP locations. I had the opportunity to pray, sing, and listen to speakers there, including Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for life. We had opposition, maybe 20 prochoicers that showed up and were screaming insults and slogans and chants. One line that caught my attention was “Sex is beautiful. Babies are optional.” It breaks my heart to think of how much more beautiful reality is than their perception. How they’re missing out on so much. Yes, of course sex is beautiful, and I’m glad they recognize that. But sex closed to life is selfish, merely pleasurable, even if it is mutual. The beauty is distorted. If it’s compulsive and uncontrolled, the beauty is lost. It becomes mere instinct. Sex is optional- and that’s part of what makes it so beautiful, such a gift. Sex open to life is a breathtaking display of unreserved love. And it goes without saying that the beauty of life that they’re missing is astounding. Babies are beautiful. Life is beautiful. Love is beautiful. Murder is not. The protest was a lot different than EMC’s normal method of doing things. I’m used to approaching women one on one every day, trying to begin a dialogue full of love and care. This was a large scale, direct protest, not against the women, but against the corporation. Both means are necessary. We cannot hope to obtain legal attention without demonstrating the popular support. But we cannot hope to change lives and hearts without meaningful dialogue. Whatever you’re doing for the prolife cause, please continue. We cannot do anything without your prayers and support. We need each individual to become fully engaged, to honestly commit absolutely everything they can to end the massive slaughter that our nation is permitting. May God’s mercy and grace abound in your lives.

God Bless,


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