Friday, February 7, 2014

Sunny day

Today was my first in EMC as a intern. I went to the office early in the morning, full of good intentions but for the first hours no one came in. Instead of waiting until someone come, another intern and I, with the help of one of the workers here start to learn ourselves about the lastest scientific advances in pro-life area. We have learn a lot. We knew about the complication of the abortion in the mothers, but we have seen more deeply one by one and the terrible consequences to the mothers: psychological problems, a high death risk, fever and infections, problems with the next wanted babies... Also we have seen the difference procedures to complete an abortion depends on the time of the pregnancy, which are totally out of an horror movie. Are procedures very violent for both:mother and child; and the pregnants deserve to know what is going to happens with their children if they want to continue with the abortion. A lot of girls do not see or know this reality. We all should know the reality of the things that nowadays sounds normal for us: contraception and it consequences and procedures for would change a lot of minds for sure.

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