Monday, May 30, 2011

On the Front-line

Confrontation has been a major issue throughout the history of man. However, in regards to the Pro-Life Movement, the confrontation of which I speak is of a different nature. It is a spritual confrontation. I experienced this silent opposition for my first time outside of Dr. Emily's Abortion clinic in the Bronx. There I was, a young man who was attempting to side-walk counsel women, in a last defense effort to save their babies.

For those who have never had the humbling experience of standing outside of an abortion clinic, take it from someone who has. It is one of the most intense feelings, be it due to the escorts who try to prevent you from counseling or the fact you are standing forty feet away from the site of countless murders.

Between counseling and handing out brochures, I would silently pray the Rosary or read from the Imitation of Christ just to keep me focused on the mission. It was emotionally stressful watching women stroll into the clinic, not knowing all the risks, and hobbling out in a painful fashion.

However, the EMC interns were not alone. Two amazing individuals came to pray out back of the clinic and gave me emotional and spiritual support, as well as the three ladies in the front of the building. This beacon of light was faint, but it was present. Through every cloud, light will shine forth and despite how faint that light may be, we must always follow God, even on the front-line.

My NYC Homecoming

It’s been almost two years since I’ve been in New York, working as an EMC intern. My return to the Big Apple has been much anticipated for many reasons, the greatest of which stands at about two feet tall, with big brown eyes and a smile that steals your heart in seconds.

Today, I met my first miracle baby.

Like so many others that we are blessed to meet, this little bundle of joy almost didn’t make it here.

I met her mom almost exactly two years ago. She walked into one of our Bronx offices at eighteen years old, a week away from high school graduation, and also two months pregnant. The father of the baby had been shot and killed just a month earlier. While still mourning the loss of her boyfriend, she now had to face a crisis pregnancy—alone. Luckily, EMC was there during her hardest moment.

I had the privilege of being able to walk with her during this time. As we talked and got to know one another, what was originally the reason she wanted an abortion became the reason she wanted to keep her child. This baby was all that she had left of him. What originally seemed to be her biggest problem, turned out to be the joy she needed to overcome all the pain in her heart.

During her sonogram, she heard that little heart beat for the first time, and there was no turning back. She knew she had to carry this pregnancy through for herself, for her baby, and for the memory of her boyfriend. She understood her options, the challenges that lay ahead, and the support available to her. She made a choice for life, and she sure is glad that she did.

As a counselor, there is no feeling more incredible than finally meeting one of your babies. After over a year of updates and pictures, being able to hold that little child in your arms is a joy beyond all expression—a joy that brought me all the way back to NYC. To see the fruits of all the labor and love poured into EMC is such a source of encouragement for the work that is still to be done and the lives that are yet to be saved.

It never ceases to amaze me how God calls our lives together. How a nineteen-year-old girl from Florida comes to cross paths with two lives one thousand miles away could only be through divine intervention. Suddenly this little life becomes such a big part of your own life. You might as well kiss your heart good-bye. When you know, you know—and let me tell you, this is love.

With God's Help

Being pro-life takes on a whole new meaning here. It’s one thing to go to the March for Life or vote for pro-life Presidents and another to actually be face to face with these women and their life changing decisions. Most are not simply dismissing their child as an inconvenience; most are in such incredibly difficult and confusing life situations that I can only be amazed at the courage it takes for them to make the decision to keep their child. Often we are the only ones on their side. Recently I was in the Bronx and one client said that if she only felt like she had one person supporting her, she could consider continuing her pregnancy. She had parents who were both christian pastors...which is better than most but she still felt sure they would reject a pregnancy out of wedlock.

We can't solve all the problems these young women bring to us, in fact we are often only able to offer them one thing: the value of choosing life. Does that mean their lives will be perfectly put back together because they have chosen to have their child? No. In fact, we and they realize that having a child will change many things for them and probably make it harder to move forward with their plans and dreams. But what it will give them is God's help, because he offers them a gift and they chose to accept it, even with all the challenges. When we cooperate with God, he works things out for us in a way we could never imagine or plan for. And that is what we reveal to the ladies who come to our door. We aren't promising a quick fix or anything like that, we are promising that by choosing life for their child they are choosing God and that he is always faithful.

I have been hearing all sorts of miracle stories about this choice of life and am excited to be involved in these beautiful histories myself however God desires.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

EMC; Saving Babies from Abortion, the World Over

EMC, what a great idea! Can you imagine! People come from all over the world to learn how to save lives in the Abortion Capitol of America; NYC. They stay for a while and save many lives in the process. Then they go back home. What do you think happens when they go home? That's right, they save lives! Abortion has become a global problem. By training people not only from all over America, but all over the world, EMC is helping to stem the tide of this horror that we call abortion.

I wrote back in January of my trip home to California for Christmas and the dear, new friend that I made! She is now 6 months pregnant!! She is eagerly awaiting the birth of her son! Had I not been trained to save lives by EMC, it would be a different story entirely!

A few months ago I received an email from a former intern from Spain, she was writing to ask for pro-life resources. A family friend was pregnant and considering abortion, and Cata was going to counsel her.

I was blessed to go on vacation to Egypt last summer. It was amazing, I had so much fun!

We went with a tour company that caters to young people. The majority of the other vacationers were very secular and engaging is some very risky behavior. I remember sitting in the back of the bus next to a beautiful young woman. I had heard rumors about her indiscretions with one of the men on the trip. I was honored when after learning about my job, she trusted me enough to ask about the different methods of abortion. Obviously it was too early for her to know if she was pregnant. I knew that this was a chance of a lifetime to educate someone who otherwise may have never received this information. Very quietly I began to explain in detail the different abortion procedures and the risks and complications. I don't know if she was with child as we spoke, but I can say that had I not been an EMC Intern, I would not have known what to say and how to answer her questions.

It is my hope that when I end my internship, I will be able to do this lifesaving work wherever I go. Thanks to EMC I have the tools!

Happy Memorial Weekend

Expectant Mother Care wishes you and your family a happy Memorial Day, as we remember our veterans in the armed forces. We thank all those who have dedicated their time and their lives for the preservation of this country. Expectant Mother Care, especially, remembers the mothers who have come to its centers. Thank you for your service, your hard work, and your dedication to your families, as you soldier on for your children and this country. May God bless.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Eight Weeks And Not Alone

A woman came in with her boyfriend today, she simply needed someone to talk with. She knew nothing about abortion, but she had briefly considered it after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. She spoke with Julie, and Julie sent this woman into our South Bronx Center.
I brought her into one of our counseling rooms and started a conversation with her. She quickly showed me the ultrasound picture she had gotten from her doctor. This woman is eight weeks along. (By this time her baby already has measurable brainwaves.) The ultrasound technician at the health clinic she went to told her, “the fetus has no arms or legs. It only has a head and a torso.” As she saw from our new fetal models, that this was a lie.
The boyfriend was sitting out in our waiting room, and the South Bronx Center Director Liz put on a few videos for him. We didn’t hear anything from him until he started watching one of our informational videos.
Sure enough, after that was started, the woman and I started hearing exclamations of surprise from him. We tried to keep our laughter quiet, but he was very vocal about what he thought of this procedure. This woman was very sure by that time, she wanted to keep, however she wanted to know what her boyfriend thought. So we went out into the waiting room. They looked at each other, that was all it took. She now knows, he will support her. She now knows, he is committed to this baby and to her. And now he knows she really does want to keep their child.
Yes, we see thousands of women every year in our centers. Yes, sometimes it feels like we see them all at once. But as I look back on today, I know why women come to us. I spent over two hours counseling this one couple. They received the best I had to offer. And for two hours, no one else existed. Our clients know this, and so they tell others about us and about the reality of abortion.

What is Love?

A beautiful couple came to our EMC center in Queens this week. The girl was very uptight and jittery. The guy was more relaxed than her, but still seemed anxious.

Both are in college.

She said many times, "I want to get the sonogram, to see if I am pregnant." She was dead set on getting an abortion if she was.

We were definitely going to give her a sonogram. However, we want to establish a relationship with our clients, in order to know how to best help them. First, we sat down simply talked.

The relationship between her and her boyfriend was "excellent". We discussed that for a while. She was getting very anxious about getting the sonogram, but I wanted to understand her better.

Based on her religion, she told me she knew it's wrong to have sex before you're married; but that her and her boyfriend were going to be more careful by using better protection. I asked her, "So you really like him?" She said, "Yes". I said, "Well don't you think it's better if the 2 of you wait till you're married to have sex again? This is based off what you told me you believed, your faith".

She got very defensive. She denied the question and said for the 4th or 5th time, "I just want to see if I'm pregnant".

After the sonogram, I sat both of them down to discuss their relationship with each other. I started discussing the effective tactics you can use to remain abstinent from sex until marriage.

The boyfriend was so reluctant to talk about the sexual relationship. Which, I don't blame him, but at the same time they came to me for help on behalf of an unwanted pregnancy. I was trying to help them not get in this predicament again.

He calmed down after I told him this and simply said, "We don't need advice on our relationship. We love each other, and are going to be better about using protection".

I gave them some of our literature after discussing other facts on abortion with them. He would role his eyes from time to time. They would laugh as well. They had this "I'm better than you" attitude. It's very common among the college students. And is the most dangerous attitude because they don't want to listen to advice. They acted as if they were so "knowledgeable". Why would they listen to a post college graduate, older than them, who's giving them abstinence advice because they just communicated they don't want a child?

She said her relationship with him is excellent and that they truly love each other. I ask myself, "Is love putting him in a situation where he has a responsibility the rest of his life he's not ready for right now? Or is love participating in an activity invented by God himself that allows us the power to procreate just for my sexual pleasure? What is love?"

Hidden Humanity .

In my first two days of work in the city, I've had the opportunity to learn, observe, and experience a lot. My mind is almost on overload. Life here is very different than where I come from. Not just because it's a huge, busy city, but there is something else. The face of humanity is somewhat different here and so is the understanding of what it is to be human. I see this especially in the situations we find ourselves with these women who are trying to figure out how to deal with their pregnancy.
We all share humanity and no matter where we are we are equal in dignity and value, but such an equality is not everywhere understood in the same way. Where I grew up, we were few in numbers but united in community. The people you ran into around town were treated something like a family member and this mentality was carried into every aspect of life, including the womb. This became my world view, which I unconsciously expected everyone else to share.

Here in NYC and with this work, I encounter a different perspective on human life which is almost the opposite of the one I was accustomed to. Abortion? Taking a child's life? It's so absurd I can hardly wrap my mind around the reality of it. And not only is everyone walking the streets not my family, I have to cultivate my street smarts and make sure belongings are locked or guarded. What kind of idea of humanity excludes children in the womb or even other people in your own neighborhood? While I learn more about the culture and the work we are doing here, I know that no matter how many ethnicities and languages I encounter, we are all persons with the same purpose and needs. Our common language is love and that common thread of humanity which unites us is also the only way we can truly understand each other - especially those hidden human lives inside the womb.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspiration Found

The first real involvement I had within the Pro-Life Movement was the attendance of the Heartbeat International Conference in Columbus, Ohio. While traveling out to Columbus, I was hesitant and unsure that I had made the right decision to intern with E.M.C. However, when I arrived, I found a group of amazing individuals comprised of fellow interns such as Marnee, Michelle, Heather and Abby, along with EMC founder, Chris Slattery. After some awkward small talk I realized these people had similar beliefs and the same convictions as I did, thus my apprehension disappeared.

The first day of the conference I attended two workshops, one concerning the ministering to urban clients and the other concerning the raising of cross cultural awareness. The speaker of the first workshop, Pat Upchurch, was inspirational, hilarious, but also presented the facts in a serious manner. She spoke on the importance of bridging out and listening to the clients, in effect saying look at the situation from their point of view. The second speaker was Gail
Dudley, who raised the point not to stereotype people and be open to the client who will have a different background than you. Both women forced me to think outside of myself and to contemplate how fortunate I am, and how I can spread my talents with the less fortunate.

On the second day, I heard Mark Bradley speak on post abortive stress. This individual shared his testimony of the destructive power of abortion on post abortive fathers. Not only was his speech moving, it also made me realize that abortion, no matter what Planned Parenthood tells the general public, harms society, even if it is not directly involving every person.

I, again, attended a workshop presented by Mrs. Upchurch, due to her rigor and passionate manner in which she presented the earlier topic. Speaking on identification of post abortive stress symptoms, Mrs. Upchurch related her painful testimony of abortion and the effects on her life. However, through this speech, Mrs. Upchurch, in a witty manner, expressed why this changed her and brought her closer to the Almighty. Her testimony is proof that God has a plan for every human being that He created.

Though I was initially apprehensive at first, I came to realize the individuals attending the Heartbeat Conference were similar to me in more than one way. True, the interdenominational factor was present, however so was the passion for the Pro-Life Movement. I thank the women and men who dedicate their lives to this work, not only because they fight to preserve human dignity, but also because they inspire the younger generations to stop sitting on the sidelines and fight alongside them in this ever crucial spiritual war on abortion.

From Life Site News; NARAL reveals national strategy to shutter pro-life pregnancy centers

NARAL reveals national strategy to shutter pro-life pregnancy centers


NEW YORK, May 17, 2011 ( - A video recently published by NARAL Pro-Choice New York ha

s revealed a national strategy to network with lawmakers to target pregnancy resource centers (PRC) in urban areas. The strategy would employ a gag rule intended to hamstring the centers’ ministry to abortion-vulnerable women.

The video, available on YouTube as of May 10, features council members from New York City and Austin, Texas, slamming pro-life pregnancy resource centers collectively as “an institution with an agenda” that engage in “emotionally bullying” and even “brainwashing” of vulnerable women.

“What they tell us is this is a brainwashing outfit,” Bill Spelman, a member of the Austin, Texas City Council, claimed of women entering PRCs. New York City Council Members Christine Quinn and Jessica Lapin also condemned the activities of PRCs as “not safe” and “unconscionable.”

The video reveals that the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) has launched an initiative, known as the “Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health,” to unite city lawmakers across the country against crisis pregnancy centers and disseminate a template gag rule similar to ones already passed in New York, Austin, and Baltimore, Maryland.

The gag rules would force pregnancy centers to disclose prominently that they do not provide or refer for abortions. Baltimore’s gag rule was struck down by a federal judge in January of this year as an unconstitutional violation of the centers’ free speech. City officials plan to appeal.

NIRH claims that over 800 advocates, including elected officials and public health leaders, in 30 cities have joined the network aimed at hampering the work of PRCs across America.

“Our goal is to create a movement to have each of these bills be not just an isolated victory, but really to address these crisis pregnancy centers one urban area at a time,” said NIRH interim Executive Director Angela Hooton.

Melinda Delahoyde, president of the national PRC network Care Net, said in a statement Tuesday that the video is a helpful tool in exposing strategies of abortion advocacy groups working toward “shutting down the competition.”

“[The video] reveals for the first time that these legislative attacks will be focused on urban areas, the very areas where abortion providers are prevalent, support for abortion alternatives is lacking, and abortion rates are skyrocketing,” said Delahoyde.

In New York City, the latest to adopt the gag rule, four out of every 10 children are aborted, according to a city Department of Health report in January. In many urban communities, abortion providers outnumber pregnancy centers by a ratio of five to one, according to Care Net.

Rev. Dean Nelson, Care Net’s Vice President of Underserved Outreach, said that NARAL’s efforts will be met with opposition from community leaders, especially clergy.

“Talk to pastors in urban areas and see if they support efforts to promote abortion and to crack down on organizations that are supporting pregnant women,” he said.

Picture (Angela Hooton, NIRH interim Executive Director.)
photo: YouTube/NARALProChoiceNY

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Justice Foundation and Center Against Forced Abortions

Heartbeat International, at its 40th anniversary celebration as a Pro-Life leadership development and support supply line, invited The Justice Foundation's Center Against Forced Abortions (CAFA) to clarify a teenage mother's new legal rights to protect herself from forced or coerced abortions under Roe v. Wade. Where does this pressure to abort come from and what forms can it take? is a question CAFA, a non-profit public-interest, litigation firm, poses. "Many teenage [mothers] are being coerced into abortions by their parents (The Justice Foundation, 2005-2011, emphasis CAFA's)." The forms, this coercion can take, includes, but are not limited a parent's refusal to provide the teenage mother financial support and housing. "Even under Roe v. Wade, the decision to keep the child is supposedly the woman's alone," relates CAFA on its website, ""so these young women's rights are being violated when they are coerced into abortion" (emphasis CAFA). A well-meaning parent may attempt to force or coerce their minor daughter to have an abortion. The parent, who attempts to do so, should be aware that such actions could subject the parent to a criminal charge of fetal homicide, prosecution for child abuse, and possibly, for other claims, such as battery, negligence, and false imprisonment. A parent has a legal duty to provide for the minor daughter. A parent does not have to provide support for the minor daughter's child. The teenage woman has recourse, however, to financial support from the child's father and financial support from the state and other organizations. The teenage mother's decision to abort must be "free, independent, voluntary, and non-coerced (The Justice Foundation, 2005-2011)". CAFA has prepared a legal document, called The Parent Letter, which details the parent's legal duty towards the minor and which clarifies the teenage mother's legal rights under Roe v. Wade. The teenage mother can serve this letter to her parents at her discretion and can seek legal aid, at no cost from CAFA, if she is being forced or coerced to abort. A copy of this letter can be found on The Justice Foundation's website, If you are a teenage mother and feel someone is exerting undue pressure on you to abort, you are not alone. There is hope. There is the Center Against Forced Abortions.There is EMC.

... In with the New!

Today we welcomed the newest member of the EMC Brooklyn Center... a brand new sonogram machine!

This generous gift was finally wheeled in today with the help of several interns and it is a beauty. To think of the amount of good a machine like this will make is mind-boggling. And who can we thank for such a divinely inspired present.... the Knights of Columbus!

These men are great soldiers in the fight to defend the Gospel of Life. Some months ago, they decided to make a donation to EMC. After meeting with Linda, the EMC Brooklyn Center Director, they were moved to give the gift to this office in particular, because of the great need. Such generosity and kindness!

Truly Joy is the only feeling I would use to describe this! EMC is so thankful for this gift and we all know that the aftermath of this generosity will endure and thrive for years to come! God bless those who made this possible and know that we are grateful... truly grateful!

Linda and I had to wait in the moving truck for the delivery to be made. We are all so excited to have this gift, and I know that it will be used for His glory! So far the machine has performed about 5 sonograms... and this is just the start!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Her Body, Her Choice, Her Decision

She came into the South Bronx Center scared she might pregnant. I talked with her in length about her circumstances and her feelings. We talked about her options. She has a son already. I asked her when she knew he was her son. Did she love him when he first drew a breath and screamed? Yes, she answered with a smile. Did she know he was forever hers when he first opened his eyes? Of course she did. Did she know when he first sucked his thumb? She said yes.

I lovingly told her, your son opened his eyes in the womb, he sucked his thumb and his toes inside of you. (A baby opens his or her eyes around 28 weeks into the pregnancy.) She was amazed. I posed one big question. What is the difference between your son, and this child? This young lady knew the answer. The difference was only in her.

Yet she informed me it was her body, her choice. (How does one sentence blind women so well?) She used that defense over and over. And in the end, she went home. There was no more I could do. I had given her a sonogram appointment the next day, but I doubted she would go.

I tried to get in touch with her throughout the following weeks. I wanted to know how she was doing. Whether she was grieving. I finally got in touch with her yesterday. She knew who I was, and quickly gave me her story.

She had left our center and went directly to an abortion clinic. Once there she got the news, they would not accept her insurance. She walked out. Right then and there she changed her mind. She decided to parent! She went to the appointment I had scheduled the next day. When she heard her baby’s heartbeat she knew she would never kill this little one.

I expected a hurting woman, but instead I found that God had turned that fear to joy. This mom is, well there really is no other way to put it- bubbly! She is bursting with love for this child. And her relationship with her own mom is growing stronger as they love this baby together.

New Intern, New Life

I was born and raised in a small farming community in rural Michigan. Growing up I remember distinctly declaring on more than one occasion that the last place I would ever want to live was New York City. The fact that said city is now the place I am incredibly excited to be moving to is proof of the power and persistence of the Holy Spirit. Really, my whole life is proof of that.

God has blessed me with many different experiences in ministry and outreach, such as working with children, teens, the elderly, and foreign mission, but working in the Pro-Life arena is a first. Being the second of nine children, I grew up with a natural love for new life and the blessing of babies. I also love adventure and a good story. There has been adventure aplenty in my life. This will be my 6th residence since graduating from high school in 2005 and during that time I have taken classes through 7 institutions of higher education (including a couple through a school in Italy).

Language, Theology and People are my greatest interests. Throw in some photography, countryside, and exploring new places and you have a general overview of my life. I graduated from Lansing Community College with an Associates in Foreign Language, followed (rather unexpectedly) a few years later by a Bachelors in Pastoral Theology from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. While I love learning, especially those subjects, I don't like sitting in classrooms. So, I am thrilled to be heading out onto the streets of New York to put my experience (and God's grace) to good use!

All Boys Need Sisters

I counseled at our EMC center in Queens this week where I had a couple that wanted a sonogram.

While I was counseling them, our director-Carmen- was also counseling a client.

This client is from Queens. She has a son and is currently pregnant. We gave her a sonogram.

When she first came to us, she said she wanted to get an abortion. We tried to take the focus away from the abortion and asked her to tell us more about her son.

She loves her son. She talked about how beautiful and smart he is. She told us he is one of the best things in her life.

I said, "Don't you want to give him a little brother or sister?"

She responded, "Sister". I said, "What?" Then Carmen turned towards me and said, "Yeah Abby- sister. We did the sonogram and found out she is is pregnant with a girl!"

I talked to her about how exciting it would be to have a little girl. That she could have a little boy and now a little girl. It is what most people dream of having. Why would you want to deny such a gift?

All of a sudden, she firmly says to both of us, " I'm keeping it".

It was so shocking. Carmen had been counseling her for almost 2 hours at this point and the entire time she kept saying that she wanted the abortion. So, this was out of nowhere. Carmen and I both got these smiles on our faces. We were overcome with a mixture of excitement and transparent joy.

The client is coming back to us this week. She is going to bring in her son so we can meet him. I can't wait to be the second or third person to tell him (besides mommy) that he is going to be getting a new little sister!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The New Guy

My name is John, I hail from the Electric City of Scranton, Pennsylvania. As the youngest of seven children, the pro-life morals have been instilled in me since before I can remember. I attend Christendom College, a Catholic liberal arts school located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Aside from pursing my B.A. in Political Science, I enjoy playing soccer, reading, and being involved in the school community.

My experiences involving the pro-life movement have been limited to attending the March for Life in Washington D.C. I am extremely excited to be involved in pro-life work with E.M.C. and to be working with courageous individuals who make the effort to protect the most defenseless form of humanity. This experience that God has placed before me will, undoubtedly, have challenges and present the opportunity to do the work of God.

Heartbeat International Conference

This past week, I had the privilege of going to the Heartbeat International Conference in Ohio. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

I was able to meet with women and men from all over the country from all different backgrounds for one common purpose: how can we best save women and children from abortion?

It was incredible to see all the people who are big time leaders in their pregnancy help centers, put aside their pride and become open to listen. They were open to listen to advice from others who have been working at crisis pregnancy centers for years.

There was a great sense of humility during every session. On first night we experience how Focus on the Family operates. They hosted a webcast starring Abby Johnson who used to work for Planned Parenthood for 5 years, and saw a sonogram that totally changed her heart and her job.

In this picture, is one of the women from Focus on the Family. She was so sweet and down to earth. She told me all about her job and I was able to tell her what I do. This was a great start to an awesome conference!

Counselors All Over the World

The Heartbeat International Conference I was able to go to in Ohio consisted of many different opportunities.

It provided me with detailed instruction on how to be a better pregnancy counselor.

One of the classes that I went to was a lesson on post abortion syndrome. It explained what the woman experiences after she has had the abortion emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

The conference was not only about learning new counseling tactics, but also about networking. I was able to meet many people from all over the country who have the same mission as I do.

They came from all different backgrounds. I made connections with people in Michigan,South Carolina, Minnesota, New York, and many more. They told me how they run their centers. It was quite interesting to see how different they work and how I work .

In this picture are people we met from Spain. They were very fun people. We discussed different ways we could visit each others centers; in NYC and Spain!

The connections were many, while the counseling instruction was helpful. It was a great conference. And thanks to the opportunity of networking, who knows if I might someday be saving babies across the world!

A New Gal

Guten Tag! I herald from the creosote-scented, purple mountainous preserves of Arizona. A subtle, dry desert garden, Arizona is known for its desert blooms and its oven summer season. I am looking forward to a humid August in the urban areas of the 11th state in the Union. New Yorkers, who reside in the Grand Canyon State in the wintertime, are known as snow birds; I am a Phoenician and a Diamondback. I am delighted to intern with EMC on the front lines of the urban Pro-Life movement in New York.

As a young, urban Phoenician, I read Dr. Harold O.J. Brown's book, Death Before Birth. The absolute: life is sacred from conception to natural death, left an indelible impression on me. This impression led to action. I am a long-time Arizona Right to Life volunteer, a 40 Days for Life participant, and a pro-life volunteer client service coordinator.

Clients, who are either contemplating an abortion or who are experiencing the side effects of an abortion, remain in my thoughts. There is hope for the broken hearted; there is freedom from the hurt and the pain, for He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147).

I, recently, read Abby Johnson's Unplanned. When I am not reading great pro-life testimonies, I read classical literature in English and in German and explore National Parks in the Southwest.

It is my desire, as an EMC intern, to give hope to clients contemplating an abortion.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pro-Lifers Around the World Unite!

For my very first days as an EMC Intern, I had the unique blessing of attending Heartbeat International's 40th annual conference. Talk about formation! I had some hesitation about stepping out into the world of pro-life outreach (on the streets of New York no less!) without extensive training and experience, but since God was in charge, things couldn't have been arranged more perfectly.

If you are familiar with the annual March for Life in Washington D.C., I can make a comparison between the two of the overwhelming experience of unity, love, and support that attending such a large scale pro-life function can invoke. Though we didn't have hundreds of thousands at the conference (I'm not sure how the Hyatt would have accommodated them...), we had hundreds and that spoke volumes. There were 14 internationals present, representing Denmark, Spain and Uganda, just to name a few. I met some of these lovely people and received so much encouragement hearing about how they are serving the needs of pregnant women and new moms in their countries. There are new ideas and approaches blossoming into existence all the time! The Holy Spirit cannot be outdone in inspiration and zeal, especially when it comes to preserving the lives of God's most vulnerable and innocent creations.

While I was being amazed by their work however, they spoke in wonder about all they were seeing us do here in the U.S.! They were incredibly impressed and empowered by what they witnessed. We recognize the incredible suffering that is being inflicted on our country by such widespread abortion, but it is also vitally important to maintain our spirit by recognizing all the gifted servants God has raised up to work for the cause and the work that is being done. It is all truly a miracle and will continue to exhibit even more miraculous results as the battle intensifies.

Getting back to the formation, which was so much more than I could have hoped for, this conference would be hard to beat in its educational presentations! Nearly every topic relating to pro-life work and the needs of women was represented by a key-note speaker, a workshop, or an exhibition booth. We were blessed by such speakers as Abby Johnson, Teresa Tomeo, Fr. Frank Pavone, and Shawn Harper. After attending the 3 days of the conference, I feel much more equipped to step out into the streets of NYC and share the love of the Lord with those who are awaiting the light of his truth.
May God strengthen us and may we remain faithful!

Heather; Life Affirming Specialist at Your Service

This past week we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Heartbeat International at their conference in Columbus Ohio. What a joy it was to come together with people from all over the world! We all share a common goal; to help pregnant women in need and save children from abortion.

I was even more excited to receive the title of Life Affirming Specialist at the conference! From Heartbeat's website: LAS is a professional designation developed specifically for those serving faithfully in the pregnancy help movement. The LAS designation indicates that the holder has participated in on-going training on the latest information surrounding pregnancy, abortion, abortion recovery, client programs, sexual integrity and related, life-affirming issues.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Heroes Amongst The Fallen

We call people like Martin Luther King Jr.
and Abraham Lincoln, heroes. They are.
However we also need to remember people like
Sacagawea, women who choose to face the world
and do what it takes to overcome their difficulties.
Sacagawea led an expedition of men over what is now called
the Oregon Trail. She did this with a newborn
baby on her back. And she was a teenage mother.

One of our clients
came in asking about a pregnancy test, but really just needed someone to talk with. She has a daughter already, but her daughter lives in Ohio. This mom has been though it all; physical and verbal abuse, unplanned pregnancy, drug and alcohol addictions. She went straight from jail to rehab, before coming to us. She is working hard at turning her life around because she wants to be a real mom to her daughter. She is working full time and taking any extra hours her employers will give to her. This mom is an amazing woman.
Yes, she struggles everyday with addictions. Yes it is true, she can't be with her daughter right now. However she has set goals for herself, and is asking for help when she needs it. This mom is an example of a hero. She is actively choosing life for herself every day. And she is putting the thought of a life with her daughter before the "easy" ways out.
She, like Sacagawea is a hero. She is doing the hard things and loving a child at the same time.

Saved Baby at Dr. Emily Today

A fellow sidewalk counselor named Jowell and I were standing in the back of Dr. Emily abortion facility this morning when two girls came out of the clinic. As we later found out, one of them already was scheduled for the abortion later in the day - they were just going to the corner store to pick up a few things. They looked like they spoke Spanish so Jowell started to speak with them.

The two of them were sisters and Jowell found out that one was a little more than eight weeks pregnant. She told him she never had an abortion before and was actually quite ignorant as to what goes on during the procedure.

So Jowell got them on our bus and continued talking to them. Shortly after our ultrasound technician performed an ultrasound. After the pregnant woman came out of the ultrasound room Jowell asked her, "Did you hear the heartbeat?"

She said "Yes."

And for her that was all it took. Then she realized that she would rather go through the ordeal of figuring out everything with the boyfriend and family than destroy her child and his or her heartbeat. She knows it will be difficult, but it will be worth it - and EMC will be there to support her through the entirety of her pregnancy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Walk

What most people don't ever see about the abortion issue, I have seen on a regular basis. Anyone could see it if they would only look. It's hard to see, but it happens in plain sight.

I'm talking about the walk. She walks in the clinic as one woman, and comes out as another. The truth is that she's sad, scared, lonely, and heartbroken. She has decided to abort her child. Though she hasn't done it yet, and there is still hope in that. The aftermath of abortion is completely different.

Some are emotionally numb, trying desperately to put it out of their mind. But you can't just evict something from your consciousness. Instead it's hidden away, in a box, on a shelf in the back of the mind; ready to return when you least expect it. I have seen women with dead eyes, sad eyes, regret filled eyes leaving the abortion clinic. Crying, crying; weeping on my shoulder. Unable to believe what they have chosen, wishing they could turn the clock back just a few hours.

They walk differently, you know. Some times a slight limp, yet others barely able to stand, barely able to walk. Leaning on the arm of their boyfriend. Stopping every few minuets to take a breath. Tears streaming down their now pale cheeks.

This my friends is what abortion does to women. I have seen these things before and I witnessed them all again today as I sidewalk counseled. This is part of why we work. To prevent this from happening, and if we can't prevent it, we offer help for healing in the aftermath.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Beautiful Choice

I was blessed with a beautiful story. She came in for a pregnancy test at EMC's South Bronx center. She had been considering abortion, as most girls are when they come in. I was with another client when she came into the center. She sat in the waiting room with her best friend and watched a non graphic educational video about the two most common abortion procedures and risks and complications. Normally we wait until the client is in our counseling room, but one of the staff members had put it on for another client's friend.

By the time I saw her, she changed her mind. She walked into the counseling room with me, sat on the couch and proceeded to ask me detailed, well thought out questions. We talked about the procedure and she informed me she would never choose that option. She asked "why anyone would trade the risk of all those complications for a dead baby?" I didn't have an answer to give her.

Although she understands how difficult it will be to raise a child and do all the things she wishes to, she believes she will. Her family is going to support her in any way possible. She called her Godmother while she was with me and told her Godmother what her decision was. I saw for myself how close her family is.

This young girl amazed me. Even though she had made the mistake of having sex outside of marriage, she was willing to learn. To learn, and to take responsibility for her choices.

They said she was too old to have a baby

A few days ago I had the privelege of speaking with the type of woman with whom I rarely speak. She was forty years old.

If there is any stigma worse than 'teenage pregnancy' - it may be a single older woman. After all, they are supposed to 'know better.' This woman was basically embarrassed that she got herself into the predicament without knowing the father too well.

Anyway, the woman just needed encouragement. She already had gone through a horrible abortion experience and utilized the healing process of Rachel's Helpers, and was mad at herself for even considering it again (when she came in she was undecided on what she wanted to do). I was so glad that I could offer her friendship and compassion.

In the end, the actual obstacles to a pregnancy were mostly practical. I connected her to the Sister's of Life who have a very large network of those willing to volunteer with things like child care, which is exactly what she wanted.

While not quite as old as Sarah in the Bible when she concieved Isaac, I hope this woman will eventually find the joy of a new baby.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Abortion Leads to More Unwanted Pregnancies

A few days ago I was speaking to a woman who was very abortion minded. She had the standard obstacles with regards to her pregnancy. For some reason or another, the conversation led me to ask, "Well what would you do if abortion were illegal."

Her answer was memorable, she simply said, "I wouldn't have sex."

The side of the debate that says there is no correlation to highly available abortion and unwanted pregnancies' only position would be not to believe this woman and other women like her. But I do. She said it very matter-of-factly and point blank.

And of course it makes sense - with the conscious or even subconscious realization that there is a way out in case there is a 'mistake' - a new human being coming into existence, more unwanted pregnancies arise. The history of the pro-choice movement in America simultaneously producing more unwanted pregnancies is further evidence of this.

Of course to defeat abortion the truth of human sexuality must surface, but conversely, if we can curb the 'abortion as the way out' mentality through legislation and education - it will help promote the truth of human sexuality.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Most Important Part of Mother's Day

On Mothers Day of this year, EMC Interns had the opportunity to team up with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust; a group of pro-life youth from California. We did a lovely and worthy project here in the Bronx.

We purchased many bouquets of flowers and made "Happy Mother's Day" cards for the women we saw at the abortion clinic in the Bronx.

We wanted to do this for various reasons. One being that we simply wanted to honor and show appreciation to the mothers of our time. Without mothers, there would be no nurturing. There would be no maternal characteristics to bring into the world. Mothers are the source of this.

Another reason we wanted to distribute flowers to the mothers we saw,
was because we wanted to take whatever focus they had and gear it towards the fact that they are capable of producing one of life's most miraculous and precious creatures: a baby.

There are many things running through these women's minds. Things such as my career will be jeopardized, I am not even sure about my relationship with the father, what are my friends and family going to think.

There is a lot to think about in these types of situations.

But the most essential one, is the thought of the life on a new human being. All the others are important in their own way, but they don't compare to the thoughts on the life or death of a human being.

There were some other people there that day who did not like our idea so much. One of whom was the "escort" who works for the abortion clinic. This is a picture of him yelling at one of our young persons from the survivor group.

He used many profanities and raised his voice. We just kept loving on the women despite his words. It's important to stay focused on what the most important part of Mother's Day is. Thank you for reading.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Abstinence v. Anguish

As tears were streaming down her face, she told me she had only been sexually active for less than a month. She was scared and felt alone. Her boyfriend had been going out with her for two years, and she had only just given into the pressure. Now she sat in front of me, terrified that she might be pregnant.

Over and over again, I see the fear of being pregnant. In our world every mom is at risk of feeling like a baby is something to fear. I wish I could help every woman to understand, a child is a blessing not a curse. And yet how can they understand when all they can feel is fear? Our God is not a god of fear. He is God of power and strength, mercy, compassion and love. Out of our fear, we commit great sins against God. These women consider killing the Image of God, simply because they are afraid.

This girl made it two years before she gave in! I encouraged her to choose wisely, to wait for marriage before giving anymore of herself away. She listened to what I said, and she agreed. Being like "everyone else," wasn't worth the pain and fear she had put herself through. She told me, "Never again." She decided that day to choose abstinence. She chose safety and patience. Armed with those she will find there are still men out there who truly care about her. Who don't want her to suffer and feel alone. Who care enough about her to wait and encourage her to wait for them.

"But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. Now therefore fear ye not: I will nourish you, and your little ones." And he comforted them, and spake kindly unto them. (Genesis 50: 20-21)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Facing The Facts

Throughout the ages, America has been a haven of justice and freedom. We have fought against the oppression of tyrants. We have lobbied for equality in our own country, both for women's rights and against the injustice of racism. America refused to turn our heads away and ignore the horrors of Hitler's regime. There are times We the People disagree. Nevertheless, through the years we have pulled together and fought injustice where we found it.
In the world this very day, a distressing system has been put into place. All over the world, what we as a people have refused to allow in the past is becoming acceptable in the present. Women's rights are being trampled. Racism is running rampant. Yet Americans are closing their eyes and their hearts.
How can we pick and choose what wrongs we will right? Will we forever ignore that which we assume will not affect us? At times, the truth may be ugly. At times, we may want to shut our eyes and turn away. However, it is knowing the truth and refusing to ignore injustice, which make us who we are. True Americans. So sit up straight and face the facts. It can be done.
The fact is: The injustice has a name. Abortion. Whether "Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life" there are facts, which must not be ignored any longer.
The fact is: The injustice is being covered up by handy slogans and misleading propaganda. So few people are taking the time to search out the truth, yet it is staring us right in the face.
The fact is: One of women's greatest enemies is abortion. Medical World News reported a study in which ninety-nine mothers were informed of the gender of their children. Fifty-three of these pre-borns were boys and forty-six were girls. Only one mother chose to abort her boy, while twenty-nine chose to abort their girls. The statistics are overwhelming. Over and over again, women's rights are being overthrown by abortion.
Did you realize polls show more women than men affirm the un-borns’ right to life. In fact, “the most pro-abortion category in the United States (and also in other nations) is white males between the ages of twenty and forty-five.” More specifically, “the group that is most consistently pro-choice is actually single men."
The fact is: It is time for men to take responsibility for their own actions, and for us women to refuse to be lumped together as if we are incapable of taking care of our families and ourselves. Is this not what the women of the past fought for?
The fact is: Abortion is geared towards the minority races. What most people call Abortion could also be called eugenics. Abortion is used in many countries as a population control. Why do we believe it will be different here?
Whether we think about Hitler or abortion, the fact is: They both do the same thing in the end. When all is said and done, millions of innocents are being slaughtered. Women's rights are suffering. Racism is being ignored. But not for long. Throughout history, Americans have said, "enough is enough", to injustice.
Why does Planned Parenthood and its supporters think this will be any different? America will stand up for the truth once again. We will see and share the truth, and we will stand for Change. The question is will this generation go down in history as heroes? Or will this generation be known as Those Who Shut Their Eyes?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Together Eternally

The moment a child is conceived, the mother is also conceived. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.
-Author Unknown

Last Sunday mothers were the main focus of many people’s lives. At EMC, mothers are our focus everyday. Each time a child is conceived, a mother’s heart begins to beat. With each beat comes fear and worry, but also joy and love. As the chemicals in the mother’s body begin to fight for life, so her heart wages the war for her child’s life. As this world tells her she made the biggest mistake possible, God tells her she is part of the biggest adventure possible.
Even when a woman has had a child before, she still becomes new every time she conceives. She may already be a mother, but she wasn’t a mother to this precious one. It is amazing to me how my mother could look at each of her children and whisper, “you are my favorite,” and not be lying. It is amazing to me to see how a woman’s heart breaks when she chooses herself over her child.
I saw this in a woman’s eyes as she told me she knew what she wanted. She knew it was a baby, and she knew she would regret killing her baby. Her heart was wounded, but still fighting. Yet her mind and the world’s lies were winning. I don’t know if I will ever know what happened. I don’t know if someday I will turn the corner and see her child’s face. But I do know she will always be a mother. I just don’t know how long her child has in this life.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

At Expectant Mother Care we believe in the value and beauty of motherhood. We know that moms work tirelessly to inspire, and instill values in their children. They are truly the unsung heroes of our time! From the EMC family to your's; Happy Mother' Day!

Fruits of Our Labor

One of the best parts about working at my job is seeing the results of our labor.

It's one thing to see the fruit of my labor, and something else when I get to see the fruits of the others I work with.

One day this past week I was assigned to work in Brooklyn. Linda is our director there. As I was walking through the door, I saw her with a woman and a baby.

There were smiles everywhere.

Even the other clients who didn't know who this baby was or belonged to were filled with a subtle peace. It's interesting how a perfect stranger can positively impact your life.

This particular client was one that Linda had last year. All odds were against Linda. There was a major language barrier. She spoke very little English. Also, the woman initially wanted to get an abortion. Linda did not give up on her.

She tried everything in her power in attempts to communicate with this woman. Whether that included a sonogram, a conversation, or a picture to show, Linda tried all that she knew to do in order to save this baby.

She succeeded!

This mother could not have been any happier with her decision to bring her daughter into the world. Praise God for giving Linda the perserverance and wisdom to carry out His will. Thanks be to God! Thank you for reading.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Help is Waiting to be Utilized

I stood outside of Dr. Emily abortion clinic today. Up until eleven am, I had talked to around ten girls.

I was able to catch up with a couple that walked out of the back entrance. At first, they ignored me. I'm not sure they knew what I was saying, or that they were interested at all. But I was persistent. I walked with them down the sidewalk.

Finally I was able to get their attention. She abruptly turned towards me and said, "I didn't do it". I said, "You didn't do what? Get the abortion?" She said, "Yeah. I couldn't do it." I said, "Are you lying to me?" She said, " I swear on my life. I couldn't do it. I have done it before and I just couldn't go through with it."

From there, I told her that we can and will help her. I told her we can give her free sonograms as well as other services, but that she needed to come in and do a consultation so that we knew her specific situation. We need to get to know her and establish a relationship.

After I told her what helps we could give her, she was very impressed, extended her arm to shake my hand, and stated her name. I told her mine. She took the pamphlet I gave her with the list of our centers on it.

Glad I could be there to expose the help that awaits to be utilized. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"This is your baby, and you're my baby"

A few days ago a nice 18 year old girl came into our office on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens and just wanted to talk. She knew that she was pregnant and she desperately wanted to keep her baby but just wanted further confirmation via one of our free self-administered pregnancy tests.

She was weeping and afraid of what she would do in her future - college, family, etc. She just needed somebody to encourage her and point out the fact that yes this will change her life (having a baby), but her baby is not the enemy to her happiness or fulfillment. Luckily, in addition to the emotional support I was giving her, she had a very supportive mother.

The highlight of my talk with her was when she called her mom while I was present. I could hear her mother give one of the best lines to a sad and afraid daughter I've ever heard.

She said, "We can do this, and you can keep your baby, because this is your baby, and you're my baby."

What great encouragement from a loving mother. Unfortunately most girls do not have this kind of support. Lets hope and pray that mothers, or rather, grandmothers, will offer their children the kind of nurturing care best provided only by them.

The LOVE option.

"There are three choices. Parent, Abortion, and Adoption."

These words are a part of my everyday life here at the EMC Brooklyn office. However the choice of adoption is one that is always suggested but rarely ever seriously considered. Today was a special day.

This woman came in early. She was not interested in discussing pre-natal development. She didn't want to hear about the risks associated with abortion. She was very certain that she "knew it already". However, after speaking to her about her 18 month old son, I learned that she had considered adoption before. She knew about the process and said that she had gone through the preliminary steps while she was pregnant with her first child... but had decided to parent!

Now here she sits. Pregnant. Wanting an abortion.

"I caught it early enough. It is what I have to do. I think I am only a month along..."

Turns out her baby is 14 weeks old. The initial shock of this knowledge physically made itself manifest on every inch of her face. She sobbed in my arms. I felt her emotions flood my soul like a tsunami wave hitting a wall. After some time and a few phone conversations she was calmed enough to talk. "No way am I going to have an abortion... not this far along... " She asked me about adoption and about places that could help her to learn more about the specifics of this option. I helped set her up with Bethany Christian Services for a consultation.

This woman showed the depth of her heart. Her openness to even consider adoption gives me such hope! I am honored to have worked with her. I was present to see her conscience awaken and her heart embrace love... that is not selfish, that is kind, that does not seek its own interests.
Her journey is far from over, but I will rest assured that she will choose life for her child. God bless her and her discernment.

Nice to Meet You!

My name is Ambrosia, and I'm 18. I was homeschooled for most of my life.
I have three living younger siblings, but there are 9 of us total. I came from Maine, and being in a city is quite an experience!
I want to do all I can to help. I want to be on the frontlines, looking into the eyes of the women who need help. I want to know that if a woman did not know she had other options, It wasn't because I chose to not help.
I think what excites me most about this opportunity is how well it fits my dreams. I have known for years that helping women and children this way is one of my biggest passions. I want to do so much. I have seen already the pain in a woman’s eyes as she goes though the pain of losing her child. A single friend of mine had three children on contraception. She miscarried the first two. I sat with her for seventy-two hours as she lost the third, a little boy, at eighteen weeks(LMP). I will never forget the pain in the maternity ward that weekend.
Since then I have become even more passionate about being Pro-life. I never want a woman to ask me why I didn't care about her enough to warn her. I wish no woman ever felt she had to put herself through this horror.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden and Pro-Life Reflections

Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead there is a sort of bitter sense of finality. Of course his most infamous act was the murder of 3,000 innocent American civilians on September 11, 2001. Immediately after I heard about this on Sunday night I began to think of the pro-life movement.

Every day, about 4,000 innocent human beings are killed through abortion. That's more than 9/11. In New York, we greatly surpass 9/11 numbers of casualties every couple of weeks.

After 9/11 the country was united. In the face of such atrocities we stood for what was right. And yet now there is hardly any such response to the fact that America is aborting its future. In Bin Laden - the enemy was clear, however for the crime of abortion, the enemy is more hidden. The enemy in the abortion issue is The Enemy.

Abortion could be ended if we zeroed in on The Enemy like the military zeroed in on Bin Laden. For all of the despair the Enemy causes we must fight it with hope; with darkness - light; and with loneliness we can fight The Enemy with love.

Only when the enemy is defeated will the abortion issue be settled, and will there be a semblance of justice for those innocents killed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Educate the Community and You Can Change the Culture

Many of you know about the front line, lifesaving work of Expectant Mother Care. But you may not be aware of some of the other aspects of our Pro-life work. There is definitely a community outreach aspect to EMC. That could clearly be seen as we led the fight against the Anti-life Bill 371. We held rallies and petition drives to mobilize the people of NYC. But that is just one instance.

When a 37 year old mother of four died from a botched abortion in Queens, EMC interns and staff took to the streets, holding a candle vigil and educating the community about the dangers of abortion.

EMC Interns are often called on to speak on high school and college campuses in the New York City area. Personally I have had the oppertunity to speak at Cardinal Spellman Highschool on several occasions as well as St. Raymond's All Boys Catholic School and Fordham Universty, just to name a few.

So you see, part of our work is to go out and engage the community in a attempt to change the culture.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Not Her Choice, It's Theirs

I woke up from a nap today with a text that read "i am getting an abortion".

It was a great way to wake up. When I counseled her last week, she told me over and over that she did NOT want to get the abortion. I texted her back "No. No you don't have to. Please. Can you call me right now?"

She didn't call right then. We texted back and forth for the next hour. I texted her things like, "Don't listen to them. You told me a day ago you didn't want to do it. What's different about today?" Also, "You are a strong independent woman. You make your decisions apart from them. We will help you . You don't have to do this. You don't".

She kept fighting it. But I figured, if she wasn't really still struggling with the decision, she never would have texted me to begin with. She would have just done it.

She's in the most unreal place. She has EVERYONE she cares most about in her life, forcing her-pressuring her to get the abortion. They are telling her that she is going to ruin her life if she keeps her baby or makes an adoption plan. Prom is coming up, and she's not going to want to be pregnant for that. Not only are they not listening to her when she has repeatedly told them she doesn't want to get the abortion, but they FORCE her to do what they want her to do. It's no longer her choice, it's theirs.

A choice ? It doesn't sound like she has a choice to me. A lot of people talk about how "pro choice" they are. They have no idea.

What they don't understand is that when you work with women like this, it's not about choice. It's about survival. Survival emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually for everyone. Choice has nothing to do with it. Even when you fight for her right to get an abortion, she still has this struggle, does she not ?

You have to ask yourself: what decision can I make that I can live with?

After working with countless post- abortive women, I have found abortion is NOT something women find they can live with. That is why I told and counseled my client to do what her heart was telling her already- which was to keep her baby. That and the fact that my Father in Heaven has commanded that we keep our offspring as well as not kill.

After about another hour of talking on the phone, she started to sound more hopeful on having the baby. I told her that she is a strong woman, and that she just needed to hold on a little longer. We are meeting at one of our centers tomorrow. She is going to call me in the morning as well. PLEASE PRAY. Thank you for reading.