Monday, August 10, 2015

The Beauty of The Communion of Saints

Summer is slowly coming to an end and with it our time here in New York. I want to share with you all the beauty of community life in this internship. As you may all know we are all interns from different parts of the world. This summer we come together from Spain, Ireland, Wisconsin, Nigeria, Lithonia and Texas. We all have different cultures, different ways of seeing the world and different pasts. However God uniquely planned for us to come together this summer to build a culture of life. I want to share a little about how our community life worked. Every day we were sent to by two to different sites, we would start out day together and end it together with our partner, just like the disciples. We were there to support one another when things got difficult, we were there to protect each other from harm, and we were there to share the good news of saving lives. After long days we would all come home or go site seeing together, we would cook together or just relax. Our time together was precious because deep down we knew that it was limited and that soon we would no longer be together. For the past two weeks people have started to leave, and it’s extremely hard to say goodbye. The beauty of this internship is not only saving lives and spreading the gospel but is also living the communion of saints, just like the disciples did. Is meeting new people and building holy friendships, obliviously there are cultural differences that make it difficult at times but they also make it beautiful. As I say goodbye to my fellow disciples I can’t stop to think how difficult it must had been for the disciples to say goodbye to each other. However, they had the hope- the hope that we have as well, that one day we will be together for eternity in heaven.
 May the Lord bless you and keep you may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May mother Mary keep you in her heart.
All holy men and women in heaven pray for us!

Your Sister in Christ,

Michelle Nunez 

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