Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pro-lifer asks pro-abort NYC Council members: “Excuse me, who is targeting whom?”

Two great Pro-life bloggers Jill Stanek and Dr. Gerard Nadal Phd have teamed up to cover the NYC Council Hearing! From http://www.jillstanek.com/

Pro-lifer asks pro-abort NYC Council members: “Excuse me, who is targeting whom?”

Gerard Nadal of the Coming Home blog told me about an amazing exchange he had with pro-abort New York
City Council members during a hearing they held November 16 on a bill to force pregnancy care centers to post signage that they do not commit abortions.

Jerry said he set aside his written testimony after listening to ludicrous pro-abort accusations.

I asked Gerard to write a post on what he said.

Here is Part I

Guest post by Dr. Gerard Nadal

Two weeks ago I joined many other pro-life leaders in testifying before the New York City Council on why their proposed legislation to restrict free speech at crisis pregnancy centers (aka pregnancy resource centers) is a very dangerous idea.

The proposed legislation would force CPCs to post signs at their front doors and in their waiting rooms stating that the center does not commit abortions or provide FDA-approved contraceptives. It is, in effect, designed to drive women away and into the arms of the abortionists.

Councilwoman Jessica Lappin (pictured left), the sponsor of the bill, claimed the bill is meant to promote “truth in advertising.” She also expressed the hope that the NYC bill would go statewide under our new attorney general.

Pro-aborts from NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the rest of the abortion industry accused us of “targeting minorities,”

“preying upon women,” and “endangering women’s right to choose.” They expressed outrage that we open our clinics in the same buildings as they operate in.

So with that in mind, I asked the Council who was targeting whom, who was preying upon whom, as I shared the following numbers from the Summary of Vital Statistics, The City of New York, Table 29a:

Between 1999-2008 there were 922,272 abortions in New York City. Of these:

50,382 (5.5%) were Asian

101, 856 (11%) were White

296,330 (32.1%) were Hispanic

430,515 (46.7%) were Black

79% of all abortions in New York City in that 10-yr period – 726,845 babies – were Black and Hispanic.

Again, I asked, who is targeting whom?

I continued, telling them that according to New York State’s Vital Statistics (2008):

Whites have 512 induced abortions per 1,000 live births.

Hispanics have 686.9 abortions per 1,000 live births.

Blacks have 1,259.7 abortions per 1,000 live births.

I added:

  • According to Dr. La Verne Tolbert, former NYC Planned Parenthood board member, Planned Parenthood targets black babies, and there have been 20 million aborted Black babies in the U.S. since 1973.

Again, I asked, who is targeting whom?

I then left the Council members with these words:

This is indeed slow motion genocide. It represents an abortion industry feeding on the poverty and fear of our neediest daughters.

The legislation before this bodywould muzzle the very resource centers who offer the hope and assistance that the abortion industry fails to furnish. This legislation is designed to preempt our offer of hope, to confirm the hopelessness of women who often lack any resource for hope in their lives; and it will railroad even greater numbers of minorities to their deaths.

I gave each member a copy of Maafa 21.

In Part II, I school the Council on “choice.”

Abortion Hurts Women

It was getting later in the afternoon at Dr. Emily abortion clinic so we were well aware that all of the women leaving had likely just had abortions. One girl in particular came out looking very wounded and vulnerable. We could barely say hello before she started wailing - she claimed to have changed her mind last minute, but already sedated, she couldn't summon the strength to demand the doctor not commit the abortion. We all felt helpless and angry.

She talked to one of our sidewalk counselors for a while about healing and forgiveness and then since I was getting ready to leave, I gave her a ride home.

She was told that her pain could someday be used for good in sparing other women from similar fates, but other than that the ride was very silent. The sense in the car was heartbreaking - we both solemnly realized what happened. However, I'm sure she was grateful that I wasn't preaching or being nosy. I was just listening when she felt like saying something.

Even on the hardened streets of the Bronx, many women will sense an uneasiness about experiencing abortion. Some will become even more emotional, crying in recovering rooms and becoming depressed.

And some will become emotionally ruined. This women I drove home was not in good shape - physically, but more dramatically emotionally and spiritually. It just shows me concretely that it is another duty of ours as pro-lifers to help women like these discover forgiveness and healing, and just how evil abortion is.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

40 Days for Life Arrives In Spain!!

This week I found out that the Lenten 40 days for Life will add a new international location; Spain. Lent has been choosen because it is a special time for a lot of people. A time of preperation and sacrifice. The campaing was presented by both groups, Hazte Oír and Derecho a Vivir, to join all spanish pro-life people together, and the web site was launched.

I encourage all pro-life people to get involved anywhere you are. I was able to experience 40 Days for Life in New York City; the Abortion Capitol of America. The next 40 Days season I will be in Spain (my country) and I will be able to lend my experience to this amazing cause! I hope that many people, even those that don't live in the United States will find a group to join and pray together for an end to abortion.


Inside Dr. Emily's

I was looking at Dr. Emily's site when I stumbled upon a virtual tour in the building that they posted on their website. Me being a white blonde girl that stands outside the clinic trying to persuade their clients to take a look at their baby through the use of a free sonogram and being bad for their business, it's very unlikely that I will ever enter their clinic to take a look for myself as I once almost got arrested for trespassing with my big toe. So I was really surprised. I took a virtual look.

''State-of-the-art portable defibrillator.''

Why on earth would an abortion clinic advertise it’s defibrillator? After all, they claim an abortion is a safe procedure, right? The fact that they are so proud and happy of the fact that it´s portable makes me wonder how often they use it..

Their website is filled with pictures of female doctors and their name ‘’Dr. Emily’s’’ is in fact an male doctor.

They even have their very own daycare centre where ’the kidz are happy to wait for mommy’’.
When in fact children are not allowed into the clinic. The way they present themselves, advertizing death like this makes me want to throw up.

And they say that WE are deceiving women?!

for a virtual tour of dr. Emily's, click here

This is for all the courageous mothers out there.

Im writing this blog to all the women I work with... The women that are brave enough to keep there babies. I just wanna say I admire them so much... Planned Parenthood makes you believe, that with an abortion your problem gets "fixed', but that is not true. So many girls I meet on a weekly basis have had previous abortions, and they get pregnant just to get that feeling again that they had with there previous pregnancy. Haven't you heard of Post abortive sydrome?

It takes alot of courage to keep a baby to full term, and either give up the baby for adoption or to parent. It is definetly not easy in this day and time, and this economy to have a kid- let alone children. EMC is where to go for help. We provide clothing, maternity homes, and other neccessities needed for your child.

"How can you love something you don't see"?

I have a girl that is going through so much. Her family comes from Bangledesh, and she is going through lots of trouble at home. She recently approached her parents to discuss her pregnancy. She is currently 6 months pregnant. She hid her pregnancy for 6 months. She said that her family is more of reputation instead of religion. Her family come from a strict Muslim background, so for her to engage in premarital sex, let alone to be pregnant was a disgrace. I spoke the entire weekend with her, as she was going through distress.

So she was stressed out this weekend. She finally told her parents and family this weekend that she was 6 months pregnant. Her family said that she should just give up the baby for adoption and tell the dad that the baby died. They want her to go back to her country, and get married to her cousin.

There is not much I can do for her, is just to be a friend and encourage her to keep being strong and to keep on with her pregnancy.

A picture is a thousand words

I was standing outside the Dr. Emily's abortion clinic when a girl passed me by and looked like she was walking towards the entrance. She looked about my age.

I asked her if she was going to the clinic and she said yes so we started talking. We introduced ourselves. And after some talking it turned out that she was quite far along but she didn't know how far exactly. She said her situation was not perfect to have a baby. She told me an abortion would be best in her case. We offered her a free sonogram so she could find out exactly how far along she was and she accepted.

So she got her sonogram and she found out how far along she was. And that she was pregnant with a little boy. We talked a little more about the procedure, she didn't know anything about it, thought they would take the baby out in one piece and didn't want to think about it. So she learned a lot. She left undecided, and didn't go back in the clinic that day.

She said that she didn't want to do it when she found out what the abortion procedure is... But her situation was still the same after this information. The choice is hers, I hope she chooses life.


A week ago, a thirty-one year old woman came into our Brooklyn Office for a pregnancy test,that was all she came in for. But as she walked in, something about her specially held the Brookyln Office director's attention. It wasn't about this woman's appearance, because she looked averagely okay, but her eyes. From those eyes, the director sensed this woman needed more than a pregnancy test. She needed help with her children and accommodation.

When the pregnancy test was done and came out negative, she was pleased and almost started off to the door when the director stopped her. They both sat down and talked for a while and at the end of their conversation, Linda's intuition about the woman's unspoken needs was confirmed. This woman was being threatened by her landlord to be thrown out of the house before her rent expired, she had no money to buy coats and food for her kids.

This made Linda leave all she was doing and help get food and solve the accommodation problem through the Catholic Charities Organization. Within three days, because Linda took the situation as a matter of urgency, the lady's three-fold problem of accommodation, coats and food was solved. The third day when the woman came to get the coats for her three sons, the way we all related was totally amazing, it was like we had known each other all our lives. She felt very comfortable speaking with all of us.

This woman came in just for a pregnancy test, but got more than she expected. Her hidden needs were detected and met, not by us, as Linda always says, but by God through us and other organizations like Catholic Charities.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pushed to Abort

An inspiring story from the sidewalk.

Wednesday was an interesting day in Queens. In front of one of eleven abortion clinics in Roosevelt Avenue and playing The Silent Scream in spanish on a 37 in widescreen TV, I met a woman who was pushed by her doctor to abort.

Throughout most of her pregnancy, her doctor told her over and over at every single appointment, that she should have an abortion. The reason? He said it was a 'risky' pregnancy: she was anemic.When she was around 5 months pregnant her doctor told her that it was her last chance to have an abortion.

She delivered with no problem for her or her baby!

Thank God, she didn't change her mind because she is now a proud grandmother: her son (who according to that doctor didn't deserve to live because there was a risk for her mother) is the happy father of two beautiful children.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Broken part 1

Have you ever seen a woman broken? Broken by a past mistake? Broken by choice? I have seen it many times, it is something I will never get used to. Nor will I ever forget.

The day before the City Council Hearing, I was working in our Crisis Pregnancy Center in Jackson Heights, Queens. I received a phone call from Kevin who was sidewalk counseling in front of one of the many abortion clinics on the stretch of Queens that we call Abortion Row. A woman on the verge of tears stopped to speak with him, she was post-abortive. He brought her over to the Center. As she walked in, the sobbing began. It continued for most of the three hours that she visited with us. In between the tears, she told us her story, she had been holding it in for too long.

A beautiful, young, mother with a lovely little boy at home. She loved him very much, he was her life. She had moved to the US a few years ago and owed large debt to people in her home country. Life was hard but she was happy. She was working and paying off her debts. Then something unexpected happened... she got pregnant. With little to no financial assistance from her boyfriend, she didn't know how she could make ends meet with another child. She was struggling as it was. She did not want an abortion, she wanted her baby! With all of this she felt the pressure, she felt backed into a corner. (In my experience with women in crisis pregnancy, this is usually the case, pressure from circumstances or other people). Unsure of what to do she went to Ginocologia, the abortion mill next Dunkin Doughnuts. She spoke about her troubles with one of the workers who counseled her to abort. She was talked into it...

........ To be continued..........

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sometimes the boyfriend does help

A very abortion minded woman came into one of our pregnancy centers with her boyfriend. We spoke with her for hours - she listened to us and watched the videos we shared, but was largely unmoved.

That was until we began speaking with the boyfriend and he saw one of the more graphic videos we have called the 'Choice Blues.' Immediately a truly manly nerve was hit and he concluded that the decision to have an abortion was out of the question. He wanted to protect his family, not destroy them.

Then as we talked together - boyfriend, girlfriend, and myself, the boyfriend made a very cogent point that perhaps finally persuaded the girl: "What if I took you to have the abortion and something happened to you, how would that make me look."

Good question.

When men act like men and work to fight for their families, that is one of the best ways to eliminate the abortion decision from the mind of the mother. Lets hope many more such men arise.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


On Friday at the Brooklyn office at about 10:30am, we had a phone call. Before it came in, for no reason, I was not my usual bright self. However when the Brooklyn office director giggled with joy as she answered the call and requested me to speak with the lady on the phone, my mood was going to change.

This lady was the first person Linda,the Brooklyn director, helped to carry her baby to term despite the pressure for abortion. In other words, the lady was the very first product of the Brooklyn office EMC which was established eleven years ago. It was a great feeling. My smile grew so wide, my cheeks ached. Then she briefed me about her story.

She was told by her doctor that her unborn should be aborted because the baby had cerebrum palsy. The news really devasted her because she wanted this baby. In the cause of seeking for help, she met linda. Linda was God sent. The pregnant lady got the encouragement ,support, and advice she needed and had the baby.

When the mother delivered this baby, instead of the usual joy a mother feels, fear was what filled her. She was deeply concerned about her baby's health. However, something divine happened. She in reality saw an angel stand by her bed in the hospital who told her that everything would be alright.

Although the baby who is now eleven years is presently on a wheel chair, the mother said in her own words," She is my bundle of joy". The lady said she has no regret whatsoever in keeping her baby and Linda can never be forgotten for that. Her voice was so lifting, it changed the tone of the entire day.

Some may think otherwise about the lady's decision to keep the baby, but i find it heroic. It takes love,courage and trust in God to do such thing. I'd like to call her a heroine for that. I was really inspired. Thanks to EMC for this priceless opportunity to be blessed in this way.

A salute to all the daring and God fearing Mothers, the heroines.

Misleading Signage

You have probably heard by now that EMC is accused of 'deceiving women' and misleading signage. Today at Dr. Emily abortion clinic, the pro-choicers not only had signs that misled, but also those that flat out offended.

"Against abortion, get a vasectomy," may have been my favorite of the selection. It shows that in the world of lies in the abortion industry - to be 'pro-woman' is also to be anti-men. And for them, being 'pro-woman' is about making a statement, not actually helping women in the flesh and blood.

And thus is the sad reality: Do these signs really make the pre- and post-abortive women feel any better? No. Do the clinic escorts actually do anything to help women? No. All they can even claim to do is to insulate the girls from the pro-lifers who just want to talk. And tragically some of them are pretty good at that.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Negative Turns Into a Positive

Tuesday two girls came into our clinic, they are best friends and there was no way they wanted to be separated, so I counseled both of them at the same time. They wanted a pregnancy test so I gave them the consultation and the test, they both came out negative.

But we gave them a lot of information, and their mouths dropped open when they understood what an abortion was, and all the facts on fetal development, they learned a lot that day, and that's what they told us, too. You don't always have to have a pregnant girl in front of you to have an interesting conversation about a pregnancy!

I'm from Holland and I am astonished how little the American teenagers and adults know about sexuality, pregnancies and fetal development. Where I'm from that is a mandatory capital in our Biology lessons, we learn it at age 12 and we repeat it every year with information that is age approperiate.. I hope that the Americans will start educating their kids about this subject, too so they don't have to find out when they are pregnant, and want an abortion. Because then it's usually too late..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

National Review Covers the NY City Council Hearing

National Review's "The Corner" wrote a great piece about the New York City Council hearing before the Women’s Issues Committee, that took place this past Tuesday.I was present at the hearing and I've got to tell you that Greg Pfundstein did a great job capturing what was going on.

The New York City Council Takes (Bad) Aim at Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The New York City Council is trying to target crisis pregnancy centers with legislation that would force New York CPCs to state in all their advertising that they do not offer abortions and that they do not have licensed medical staff on their premises (if in fact they don’t). They would also have to post similar signs at their offices.

This is a case of the strong trying to oppress the weak, as matters of abortion always are. But judging by Tuesday’s hearing before the council’s Women’s Issues Committee, the bill’s advocates may not be as strong as they thought, and the weak not as weak as they imagined.

Council member Jessica Lappin, the moving force behind the bill, opened the hearings by stating that the bill is about “truth in advertising.” But Chris Slattery, president of the CPC Expectant Mother Care, explained that his clinics have only ever run ads promising “Free Abortion Alternatives,” “Free Confidential Options Counseling,” and “Free Pregnancy Tests,” all of which they provide. So on what basis can they be accused of false advertising?

Some advocates of the bill testified that the centers “look just like a doctor’s office” (they don’t); others said that the staff wear scrubs to look like medical professionals (they don’t; the licensed and certified ultrasound techs in some clinics do, as do the doctors who work part-time in some clinics). Silliest of all, one person testified that “‘EMC’ sounds very medical.” The NARAL report “She Said Abortion Could Cause Breast Cancer” was cited, but given that the organization once known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws got its start with fabricated propaganda and invented statistics about the number of back-alley abortions performed in the 1960s, their ability to produce an objective, unbiased report on CPCs is something worth thinking about.

And if you’re wondering about the bill’s constitutionality, you’re not the only one. The law would compel speech, regulate speech on the basis of content, and regulate speech on the basis of viewpoint — and for those three reasons, according to the American Center for Law and Justice (which is representing EMC, Life Center of New York-Brooklyn, and Heartbeat International), the law violates the First Amendment and will not stand up to scrutiny.

During the first panel called to give testimony, Council Member Dan Halloran asked Fran Freedman of the Department of Consumer Affairs (a supporter of the bill) whether she was aware of any other instance in which speech was mandated when no commercial transaction was made. She did not. Apparently, regulating the speech of non-profit social-service organizations is not part of the portfolio of the Department of Consumer Affairs. But perhaps it will be.

Halloran, who is concerned about the bill for scope-of-government reasons, pressed Freedman and her co-panelist, Dr. Susan Blank of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, on the “truth in advertising” contention. Did they honestly think that anyone would be confused about what an organization called Bridge to Life, the Sisters of Life, or Life Center does? Both officials averred that indeed, people would, since not everyone is well-versed in the vocabulary of the culture war. That is, Blank and Freedman believe that a reasonable person might assume that an organization called the Sisters of Life performs abortions.

The councilman then asked whether a person might also think an organization called Planned Parenthood focuses its efforts on assisting women who choose parenthood. No, said Blank and Freedman, a reasonable person would not assume that an organization called Planned Parenthood is primarily concerned with parenthood.

But the most damning testimony against the law was given by a young lady who was confused by the name “Planned Parenthood,” which led her to have a very strange experience just last week. The address 44 Court Street in Brooklyn is home to EMC, Planned Parenthood, and Dr. Emily’s Abortion Clinic. Twenty-eight weeks pregnant and happily so, but a little “financially strapped,” the young lady went to 44 Court Street looking for an organization that had assisted a friend of hers a few years earlier. She couldn’t remember the name of the organization, just the address. What she wanted was a car seat, since you’re not allowed to leave the hospital without one. Looking at the directory in the lobby, she saw Planned Parenthood and assumed that it must be the organization she was looking for. But when she went inside and explained her situation, she was told that they could not help her get a car seat, but that since she was financially strapped, she could sign documents indicating that she was under psychological stress and get a medical waiver for a late-term abortion. (Abortion is legal only up to the 24th week of pregnancy, even in New York, except to preserve the life or health of the mother).

This young lady was shocked and distressed by Planned Parenthood’s outside-the-box solution to her need for a car seat. She did not want an abortion; she wanted her baby — and a hospital-required car seat. She eventually found her way to EMC and received the help she actually needed and wanted.

Speaking of Planned Parenthood: Their testifying representative was unable to say how many abortions occur in New York each year, or even the number of abortions they themselves perform in the city. Nor could Doctor Blank: She noted that 60 percent of pregnancies in New York are unplanned but, when questioned, did not know how many pregnancies that 60 percent entailed. It’s surprising that an official from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene sent to testify in favor of legislation concerning organizations that offer alternatives to abortion would turn out to be unaware of the number of abortions that take place in the city. For Dr. Blank’s information, in New York City in 2008 there were 229,436 reported pregnancies, 127,680 live births, 89,469 abortions, and 12,287 miscarriages. Forty-one percent of all pregnancies in New York ended in abortion.

As I mentioned, Chris Slattery of EMC also testified. Council members seemed quite surprised to discover during questioning that EMC does in fact offer prenatal care to women in several of its centers, through partnerships with medical professionals. An obstetrician is in EMC’s Brooklyn office one day a week; the Queens office has a similar arrangement. EMC also has several centers located inside medical clinics which can provide prenatal care in the first trimester to women who decide to keep their babies. Another location is in an obstetrician’s office in Manhattan. Some centers have referral relationships with medical providers. And Dr. Anne Mielnik of the Gianna Catholic Healthcare Center for Women makes herself available to all the CPCs in the city to see women who are in need of relatively urgent medical care and have nowhere else to go, often free of charge.

What came into light through the testimony of the dedicated staff and leaders of the CPCs and other pro-life organizations in the city was a picture of a vibrant community at the service of the city’s most disadvantaged women, which strives with very limited resources to meet their material, spiritual, and medical needs as best they can. CPCs are the heart of a well-developed and well-connected network of care that includes pro-life physicians, obstetricians, and maternity homes.

If we were in Virginia, perhaps this committee would be holding hearings on a resolution in support of CPCs and their work. But alas, we are in New York.

Greg Pfundstein is executive director of the Chiaroscuro Foundation.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sonogram Bus

I decided to come to NYC last summer. Then, I started to read the blog and the EMC website and I discovered the Sonogram Bus! I asked myself why it was neccesary. I knew the answer less than 12 hours after arriving, because that is when I went out to the abortion clinic.

Our job in front of the abortion clinics is to talk to the women and offer them options. Even though we offer real help, it can still be difficult to reach them. They have many conflicting emotions about the abortion they are seeking.
Once we have the chance to speak, the turnaround is kind of easy, because in the Sonogram Bus they can see their baby and hear their child´s heartbeat. The sonogram is so powerful!

Here is EMC in action shown on a brief film of our work at NYC Abortion Mills, made by visitors. Using us as a model they want to
expand our type of outreach with FREE ultrasounds.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Planned Parenthood vs EMC: 0-1

I had a very nice young woman sitting in front of me in the counseling room today. She probably wanted to abort if her pregnancy test would come up positive. She already has three kids and she explained to me how she made an appointment for her last child at the abortionclinic but she ended up not going. That was when she convinced herself that if she ever would ever get pregnant again that she wouldnt have that baby because she can´t handle the stress anymore.

I showed her the animated video that explains the procedure, and she nodded her head and sighed ´ I really don´t want to do this but I have to´. She was approximately nine weeks pregnant. It wasnt until I showed her another video when she realized that it is an actual baby inside her. We talked for a while and she almost cried because she was confused all of a sudden. She thought an abortion was taking the ´blob of tissue´ out in one whole piece, no pain no nothing. She said ´I wanted an abortion but now that I realize what an abortion really is I don´t want to. I really don´t know what to do´.

She left the center with her friend, with a sonogram appointment, and left me thinking. What if this woman would have gone to Planned Parenthood.. Would they have explained her the procedure? Or would they have just given her the abortion? This woman was not educated on what an abortion really is.. We need your support to remain the place where woman can talk freely and aren't forced into anything of which they aren't even sure what it exactly is. Please pray for EMC and the Public Hearing tomorrow at the City Council.


One could see her countenance light up as she was told her pregnancy test read negative. But when asked if she'd practice abstinence until marriage, her 'no' answer sounded as if to say, "Are you crazy!". This wasn't the response i expected, most especially in the attitude of delivery. She considers as untimely, having a baby at nineteen but abnormal, the practice of abstaining from the act that produces the baby. What sense does this make?As i thought about this, i remembered what someone told me which could possibly be the mentality behind this girl's response.

Sometime ago a guy told me that sexual urge is like hunger; and when one is hungry, one eats. In other words, sex is food. He saw no reason why an urge as natural as hunger shouldn't be satisfied. When he said that, i realized this mentality should be one of the leading reasons for premarital sex and promiscuity in young adults especially in United states.

However, does the presence of an urge,hunger or desire justify its gratification? Can sex be really compared with food? What harm could self control possibly do to people? Is it really normal to purposely 'confuse' a virtue for a vice and vice versa? Where did this mentality come from? Is it from History,science or biology class? Or from medicine? The media? The Government? Home?

This is just one out of the various cancerous mentalities that has led into almost an endless list of social ills in the nation.

Saturday at Dr. Emily

Saturdays are usually the most colorful days at Dr. Emily abortion clinic. It is the one day of the week that the clinic escorts and pro-abortion activists come out and oppose our peaceful activity.

Clearly we are there for different reasons - them, to make a political statement and casually insult us - and us - to help and talk to the women.

They post signs on the fences with meaningless phrases - the type that if someone was actually to think about what was being said for more than a second the logic disintegrates - and they also make our job a lot harder.

I was engaged in a friendly conversation with a woman of whom I identified as a likely person to enter the clinic, when one of the 'death-scorts' approached her and 'explained' to her what I was really doing.

According to her, I harass women.

This is how out of touch with reality the pro-choice position is - they are decieved enough to deny the humanity of the youngest, most vulnerable humans, they are decieved enough to brandish slogans that sound good but nothing else, and they are decieved enough to approach two people in a polite conversation and tell one of those people who clearly is not being harassed that the other person is actually harassing them.

There is nothing logical about the pro-choice position, and so stories like this should not surprise anyone. Pro-choicers like to substitute their version of reality to the actual one - that is the only way their veiwpoints can stand.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We will fight to the End!

These last couple of weeks have been tough. But, we have such a great support system and staff that we are there for one another. Its not easy going to all these meetings, and debating with Counsil members why and how we benefit women . Or expressing why we shouldn't have to put up signs on our doors stating that doctor isnt in, because maybe he is in a delivery.

I love my workmates, interns, staff, sonogram techs. I really wanted to write this blog to just thank everyone for there support in our fight for what is right.

We are always there for one another, and I really appreciate all of our workers... We are in a battle of good and bad.. We will fight to the end!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"I don't want to, but I have to do it" (Part I)

Last Monday I had the chance to work with Liz the center Director in our South Bronx Pregnancy Center. That was the first time that I had worked with her, and I learned a lot.

A young woman came into the office. She was afraid she might be pregnant and the pregnancy test confirmed her thoughts. When I asked what she was going to do, she said: “I don’t want to, but I have to do it”. I thought she meant she was keeping the baby, but she said again: “I have to abort”.

I showed her a non graphic computer animated video about the two most common abortion procedures and the risks and complication. She asked me stop the video because she hadn’t “a baby, just a little blood clot attached to my uterus”. I thought it was time that she knew the truth. I played the National Geographic documentary “The Biology of Prenatal Development”.
2nd Month (5-8 weeks)
“By six weeks, brain waves can be detected by electroencephalogram, and the brain is controlling 40 sets of muscles as weel as the organs. The jaw forms including the teeth and taste buds. The baby begins to shallow amniotic fluid and some have been observed hiccupping. During this time, the stomach produces digestive juices, and the kidneys begin to function. Fingers and toes are developing, and at seven weeks the chest and abdomen are fully formed. Swimming with a natural swimmer’s stroke in the amniotic fluid, she now looks like a miniature human infant”.
Extracted from Human Life Alliance

She was astonished when she realized that she had a 100% human life in her womb!

We Salute Our Veterans

On Veteran's Day, we call veterans and thank them for serving. The truck below reminds us of all that so many men and women have done to keep America safe, and to keep America free. To those who have saluted the flag of the United States of America so many times, we salute you.

How many families have immigrated to this great country that our veterans served to protect? Many first generation Americans have escaped circumstances in which death was everywhere, and visibly so. For each of their lives, we praise God and thank our veterans.

There is a boy whose family came to America from a country then ravaged by war. At one point, his parents were thinking about aborting him. Somebody cared enough about them, and about him, to tell them the whole truth, the things that they would never have heard at an abortion clinic. When they were shocked to realize that they had considered ending the life of their son, did they realize that America is only a safehaven for those who have already been born?

To the veterans who've served, thank you.

To the immigrants who have sought peace and safety for their family and their descendants, an apology is in order. An apology spoken is that, and little more; an apology in deed is an apology indeed. Please know that many Americans pray that the United States Supreme Court will make that apology in a single action, by overturning Roe v. Wade.

"WARNING! Enter at your own risk!

In the above video you will see a Social Worker from Planned Parenthood of the South Bronx speaking at a press conference in support of the CPC Kill Bill. She works at the abortion clinic at 349 E 149th Street, across the street from our South Bronx Pregnancy Center. She accuses EMC of "misleading, misinforming, and manipulating women" among other equally ludicrous claims. She even asserts that our "Unplanned Pregnancy?" sign is deceptive! Ha! Most of our clients are dealing with unplanned pregnancies!

You see when it comes to this Bill, it is very important to understand that Planned Parenthood is behind it. They are losing a lot of money because we so successfully save lives. The End result is that of our clients happiness with their decisions and Planned Parenthood feeling it where it hurts the most... their pockets!

They attempt with this bill to force us to post signs in our centers, on our ads, and even in our brochures, stating the services we don't provide. What silliness! How about a sign for Planned Parenthood to post?! I suggest this one! "WARNING! Enter at your own risk! Ambulances called often!"

These pictures were taken last week when I happened to glance out the window. It is not a rare occurrence for us to see ambulances at the abortion clinic. The woman's face has blurred to protect her privacy. We hope and pray that she is ok.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wasted lives

Yesterday, I was standing in front of dr. Emily´s, when something caught my attention. A large truck was parked in front of the clinic, and I wouldn´t have noticed it if it didn´t say ´medical waste´on the back.

Guess what was in it.. There were a lot of dead children in the truck when it drove away. Every single on of them could have become the next president of the United States, a college graduate, a loving mother or father or just somebody who contributes to society.

I can´t imagine how abortionist live with their jobs. Even when they stop doing it, they are still haunted by the fact that they killed a Yankee Stadium full of children.. Father, I pray for all those men and women that want to step out of this bloody business, that they will not be judged but will be seen as courageous and that You and people around them will forgive them for what they´ve done...


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Many times I have wondered about God's patience towards mankind. He remains as loving and forgiving as He has been right from the creation of the world, despite the increasing disobedience and wickedness of men. However, it is often forgotten that just as unchangeable as His character is, so also the laws He's laid down for everyone to follow.

A girl walked into our Brooklyn office yesterday and asked for a sonogram. To her surprise, she was twenty-two weeks pregnant; yet, considering abortion. Why in the world would she want to abort the baby even at this stage? She said aborting the baby was for the best because she did not have the normal father-mother upbringing which affected her negatively and she swore that none of her children would ever experience it. After she said this, I showed her a brochure on a second trimester abortion procedure and tried explaining to her the risks. After carefully reading it,she concluded that the risks were worth taking in order to prevent a repetition of the single-mother upbringing she had. Well, i was not going to pressure her about it, but what i was going to do was correct an impression she had of God.

She said, in our conversation, that God will support her in this decision because he understands her situation and he'll also keep her from the possible risks. No! He will not. Just because he loves you does not mean that he approves of your disobedience to him. Just because you may come out alive and well does not mean that he adjusted his law to suit your situation. If he remains the same in love and grace, he remains the same with his laws and what he expects of us. He does and will not force us to obey him because expects us to reciprocate his love by obeying him. He is a God of love not of force. And he is a God of UNCHANGEABLE STANDARDS.

Having clarified that, she admitted that she knew what she was about to do was wrong but that she still had to. Although i was sad about her decision, the fact that i was able to clarify who the God the bible talks about is, whom i also believed she was referring to, i was consoled.

Training with the Sisters of Life

Last Saturday interns Heather, Greg and Manuel, went to a training conference with the Sisters of Life. The seminar that I enjoyed most was about understanding the heart of the woman in crisis pregnancy: what is going on in her mind and in her spirit after realizing she is pregnant. The different steps and the different feelings (fear, anger, upset, pressure) she has during each step.

It was very interesting for me to step info the mind of the woman. Often it takes much coaxing for our clients to let the walls down and tell us how she is really feeling. With this new training I will be able to identify with more certainly the different aspects of her situation. Thus bringing her to a place of hope, emotionally.


EMC Has Great Dedicated Hardworkers, Who Will Stand for What Is Right, Even when Times Seem Most Diffucult!

Wow, what an amazing day at City Council with Robert Jackson. We walk in, pictures of Obama everywhere. A tense environment, as everyone is anxious about the questions that await us.

It is my turn to speak, and I get his full attention. His eyes are wide open with a broad smile. I tell him Why and How EmC helps so many women. I told him How I love to work at EMC and what I do as a counselor to help these young women.

He stares in surprise as we give him statistics of our parenting, adoption, and abortion rate. Ofcource adoption being our lowest percentile. Women feel if they can carry there child to full term, that they might as well keep there child.

I ask one of my girls to explain why she chose to keep her child. She breaks down in tears, as I comfort her. She says, "Its my baby". She is 5 months. He says, "so are you deciding to keep it"?

I look at him with shock, as if to say, "Are you serious"? She is almost halfway done with her pregnancy!
So, in concluding the meeting he thanked us for our stand and our truth on EMC.

I truly hope this bill doesn't pass, because then we will have a hard time reaching women from all over the boroughs.

How far will you go to defend what is right

Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily News article attempts to 'nail' our CPC

So in the Daily News there was a letter to the editor friday which accuses us of decieving women. Of course this woman who was actually pregnant and went to one of our centers lied to us and concocted false information to give us, but that is beside the point - we, according to her, are the decievers.

The glee with which this 'undercover' woman 'exposes' us literally oozes of the page. She even benefitted from our free services, now knowing the due date of the baby because of our free ultrasound, and tries to turn that into some insult against us (allthough I'm not sure, the article is pretty poorly written).

She clearly has no clue what women do or do not think about us - she just makes this up out of thin air. I'm starting to think that the only women that have ever made this big of a fuss about our services and 'deceptive practices' have been undercover reporters or NARAL activists out to get us.

Please comment on the article and tell the author what you think.

Saturday with the Sisters

This saturday, I and a few other interns had the privilege of attending a workshop run by the Sisters of Life. It was designed to train their co-workers to understand how women feel during crisis pregnancies and how to communicate with them effectively.

Among the great training we had, a highlight was a seminar on how to be a better listener. In our work, being a good listener is probably the most important part of the job - so it was nice to learn about reflective listening and other communication skills.

It is always nice to be with the Sisters and network with fellow pro-lifers, but this workshop proved to be especially great.

Check out the Sisters at sistersoflife.org!