Sunday, February 16, 2014


Continuing with our journey: The journey of life --> Watch out!! A miracle is happening in you girl!!! Do not fear! We are with you.

2nd Month: 5-8 weeks
By six weeks BRAIN WAVES can be detected by electroencephalogram. The baby begins to swallow amniotic fluid sometimes have been seen hiccupping.
STOMACH and KIDNEYS begin to function. FINGERS and TOES are developing and at 7weeks the CHEST and ABDOMEN are fully formed.

5weeks embryo

3rd Month: 9-12 weeks
The baby is very active even though mom cannot feel movement yet. He/she now sleeps, awakens and exercises the muscles.
The gender can be visually determined.

4th Month: 13-16 weeks
By the end of the 4th month the baby is 8-10 inches in length and weight about one-half pound. The EARS are functioning and can hear HER MOTHER´S HEARTBEAT, as well as external noises.
LIFESAVING surgery has been performed on babies at this age.

5th Month: 17-20 weeks
Thumb-sucking has been observed during the fifth month. 

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