Saturday, February 1, 2014

The power of a model of a Fetus

Its wonderful the power what a model of a fetus can do. Today at the Bronx office we had a mom that was confuse like most moms who are going through hard situations. We started to talk. As we were talking I was figuring out how many week she was. I pouch in the her first day of her menstrual period and the calculation pop out, 10 weeks and 5 days! I continue to listen to her and then right away a told her and showed her a 10 weeks fetus model. Her reactions was priceless. I ask her what do you think about how your baby looks. She immediately had a smile in her face. She told me "I can believe how small my baby is" My answer was "Yes small and growing". Another smile came out of her and agree to get a sonogram.

I can explain the joy and surprise of the mother. All I know is how powerful was that model of the fetus was today. All it took for me was to tell her how many weeks her baby was and showing her the mode.

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