Friday, February 28, 2014

Praying the rosary

Last Saturday I went to Dr. Emily’s clinic. I stayed out in front of the building praying and asking God for saving the lives of those poor babies that were going to die. Praying for those who were meant to lose the opportunity of having what is a right to every human being. I asked God to illuminate those poor girls, and guide them into his way. I prayed for those poor girls that were only afraid and lost, they just need our support and our help in order to not forgetting that God loves them. 

Among them there are girls too young to face the difficult situations that they are passing through, in some cases they just need a voice that tells them that everything is going to be alright. A voice that tells them that they will be able to raise their children and form a family. I focus all my praying on the girls, and I hope that God almighty can change their minds. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Call We all Hope for

One important part of counseling is to follow up to see how this ladies are doing or on many cases to see what decision they had made. I had contact few and many I had left messages in hope they will call me back.
I pray everyday that they choose life even though they don't call me but it makes my day when they do call me. Recently this happen to me I got a call from a young women that I didn't think she was going to call me back. Well it was a text saying that she was going trough a lot of things but she was having her baby. She was very happy that we were there for her and I was even more happy that she choose life. 

Un emotivo vídeo muestra a un bebé que no quiere separarse de su madre al nacer

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Day - Family, Culture, Religion

My first day at the EMC Bronx office. First girl arriving around 10:30 am with her boyfriend. She is not that young but she is tiny and very sweet. I look at her but I am not sure were she is coming from. She is very polite, she has positively finished her studies. She seems to be smart and to have her feet on the ground. She is nervous, hen skin, and her eyes moving quickly from the floor to the woman that is supposed to counsel her. The first thing she says when she sits down on the chair of that cold room is she came to us looking for counseling. Then she starts answering carefully all our questions trying not to show ho
w afraid she is and paying attention to every single word she is been told.

She is in love. She has been dating her boyfriend for a long time now and she has no doubt he is the right person for her. She knows she is pregnant. They were using protection, unfortunately it broke and she had to go for plan B. However, she has been part of that 1% ineffectiveness. After the pregnancy test, the counselor calculated an approximate due date. She is now 6 weeks pregnant. She is considering the abortion pill but still wants to listen to any other alternative. She refuses to give the baby in adoption. 9 months taking care of a vulnerable life in order to give it away later on is something she would not be able to stand. But there is something else. The counselor talks with her about the fetus and shows her a picture of its current stage of development. She burst into tears asking herself "why she has to do this". As I said, there is something else.

Sometimes, men do not support women. Sometimes, they do not enjoy stability or have financial problems but this was not the case. Both have gone to college. They were both working and studying. She is living with her parents and so is him. They would have to make an effort and move together and have the baby as a family but still that was not the problem. Finally she said very cautiously was she had in mind all that time since she first arrived an hour before. "My father would kill me, you do not understand". She had been raised within a Muslim family, very conservative,coming from a very different culture. She came here very young, she has grown as any other American and always standing in the line that separates such different two cultures. She understood her parents opinion, believes and values as no one that has not been raised with them could but she could not help feeling herself very far from her roots now.

She repeated once and again that we really did not understand her. And certainly we really do not. Pre-marital sex is absolutely forbidden in Islam. Pre-marital sex is a sin punishable by the Islamic court.
If an unmarried man and an unmarried woman are found guilty of fornication in an Islamic court, their punishment will be as the following: The woman and the man who fornicate scourge each of them a hundred whips; and in the matter of God s religion, let no tenderness for them seize you if you believe in God and the Last Day; and let a party of the believers witness their punishment. (24:2) If the unmarried man or woman commit fornication more than once, then they will be punished three times by hundred wipes, and if they are proven guilty for the fourth time, then they will be put to death. (See the chapter on "hudud" in Sharaya' and Sharh Lum'a also a;-Khu'i, Takmilah, p. 37-8) (As for adultery, its punishment is even more severe because married persons have no excuse, whatsoever, to commit adultery. The shari'ah says that married persons guilty of adultery should be stoned to death.) 
The truth is that, even if it is hard to believe, there are some cultures, specially Muslim people around the world, who consider that having their daughters having a baby outside marriage would be worse than having them killed before they do so. The embarrassment can be so humiliating for the family's honor, that the same family repudiates that woman or even kills her as a punishment for her sin. Families allowing such behavior would not be consider respectable anymore.

I cannot forget the sorrowfulness and the pain in her eyes. She was desperately crying for a solution, for an alternative. She wanted to keep her baby, she wanted to have a family. She wanted to save that life and she was ready for everything coming. She was just too scared and too alone to face it. She needed some time. But if that baby comes to the world, even if she has to raise him or her on her own, she will never again be alone. Because she would have all that love coming from the only person who really loves her unconditionally. Her baby. It is dramatic that still nowadays religion, customs, culture and even family can separate a mother from her child and even be the reason why she would be considering sacrificing a life.

Fear should never be there. We are here to help you. You are never alone. God will find you.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Medical Conference WDC

On the 22nd february, in Washington DC took place the Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference. One of the most known conferences for Prolife OBGYN doctors and medical students.
It was a busy conference, with talks the whole day from 9am to 5pm.
It was amazing to see so many Pro-life people sharing their knowledge in order to help pro-life causes and investing time in being more useful in this area.

Different professionals gave speeches about a lot of topics related to the reality of the abortion clinics, truly reasons of abortion, prenatal care, natural methods for contraception and conception, care of kids with learn difficulties.
At the end of the conference, we met wonderful physicians and medical students who really care about life.
I have learnt a lot from them, not only data but also about their beautiful souls.

What a long weekend

This weekend has been a long one.
We went to Washington DC. EMC is trying to open one big pregnancy center in this city and we need support.

 Sunday mass near Washington DC

It is very important for EMC to have big supporters. Pro-life people who wants help us to help mothers in their pregnancy. Good people who think how important a life is, even in the womb of the mother. Good people who want to help mother to keep their babies. Good people who want to explain mother what a planned parenthood really is, what they do, what are the risks of the abortion procedures (no one have told them ever).
We need good people who believe that a better world is possible, and help us to make it true.
We hope the EMC center in Washington DC could be a reality in a short time.

 Interns in Mount Vernon, near Washington DC

Friday, February 21, 2014

Las Fases del Embarazo en vídeo, mes a mes

Esta es la historia de una jovencita de 16 años que vivía en el Bronx con sus padres ella era hija única y los padres la complacían en todo. Ella tenía un novio de 18 años sin trabajo ni estudio los padres de esta chica no sabían que ella tenía novio ella se la pasaba a escondidas con el sin que sus padres se dieran cuenta.
 Un día el novio le empieza a decir a la chica que quiere tener relaciones con ella y ella se empieza a negar y ahí es cuando actúa el chico y empieza a convencerla diciéndole que no le va a pasar y que si tal vez quedara embarazada que él se hacía cargo del bebe y se casaría con ella de tanto pensar a chica acepta y al final termina convenciéndola y tienen relaciones sexuales.
Unos días después ella se entera de que está embarazada y corre a contarle al chico pero él la rechaza y le dice que ya no se va hacer cargo del bebe y se marcha.
Ella decepcionada por la reacción de su novio y molesta con ella misma por haber confiado en el ella solo piensa en abortar ese bebe no quiere tenerlo ella decide abortar al bebe y una vez que lo aborta se da cuenta de que en realidad llevaba en su vientre 2 pequeños mellizos pero ya era demasiado tarde ella abatida solo se queda con la culpa y el remordimiento de que mato no una sino 2 vidas y que eran parte de ella.

A great surprise

A Thursday after noon a couple came in to the office right before we were going to close.  We greet them, told them to have a seat and fill out our intake sheet. For us it was a different since normally the girls come by them selves but it was a great opportunity to talk to them both. They were here for an abortion and after we talked to them they were undecided. We gave them the option of going to Brooklyn Friday or Queens office  Monday for a sonogram. They left the office with a lot think about.

Monday came and surprise she came for sonogram. I was very happy. The sonogram was perform she got to see her baby. And just a bit later she saw her baby, she told us "I am very happy and we are going to parent". Giving them the option of a sonogram makes a difference.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What is going on?...An inside job

Lets talk about the reality of Planned Parenthood and Abortion clinics.
This is a very lucrative bussines, so they made a lot of fraude to get more money. This clinics do not follow the law, this video can demonstrate a bit of what is happening inside one of the clinics.
Even the doctors who practice the abortions, dont want to see the death babies. Every human being can tell that what they are doing is something wrong, so they dont like to see the results of the surgery.

Please, note that this video has hard scenes.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Our last trimester...There we go!!

6th Month: 21-24 weeks
He/She grows rapidly in size and strength while her lung become more developed. 70% of babies born between 22 and 26 weeks lived past age one, thanks to modern medicine.

7th Month: 25-28 weeks
The baby can now recognize her mother´s voice. She exercises by stretching and kicking as she grows even bigger. She/He uses the senses of HEARING, TOUCH and TASTE and can even look around with OPEN EYES at her watery home.

8th Month: 29-32 weeks
The skin of the baby begins to thicken, with a layer of fat stored underneath for insulation and nourishment. Though movement is limited, due to cramped quarters, the baby´s kicks are stronger and mom may be able to feel an elbow or heel against her abdomen.

9th Month: 33-36 weeks
Gaining one half pound per week, the baby is getting ready for birth. The bones in her/his head are soft and flexible to more easily mold for the journey down the birth canal. 90% of a person´s development happens in the womb.



Continuing with our journey: The journey of life --> Watch out!! A miracle is happening in you girl!!! Do not fear! We are with you.

2nd Month: 5-8 weeks
By six weeks BRAIN WAVES can be detected by electroencephalogram. The baby begins to swallow amniotic fluid sometimes have been seen hiccupping.
STOMACH and KIDNEYS begin to function. FINGERS and TOES are developing and at 7weeks the CHEST and ABDOMEN are fully formed.

5weeks embryo

3rd Month: 9-12 weeks
The baby is very active even though mom cannot feel movement yet. He/she now sleeps, awakens and exercises the muscles.
The gender can be visually determined.

4th Month: 13-16 weeks
By the end of the 4th month the baby is 8-10 inches in length and weight about one-half pound. The EARS are functioning and can hear HER MOTHER´S HEARTBEAT, as well as external noises.
LIFESAVING surgery has been performed on babies at this age.

5th Month: 17-20 weeks
Thumb-sucking has been observed during the fifth month. 


We are going through a marvellous journey. The journey of life. The human life is a mistery, which contain the best essence of the whole world. The women should know about what the baby looks like in each step of the pregnancy. We have to be inform because sometimes people would like to confuse us in order to make one decision or another.

Day 1: Fertilization
The sperm joins with the egg to form one cell. This complex cell contains and IS now a NEW LIFE itself.

1st Month: 1-4 weeks
The first cell divides in 2, and continues the division during the travel down the fallopian tube to the uterus. More than 500 cells are present when this embryo reaches the uterus.
In first month foundations of the BRAIN, SPINAL CORD and NERVOUS SYSTEM are already established and byy day 21 the HEART begins to beat. MUSCLES are forming and ARMS, LEGS, EYES and EARS have begin to show.

Let it snow...

Ayer fue un dia para recordar.
En la ciudad de New York una tremenda ola de frio, nieve y lluvia nos inundó hace 3 días.
Nos levantamos y vimos que había una espesa capa de nieve que cubría toda la ciudad. Los servicios de transporte de la ciudad estaban colapsados y mucha gente no acudió a trabajar. Pero los voluntarios de EMC nos fuimos a las oficinas como todos los días por si acudían chicas que necesitaran nuestra ayuda.
En un primer momento todo estuvo tranquilo, pero al final del día habían venido SIETE CHICAS en busca de ayuda!!!

Mereció mucho la pena haber ido a trabajar a pesar del mal tiempo, por haber podido ayudar a esas 7 chicas. Quedarse embarazada asusta, y más aun si hay algún problema externo: económico, no apoyo familiar, vergüenza de contarlo, el miedo de lo inesperado...pero estamos aquí para hacerte sentir que no estás sola en este camino, no estás sola con tu embarazo, que podemos buscar alternativas y soluciones.
Eso es lo que les dijimos a esas 7chicas que vinieron en todo este dia, y todas ellas cambiaron de opinión respecto a su embarazo; volverán a nuestras oficinas para que las sigamos ayudando a seguir adelante.
Well done!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

RU -486

My experience with the girls that I have counsel and have consider abortions, have mention that they will like to take "Pill" meaning the RU-486. Most of this don't have a clue of what this "pill" really is. They just think that taking a "pill" will solve the problem. But once a start talking about RU-486 I could see that they don't think the same any more.

I start to tell them that the "pill" is a synthetic steroid drug called mifepristone and that it cuts off nourishment to the baby so that the baby starves to death. Many girls don't realize that is a baby already. I also tell them that is not safe and that they may have painful contractions, nausea, vomiting, pelvic pain and that they may bleed from 9 to 40 days.

Some have change there mind and some will just not react to the information but all I know that I planted the seed.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The importance of Listening

Today at the Queens office I experience  the power of listening. A mom came to the office considering abortion. I took her information and asked her few questions and then she just started to talk while I patiently listen to her. I was not only paying close attention to her story, but also how she was telling me her story with a soft voice and body language of a scared person. I was paying close attention to her nonverbal and verbal messages. I knew there was a lot to listen. 

 I listen patient  because I knew she had wanted to talk to someone. I did not asked her many questions because she was answering her own thoughts of why she was considering an abortion. She even admitted that she was being selfish. She ask me for advice,  I gave her my advice and information. The conversation went for another forty minutes. Our total conversation lasted about two hours  and most of the time I was just listing to her.

Being able to listen patiently had made her realize that abortion is not her choice, and that she is going love this child. She just needed to talk to someone.
                                                   Me patiently listening.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014

VIdeo relacionado con el post anterior!!!Interesante!!!

«Mi madre tenía siete meses de embarazo cuando decidió abortarme. Yo soy la persona que ella abortó»

Hay quien dice que es un “aborto fracasado”, el resultado de un trabajo mal hecho. Ella proclama hoy el amor a la vida y a Jesucristo.

“Soy adoptada. Tanto mi madre como mi padre biológicos tenían 17 años de edad. Ella tenía siete meses y medio de gestación cuando decidió acudir a la Federación Internacional de Paternidad Planificada (IPPF), que es la proveedora de abortos más grande del mundo, y allí le aconsejaron someterse a un aborto de término tardío de solución salina. Esta solución se inyecta en el vientre de la madre. El bebe traga la solución que le quema por dentro y por fuera. Entonces la madre da a luz a un bebé muerto en el plazo de 24 horas”.
“Pero para la sorpresa y el shock de todos, no nací muerta sino viva el 6 de abril de 1977, en una clínica abortista en el condado de Los Ángeles”.
“Lo fantástico de todo esto, del momento perfectamente oportuno de mi nacimiento, es que el abortista todavía no empezaba su tarea, así que ni siquiera tuvo la oportunidad de continuar con sus planes respecto a mi vida, es decir, la muerte.”
Son las palabras de Gianna Jessen, una joven norteamericana que sobrevivió a un aborto, en una conferencia testimonial que ofreció en Australia en el año 2008.


It's been only one week counseling and  I have encounter many situations that girls are going through but one common thing is that they are having intimacy with their partners with out thinking of the consequences. I have realize that many of these women are brought up this way and I don't blame them because they don't have anyone to teach them or talk to them. It's surprising how they react when we start talking to them about abstinence and how as a women they need to respect them selves. For many this is the first time someone talks to them about abstinence which to me is not right but they have come to the right place because I feel that here at EMC we can talk to them freely. The experience have been great with these girls I don't guarantee that they will practice abstinence but for sure we have planted a seed and hope they consider.  I love when we start talking about the effect of having sex before marriage and their reaction when we talk about Oxytocin and how this hormone is related to bonding. How it damage when they have multiple partner... We sure give a lot to think about. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sunny day

Today was my first in EMC as a intern. I went to the office early in the morning, full of good intentions but for the first hours no one came in. Instead of waiting until someone come, another intern and I, with the help of one of the workers here start to learn ourselves about the lastest scientific advances in pro-life area. We have learn a lot. We knew about the complication of the abortion in the mothers, but we have seen more deeply one by one and the terrible consequences to the mothers: psychological problems, a high death risk, fever and infections, problems with the next wanted babies... Also we have seen the difference procedures to complete an abortion depends on the time of the pregnancy, which are totally out of an horror movie. Are procedures very violent for both:mother and child; and the pregnants deserve to know what is going to happens with their children if they want to continue with the abortion. A lot of girls do not see or know this reality. We all should know the reality of the things that nowadays sounds normal for us: contraception and it consequences and procedures for would change a lot of minds for sure.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Madre adolescente

Es sabido por todos que el ser humano tiene debilidad por los atajos, por las vías rápidas, por las soluciones fáciles y rápidas. Pero es igualmente sabido que la vida no es fácil, ni las soluciones que nos ofrece son rápidas. Es más, tendemos a desconfiar de lo rápido y fácil. 
Así que dejemos de engañarnos, el aborto es la salida rápida y fácil a un imprevisto que nos asusta o con el que egoistamente no queremos lidiar porque no nos conviene.
De manera, que cuando una adolescente de 16 años me escribe para darme la feliz noticia de que va ha seguir adelante con su embarazo porque no quiere matar a su hijo, no puedo sentir más que admiración y un orgullo indescriptible.
Un hijo no te quita la vida, te la mejora. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It was worth the walk in the snow

Being a California girl I had never experience any snow storm in my life but this morning I sure did. It had snow all night and there was about 6 inches of snow in the morning which was hard to walk on and not only was there a lot of snow but it was raining. I had an umbrella and a nice coat but still got wet and cold. Not only was I cold but I was running late because the trains were running slow. Everything that California girl was not expecting.

But all the struggle of snow, coldness, and problems with the train was well worth it. I was able to get to the office and save the life of at least two babies.

I will go through this snow and more for the life of many more babies and their mothers.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The power of a model of a Fetus

Its wonderful the power what a model of a fetus can do. Today at the Bronx office we had a mom that was confuse like most moms who are going through hard situations. We started to talk. As we were talking I was figuring out how many week she was. I pouch in the her first day of her menstrual period and the calculation pop out, 10 weeks and 5 days! I continue to listen to her and then right away a told her and showed her a 10 weeks fetus model. Her reactions was priceless. I ask her what do you think about how your baby looks. She immediately had a smile in her face. She told me "I can believe how small my baby is" My answer was "Yes small and growing". Another smile came out of her and agree to get a sonogram.

I can explain the joy and surprise of the mother. All I know is how powerful was that model of the fetus was today. All it took for me was to tell her how many weeks her baby was and showing her the mode.