Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Angels Sent by God

This morning, outside Dr. Emily's, Nancy and I began to talk to a girl who had an appointment at Dr. Emily's. "Christine" began to take a few steps towards the door where her friend "Diane" who was 9 months pregnant was standing.

Christine told us Diane didn't want her to do it and that they had been discussing it the past few days. All of the sudden, Christine said something that caught us all by surprise.

She said "You all must be angels sent by God because he knows what I am thinking about this." I responded with "Well you can't ignore that. Would you like to come sit in the sonogram bus with us where we can talk more privately."

On our way to the van a passerby said "Don't listen to them honey, they don't understand your situation." Christine replied with "Whoa, that was the devil."

It was so beautiful that she was able to see so clearly and simply saw the difference between angels sent by God and the evil one.

In the sono-van we explained the abortion procedure to Christine and Diane and showed them a video with statistical information as well as medical images of abortion.

Diane began to cry, begging Christine not to go through with it, while Christine immediately realized the dignity of the life within her and exclaimed "I don't want that to happen to my baby!"

We then spent the rest of the morning building a relationship with them. Diane shared with us that she is due in just 2 short days and she has named her daughter Star Asia. Christine opened her heart to us and spoke about God's goodness. She also told us if she has a girl that she would name her Angel because of us!

We are so grateful for the love that Christine and Diane showed us today because that is what keeps us going! I love you ladies!

[pictured L-R: Rosana (sono tech), Mary Catherine (intern), "Diane" (friend), "Christine" (client), Nancy (intern), Kat (intern)]

"Not so good"

Yesterday at the Queens office I walked in and saw one of the saddest men I have ever seen.

I asked him how he was and he said not so good. His wife was talking to Carmen about getting an abortion and he didn't want her to go through with it.

He had watched the gruesome, terrible video choice blues, and could not imagine his child being torn into pieces.

I told him that his wife thinks she can't do it right now, so he needs to go and tell her that he will support her, love her and do whatever it takes to raise this baby.

He agreed with tears in his eyes while clutching tightly to his beautiful three-year old daughter.

Please pray for this couple that God will give them the strength to make the right choice.
On Tuesday, I was at an abortion clinic called Emily'sy really very difficult to talk to the girls who come to the clinic for poor and unfortunate that this fence and we only have a few seconds to convince them to talk a little and offer our services . But in the evening on my last hours there, when it seemed that nothing was going to pass a boy began to mourn and I could talk to her about 2 minutes, was pregnant with twins and said he only wanted to help and began to mourn and I promised to call our office and leave the babies born, osea a brave mother yesterday took a big decision and but two amazing lives. This is great news! God bless.

Miracles happen everyday

This week a family came in with nowhere else to turn, pregnant and scared, with no jobs and no way to feed another mouth. They came in feeling that there was no other way than aborting their baby. We talked to them for a while and took them to the sonogram room for their free sonogram, to see what baby feels about this situation.

I saw the greatest miracle I have seen here to date. The counselor asked if she could pray over the baby, then asked mom to place her hands over her abdomen. She did so, and continued following the counselor's directions to tell the baby to hold her hand.

In a room full of people watching the screen, one little hand reached up and touched the spot where mom's hands were rested on the outside of her womb. Baby listened to mom and did what he or she was told.

After mom saw this happen, there was no way she would abort (in her own words)!

By the end of the day they left with a job interview, a place to stay, and food for lunch. Maybe they realized that this baby, instead of being one more problem, is just what they needed to turn things around- and hopefully they realized that every baby is a blessing.

Contradiction of Beliefs and Practices

Most often people are faced with a constant conflict between their beliefs and their actual practices (their job). When this happens, one always prevails against the other: the demands of the job over the demands of the beliefs and ideals.

Usually, the management of Dr. Emily's abortion mill hires the police to hang around in anticipation of crisis between the pro-abortion escorts and prolifers. In fact, they are meant to defend the abortioin mill. Last week, when I met one of the policewomen, I saw a Rosary bracelet on her wrist. I asked and she told me she is Catholic and prolife. She felt my next question would be 'How come you do this type of work?', so she said immediately,"I'm not happy to be here, but you know I have to do my job. If I'm to choose, I wouldn't have been here." Of course, she has done nothing wrong; she was at her duty post. I quickly told her she can recite her Rosary for an end to abortion even at that contradictory duty. She promised to do so and also to send some materials that would help us in our work.

However, this woman has been able to strike a balance between the demands of her job and those of her beliefs.


Coincidence is God's way of being anonymous.

We have all had moments in life when it feels like someone is watching out for you. Some call it karma, or fate, others luck or the more spiritually inclined would give credit to their guardian angel. Whatever or whomever you give the credit to, it is reassuring to have some sort of confirmation in which way you should go in life. One of our clients had an experience just like this.

She came to the south Bronx center with her older sister on a Monday. They had tried to go to the Planned Parenthood center across the street, but they are closed on Mondays. Sign number one.

Then instead of going home they went across the street to our office because they saw the giant "UNPLANNED PREGNANCY?" banner. Sign number two.

I was at the center that day and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak to this young woman. Her boyfriend said the choice was hers but that he, "didn't think they were ready." A common excuse given to evade responsibility.

Her older sister that accompanied her wanted her to keep her baby. Whenever there is a source of support in the family, that is a huge plus that is really emphasized during the consultation.

As I was talking with the woman and she shared her story with me, I told her I didn't think it was a coincidence that she ended up in our center. If she had come on any other day, she most likely would have scheduled an abortion with ease.

When I said that I thought someone was watching out for her, she agreed and told me it was her dad. I asked what he said when she told him she was pregnant, and it turns out that he had passed away. I then shared with her that my dad too had passed away and I definitely believed that her dad was watching over her and his little grand baby. Sign number three.

In tears, the young mother and her sister sat and watch "Choice Blues," the mother for the second time just so her sister could see the true images of abortion.

Although still working through a difficult relationship with her boyfriend, this brave young mother has chosen not to ignore the life growing inside of her.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life is Awesome

Life in the EMC family is good and getting better. We have a new set of interns from Spain I can't wait to get to know. I get to "play" with a new camera for my blogs, which I am using for work and a little fun, just to watch people a bit. A few of the girls stayed home one day to clean the house and make the arrangement for the boys even better at the house. Dan and Katleen left us but the night they left was a happy occassion full of cookies, cake and ice cream.
Aside from the other little pleasures recently, I made two great connections with people. The first was Kristie from yesterday, a walk-in that was determined to get get an abortion. She was easily upset and didn't want to watch Choice Blues, so me and Sally had to resort to just talking to convince her to be open to keeping her baby. Turned out she wasn't pregnant but she tanked us repeatedly for talking about it to her. Before leaving I got a big hug, the first time I have been hugged by a client, a special unforgetable experience. The other experience was a call from an appointment I made today. I forget her name but the point is that she was the happiest most supportive person I have met in this line of work. She complimented me and the work we all do at EMC as well as pointing out about how other girls need to be more appreciative of the service we provide. We would have helped her anyway but hearing how much someone that we help being that supportive when most don't even initially realize what we really do is a breath of fresh air. The picture is a view of some of the great people that make our work possible.

Pregant women´s mothers

Yesterday I first went to the doors of abortion clinics and had a great experience. Soon after our arrival came a girl of 21 years and then I approached and started to talk to her. His situation was difficult because he told me that she and her boyfriend not wanted to abort, was his mother who was forcing her to do so.
This has taught me that many of these girls have it harder because the maternal support in such situations is essential. So many times we have to work more with mother than with the pregnant girls.

Sisters of Life

We at EMC cannot praise God enough for giving us the gift of the Sisters of Life for their love, support, prayers, and services for our clients. We send the Sisters of Life women who need shelter, maternity home, counseling, and post-abortive healing.

I met a girl coming out of Dr. Emily's who was post-abortive (feeling guilt, depression, anxiety over an abortion she had 5 years before) but felt like she had to get an abortion because she had no job and wasn't ready to have a child.

Well, turns out after talking with her in the sonogram bus she had a textbook case of severe depression - loss of motivation to work or even get out of bed, very tearful, tons of fatigue, very low self-esteem, feeling "empty," not looking forward to anything or finding joy in anything, lack of self-confidence, wondering if anyone would care or miss her if she died, other thoughts about death - and she's been like this since she was 13 years old.

Red flags everywhere that this is something an abortion won’t solve and probably just add to her suffering. I knew right away I needed to get a counselor for her about her depression, but someone I could trust who won't tell her she had to get an abortion.

Who could I turn to who would see her even though she had no money, who would love and support her through everything she needed, and who would be well experienced at counseling women who suffer from depression, a past abortion, and is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy right now?

Why, no one else than the Sisters of Life.

What made me so happy is she came in for another ultrasound 3 days later with the better machine we had, and she was already defensive, meaning being self-confident and motivated to counter what people say, about her baby. I mean literally she was always referring to it as "my baby," and was anxious (as in excited!) to show off her baby in the sonogram to her cousin she brought with her.

"Don't laugh at my baby! Don't call my baby stubborn for not posing for an ultrasound!"

It was music to my ears.

She had called the Sisters of Life to make an appointment and she was amazed at how nice and generous they were.

"The Sister I talked to - we talked for 30 or 45 minutes not even about their resourced, but just about me. I just let everything out and took her feedback and it was so nice. I can't wait until Monday for my meeting."

Not just music, an orchestra masterpiece for my ears.

Praise God!

Love Makes It Hard

For all of those who read about the beginning of mine and Aadab's relationship, here is an update about our journey together.

Between our first meeting and our second meeting, Aadab called me. During our conversation I told Aadab that she was beautiful. This made Aadab cry a lot. She told me that no one has ever told her that before, which made me quite sad.

During our second meeting it was obvious how much Aadab needed love. I did my best to pour out all the love I had to give. I gave Aadab a present I picked out specially for her along with an encouraging card.

Before leaving the office, Aadab said, "Why do you do this?!" When I asked Aadab what she meant, she replied "Care about people so much! You are making this so hard!"

My love was making her decision to abort hard. This proves even more how love is the answer to abortion. Aadab, and all women, need love, not abortion.

Aadab will have an ultrasound in the upcoming week and come back to visit me. May God's love for Aadab and her baby continue to be revealed to her.

What About My Daddy?

Abortion hurts women. It’s a well known fact. But many times we don’t even think about the men involved in the abortion. They need their pieces picked up too.

This past week I attended The National Right to Life conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I was able to hear Dr. Greg Hasek speak about the effects of abortion on men. He explained the perpetuation of the abuse, addiction, abortion, addiction, abuse cycle that most affects men.

Men subjected to abuse as an adolescent are more likely than men not subjected to abuse to develop addictions to sex, drugs and alcohol, and work. These addictions predispose these men to involvement in abortion resulting in unresolved grief.

This unresolved grief leads the men to cope by continuing their addictions which in turn leads to abuse of their partners and current children, if they have any. The man’s unresolved grief then turns to complicated grief which results in chronic grief reaction where his grief is never resolved. This causes his life to become stagnant and now new emotional growth cannot happen.

This chronic grief leads a man to wear masks to hide his psychological and emotional torment. The most common masks men hide behind are anger, detachment, performance, and depression.

Healing for these men is hard but not impossible. In order for the man to be fully healed from the pain of abortion he must first be free from his addiction and other psychological traumas suffered prior to the abortion. This can take anywhere from 6 to 8 months or longer.

After he is free from his addictions healing from the abortion itself can take place. He must be able to realize what he has done which can be difficult since strong emotional and psychological pain causes a man to become desensitized to the loss of a child. Then he must be able to forgive himself and the individuals involved in the abortion and the decision making process which led to the abortion.

Dr. Hasek’s session on men gave me a lot of insight on how men react and how they internalize their pain. It made me realize that while saving babies is our main priority we cannot forget about the men who suffer in silence.

Birthday Blessings

Recently, we celebrated our Queens center director’s birthday and it was great. She invited the interns and girls that she had worked with in the past to her favorite restaurant and we ate and drank and sang to our heart’s content.

The best thing about working in a pregnancy center is all the connections you make. Our director had so many of her girls there who were all so grateful for the things that she had done for them. They all said that they were so happy they had changed their mind and not aborted; but even better than not aborting was actually seeing the fruits of her labor.

There were two little babies there that we all got to snuggle and love. While I was playing with one of the babies our director leaned over and said to me, “This is exactly why I do what I do.” I can understand her sentiment.

It’s hard work day in and day out. We put in over 40 hours a week and are on call 24/7 in case one of our girls needs something in the middle of the night. I’m no stranger to that call myself. But at the end of the day when all is said and done I am at peace knowing that there was a change of heart in a mommy and a baby’s life was saved.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A girl came to see us today and wanted a pregnancy test. If she was pregnant she wanted him to stay. Before, she had had 26 abortions and had realized that she could not keep doing this atrocity, but the outcome was negative, she was not pregnant.
Another girl has come and if she was pregnant, wanted an abortion.She had already a 9 year old daughter and she had no idea of what the abortion procedure was. We've tried to explain how it worked and we've put her the real abortion DVD and it started, she had started getting bad and we had to stop it. Finally she managed to realize that the abortion was not an alternative.

I heart ME

I was sidewalk counseling outside of Emily's on Saturday when a girl came out the back door talking on her cell phone. At first glance, I thought she was wearing one of the typical "I <3 NY" t-shirts. Soon after I realized that the shirt actually read "I <3 Me."

While a lot of the women we meet are in very sad situations being pressured into an abortion, others have the mentality that this shirt displays. Sadly, there are plenty of women out there that abort their babies simply because they do not want to deal with an unexpected pregnancy. They love themselves most and don't have room to love another person in their life. So many women I've talked to just "don't want another kid." It's as simple as that.

Life is full of surprises, sacrifices, and inconveniences. We all have them. We all have to learn to live with them. It is through Christ's sacrifice that we have life. Let us sacrifice our lives for another. In doing so, we will be blessed beyond comprehension and be at peace with ourselves.

It's okay to love yourself. In fact, it's essential that you love yourself. But love Christ most. Show your love for Christ by loving others, even an unexpected child in your womb. That child is a blessing.

I <3 Christ. I <3 Mothers. I <3 Babies. I <3 You. and yes, I <3 me, too :-)

Good bye to the Defenders of LIFE

I can’t believe it is already time to say good bye to EMC friends and co-workers. Looking back on the experience, I feel so unworthy of the opportunity. Thanks to Chris Slattery I was able to save babies, and meet so many wonderful people who will forever have an impact on my life. Liz, Linda, Carmen, Julie,Vinny and all my house mates have contributed to this amazing 6 six weeks. I just want to thank Chris for bringing all of us together, and allowing this great work to be done.

Before I came here, I would sheepishly try to explain to my friends what I was going to be doing, but now when I come home, I feel like yelling from the top of a mountain to explain the amazing feelings I have from doing this work.
The work can be very emotionally draining at times, but the joy you feel when you realize you have saved a mother’s life and her baby’s is everlasting! It was those times when I realized I was in the exact spot where God meant me to be. When you realize that at that moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be, it is a surreal feeling. Suddenly you focus in on how amazing life is. I just wish everyone could experience this.

For those who are struggling with depression, which many post abortive women face with for their whole life; I want them to know there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is God there waiting to show us that life is about love and hope! If we allow people to destroy life, then we destroy love and hope for humanity!

I have witnessed many of our clients at EMC craw through their black hole to see light, and to see that life is great, and they deserve the best. Once people see how wonderful life is, they only naturally want to give their children life. The greatest gift of all.

Thank you Chris and everyone who has had a hand in building this organization that does great things!! EMC could not save babies without the defenders of life uniting together.

God bless!
this week I've been in a Pittsburgh conference. The first thing that is not relevant yet the city is very pretty. I have learned many important things about how to convince women they really want to do abortions. I've learned to always always always are and will be free to choose and that is their own decision, but at the same time are also free to choose the right path so all we can do is explain what you mean abortion and its consequences, then help them as much as possible, ie, all economic methods that we have at our disposal, such as ultrasound, medical monitoring, delivery, etc.

I have also learned that each person we treat is a different world and yet it seems they all have the same problem, it is not. They all have different situations in their lives, to fight for goals, impediments to carry out their lives with children, etc.

Last but not least I have learned, can talk and explain to the other side, "men", we must never pressure them, but deeply touching the subject of the opportunity it means to live and that brings confidence to those born .

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Monday I was in Queens and attended the 9 girls who wanted an abortion, it was very hard to see how they were so convinced. But it was improving as the morning was that were convincing when they talk about is abortion, as they do, what consequences they have, etc.. I have discovered that the real problem is that all women seeking abortions have no idea what it really is, as is done and that mean Moreover, it is a problem of ignorance, when you explain that it is usually realize.

So Much for "Woman's Choice"

I had one of the most heartbreaking experiences Friday. It was my first time seeing an obvious example of the boyfriend being the major force behind the girlfriend getting an abortion.

I've heard from many girls that they didn't want one but their boyfriends or parents weren't supportive, and I've heard about these cases outside of Emily's abortion mills from other interns, but I saw it for myself on friday.

A boy and a girl looking like in their early twenties or so drove into the back parking lot at Emily's abortion clinic.

The parking lot is behind the gate we can't cross so I yelled to them as they got out of the car, "Hey sweetheart, do you want a free sonogram? We have free pregnancy resources."

And she started crying. She wore huge sunglasses so I couldn't see her face, but she stopped and put her hands to her face and stood for a minute wiping her face.

The boyfriend stood very near her and talked very low to her but didn't touch her at all during this whole encounter I saw. I started yelling, "Honey, are you okay? Mami, what's going on I'm worried are you alright? Papi is she okay?"

Near of them looked to me or talked to me, but she had to go back to the car and sit down in a seat. The boy stood in the open door so I couldn't see her, but I could tell she was still wiping her face.

I kept yelling "Sweetheart, are you okay? You don't have to do this. We have healthier options for you, and free pregnancy resources. You don't have to do this. Come talk to me, please come talk to me!"

After another 5-7 minutes. She finally got out of the car again. I asked if she was okay, she smiled at me and nodded, but she was still wiping her face. The boyfriends wagged his finger at me, looking stone faced.

When they were right outside the doorway, I yelled "Hunny, this needs to be your decision, not your boyfriend's, not your parent's, just your's."

Then she stopped again and her hands went back to her face. The boyfriend opened the door and held it open for her. She slowly, so reluctantly, turned, and stepped into the door.

I repeated myself, and she stopped again in the doorway, but the boyfriend opened the second door into the clinic and held it open to her. She slowly turned and again walked in reluctantly, shifting her weight from one leg to the other so that she almost staggered in.

So who's decision was it to get the abortion - the girl's or the boy's? So much for a "woman's choice."

NRL Conference

As part of the internship experience, Chris sends us on trips that usually involve Chris directing whrere we go. This was the first trip for four days without Chris and the five of us enjoyed it just fine. We stopped to eat when we wanted, ate what we wanted, went where we wanted and did what we wanted. But all this freedom was a side consequence of why we went to Pittsburg in the first place which was to attend the National Right to Life Conference.
Everyday we got to sit and listen to various talks from pro-life experts ranging in topic from abortion to euthanasia about our shared concerns for the sancity of life. A few of the sessions I listened to included Pro-life conversion, When they say...You say..., the Affect Abortion has on Men and other subjects. I took notes on a few of them but I have taken to heart most of what I heard and will no doubt use some of my new found knowledge in my usual counseling session as it applies.

Don't I Deserve to Live?

This weekend was my first time attending the National Right to Life Conference. I, along with four other interns ventured to this conference in Pittsburgh.

One of the talks I went to was about Downs Syndrome and its correlation with abortion. The speaker herself had a beautiful, young daughter with Downs Syndrome. The talk really informed me of how high of a chance it is that a child with Downs Syndrome will be aborted.

The statistic is 90% of babies diagnosed with Downs Syndrome are aborted. A whole group of people are victims of genocide!

Another thing I was not aware of was that women of all ages are now pressured to have prenatal testing done. Women over 35 are required to have testing done because of having a higher chance of having a baby with Downs Syndrome.

Having women of all ages do this testing means that more babies are being aborted. It's very sad to see these mostly happy, loving group of people being aborted because they are seen as being a bother to society. They deserve just as much as any other child for a chance to live.

A light in the darkness

Emily's on Friday was different than I had ever seen it before. It was so apparent that no one wanted to be there, yet they were so out of touch with their heart that they simply surrendered to the Father of Lies.

We could tell no one wanted to be there since everyone kept coming out. That is pretty normal, but at one point on Friday there were 7 people standing outside the back door.

These women really didn't want to do it, but oddly enough they were influencing each other to have abortions through their body language.

In addition to the increased number of women who kept coming outside of the clinic the men were also quite receptive to talking to us. I spoke to 3 men there who blatantly told me that they didn't want their girlfriends to have abortions, but they felt that they had no right to urge her to keep the baby.

These men were a light in the darkness. So many times we see women going into the clinic forced by their boyfriends, but these men were different, they had hearts. The thing they were lacking was true manhood, and the courage to stand up for their children. In a sense it is not really their fault because many of these "boys" do not have a true man in their life to teach them how to be true men.

In addition to all of this activity there were two other men that I talked to individually who drove girls here not knowing what they were doing inside. I then explained to them that it was and abortion clinic and they were both surprised.

One of them expressed to me how pro-life he was. So I challenged him to go in and bring his friend out for a free sonogram and counseling, but he simply didn't want to get involved.

This apathy must stop! So many of these men are so apathetic to the culture of death that they are unable to fight for what they want or believe in. Please pray for these men, women and children!

This weekend a few of us interns attended the National Right to Life Conference in Pittsburgh. This gathering of so many dedicated people was encouraging and educating. I went to many workshops, but the ones that touched me the most were those about post abortion syndrome and the RU486 abortion pill.

Hearing post-abortion women with the voice of experience talk about the most effective way to reach and care for women was invaluable. The need for a listening ear is so important as each woman and her story is different. As we care for their children we care equally for the women.

Some of the stories about the abortion pill were horrific beyond words. Women dying from hemorrhages, passing fully formed tiny babies and feeling horrible guilt, weeks of bleeding; all these complications from a pill that's supposed to be good for women.

A lot of women come into the EMC centers wanting the abortion pill not knowing the complications. It doesn't seem like an abortion. To many women it seems like a medicine to make a worry go away. What women are not told is that this pill doesn't just make a woman un-pregnant. It kills her baby inside her body and never changes the fact that she is the mother of a child that was once living safe in her body.

The lies about this pill being easy are some of the biggest deceptions women face in an unplanned pregnancy. Please pray for us as we work to spread the truth about what is really good for women and as we encounter new women and stories each day.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saving lives, and so much more

The EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers have proved to be such a valuable resource for women in crisis pregnancies who are in such despair that they feel thy need to abort. One of the most beautiful things about the centers is its untiring care for all women- including those who want to keep their babies but don't know where to go!

This week, a woman named Diana from Harlem came in and wanted to keep her baby, but already had a big family and had no way to get prenatal care. We called up the sonogram technician ASAP and got her an appointment the same day. Baby's health matters-- and so does mom's! I watched a girl take a pregnant woman to the drugstore and buy her prenatal vitamins with her own lunch money. One of our counselors spent all day looking for job fairs to offer soon-to-be fathers.

These things happen everyday, with the workers not giving a second thought to spending their time, efforts, or even money to assist someone in need. When a woman walks through the doors of EMC centers, she is loved with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits. Please continue to pray for the women and for the team, as we recognize that our energy comes from He who is love itself.

My Mom Chose Life

A young woman came into the center on Wednesday and totally made my day. She was scared she was pregnant but told me right away that no matter what, "I'm keeping my baby."

I was caught off guard since almost every other girl coming through the door says the exact opposite.

She shared with me that she has always been against abortion saying, "I could never do something like that; I just I can't do it."

Her choice of words was so ironic because moments before in the same consultation room a different woman was determined to have an abortion rejecting any other option I proposed repeating, "I can't do it."

The first woman had almost been a victim of abortion herself. She said that at any opportunity she gets to give a talk at school or something, she would speak about abortion. Plus, she wants to be a sonographer.

When I asked if her boyfriend knew she might be pregnant and how he reacted she said she asks any man she dates up front how he feels about children and abortion.

This young woman had the same excuses that most girls give. I'm too young. I want to finish school. I'm not ready. I still want to have fun etc. She could have said any of these things, but instead she said that even though this was not the perfect time in her life to have a baby, she would make changes to make it work.

I told her she was awesome and that she should speak to our other clients.

She too Turned Around!

They always come for a reason they do not know. They come to EMC centres abortion bound, but they leave with their babies in their womb and heart. God alone has a reason for everything, as we know, nothing happens by chance.

Last week, precisely Saturday June 19, I spoke with a pregnant woman I will call Jane. She is married but lives alone with her two daughters: her husband works in their native country; all their upkeep depends on her meagre salary; no one is there to help her, how difficult it will be when she will have this baby; in fact, she can't keep it.

I showed her our videos including Choice Blues. As she watched, I affirmed the possible destruction abortion could inflict on the body and life of a woman. "Who knows if this child is the only one to take care of you in old age; who knows why God allowed this child to come now just because you visited your husband in March; your best gift to your children is brothers and sisters...I went on and on and told her about our free services but she left with these words: "If I decide to have my baby I will go to my doctor for sonogram and prenatal consultation."

I called Jane twice this week but she had not made a decision. Just this morning, I called again and dropped a voicemail suggesting she discuss with her boss to take her baby to work (she looks after an old man), of course as a father he might understand and help her instead of aborting her baby. Jane later called me back and said she's keeping her baby but she needs a better job. She said she's grateful for my concern, but I'm more grateful to her for being optimistic in making this most difficult decision. I promised we will help her with job as much as we can.

Please pray for women in such difficulties that they may not see abortion as the solution to their problems.

First days.

I am Adriana and I come from Spain. I took the decision to come here because I get conscious about the harm that abortion is making to our society. In Spain abortion is going to be legal in a few months and I feel that we have to do something to reduce that problem. I heard about EMC internship from some friends who told me that you really get a lot of experience and you grow as a person. So I am here, and I hope that I can help a lot of girls to take the right decision.

My first impression.

I am Leticia, I have just arrived three days ago to the life-house as an intern. I am 19 years old and I come from Spain.
This first three days were very shocking for me. I have heard testimonies from pregnant women that I thought they could never be posible. I am going to be here for 5 weeks and I expect to be useful and help this women in such so difficult decision and make them choose the right one.

Friday, June 25, 2010

She's Keeping!

Last Tuesday I met a girl I'll call Jesse. Jesse has already had 2 abortions and she came to us wanting a third. Beth and I talked to her for almost an hour and a half and didn't seem to get anywhere with her.

When we asked her about her past abortions, she admitted that she felt bad the first time. Jesse was sad for about 3 days and then she "got over it." She said she doesn't think about it anymore because there is no use in "beating yourself up about stuff like that." In a way, she seemed to be saying she knew it was wrong, but she wouldn't admit that. The session ended after we set her up for a sonogram for later that afternoon.

I called Jesse on Thursday, and when I told her who I was, there was about three seconds of silence and then she hung up. I was so disappointed because I just assumed she decided to go through with the abortion and didn't want to talk to me.

I tried calling again this Tuesday and just got her voicemail. I had given up hope when Beth tried her one last time on Thursday. She answered her phone! She's keeping her baby!! This news kept me smiling all day long. We work for moments like this. The feeling is indescribable.

Praise God, Jesse is keeping her baby! Please keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forget Half-Way, I'll Meet You There

Today, I would like to think I was just a woman consoling another woman. But, it really wasn't that simple.

I was a Catholic, white woman holding a Muslim, black woman in hysterics. I was a Catholic woman who was being told "you just don't understand, I have to have this abortion, there is no other option, I'm Muslim, you just don't understand."

Today, it wasn't enough to try to understand. Today, it was crucial to seriously understand. This point hit home when "Aadab" (which means "hope" and "need") left the office engulfed in tears.

It was obvious that Aadab felt absolutely trapped and terrified, especially by her family. It was obvious that I had to meet Aadab where she was: an unmarried, pregnant girl in the eyes of a Muslim family.

After Aadab left, I sent her a text message that said "Koran 17:13 'kill not your children for fear of want. We shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin'. I know you do not answer to your family but to Allah."

Aadab immediately called me and asked when she could come back and see me! How beautiful it is that I met Aadab where she was and now she is meeting me where I am: at work!

Another meeting could very well be what helps save Aadab and her eleven week old baby. Please pray for this beautiful young woman, that she follows her precious heart and makes the choice she so desperately wants.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Second Chance

God blessed me yesterday with another turn around at Emily's. It was my second time outside of Emily's abortion clinic, and yesterday like my first day, I was blessed to witness a turnaround because the patient (or more like customer) was having trouble with her medicaid. God bless glitches in social medicine!

Both girls were up, fasted, and dressed for an abortion . . . and both said after coming into our sonogram bus that "maybe this is God giving me a second chance and telling me not to get an abortion." Now there's an idea!

Reading about Jesus's Divine Mercy and the Love of His Sacred Heart brings me to tears. He longs the most for the worst sinner, which most likely is not one of these girls who are mostly ignorant and scared. More likely I believe the greatest sinner is one of pride, which is why those who think they are holy are also in great need for Jesus's Divine Mercy to stray off pride. I worry more for the girls who walk out of the back of Emily's clinic with the gauze bandaid on their arm and lollipop in their mouth who DON'T look distressed. They don't have anything to learn from the experience except that there's nothing bad to an abortion. Yet every person, including the rudest clinic workers and the abortion doctors, deserve our deepest love. The greatest sinner could become the greatest saint because everything is possible with our Lord's divine mercy.

Working Together, Succeeding Together

At a time like this, when we work together, with one heart and mind, we achieve our one aim: to preserve life. We do what we promise we will do. That is actually why we (EMC and Sisters of Charity) exist.

Last week, a girl walked into our Brooklyn office. She is about 17 weeks pregnant. Her parents want to force her into abortion against her wish. She was driven out of the house unless she would comply and get abortion. But killing her baby was the last thing on her mind. She had to run away, to 44 Court street of course since she had known and worked with Linda some years ago.

It was very difficult to get a quick solution to her problem of homelessnes. But, eventually, after some days of refuge at the Life House, this homeless girl/mother was given a home by the Sisters of Charity. These nuns may not realise what relief they give to the rejected and homeless. But those who receive their services, no, sacrifice, will remain ever grateful to them.

What touches me most is not the house but the services they render to the homeless mothers: they provide for their meals and other needs, cook for them, clean their rooms, etc. What else could they need from the lowly nuns? Nothing. They have received all.

No wonder, then, why God blesses the good with everlasting life. That will be the reward of the Sisters of Charity! Amen!

Hold Mommy's Hand!

Linda always tells us of the time when the Holy Spirit graced her by telling an abortion minded girl to hold her baby's hand during an ultrasound. The baby responded to its mother's voice by moving it's hand in the womb next to it's mother's. This resulted in a turn around.

Ever since then she often encourages mothers to hold their baby's hands during the ultrasounds.

This afternoon we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from one of the girls who held her son's hand while he was in the womb and decided to parent him. Linda was so excited that she had the mother hold her precious baby's hand while I snapped this photo.

St. Expeditus pray for us!

Free Abortion

Our subway ad campaign began this week and the phones have been ringing off the hooks! The stories are all different but the end objective is the same.

"My medicaid expired. . .I've had an abortion before. . .I can't do this. . .I just want to get rid of it. . .I want to finish school. . .I'm too young. . .I want my free abortion."

Whether it's on the phone or on the street, I seem to be hearing this frantic cry more and more. I find it very disturbing that abortion, the murder of an innocent baby, would be considered so lightly, so insignificant, that the idea that you could get one for free is even conceivable.

What can you get for free anymore? Maybe a cup of coffee or a doughnut but usually there are always strings attached such as "with the purchase of" or "plus shipping and handling."

The scary thing is that abortions are so readily available that they really are practically free.

Well at EMC we do give things away for free. Our services are truly free, no psychological, emotional or physical side-effects guaranteed.

Through the generosity of our many donors, we are able to do this challenging and desperately needed work. This picture shows some of our interns and Linda, the Brooklyn office director, assembling a FREE double stroller for one of our clients.


The past few days have been filled with prayer and petitioning for the unborn, even taking this issue to the streets to spread REAL information about what abortion really looks like. We showed a video montage in public of aborted babies, challenging people to look at abortion for what it really is. I expected a forceful blowback from pro-choicers...but boy, was I wrong!

The most common statement I heard from women was: If I knew it looked like that, I wouldn't have had my abortion.
The most common statement from men: That's abortion?!? That's murder!

People more than anything were overwhelmingly uninformed. They did not realize that a baby's hands and feet are clearly visible by 8 weeks (not to mention its heartbeat and organ function!) and that abortion causes the child to be pulled apart, limb from limb, through a vacuum as it exits the womb. They don't know that a ten-week-old fetus moves, responds to mom's touch, and can hear her as well.

Did you know there is a video showing an abortion through a sonogram....and you watch a 10 week old baby struggling with clear intent to get away from the doctor's knife? Yeah, other people didn't know that either (video called "The Silent Scream").

My heart goes out to the mothers that were told the babies were just 'lumps of tissue'. I pray for understanding, that in this search for truth that we call life, every person will see one way or another that the unborn is a whole, beautiful little person. Please pray for the unborn, for expectant mothers, and help share this information--I know that's a lot to ask, but nobody ever told me the truth would be easy.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Change in Personel

In a week, the Lifehouse has lost an intern, recieved and safely put away a former intern, and are expecting new interns this week. I haven't written about concerns at home before but I think this many changes to our roster so often could affect how us interns interact with each other and the work we try to do together. We are constantly being shifted around to different centers, every other day getting to see someone else in action. On top of my pervious concerns, by the end of the following week we will have three of our most experienced interns of this summer go home. My point is that doing life saving work brings people closer together than most other jobs and so when anyone affects us, no matter the reason they must leave. The same applies when we get new people, getting used to a different set of personalities and styles of work. I am not complaining about any decisions made to have interns leave, I am merely saying these changes shake up our little world of this EMC family. I can only truly speak for myself but some people prefer a more stable set of people to work with. I can deal with the changes as they come and realize that this inernship is still worth more that worth a few changes in personel.

Theres always room for one more

"I already have too many kids!" This is a common statement along with many other stories that we hear from women at EMC.

That fact is; where there is a will, there is a way!

I really do feel for the girls and their tough situations. Whether it be she is pregnant with someone else's baby that is not her husband, or whether she was raped, or whether she just cant afford anymore kids!

All of these "ugly" situations are dark, and seem disheartening at times, but a life is worth so much more than a new car, a new outfit, a new hairdo. This is what I try to explain to my clients.

These children simply need love, not material items. Why does your one year old deserve a new toy, but your unborn child does not even deserve life and love?

My motto is, there is always room for one more! Two kids does not mean twice the trouble, it means twice the love!

I tried to explain this to the young girl today who said she cant afford a second child. Once we talked about her troubles, and her dreams, she realized that an abortion was not the right path. At the end, I explained that her test was actually negative, and she was so relieved to have a second chance to better herself before she has a child. What a beautiful girl she was!

"My Mom is Going to Kill Me"

"My mom is going to kill me!" Jenny said. She said she was having her abortion for her mother.

I tried to get Jenny to realize that her mother loves her and wants the best for her; abortion is definitely not the best. Her mother doesn't even know she's pregnant.

If Jenny's mother knew she was pregnant, she would not want her to have an abortion. But, Jenny was terrified of her mother's reaction to her being pregnant.

Even after seeing the reality of abortion on videos, Jenny was still determined to have the abortion because of her mother. No matter how many times Jenny admitted she wanted her baby and that her boyfriend wanted her baby, she would follow with comments about her mother.

We were able to set Jenny up with a free ultrasound that will hopefully help change her mind. Please pray for this 8th grader, her 19 week old baby, and her mother.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The new EMC ads went out today!

The new EMC ads went out today!

I was riding the subway from Queens to Grand Central for mass this afternoon and came upon this ad. I was so surprised because today was the day that the ads went out and I actually saw one! They do exist! (lol)

As soon as I saw it I took this picture and texted it to Chris because he was very excited about the ads coming out today.

Keep your eyes open for the new ads and please keep praying for us! St. Expeditus, pray for us!

The World Will Never be the Same

This weekend I was blessed with a visit from my parents. We took a trip to the Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn because we have ancestors buried there. My mom is very big into genealogy, so wandering around cemeteries is nothing new to me.

While we were there, though, a really cool thought occurred to me. Each time we save a life, we save an infinite number of lives. We not only save that one baby, but we save all of its descendants.

Imagine what this country would be like if the almost 50 million babies aborted in the US since 1973 had had a chance to live. They would have children and grandchildren by now. Who knows what these precious souls might have accomplished?

This world isn't the same without them.

"If I had known..."

The men and women we encounter on a daily basis really challenge the things we believe. They say, “What does it matter that I want this thing aborted when it’s only a blob of tissue?” And it doesn’t help when the abortionists tell these girls not to worry about the abortion because it’s no different than removing a wart.

The nurses and escorts outside the abortion clinic go to great lengths to keep girls going into the clinic from talking to us and take away any literature we give them saying, “This isn’t allowed in our center.” However, when girls come walking out of the clinic crying the nurses and escorts are nowhere to be found and we’re left to pick up the pieces.

On girl came out emotionless. She had opted for a sonogram before her abortion but wasn’t allowed to see her unborn child with her own eyes. The doctor told her she was only 6 weeks along but after the abortion she was given the sonogram picture and found out she was actually 12. When she finally decided to talk she said, “If I had known how far along I was, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Accidents like this don’t happen. These men and women who call themselves doctors lie to girls just so they can have money in their pockets. I know it seems like I write about the financial benefits abortion doctors receive from their line of work but it’s crucial to understand that the money they use to buy their cars and designer clothes is stained by the blood of unborn children.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Work is not over Until the Baby is in the mothers arms!

Saving a baby during a counseling session does not end when the woman walks out the door. The devil waits on the other side of the door. This is a hard truth to accept.

This young girl told Nancy and I that she did not want this thing inside of her anymore due to her sickness and back pains. Her reasons may seem very selfish, but really she is scared of her parents, and simply being a mother.
We encouraged her, and told her that being a mother entails a lot of sacrifice but also a joy that lasts forever.

We showed her the abortion procedure video in hopes that she would realize that parenting versus abortion is quite an easy decision when using logic. Abortion will cause her physical pain, in fact it will outweigh the pain she is having with her pregnancy. The emotional pain will last a life time, whereas parenting brings life and happiness.

She told us she wanted to keep the baby!! How happy we were, until the evil one got a hold of her and clouded her mind once again. She called me and said she still wanted the abortion. After we talked a little while, I convinced her to at least come in for a sonogram and we will go from there. I am praying that once she sees the baby’s heart she will want to hold her baby!

Although she said she wanted to keep her baby, the devil is constantly pulling her away. This is a challenge for us at EMC. This is why the follow up and constant prayer is a critical part in this work. Our work is not done till the baby is in our arms.


Last week was one of the most important day in my life. I save a baby from been terminated. I told her how the abortion procedure works and she realized she couldnt go through with it.

I think most women dont realize what abortion does to their bodies or to the children. When they do most of the time they will change their mind. Please pray for the mothers that we talk to.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Different Sidewalk

Most EMC interns have experienced the tense and demanding task of sidewalk counseling in front of Dr. Emily's. That area is more of a warzone than a chance to speak to people before performing an abortion. Me and Laura were the first to be apart of a new type of sidewalk ministry that will be rare to the point that most summer interns will be gone by next time but still well worth it happening again. Angie is a member of a churchi in the Bronx and today we set up tables displaying pro-life signs and literature while handing out small leaflets about the nearby EMC center. THe display of models of the stages of fetal development seemed to work well with the children and most adults took the leaflet. The older people who helped out thanked us for the success that they claimed was largely due to our youthful pressence. I wish to relay that the experience and the pleasure was ours and my best wishes to this gentiler form of sidewalk counseling to continue.

God is good!

God is good, all the time. I so often say this to my students in school, and now as a brand-new intern for the EMCFrontline Pregnancy Centers, I have the opportunity to see and share His infinite goodness in New York City.

On my first day, standing and praying outside of an abortion clinic in the Bronx, I watched a woman come out after deciding she just couldn't end her child's life. I watched a video of an abortion being performed. I sat with a pregnant woman, alone, hurt, and only repeating the words 'I can't" after the realization hit that she could indeed mother this child.

This is truly God's work. This is life and death, in action. Daily. It will be a trying, tiring, beautiful time and these women-in need, in such great need of love-need prayer. Please, please pray for the unborn, the mothers in crisis, the work, and for me as I begin this journey.


"Women do not deserve an abortion"

I have been raised pro-life all of my life. I have known since I could remember that abortion is the cruel, silent killing of the unborn.

Doing this internship has shown me how many people are not aware of this fact. They do not know of the graveness of the operation and how much it affects the woman both psychologically and oftentimes physicallly.

It pains me to see most of these women come into our centers not having a clue about abortion, and what devasting consequences the procedure can cause them.

For example, one girl came into the center Thursday believing she was pregnant. When asked what she wanted to do if the test was positive she said, "Well, I can't care for a child so I guess abortion."

I didn't even have to show her the video. Just describing the surgery shook her up, and almost brought her to tears.

This is why I am in New York City. To inform these women of how they don't deserve an abortion.

This is why I go to the march for life in D.C., and vote pro-life candidates into office.

These women deserve to know the truth before they go through with abortion. And, these babies deserve a chance at life.

"I don't want it!"

She's young: 15; she's in high school and wants to study music in college; she's a dancer; she has had an abortion before; her mother warned that if she gets pregnant again she would have the baby; 'Sally' is pregnant again; she wants to abort it and wouldn't hear anyone talk to her. The sight of her baby on the sonogram screen did not even make any impact on her. To her, her life has turned up-side down, she cannot progress in life any more. She does not want anything to interrupt her cherrished career.

But God has a way of changing situations. Sally was made to understand what could happen to her if she chooses to abort again and that the tiny fetus in her is a precious developing human life. Moreover, the baby doesn't have to suffer for the actions of his parents.

In the end, Sally said, "I will not kill my baby. I will give him a chance to live." The boyfriend was happy to hear this; he was relieved.

A pick me up

The greatest uplift in the world is when a client truely is thankful for the services we provide.

This past Thursday was a very long one. I counseled a girl who said "I know this is a life, I know this is murder, but i have been thinking about this for a week, and nothing you say will change my mind".

After hearing something like this it just makes you want to go home and never come back, but God has different plans.

The very next case we had was a couple, I talked to the boyfriend. All that we had to do was show them the choice blues video.

The boyfriend Joe confided in me, "Dan, we were coming in here looking to have an abortion, but after talking to you guys and seeing the video, that would have been the biggest ,mistake of our lives".

After such a very heart wrenching case, God gave someone to me to give me hope. God gave me a client to show me we are making a difference.

So, please pray in thanksgiving for all that He does for us. For all that He does for the sake for us. Finally for the fact that he allows us, his unworthy servants, to be instruments for his grace to save lives.

Mama & Baby

If you don't save the mother, you won't save the baby.

I have heard this statement multiple times since beginning my time with EMC. This week I experienced first hand how EMC helps women in a variety of difficult situations. We do so much beyond the initial consultation.

Outside our south Bronx center on 149th street, we had a display table with a video from "Abort73" playing continuously. The pictures of aborted babies was what got the most attention and caused numerous double takes from the people passing by on the sidewalk.

We talked to anyone that seemed interested. The conversations started simple with an open question such as "what do you think about abortion?" or "do you know anyone who has had an abortion before?"

It was the latter question that I asked a woman who stopped at the table with her toddler aged daughter. Her eyes teared up and she looked at me with such grief and said softly, "I had an abortion when I was 14."

We started talking about how abortion hurts women and how no one should go through that. I tried to console her with the fact that she unfortunately is not alone. Thousands of women have had abortions.

I asked her if she had ever heard of the Sisters of Life. She said no but was willing to wait while I ran up to the center to get the contact information for the Hope and Healing retreats. Another intern had a national hotline for post-abortive women that I also gave her.

At EMC we love women and their babies. Even if we cannot change their minds about abortion, we always tell them to come back to us, that we want to help them. That outreach and offering of love has a powerful impact.

If you don't save the mother, you won't save the baby.

"The boyfriend isn't supportive"

Today I helped St. Anne's Catholic Church in the Bronx with a street fair on abortion. The last woman I talked to summed up the whole picture. She came up to me and said

"You know why many women get abortions?" I asked her why she thought so.

"Many women get abortions because the boyfriend isn't supportive and they can't afford to have another kid."

I said very slowly and passionately "That's why we're here" pointing to our EMC flyer.

I explained we're here to provide support to women and even financial support if absolutely necessary "because if every woman had the love and support she deserves, no woman would want an abortion because no woman would need - feel the need - to have one." She smiled very warmly and said

"God bless you for that. God bless you for what you do."

Then I opened the magazine I had and showed her a picture of a 6 week old fetus. She had a very hard time looking at the page.

There was also a picture of a baby reaching out of its mother's womb during surgery and held the doctor's hand. I explained it wasn't an abortion picture and the story behind the picture. I explained how women won't know about fetal development when going into an abortion, that at 6 weeks their baby has a heart, face, hands, fingers and toes.

The whole time she listened but mostly looked away. Then she said.

"Women don't know that."

I said "Yes, I know they don't!" Then she said

"Women don't know that. Because I'm one of them." and quickly walked away, but not before I got to rub her shoulder and say "Oh, honey, we're here for everyone."

I will always remember how the first thing she said was that girls get abortions because the boyfriend isn't supportive. So much for the woman's choice.

On Friday Fr. Lawrence and Brother Joshua of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal came for Mass at the back-room chapel in the Bronx EMC. How I wish every boy in nyc could meet examples of real men like the CFR's.

What they know...

My sister is a musician. She has this thought that God touches babies with music in a special way; that angels give them music through the shock of being born which is why babies and children love music so much.

The other day when I was at our Brooklyn center, I saw a sonogram for the first time. Linda, the center director, by that life giving inspiration that comes to her, had invited the daughter of a volunteer who plays oboe to come in and play during sonograms.

It was amazing. I saw first trimester children dance. One little baby turned toward the music, smiled, and settled back into his mother to enjoy the melody. A seven week baby stopped moving around and floated serenely, seeming to be listening.

These babies inside their mothers know what is beautiful. Music, the sound of mommy's voice, the touch of her hand on her belly, life itself; all these things an unborn baby understands.

Please pray for these little ones I saw that day, some of them still in danger of aboriton. God has given them the gift to simply respond to what is good, true, and beautiful. Pray that America and the world will do the same by respecting the most beautiful good of all - life.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Faithful Friend

Today, I met a sweet girl I'll call Tamara. Tamara came to us after googling "free abortions." I could tell she was scared. I would be, too, if I thought I was walking into an abortion. Praise God, she found us. Tamara was terrified to tell her parents about the pregnancy. She said she was really sick, and she wanted her baby out.

She didn't want to see any videos, but we talked to her about how important it is to be informed about what is happening to your body. We showed her the video of an animated abortion. All the risks and complications scared her, but she said she was more scared of parenting than she was of an abortion.

Tamara told us that the friend she had with her, Sandra, wanted her to keep her baby. Sandra came into the room, and instantly I knew I was in the presence of a beautiful person. Sandra came in saying, "I just had to come in, I've been so worried!"

In the end, it was really the love Sandra has for Tamara and the baby that saved this precious soul. Tamara is so lucky to have friend like that. She was annoyed with us that we weren't going to give her an abortion, but she was grateful that we showed her the truth. Tamara and Sandra left with smiles and hugs. Praise God :D

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter;
he who finds one finds a treasure.
A faithful friend is beyond price,
no sum can balance his worth.
A faithful friend is a LIFE-saving remedy..."
Sirach 6:14-16

Naming My Babies

Mother Teresa once said that the fact that God places someone in our life means that He wants us to do something for that person. I truly believe that every mother and child that I encounter each day is placed in my life for a reason.

It can be painful to watch mommies go into Dr. Emily's with iPods blaring and a mission of avoiding anyone outside. Yet, they were placed in my path for a reason.

I name every baby going into that dreadful place. I pray fervently for them, especially when his or her mother refuses to speak to us.

Naming my babies makes the issue so much more personal and I fight even harder for them.

My babies Sam and Tia didn't make it. I mourn for them, because no one else probably will.

My baby Lana made it! God made sure I was at Emily's both days her parents showed up to abort her so that I could help turn them away. Her parents don't speak English and I don't speak Spanish, but God made sure I was there both times to speak the language of love and help save Lana.

Every person deserves a name. If these babies are murdered in the abortion mill, then at least I helped give them some type of dignity and love. I can remember them by name and pray for their mothers.

This is a picture of my baby Kyle.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Patience, Prayer and Fasting

God is so good!

Last Wednesday was my first time really counseling any girls. The Lord brought Beth and me a girl named Shanda. She told us "after my second abortion I promised myself that I would never have another abortion" yet she came to us extremely abortion minded.

Beth set her up for a sonogram for this past Tuesday and when we handed her the appointment sheet she told me that she would most likely not go to the appointment since she already had a baby and has seen an ultrasound before.

She then left the center still extremely abortion minded even through she knew the right thing to do.

All week I called her and texted her to try to get a hold of her. I left her messages inviting her back into the office to talk a little more and to see more videos, but she never answered my calls or responded to texts.

This caused me to really focus on being patient in hearing back from her and to pray and fast for her.

On Tuesday afternoon I texted her about an hour before the appointment as a reminder. At that point I didn't even know if she had given me the correct number.

On Wednesday morning Beth called me with great joy and excitement. It turns out Liz talked to †Shanda that morning asking her how the appointment went and she said that she was keeping her baby because when she saw it she couldn't help but cry.

It is so rewarding to see the fruit of patience, prayer and fasting!

7 Week Turn Around

Today I officially had my first turnaround when I worked with a client one-on-one! Really "Choice Blues" did most of the work. For those who do not know, this is a short video that shows graphic images of how an abortion is performed and the most devastating are the images of the aborted babies.

The mother is 17 years old and this is her first pregnancy. She was considering abortion primarily because she is "too young to have a baby." Her boyfriend told her it was her choice but that he hoped she wouldn't regret it. Unfortunately, he didn't mean she would regret having the abortion, but that she would regret having her child because she "wouldn't be able to go out with friends all the time because she would have to get a babysitter."

Thankfully, this young woman was blessed with a good mother herself who told her she would refuse to consent for an abortion because that would be "one grandbaby she would never see." Our client lives with her father however, and she was able to schedule an abortion for 9:30 AM this coming Friday.

She found her way to our center through Divine Providence and a helpful friend. Her mother had warned her that "things would start to happen" to keep her from following through with the abortion. She was right.

Her final exams for school were supposed to be on Wednesday, but when she checked again, it turned out that both of the exams she needed to take are scheduled for Friday. This means she will be at school from 9:15 AM until about 2:00 PM and unable to keep her 9:30 AM appointment.

After watching the video, she said, "they don't tell you any of that." I told her it's easier to abort something that you think is just a blob of tissue. We talked about fetal development and she had an ultrasound done in the clinic and was able to see and hear her baby's heart beat.

This is just the beginning of this life-changing journey for this new young mother, but thanks to our intervention, this story should have a happy ending.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EMC, Something Truly Noble

When I first started my EMC Journey, I was petrified. The idea of moving clear across the country (from California to the Big Apple) was completely terrifying! I had never even been to the East Coast and I knew no one in the city, not to mention the many misconceptions that I had about New York! It wasn’t long after I arrived in the Bronx, that I came to realize that my fears were just the devils sorry attempt to stop me from doing God’s will!

It has been a few weeks since my final day of work with EMC. I am back in California now, enjoying the sunshine. Even so I wanted to write this “Farewell Blog”, and for so many reasons at that! Obviously because I am going to miss this work, this organization, and all the people who were fighting, right alongside me in the trenches. Fighting, to save innocent lives. I will miss it all so tremendously! Another reason I wanted to write this was in appreciation. There are just so many people to thank and so much to be thankful for!

First and foremost I want to thank Chris Slattery! Chris, if it were not for you and this wonderful organization that you have built, I would not be able to say that in these last 10 months I did the best thing I have ever done in my life. It truly is the BEST thing I have EVER done! Nothing I have done has ever meant so much! This work that EMC does is by far one of the most important works one can do. The fact that you built this organization from the ground up and in doing so, you have trained countless young people from across the world to save lives, and become active in the pro-life movement, that is truly something to be proud of. Chris, thank you for all you do for LIFE, and for giving me the opportunity to do something truly noble.

Mama Liz, you have taught me so much! My first taste of counseling was with you in your center in the South Bronx. When times got tough, (as they will in this line of work) and all I wanted to do was run the other way, you were such a comfort to me! You truly have a mother’s heart and so many children, mothers, and interns are forever grateful for that!

Linda, I have watched your strength and courage, and in turn I too learned to be tough. You taught me about the spiritual weapons that we must use in this battle for life and death, and pain and joy. You taught me the importance of prayer, that all powerful weapon! I have seen the immense love in your heart for these vulnerable women and men. I know that when they see it in your eyes, they too are comforted.

Kathy, from the beginning of my internship, your wisdom has been invaluable to me. You always had practical suggestions to defeat whatever obstacle that was in my way! Oh, were there many! Thanks Kathy!

Carmen, I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with you as I would have liked! It wasn’t very often that I ventured into Queens . I know full well the pressures that you are under, running a Crisis Pregnancy Center in the middle of Abortion Row, in the Abortion Capitol of America! What perseverance it must take! I was always so happy to work in your center. I think the reason for this was your joy and peace.

Julie, te quero mucho! What have you not taught me! It has been a real pleasure to watch someone who I consider to be one of the best Sidewalk Counselors in the Country! I learned so much from you! Your intense love for these girls is very admirable! I strive to be like you in that way! You have been a friend, confidant, roommate, and most importantly mi hermana en Christo! You helped me to get through some real struggles. When the devil himself, was seriously angry with the work that we were doing and was tempting those around me to discourage me, and tempting me to give in, you helped pull me through. Thank you!

Ray! So many things to say! I will miss you so much! You have such a gift for patience! With me and others! Your way of encouraging our blogs always makes us feel special and appreciated! In this work that we do, where we can often times feel very much forgotten, you have been such a blessing! Likewise your humor always lifted my spirits! Please give my Love and goodbyes to Judy as well!

To EMC’s Donors and to our Bronx Lifehouse blog readers, I would like to say thank you! This has been the best 10 months of my life. I am so happy that I was able to share my journey with you! Thank you for all of your support to EMC and for the many, many prayers! Without it we would not be able to continue in this work! I have learned lessons that I will carry with me from here on out. The skills that I have acquired through EMC will mean many more lives saved! And I am just one! Imagine all of the many Interns that have come through this Internship Program over the years! EMC truly is training the Pro-life Leaders of tomorrow! If you know someone who you think would be interested in doing this internship, I would encourage you to share our blog with them. One word from you could be the catalyst that saves many innocent lives!

Dr. Emily?

Many of the girls going in to Dr. Emily’s know what they’re getting into. In this day and age they’re able to get onto the internet and research different options for them to abort their baby. “Dr. Emily” has arranged her site so that it looks friendly and welcoming and even included a picture of a pretty, smiling white woman who is supposed to be “Dr. Emily” as pictured at the top right.

I hate to break it to you but there is no “Dr. Emily.” There are only doctors who are more concerned about their Mercedes or their Lexus than about the dignity of the babies whose lives they steal every day. Bringing this to the table is risky on my part but it is a duty I must see to in hopes that a girl might come across this blog and see that the only people who are "working for her" are actually trying to exploit and take advantage of her.