Thursday, March 31, 2011

USCCB President Speaks Out about Anti Pregnancy Center Law

President of the USCCB; Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York and Dr. Alveda King; niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Pastoral Associate for Priests for Life, speak out about the high abortion rate in NYC and the unconstitutional attack on EMC and other CPC's by the Pro-abortion City Council and Mayor Bloomberg.

One Opinion About Planned Parenthood

I was walking down one of the sidewalks in the south Bronx where I stumbled upon a sign that caught my attention. It was an advertisement for Planned Parenthood.

After I took a closer look, I saw that it read "At Planned Parenthood, the health care providers are terrific. I always feel they're listening to me". I have these 2 sentences in quotations in this blog, but they didn't in their advertisement. They want you to make a direct link to the girl in the picture saying these 2 sentences. They want you to think this particular girl said this.

Could one of Planned Parenthood's clients actually have said this? It's possible. My point, is that in this particular advertisement, they portray one of their statements, linked with a picture of a woman.

This isn't a crime. It's not breaking the law. All it is, is a summation of what Planned Parenthood is: a false hope.

I have talked to numerous girls that came into our center who said they went to Planned Parenthood where they were rude and didn't help. And what's ironic, is that these same girls complain that PP does the opposite of what this advertisement states! Girls have said to me "I felt like they didn't want to answer my questions, cause I wasn't getting an abortion. Like, because I wanted to keep my baby, they really didn't care".

I personally have never used Planned Parenthood's services, so I don't know directly what it's like. I have, however, listened to my clients over the past year say the same negative things about PP. And why would they make that up? They have nothing to gain from it.

Not to mention they support sex trafficking and use my tax dollars to perform abortions. You come up with what you will about Planned Parenthood. I think any establishment that lies to women and doesn't listen to them in their greatest time of need should be questioned at the least. Thanks for reading.


Hospitals never refer women to our office. That never happens...

But sure enough I received a call from a Mother claiming that very thing. She and her young daughter had received a positive pregnancy test. The hospital helped her look up numbers for her and the first one on the list was OURS! Even though it was later in the day, Linda the Brooklyn Center director, insisted that they "Come... QUICK!" after hearing that they thought they felt the baby kick.

They came in expecting that she was only a month or so along. Boy were they in for a surprise!
The beautiful, young girl received a sonogram as her Mother filled out her paperwork on a clipboard. Then we saw him... sucking his thumb... a 21 week old baby BOY!

The young lady's mother saw all of this and at once the clipboard and her jaw fell to the floor. Shock...complete SHOCK! This woman has seven children-- and now her first grandchild! She works hard for her kids to give them everything and she had been doing it alone. But not anymore!

Coming from a family of 9 children, I could relate to her hardships. I saw the love and the dedication in her eyes... and they were familiar to me. I know her situation because I see the same love in my own Mother.

It's not going to be easy for this young girl and her family. But they will not be alone! This beautiful young woman and her 5 month old boy will begin prenatal care with us next week. And as far as the mother, a plan is already being set in motion to support and help her with all the needs she has.

Praise God they called us! I am so glad that they are now our friends and that we are given the honor of helping them in this time. This little boy is a great miracle-- that will never happen again!

Saved lives at Dr. Emily

Recently a woman had left Dr. Emily abortion facility during the middle of the day (around the time they were doing abortions) but I had the fortunate chance to talk to her before she came back.

This is her.

Her insurance didn't go through and so the abortion she intended to get didn't happen. Her situation was one of the standard difficulties - especially with her family, financial situation, and life goals.

But luckily that all changed once we talked more and she received her free ultrasound on our bus. As the picture shows, what was a sad and confused girl instantly became a smiling and vibrant mother. She realized her baby was not her enemy and did not pose a threat to her dreams.

Sure, she would have to modify her plan in life a little bit, but seeing the ultrasound she immediately realized that she could do it -that she was a mother, and that no circumstance would mean it would be best if her baby was destroyed.

Thank God for making her receptive to my message and for the opportunity to provide an ultrasound for her.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maybe I'm Not the Blind One

I am legally blind. I have been since birth. What I've come to realize during the week I spent with EMC is that so many people with full vision are more blind than I am. Whats worse is they don't know that they aren't seeing everything.

One afternoon while at our usual post outside of Planned Parenthood in the South Bronx, we had the opportunity to speak with a young woman about abortion. We tried to explain that by 8 weeks the baby already had arms and legs and fingers and toes. She began arguing with us and telling us that we were wrong. She told she had an abortion and used to work for planned parenthood that after an abortion they "separated the fetal tissue from the placental tissue and sent the two masses to pathology." She said the "fetal tissue" was only tissue and cartilage and looked more like a tadpole than a human. We tried to engage her in the question of whether its okay to kill based on level of development but she just avoided the question. I remember asking myself over and over, "Why can't she see? These babies are human, how can she not see that?" We gave her all the information we could about the Science of fetal development, but she wouldn't listen.

Our last day in the Bronx, Sean and I were inside the South Bronx Pregnancy Center, looking at some of the fetal development models. As I held that replica of a baby at 12 weeks along, my mind went back to the previous conversation. "Why can't she see?" I sat there looking at this baby and even in my blurry, unfocused, vision I could tell that it had distinct human characteristics. "How could she not see that this is a human?" She has been lied to for so long that she is now blind to the truth. She doesn't even know it. When you know you aren't seeing something you can't begin to piece together what your missing. When you think that what you see is all there is, you remain totally ignorant to the truth. It's not her fault that she can't see these babies as humans and not just tissue. just as it is not my fault that I can not see a deep puddle as anything more than a wet sidewalk. However, that does not make her right anymore than not knowing there is a puddle prevents me from getting wet. Just as I need help seeing things physically, this lady needs help seeing the facts of life. We must pray for her and for those like her who are blind to these truths.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 100% Turn-Around

Here at EMC, when we say "turn-around" we are referring to a girl who was planning to abort but who "turned around" and chose life. Praise God for each of these turn-arounds and the lives saved!!

Lately, I have realized there are turn-arounds that go even farther than just choosing life! Recently, three of my girls (who once were planning to abort) have gotten involved in pro-life work! I cannot express how truly proud I am of these women.

This is what I call a 100% turn-around.

Nothing warms my heart more than getting texts like this from my girls: "I'm glad God made us meet each other, He wanted us to be great friends :) I know cause He told me in a dream I had of you one night". It is hard to believe this same girl once ignored my texts and almost chose abortion. (this picture is of her sweet baby)

At EMC, we strive to do even more than save the lives of children and help women, we strive to have 100% turn-arounds and create a culture of life.

Chris Slattery on EWTN

On EWTN, Chris Slattery shared with Fr. Groschel about Expectant Mother Care and recent events in New York City. Together, they described both justice and mercy. Mentioning both the slavery in America which played a significant role in bringing about The Civil War, and Germany during WWII, Fr. Groeschel accurately compared these tragedies to that of abortion. As humans, we are capable of causing ourselves much grief. What we deserve is a fearful thing to consider.

Together, Fr. Groeschel and Chris Slattery transitioned quickly from the situations that describe what we deserve, to powerful examples of individuals who have turned their back on the abortion industry. Chris Slattery shared personal experiences with his dear friend and former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who passed away recently. He continued, reminding the audience about Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year, who became a pro-life activist after 40 Days For Life participants prayed in front of the abortion clinic that she ran.

The biographies of Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Abby Johnson include irrefutable evidence that abortion should be as illegal as it is unscientific, unethical, and immoral. More powerful yet, they show that God is willing to use the employees of the abortion industry to cut off the supply of Blood Money.

I'd like to thank these pro-life gentlemen for encouraging the next generation of pro-life activists with their words. With encouragement like this, I pray that my generation will see the conclusion of the struggle to protect life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Her hands told the story...

Yes, the problems people go through are real. But as we often tell the women whom we speak with, "an abortion will not solve your problems-- it will only add to them." And now I have a case to support this statement.

A woman in her mid-twenties came into the Brooklyn Center this week. She looked to be greatly troubled and weighed down, but so are all of the women who step through our door. What made this woman exceptional was her hands. She had about 3 inch long fingernails on her hands.

After one of my fellow counselors spent a lot of time trying to understand this woman's situation and problems, she was then given a sonogram. Her cold and defensive facade began to crumble to the ground and we saw a side of her that was vulnerable and softened.

This girl began feverishly wringing her hands... like she was trying to rinse away thoughts and memories from a past that she could not keep to herself any longer. It was in the arms of Linda, the Brooklyn Director, that this girl began to unleash a lifetime of hurts. This brave woman allowed herself to suffer child abuse to protect her younger sister. Her aunt practiced black magic in her household as well. She has been on several anti-depressant medications resulting in suicidal tendencies. She would wring her hands as a comforting mechanism to handle situations that were out of her control. The fingernails were her "Freddy Krueger" defensive mechanism to protect herself.

Would an abortion clinic have taken the time to get to the bottom of this young woman's hurt?
Would she have received accurate information about her baby and the effects of abortion on her psychological health?
Can a Planned Parenthood even pretend that they would have referred this woman for counseling and therapy?

But we did! We were able to talk to her mother, arrange a plan for the next few weeks to get herself on the right track with her prenatal care, and get her an appointment with a counseling center to begin therapy. We were able to affirm her as a beautiful and intelligent young woman. She felt safe and cared for in a way that she hadn't in a long time--maybe ever!

Love was the victor in this case. She needed it, and we were equipped by the grace of God to unleash a shower of graces upon the heart of this wounded soul. I can confidently say that her troubles would have been magnified by an abortion. She now has a plan... a way out... a Hope!

This is how I know…

This is how I know…

That I’m saving lives... That I’m helping people... That I’m doing a good work. See, there was a girl, and even if she was the only girl I saw be helped, I would still know this is what’s right.
This young woman was walking up to Dr. Emily’s Abortion Clinic in the South Bronx on a cold Tuesday morning. She was planning to abort her baby. Julie, an amazing Counselor at EMC stopped her and asked what she was doing that morning. The young lady said she was going in for a sonogram and an abortion. Julie informed her that she could get a free sonogram with us, but that Dr. Emily’s would charge her for one. She agreed to get a free sonogram and followed Julie to EMC’s Mobile Pregnancy Center, a bus parked outside of the abortion clinic and equipped for counseling and sonograms. When Julie asked her how far along she thought she was, she said she was maybe 5 or 6 weeks. The sonogram showed, however, that this woman was 20 into her pregnancy. That’s 5 months!! With this information and the images of her child on the screen, she was clearly moved. Julie spent nearly a half an hour with the woman, providing her with detailed information on abortions and what exactly would happen if she were to go inside and got one. She also explained the alternatives and the great life she could have and the love she could experience if she kept her baby. The young woman looked visibly happier when she walked out of the bus and when another one of our EMC workers stopped her to ask what she decided. She said she would keep her baby.
I’ll never know just how much of an amazing impact on her life that decision to keep her beautiful child, will make. But I do know how much of an impact it made on her baby because her baby has been promised the protection of his or her life. That child will live because someone told her the facts, let her see her baby, and just listened… because someone cared. And if people like this weren’t here, weren’t listening to God and following His call, then that baby might not be alive right now. This is how I know that I am doing what’s right.

"Where 2 or 3 Are Gathered"

I was at Dr. Emily's abortion clinic in the Bronx this past Saturday. I had the distinct privilege of fighting this fight against abortion with the "Sisters of Life". Many of them came to the clinic on Saturday as well. Of all the hundreds of times

I have spent my days at Dr. Emily's, this day was unique because the sisters brought the presence of God with them. Sometimes I am at Dr. Emily's by myself for a short while where I try to pray for God's presence to be there, and He is. But like His word says, "Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst" Matthew 18:20.

There is strength in numbers, especially from those who have dedicated their entire lives to adore and serve the Lord. It was an honor to stand with them outside the abortion clinic to sing praises and pray the rosary to our great God. I was able to speak with a few of them one on one. It was during this time, that I found myself literally crying when one ofthem started talking to me about what her and the sisters do for post abortive women. I realized clearer now than ever, that I was a team with these phenomenal women.

My job is to try and stop the girls before they go in the clinic, and give them a different choice- a hope. But, if she decides to still get the abortion, that's where the Sisters of Life come in, to pick up the pieces.

Just the thought that I get to be on the same team and side as these Sisters is such a humbling experience and I don't deserve it. I am utterly grateful for the Lord's grace in allowing me to be chosen as a vessel for his great work. Praise and thanks be to God. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Handful

You get some strange responses from people when you pray outside of the Planned Parenthood clinic on 149th St. Many people don't know that there is a Planned Parenthood in building 349, and when they find out they say some funny things. Let me tell you about the strangest response that I heard during my spring break in the Bronx.
A man walked by me as I was holding a sign proclaiming, "Pray to end abortion." He stopped talking to his friends, and asked in a loud voice, "Do they do abortions there?"

"Yes, this is a Planned Parenthood." I began. I was about to tell him that they perform abortions four days a week, and that this is a federally funded organization. I thought his response would be similar to other people who find out about the abortions being performed in their neighborhood. Many of those people respond in utter horror.

He didn't wait for me to continue. He immediately turned to his friend, chuckled, and said, "That means they have condoms in there!" And he walked spryly into the building to obtain some.

I was dumbfounded, and shocked. I didn't know what to say, even if he had given me a chance to say anything. Thinking of my Lord, I just quietly prayed for the man and for his friends.

That was the first time I was exposed to the culture of sexual perversion in such an intimate way. This culture is obsessed with sex, and it constantly tries to cheat sex of any consequences. That is an absurd thing to attempt, and it will never work.

The man came out a few minutes later with a handful of his valuable condoms (which, by the way, are extremely cheap - Planned Parenthood only provides the cheapest and they often fail). He said in an aside as he walked by, "Protection is the best way."

I disagree. Chastity is the best way.

40 Days for Life at Planned Parenthood

You cannot underestimate the value of prayer at an abortion facility. Miracles do happen.

Whether or not it's a change of heart at the last minute or more commonly, an insurance problem, I believe that prayer has a remarkable ability to change the hearts of others.

The latter situation occurred Friday when a woman's medicaid mysteriously didn't work. It was a perfect opportunity for me to offer her a free sonogram which took some persuading but she agreed.

This girl in particular turned out to not be pregnant but the chance to talk with her provided me the ability to talk about chastity and life decisions - to which she was very receptive. Of course I had to speak up eventually and talk to her - but I think I can safely attribute the Medicaid failure to a heavy dose of prayer provided by those giving a peaceful, prayerful presence.

Perhaps not all people are equipped to sidewalk counsel - although that is the best way to reach women and save lives, but everyone can pray outside of an abortion facility - and God answers our prayers.

A Family Moment

Monday evening I had the extreme pleasure of having dinner with one of my girls, her boyfriend, and their beautiful baby boy, Stanley.

I had an amazing time spending time with them in person, rather than phone calls and text messages (since I'm not a New York native).

Stanley is actually my godson (what an honor!!) I met his mommy over at the Brooklyn office nearly a year ago and we kept up quite the friendship ever since.

Baby Stanley's pictures litter my purse and scrap book and I'm always showing him off. He smiles more than any baby I've ever seen in my life! They are really adorable, huge, giggly smiles.

A great time was had by all as we shopped for a few outfits for baby Stanley (a godmom has to spoil her godbaby!), shared pizza, and listened to Stanley's mom sing her heart out during karaoke.

It truly was a family moment, because they are a wonderful family, and they make me feel like a part of their family.

I couldn't pass up the chance to share baby Stanley with all of you because it's a godmom's duty to show off their godbabies everywhere possible! So, everybody, meet gorgeous baby Stanley!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Knowledge Goes a Long Way

I worked at our pregnancy center in Queens on Thursday. One of my clients came to get a pregnancy test. She is very young and is in school.

I asked her what she wanted to do if she was pregnant. She said, "well, what are my options?" I said, "well, you can either keep your baby, have an abortion, or make an adoption plan."She didn't say anything.

Next, I asked her what all she knew about abortion. She just said she knew about the abortion pill and that the doctor takes this "thing" and pulls the baby out. But she didn't know any side effects.

This is where I explained to her the abortion process. I told her the utensils the doctor uses and so forth. I told her the symptoms that might occur later in life as well as right after the abortion. She listened wholeheartedly and agreed to watch a video further explaining what I said.

I gave her the pregnancy test and it came out negative. But even though it looks like she's not pregnant, she told me this, "I mean, it's my fault. Cause I'm choosing to have sex. And now I know I CAN'T get an abortion. " I said "Why not?" She said, "Because! That's awful! I'm not tearing my baby apart piece by piece like that. No."

Her change of heart is leading her to volunteer with us today at one of the abortion clinics we stand outside of in the Bronx. I told her what trains to take and she is totally on her own will wanting to come out and sidewalk counsel with us.

Knowledge goes a long way. Praise God that EMC Centers were up and running. Praise God that He permitted me to be there and lead this young lady to the truth. The result is worth everything it took.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

EMC Break-in Featured in LifeSiteNews Article

New York City pregnancy center ‘virtually destroyed’


The flooring in the pregnancy center was chopped up, to allow the burglars to climb down a story to exit the building through the door, after they entered through the second story window.
NEW YORK, NY, March 23, 2011 ( – Yesterday a pregnancy care center in New York City across from the Planned Parenthood clinic in the South Bronx was “virtually destroyed” after it was broken into, apparently by burglars.

Photographs show wood flooring and plaster in the center chopped into bits, while clothing, unborn baby models and other supplies are overturned and strewn haphazardly across the floor.

According to Chris Slattery, who heads up the EMC Frontline chain of pregnancy centers to which the South Bronx center belongs, burglars broke into the building through the second story window, stole over $5,000 worth of equipment, and “virtually destroyed the office.”

“The rampage of these heartless criminals shattered windows, stole all of our audio visual equipment, destroyed displays and supplies, tore up the ceiling, doors, and floor,” he said. “They even broke into our supply closet and stole our Pampers.”

Slattery told LSN that in all likelihood the crime was perpetrated by drug addicts seeking some quick cash. “We’re in a warzone. We’re in the South Bronx,” he said.

It appears that after accessing the offices through the window on the second floor, the burglars chopped through the flooring so that they could exit the building through the door to avoid being detected. “It’s just amazing the resourcefulness,” he said.

Adding insult to injury, yesterday there was construction going on in the street outside the office, and so the pregnancy center was without electricity and heat for half the day. But despite the hardly ideal conditions the pro-life counselors still managed to counsel one woman yesterday, said Slattery.

Today they have put a large piece of plywood wood across the hole in the floor and put a rug over it, and are back in business.

“The staff in our Bronx office is heartbroken, but they have all pulled together to put together the pieces,” he said in an e-mail to supporters last night, in which he asked for donations to help cover the damages and equipment loss.

To make a donation, click here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guatemalan Love

A few of you faithful blog readers may remember nearly a year ago when I met a woman from Guatemala who did not speak any English.

Despite the crazy circumstances, God was able to reach this sweet woman and touch her heart. She had begun tearing up towards the end of our time together.

Now that I am back in New York visiting and have access to spanish-speaking EMC employees, I was able to contact this woman nearly a year later after this counseling session.

SHE KEPT HER BABY! She sounded very happy and the baby is doing great!

It never ceases to amaze me how God saves these little ones and spares these women from the pain of abortion. He takes the smallest means (me, who knew no spanish) to reach women and change their hearts.

What did I say that made this woman cry? I told her "all you need is love". How true! I did not need spanish that day, all I needed was love. That love helped this mommy see God's love for her and her baby...and choose life!


14 Months Later...

Fourteen months ago, the Queen's Center Director, Carmen, was asked by Linda, EMC's Brooklyn Center Director to counsel a young woman who only spoke Spanish.

The young woman Carmen counseled chose life for her sweet baby girl (11 weeks at the time)! Today I had the pleasure of meeting the mommy and beautiful baby girl.

Sweet baby girl's cute pigtails and giant eyes melted my heart! Carmen was able to catch up with the mommy and baby girl, as well as give them a few free baby items they needed.

The miracle of this mommy choosing life did not end the day Carmen met her, it's still here 14 months later, and will be here for forever.

The Truth is More Popular Than People Think

On a recent day a woman walked into our office on 149th street with three of her friends. Two of them had been in our office before and decided to keep their baby. The other friend was new but seemed to be familiar with fetal development and other issues pertaining to life.

So yes EMC does get return clients and friends do refer their friends to us. A great advantage of having so many girls at once is being able to give the pro-life, pro-chastity message to girls not necessarily in a crisis pregnancy.

Obviously, the main goal is to attend to the girl in the crisis, which is what I did, but luckily she was negative with her test. This provided me with the opportunity to focus on chastity speaking with all of the girls. Girls that have been active sexually and with babies - yet the message of authentic life and love really does resonate with these young - or even not so young - girls.

In a group as well they were able to reinforce themselves and it was inspiring to see those who live in a culture with almost no positive influences to be excited about the authentic message of life and love.

It will be hard for them, as it is to anyone, to live up to the standards that we are called to with our sexuality - but there is no standard that is impossible to attain. And for me - well I'm just glad that the truth can be popular.

Spiritual Warfare: I forgot...

In the three years since I served for Expectant Mother Care as an intern, I forgot a lot of things.

I forgot God’s amazing power, love and mercy. I forgot His true saving graces. I forgot how present He is in everyday life, even when we can’t see Him. I forgot that without Him, life wouldn’t exist. I forgot what it is like to rely completely on faith.

Standing in front of Dr. Emily’s last Friday morning, it all came rushing back. As I watched woman after woman walk into what one of my students referred to as “the gates of Hell,” I remembered everything. I remembered that after I’ve spoken to a woman for a mere 30 seconds, the only thing left is prayer and God’s will.

I knew I needed to pray each and everyday for the end to abortion, but what I realized on this trip back to the city was that, no matter how near of far I am from the sites of battle, I must constantly unite myself with the precious blood of Jesus and the mothers who are struggling to accept God’s will in their lives. Our gifts of prayer and everyday sacrifices really do make a difference, and can provide a young woman with the spiritual graces needed to confront her parents with her pregnancy, stand up to her boyfriend with the truth, or gain the strength to carry on during difficult times. With each small prayer and sacrifice, no matter how far away from the "frontline" I am, God will send graces to His people here on earth.

Let us unite ourselves to His sacred heart always and everywhere.

Break-in at EMC

What a surprise we had this morning when we went into work! I arrived at EMC's South Bronx Pregnancy Center to find the main hallway to our building full of debris. Someone had broken in!

Looking up you could see wood half attached to the ceiling and through the hole that it left, you could see that they had broken through the floor boards of our office. "I was across the street, on my way to work when I noticed that our window was open! I thought maybe someone was in there, so I asked a worker at a neighboring shop to escort me inside, because I didn't want to go in by myself. Than as we got closer the shop owner next door told me we had been broken into." said Liz Nazario the director of the Pregnancy Center.

We called the police and we waited... and waited. When the police arrived an hour later we were permitted to go inside and assess the damage. WOW! There was furniture strewn everywhere, they stole all of our DVD payers, ALL OF THEM, in our main counseling room there was a huge whole in the hardwood floor and fetal development models where cast to the ground. Then we went to the resource closet, where baby clothes were thrown everywhere and pampers were stolen. What a crazy mess it was, what a crazy mess.

We could allow this to anger us, discourage us and make us feel defeated, but we refuse. I will leave you with these words from from today's 40 Days for Life message; Day 15: Pray that we will not become defeated by the enemy's attacks but rather call on the name of the Lord who is on our side and our help in time of trouble.
What if the Lord had not been on our side when people
attacked us? They would have swallowed us alive in
their burning anger.

Praise the Lord, who did not let their teeth tear us
apart! Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and

-- Psalm 124:2,3,6,8

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LIVING on a Prayer...

"I lift my eyes unto the hills... from where my help comes from... my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth."

These forty days of prayer,fasting and outreach have been amazing for me. I was never able to partake in a Forty days for Life campaign prior to my arrival here in the Big Apple. During the few days that I have been able to make it to the sidewalk, I have gained so much!

The opportunity for prayer is astounding in helping the effectiveness of my work throughout the rest of my week. It fuels the passion and the drive necessary to reach the women I work with everyday.

By fasting and small acts of sacrifice, I am able to enter more deeply into the heart of Jesus on the cross. This entering into the Sacred Heart is necessary in our work of love and compassion. Offering it up allows me to open up more fully.

Community outreach has truly been the most visibly fruitful. I receive head nods of agreement and verbal encouragement to persevere in our work. One man even bought us all bottles of water!
I love being able to inform people about things
... that there is an abortion clinic in this building, on 149th St. in the South Bronx
... that the safest place on earth for a child is being desecrated in the name of choice
... that women are having their womanhood wounded with out understanding the consequences
... that babies are destroyed and their body parts sold for the sake of profit

Here's to day 14 of 40... let's see what else God will do!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Safe" Enough?

In the waiting room of one EMC center, a poster contains the following quote:
"When you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with for the last ten years, and everyone they and their partners have had sex with for the last ten years."
- C. Everett Koop, M.D., Former U.S. Surgeon General

In a condom-driven culture, promiscuity is to be expected. Those who benefit financially from performing abortions, and encourage abortion, also benefit from the promotion and distribution of condoms. New York City needs what's best. According to the CDC, "The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are to abstain from sexual activity or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner."

Expectant Mother Care quotes a Former U.S. Surgeon General in promoting what the CDC acknowledges are "the most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases." I encourage the NYC Council to pass a bill mandating that advertising which promotes the use of condoms also include a disclaimer that the safest course of action is either sexual abstinence or a long-term mutually monogamous relationship between two uninfected people. Admitting that condom use isn't the safest course of action may not be politically expedient, but such an admission would discourage STD transmission in the most effective way possible.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

LifeNews Article About EMC

Bloomberg-Signed Bill Will Hurt Efforts to Help Pregnant Women

by Thomas Cronquist | New York, NY | | 3/17/11 1:57 PM

Yesterday New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law Bill 371 which will impose unconstitutional restrictions on pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers and violate their free speech rights.

The Vitae Foundation is responding immediately with another life-saving advertising campaign on the subways of New York City, beginning March 28. New figures just released indicate Vitae’s ads helped save an estimated 1,500 babies last year alone in NYC.

This is why we cannot let the abortion industry stifle our freedom of speech through advertising! I believe this unjust law will eventually be ruled unconstitutional as was a similar statute in Baltimore recently. Until then the Vitae Foundation will continue to move forward with advertising that helps women find life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

The new law, which will go into effect 120 days from the signing, is designed to force Pregnancy Help Centers to post disclaimers about the services they do not provide (including abortion) and control what is said to women who contact the Centers. This violation of free speech also includes advertising.

In effect, the law will control how pro-life centers carry out their life-saving work with women who are facing unwanted pregnancies and thinking about aborting their babies. On the other hand, abortion clinics have no restrictions placed upon them in this new law.

In reality, these centers already make clear which services they do provide, including counseling and in some cases free ultrasounds, and which services they do not provide. So what is the problem? Too many women are deciding to keep their babies and are not choosing to have abortions, a reality the abortion industry doesn’t like. An estimated 80 percent of abortion-minded women who see an ultrasound of their unborn baby have a change of heart and mind. Of course, abortion clinics do not want women to see their ultrasounds.

Vitae’s life-saving ad, “Free Abortion Alternatives” has had incredible success. In the past five years Vitae and the EMC Pregnancy Centers that are listed on the ads in New York City have saved approximately 5,000 babies. This is in a city where 40 percent of all pregnancies end in abortion.

For Mayor Bloomberg and other abortion proponents, women facing unwanted pregnancies must be given the option to abort even if they would choose to keep their babies if alternatives were presented. To them, alternative counseling is equal to deception, and women who receive it are somehow victimized. Moreover, babies saved also represent a lot of money lost to the abortion industry in New York. For these reasons pro-aborts are furious. Note: Thomas Cronquist is the Senior Vice President for Eastern Market Expansion for the Vitae Foundation, a national organization which uses mass media campaigns to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies. Vitae pioneered the research that provides a results-driven approach in using media to address the abortion issue.

Friday, March 18, 2011

She Made A Father Proud


She walked into Dr. Emily's, the biggest abortion clinic in the Bronx. After helping her to the door, he walked back to the car to park. The pain written on his face was merely foreshadowing the grief that he anticipated would haunt him all the days of his life. It was his child, but it wasn't his choice.

I ran up to him, handing him a small brochure from Expectant Mother Care. I told him that we provided free sonograms. He shared passionately about how he didn't want her to have an abortion. I showed him the van where EMC could provide her with a free sonogram.

He raced into the abortion clinic, coming back out several times to talk--and pray--with those of us who have seen the undeniable evidence that human life begins long before birth. We prayed for him, as well. Eventually, he emerged victorious through the gates of despair, wanting to introduce his girlfriend, and the mother of his first child, to those of us that had heard him share his longing for fatherhood.

With the help of EMC's financial supporters, EMC was able to give them a free sonogram, and she chose life. She had already endured the grief of several previous abortions. Only their expressions could communicate the joy that followed her decision to keep their child. Her decision made a Father proud.

*Picture of couple posted with permission.

NYC Speaks Out

EMC held a Save the Life Centers Rally at Pastor and New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera's New Life International Outreach Church. We were honored for Heartbeat International President Peggy Hartshorn Ph.D to speak at the rally! I was so excited when Peggy asked me to shoot some video of what people had to say about Pregnancy Resource Centers and the services we provide. Heartbeat International took my footage and came up with this great video.

Sadly Mayor Bloomberg signed the bill into law. Our lawyers will file suit against the City early next week.

...Thou Shalt Not Lie...

They were Christians. They went to church together. He worked for their pastor. She already knew enough about abortion to know that she didn't want to get one. He didn't know much about abortion, and so he thought it might be a final solution to their situation.
While she was with a female counselor, I spoke with him. He didn't want to make a decision without knowing what an abortion really was. First, we took a look at the early stages of human life in the womb. Then, as he learned what an abortion was, he knew that he couldn't encourage her to end the life of their child.
I asked him to consider The Ten Commandments. I asked him which one came to mind first. Immediately, he answered with two commandments and an explanation; "Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not lie. To have an abortion would be like pretending the child was never there."
I had never thought about it, but he was right. In the King James Version, Exodus 20:16 reads, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." In other words, don't lie about your neighbor. Some may ask, "Is a preborn person my neighbor?" In Luke 10:25-37, a certain lawyer asked Jesus, "Who is my neighbour?" In short, Jesus' reply was that in order to love your neighbor as yourself, you have to be a generous neighbor to that person whose life is in danger, in your neighbor's moment of need, whenever that may be.
The couple left Expectant Mother Care that day knowing what abortion really was, and they left on the same page, knowing that their child would live. As I have thought about what this young man said to me, I have gained a better understanding of James 2:8-11. I thank God for using this young man to remind me the extent to which we have all broken the Ten Commandments, and the way in which one sin can lead to another.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Letter to the Mayor...

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

As a representative of the people of New York City with a responsibility to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, I would like to say that I am sorely disappointed in your inability to do this. You claim to be against abortion even to the point of saying that "no one is FOR abortion", however given the sides of the abortion debate, you have decided to be pro-choice. Which is great! I am also about giving people choices. The thing about choices is that people deserve to be told the truth about both sides and then arrive at a choice based on the facts of both possibilities. I can not begin to tell you how many women have walked in to have an abortion and have said, " I don't have a choice".

The fact is this. Bill 371 A is a city council law that has a motive. To silence a choice... the choice that coincidentally happens to save lives and give people truthful information about the abortion procedure and its consequences. This is not "pro-choice"... this is all part of the agenda of abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL... To keep the percentage of pregnancies that end in abortion near 41% for NYC. For someone that claims not to be FOR abortion, your actions speak louder than your inconsistent words.

Prior to signing this bill into law, you said something along the lines of... I am not a constitutional lawyer, but because I am pro-choice I am going to sign it anyway. Forgive the rough quotation, but seriously? You have a duty to the residents of this city to uphold the constitution of this country. If any doubt exists AT ALL, you ought not to sign. Laws should never be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Your constituents deserve better...


Concerned resident of NYC

Pillar of Truth

The city of New York is the abortion capital of the nation. The awful truth is that this city is the place of death for 82,475 unborn babies every year. Lights are always shining in this city, but the spirit of death casts a deep shadow over this place.

Abortion is normal in New York. In 2009 41% of viable pregnancies were aborted. As I prayed in front of Planned Parenthood in the South Bronx, there were many people who were confused by the idea of ending bortion. The doorman of the building told us that we would never suceed. "Roe v. Wade was passed in the seventies, guys. Nothing's going to change."

So why are we standing up in this darkness where no one believes we will succeed? Because it is these people who have made abortions 'normal' who are most in need of the truth and love of Christ. It is the sick who need to hear the words that heal.

Will our work be effective? Standing with our signs and sharing this message may not show immediate results, and the prayers that we lift up to God may not have visible results. There were days out there that I questioned whether I was really doing any good.

One of the senior interns at EMC, Heather, encouraged me by telling me how the frutis of our labor may not be seen, but they will tuly be effective. "We must have faith that He is using us."

The point is this: I cannot by myself make a difference in the eternal realms. I am fully dependent upon God's power to make a change in this issue. Abortions are not prevented just by words or signs or anything I do in the physical. The Spirit of God must be coupled with this efforts to bring the love that is so desperately needed.

Truth be told, Jim, the doorman, has a good point. In the physical we can see no reason to believe anything will change. Praise be to God that His spirit is working in this world. His mercy has flown out from us. Lives are being saved and healed through our efforts. It is by working with God that we, the church of God, can stretch out our hands to those who are perishing and rescue a few.

Planned Parenthood Lies

Not too long ago a young lady came in to our pregnancy center in Queens and quickly opened up to me about a number of things in her past.

She was mostly interested in the free pregnancy test - which turned out to be negative - but as we began talking she revealed that she had committed two abortions in the past and they have caused her a great amount of pain and agony that continue to this day.

One in particular was fairly late term - she was about 20 weeks pregnant. She walked into the Planned Parenthood on Bleecker St. and they began to start the procedure. The woman takes a pill first in order to dilate her cervix in these later-term procedures. However, this pregnant woman then decided after taking this pill that she actually wants to keep the baby.

The Planned Parenthood personnel informed her - falsely - that it was too late and she had to undergo the abortion at this time.

At a time when EMC is being accused of lying to women with Bill 371-A, here is a clear case of a lie that led to the demise of a tiny, innocent baby and the emotional distress of a young woman.

In order for a woman to have an abortion she has to be deceived on some level. It is always a lie that an abortion is the best thing to do and so we should expect that those who perpetuate such a lie on a general level will also lie on a more personal level. The Prince of Lies has found so many ways to trick women into abortions - but rarely is the lie as obvious as in this case.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sugary Drinks Aren't A Healthy Choice

I am not a big fan of empty calories. I abstain from drinking or eating anything that has calories that doesn't contain at least one essential nutrient. So, for the most part, I was pleased to see that Mayor Bloomberg put his seal of approval on the NYC Health Department's ad campaign against sugary drinks. In the past, the NYC Health Department ran ads "that showed soda turning to blubber as it tumbled from a bottle into a glass." The current ad campaign shows the sugar being poured into the drinks, and the fat overflowing excessively from the drink. I applaud the use of graphic images to communicate the truth in a way that discourages unhealthy behavior. I am glad to see ads that are based on the simple principle that people can change. According to the NYC Health Department, "the proportion of New York City adults consuming one or more sugary drinks each day declined by about 12% between 2007 and 2009." For encouraging such a successful ad campaign, Mayor Bloomberg deserves applause. It is undeniable that unhealthy behaviors can successfully be discouraged.

I look forward to seeing other sources of empty calories given the same approach, and less attention given to general categories such as "sports drinks" and "fruit punch," when many drinks in these categories are fortified with vitamins or minerals.

Let's not limit this to diet, though. I look forward to hearing that, decades from now, the decline of breast cancer in NYC can be attributed to Mayor Bloomberg's ad campaigns, because he let the women of New York know that having their first child before the age of thirty decreased their risk of getting breast cancer, and that according to the American Cancer Society, "women using oral contraceptives (birth control pills) have a slightly greater risk of breast cancer than women who have never used them." I look forward to seeing the NYC Health Department communicate how disgusting the termination of a preborn child is.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

" Her Sea "

I have counseled countless girls on the sidewalks of abortion clinics and in our EMC centers. Based on the time spent with these women, I have gained a certain emotion and tone.

I wanted to try and capture this emotion and tone by means of a poem. The poem you are about to read is based not on one particular women, but numerous cases I have had.

One that stands out in particular is a girl I was counseling in the Bronx who had just finished watching an abortion video. She was terribly upset and was crying. She called the father of her baby, just to hear him laugh at her. Of all the responses he could have chosen to have with her during her vulnerable state, he chose laughter. Apparently her tears of fear from getting an abortion were comical to him.

I hope it helps you feel the same depth of sorrow and compassion I feel for these precious women :

The window's light breaks darkness to my eyes
Coping with reality of last night breaks joy
Depth of solicitude leaves the mouth tongue tied
Just thinking of the new task ahead I might have to employ
Where is he now?
What does he know?
How does he not get my anxiety that grows?
I am a girl in the world
With no one nearby
The weight of the sea is too heavy for me to cry
Why doesn't he get, I feel so alone?
He sits there and laughs at my emotions now exposed
Not out of mockery, but sheer misunderstanding
My fall is too great for a soft gentle landing
Different options are running and running in my mind
The one that pops out makes me think, "but I'm not that kind !"
There's a plan A, a Plan B; plans limited within reach
How could I not practice what I preach?
Truth is, you don't know what you would do, till you already do it
No option for you was a good enough fit
Options, Options.
People tell me I have a choice
They fight with their lives the right for my voice
But in the end, what's it worth?
This "right to choice" speech...
It's traveled all over, but in my heart it could never reach
It couldn't get down as low as my sea
It couldn't drive out the darkness within me
So where am I left?
These thoughts, options, cries...
No man or lover is here to comply
I was all stirred up, just to be left in the middle of the sea
To now simply wait for the waves to come crashing down on me

Friday, March 11, 2011

Extraordinary! ~ knit one... pearl two....

Preparing for motherhood at the EMC Pregnancy Center in Brooklyn, these young and excited women learn each week how to knit and how to crochet with Linda, the Center Director. These skills will help them to make hats, scarfs, booties, and blankets for their babies.

EXTRAORDINARY!-- abortion-bound women came into this building with troubles and have now risen to the top!

These women are being empowered to truly be all that they can be! They are strong... they are capable... they are intelligent... they are good mothers by preparing for their baby's birth.

The young ladies enjoy coming to our center on prenatal day because while they are here they are able to relax, encourage one another, and have fun. Knitting is good for the body and soul!
We are ALL learning... from each other!

The mothers are happy to be truly ALIVE!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's YOUR Part ?

My dad is a lawyer in Greensboro, NC. He works 7 am to 6 pm everyday. He goes to court to defend clients, his office to write briefs, and the library to research. He has this schedule Monday through Friday, leaving him no room to go and do the ministry that I do with this pro life movement here in NY.

However, in my eyes, he is out there in front of the abortion clinic with me every day that I go. He 100 % supports the work that I do. He has raised me to be pro life because that is what God commanded. He prays for me and the work that I do.

Not only this, but he works hard for that money, so that he can buy me the clothing, foot attire, and coats that I need in order to do what I do. He has spent his money to buy me proper boots for NYC weather. He has spent his money to buy me plenty of clothes suitable for NYC. He has spent his money to buy me warm coats so that I can stand out of abortion clinics to pray, in the rain and snow.

Like I am in this picture. I prayed for hours today, right outside of Planned Parenthood in the Bronx when it rained all day.

Even though my dad couldn't physically be there, he was there. Because he supports and prays through the Holy Spirit for the enemy to be defeated like I do. And his part in this ministry happens to not be standing outside of abortion clinics, but rather working to provide the money to support those who are called to be out there.

What's your part ?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This weekend at Dr. Emily's Abortion Clinic in the South Bronx was the most eventful of my weekends so far. All of the "hard cases" in support of abortion seemed to come at me all at once, leaving me between a rock and a hard place.

---A woman living with 7 people in a one room apartment, "needing" an abortion because she couldn't afford another mouth to feed.

---A young lady that was told by 6 different doctors that if she went through with her pregnancy that she had a 95% chance of loosing her own life in the process.

---Two crude and disgusting men blatantly disrespecting the pregnant woman they dragged into the abortion clinic saying, "yeah... we takin' her to the 'chop shop' cause its her fault...and we're bringing in another girl next week..."

---Hunched over and in pain, a woman and a friend, left the clinic after seeking medical help in keeping the child. She was experiencing serious cramping and the medical staff at the abortion clinic sent her away rather than refer her for medical attention.

All of these situations were extremely trying on my hope in humanity. However, each "hard case" was met with at least two compassionate counselors that were truly present to offer help and support.

To the woman with the cramped living quarters, we provided a free sonogram and offered to assist in finding better housing for her family. The hard medical case was met with alternatives to birth control such as Natural Family Planning and a promise that prayers for miraculous healing would be offered on her behalf. The crude men were reprimanded for their disrespect and lack of sensitivity to the young woman they were with. The woman in pain was referred to the ER and we offered to assist her in the commute.

We may not see the fruits or the outcomes of our labors in these difficult situations, but I firmly believe that the work we did this weekend was from the heart of God.

His will was done... and the rest is Trust!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Father... forgive them!

Protect women's lives... I love Pro-choice NY... Stand for Women's Health.....

These are some of the slogans that were proudly displayed at the 'Stand up for Women's Health' Rally on February 26th at Foley Square.
You can imagine my reaction to this display.... A lone pro-lifer amidst a horde of people that wanted my message and my passion to be removed from the fabric of society. All alone and watching the masses pour into this crowded square, I felt as if I were an alien in a foreign land.

My undercover observances were short lived, because I was joined by a few brave soldiers in the fight for Life. We were mocked, ridiculed, insulted, blocked, and generally disrespected simply for having a different opinion.... and we were out numbered nearly 1000 to 1 !

It seemed pointless to me. I asked God, "why would you bring me here?" I wanted nothing more than to crawl into my cowardice and disappear. You see it is easy to be pro-life when you are surrounded by people that share your convictions and passions for respecting life... the real kicker is how you act in the face of brutal opposition. Though I felt as though my fear were going to manifest itself as a great lion and gobble me up in one great gulp, I found in the end of the demonstration a reason for my presence.

Each member of our impromptu pro-life coalition was able to begin good dialogue with rally attendees. The conversation I was honored to engage in was constructive, respectful and non-threatening. This young woman and I spoke for a long time about feminism, poverty, and health. I spoke about the work I do each day in our pregnancy centers and at the end of our discussion she walked away saying that she respected what I did and was glad that there were people out there offering the options that our centers provide to pregnant women in this city. It was a little victory...

Even though the city council has passed Intro Bill 371, and even though our message will be unconstitutionally restricted, it is evident to me after this rally that some members of the "opposition" do in fact have a respect for the work we do. This woman acknowledged that we matter and this I feel is a baby step on her path towards the truth about Planned Parenthood and the Abortion debate. My heart goes out to her! I will pray that this baby step towards life will grow into a passion for TRUE women's health rather than the flawed rhetoric of pro-choice New York.

How NYC Council Affects MY Life

I wanted to write a simple and vulnerable blog about how I'm dealing with the events of March 2nd at the NY City Council hearing on the Bill 371.

For whatever reason, I cannot let it go. I cannot get the image of that room out of my head. I can still smell the scent from the plastic chairs and the wood from the council members' tables. And I can still taste the bitter receptors on the back of my tongue that stemmed from the emotion in pit of my gut over this pathetic, contradicting, and apathetic verdict.

Allow me to attempt to explain myself. I may fall short, but I will try my best to be understood here.

I establish my steps and my future, utterly based on the laws of God. I make my lifestyle fit my faith; not the other way around. Even during the times where it's not at all what I want to do, I strive with all my might to follow through to obey His word.

I have the utmost fear of God. I know and see that He could destroy this entire earth, and be justified in doing so. He is God ! He is perfect, holy , and blameless. Everything I am not. I am in awe at just the very thought that he would think of me.

That said, the majority of the people in that room thought none of that. They were not by any means in the same frame of mind that I was. The impression I got from them, was that they did not want to take the time to really investigate how these crisis pregnancy centers were really hurting the girls. They didn't want to look into it.

Instead, they contradicted themselves by voting for the bill that's going to allow abortion bound women to be turned away from a center that would have helped her keep her baby. They kept saying over and over how they wanted to lower the abortion rates in NYC. They kept saying " terrible these stats are. We must do something about this". To the next minute, pass a bill that will help out abortion clinics and tear down crisis pregnancy centers!

I don't get it. I literally am at a loss. It's a low blow. I put my heart and I put my soul into this work. I let these girls stay in my home, interact in my social life, call me anytime they want to. I get up early to pray for these girls and for my interaction with them. I stand outside of abortion clinics in 7 degree weather to let precious women know they have other options than hurting their body and losing their maternal gift.

I do this because I fear God and I know what he means when he says in his word "Now CHOOSE LIFE so that you and your children may live" Deuteronomy 30:19. I am putting my beliefs into action.

So when the time came for this room full of people to not only have zero support of what I do, but to also try to tear it down ? Yes. I take that personally. That's why I cried hard when all of us rounded up after the hearing right outside the city council building, as I think someone like me should. And this is not even touching the issue that as a woman, I was totally betrayed by the women council members in that room.

Women are suppose to stick together and support one another. But they were a bunch of "Benedicts". They betrayed me on a battlefield; a bloody one.

In conclusion to my struggle, I lastly want to add this: I AM NOT GIVING UP. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pro Choice Council Member Cries Over Lost Fatherhood

I was able to hear the New York City Council vote on Bill # 371 in downtown Manhattan this past Wednesday, March 2nd. Unfortunately, the bill passed, forcing EMC Centers to be told what to say to their clients.

Many things were running through my head as I engaged in some of the reasons why the City Council members voted for or against the bill. One that really stuck out to me, was the reason from Jumaane Williams. At first, he started his speech saying he wished they would have been less emotionally involved with this bill. He wished that the bill was more focused on the question is it or is it not unconstitutional. But instead the city council has faltered a little bit. That said, he went on to say that he agreed with the bill. However, as he was walking in the City Council room, he saw someone with a sign that read "Men Regret Lost Fatherhood".

As he was speaking about this sign, he significantly paused in his speech. It caught everyone's attention. At first, people couldn't believe what was happening. I couldn't. Then once I realized what was going on, I got so excited. He was crying out in tears the memory of his son's sonogram. People have speculated that he is post abortive.

As I was experiencing feelings of deep emotion full of shock and compassion on hearing his moving speech, out of nowhere there is another voice coming from another person. This person encountered the situation so abruptly. Up until that point, there was such a cloud of emotion in that room you could have cut the air with a knife.

The person who broke this sweet, gentle, and vulnerable air in the room was none other than the New York City Council's Speaker Christine Quinn. She got up from her seat to walk back to Councilman Williams in an attempt to break the emotional tension by saying loudly, "It's ok" and whatever else she had to say.

In my humble opinion, she really didn't care whether or not he was upset. She just wanted to make sure the rest of the members didn't also get caught up in the emotion of the moment. She didn't walk to his side just to comfort him. I understood exactly what she was doing. Cause honestly, I would have done the same thing if I were in her position.

It's all about the leading and persuading of the audience sometimes with these politicians. They will do whatever they have to do to win. What's scary is, it works. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to stop it.

You Can't Stop Hope

I stood outside of the Emigrant Savings Bank in Lower Manhattan aside friends and EMC volunteers. We were keeping vigil, waiting for news of the vote. Inside the Bank, the future of our Crisis Pregnancy Centers in NYC was hanging in the balance. The New York City Council was voting on a bill against us. They had decided, based on a wholly biased "investigation" done by Planned Parenthood, that CPC's in NYC had been lying to women and had thus proposed Intro 371. Really we knew it was all about silencing the Pro-life message.

As we stood outside waiting for a result, we held signs voicing our opposition to to this unconstitutional bill. People were curious. What did the signs mean? What was Bill 371? It offered the opportunity to educate our city. One woman was so moved that she went inside to listen to what was happening, telling us that she was pro-life. Another woman vowed to tell her entire church about the eugenic roots of the abortion industry.

And than he walked up to us. He was a young man maybe 17 years old. He wanted to know why we were standing outside with giant signs. So I started to explain the proposed bill, and how it would effect our Pregnancy Care Centers that do so, so much good! I explained that we don't do abortions but provide alternatives to abortion and how we had saved tens of thousands of lives over the years, and that that translated into a whole lot of lost income for the abortion industry. I explained the differences in procedures based on gestational age of the baby and how the prices went up the farther along the woman was.

He was intrigued. He asked me how the abortion was actually performed. As I started to tell him, he interrupted and shyly told me that his girlfriend was pregnant. "Congratulations!" I said "You're a father! How do you feel about that?" He told me that he was happy. "I wan't my baby! But her family wants her to get an abortion" The whole conversation suddenly took a different turn. While I continued to explain the abortion procedures, I knew that I had to make a lasting connection. I gave him my cell phone number and the number to our Pregnancy Center nearest to him. I told him that he could call me anytime day or night, that I was there for them, that she should call me too and that she should call the center and make an appointment as well. We would explain things to her and help her save her baby.

Just than the pro-lifers that had been inside the meeting came outside with the news. The New York City Council, in a clear violation of our First Amendment Rights, had voted 39 to 9 for Bill 371. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach! I had guessed this was coming, but so many had voted against us! I couldn't believe THAT! I was sad, angry, hurt, and frustrated!

But there was no time for that because he was still standing in front of me in need of encouragement! l snapped out of it and went right to work, telling him again to please have his girlfriend call EMC for help. We hugged and he said goodbye.

Now I could get back to my emotions... and than it dawned on me. What a beautiful and powerful thing! How great, and mighty, and loving is our God! He had so deigned that at that exact moment I would meet that young man, on that sidewalk, in front of that bank. Just moments before receiving such horrible news. It brought me hope.

The New York City Council can pass all of the bills that they want, but they can't stop a conversation. With God's grace this baby and many, many more will be saved, because of words of encouragement and real help. You can't stop hope.