Friday, August 27, 2010

A memorable summer

Yesterday was my last day working with EMC this summer and overall, it was a great experience. I learned a lot of new things, visited places I've never been before, and tried new things that I've never done before. Most importantly I got to help save babies lives in the state known to have the most abortion!

I would like to thank Chris for allowing me the opportunity to participate in the internship. I would also like to thank the directors-Carmen, Linda, & Liz- that I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. They work so hard to keep the center running and and they're each very passionate about their jobs. You can clearly see that they love what they do. I would also like to thank Julie for all the hard work she's done herself. She has taken care of the interns, answers all the calls from the subway ads, helps Chris in whatever ways possible, and so much more.

I will never forget this city and this summer internship. I only hope that more women will start to realize how precious a child's life is. God Bless.

What really matters

On Thursdays Rosana does sonograms for the pregnant girls coming into the clinic. So yesterday at Queens I was able to see a sonogram for the first time. At that moment I didn’t know who was more nervous, the pregnant girl or me. It was something amazing that I am never going to forget.

She was very happy about the idea of having a baby finally. She had had an abortion before because of the pressure of her family. She decided to keep the baby. Now she only cares if the baby is going to be boy or girl. Her boyfriend wants it to be a boy, but she would be happier if it was a girl.

What really matters is that the baby is going to live this time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

God's Timing

Last week at Queens, I spoke with a woman who came into the center with her one year old son. She didn't know how far along she was but she wanted an abortion. I asked her what her reason was and she said that the timing wasn't perfect. She didn't feel like she was emotionally ready. After I showed her the videos explaining the abortion procedures, she agreed that abortion was wrong and that she really wasn't aware of how dangerous it was. She actually said she didn't believe in abortion but still felt she needed one.

It baffles me how many women who come into the clinic say this. That is basically being hypocritical. I explained to her that it was not about our timing but more about God's. God has a reason for everything. The fact that He decided to bless her and trust with another life should mean something to her. She told me that she never thought about it in that way but she was still skeptical about keeping her baby until she found out that she was five months pregnant!

When she found that out she said she couldn't risk doing an abortion and she honestly didn't want to. She just felt pressured with everything else that was going on around her. She actually said she felt kind of relieved that she was keeping the baby now and on top of that she was sure that her son would be more than happy to have a little brother or sister.

Lucky me, lucky you…

Today has been a busy day in Queens. I have talked with a lot of girls and I felt very blessed for the opportunity to get to speak with them. Four out of five girls wanted to keep their baby! “Great! They have chosen parenthood today, that’s fantastic!” - I thought.

I was so happy! Then around two o’clock a woman appeared at the clinic. She has three children and was pregnant. She definitely wanted an abortion.

“Please, come in. We are going to talk a little and there is a video you must see” – I said.

I looked at her kids and thought to myself, “They are the lucky ones.” I talked to her almost for an hour but she left the clinic without a clear decision about whether or not she was going to keep the baby. From this blog I beg for your prayers for God to help save that baby.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Female intuition

It impresses me how far girls are capable of going because they are scared. One girl I talked to today, walked in and told us she wanted to parent, but after talking to her for a while I could tell something was not going well, she was contradicting herself. She did not want to tell us where she lived or what she did with her life.

She told us how a baby is just a small dot of blood and how she does not want anything to do with the father and that she wanted to go back to Mexico. Somehow, I felt something was wrong. So I decided to show her the abortion videos and to talk to her about post abortion syndrome. After the video and the counseling she said "after this I don't want to have an abortion, I don't want that".......... Sometimes we are willing to believe the first thing people tell us, we have to be careful and always talk to them about abortion, even if thats not their chioice, because it helps them, it is information that will be with them for a long time and some day might come in handy. It is important to realize that we´re not only trying to prevent abortion but also helping and forming young girls who never had the same oportunities that we did.
Even though she is planing on keeping the baby I feel that something is still wrong. Pray that she is OK and that she does not change her mind.

Not babies but yes to smartphones?

I have realized sometimes we are not fighting just against ignorance but against cold hearts as well. Yesterday I talked to a woman who wanted an abortion for her friend. Her friend entered the room to take the pregnancy test. Meanwhile I tried to explain to the other woman what abortion was and I showed her a video of the procedures of abortion. Then I thought, “Maybe if we can change her mind, she will talk to her friend too”, but I was mistaken.

She only watched half of the video and before it ended she started playing with her Smartphone. Of course, most of the girls who come have one and they said they have financial problems. I tried again to talk to her, I told her that inside her friend was a baby and that she might be happy about that. She stared at me in silence, then came the worst:

-“I really don’t care about what my friend is going to do. Last year I got an abortion and I am OK. I think everybody has the right to make their own decision” -she said.

-“No one has the right to make or take a human life”.

After that I had no answer.

Then I realize that nowadays a baby’s right to live seems unimportant. It’s surprising for me of how many times we don’t talk with someone who ignores what abortion is but with someone who doesn’t care about a baby’s life. It is true that some don’t know about abortion procedures or maybe they have financial problems. Others… they know what abortion is but they have cold hearts. We must show them what love is, and we must love them. Only love warms cold hearts more than any fire.

"The Blessed Gift"

Just yesterday a young lady came in wanting an abortion, she seemed pretty sure of her decision, at first. As she watched the abortion procedure video, I stepped out of the room to look at her information sheet. Come to find out she has a 16 month old little girl that she's having trouble taking care of. As the movie was winded down, it was her time for her ultrasound. This young lady turned out to be 26 weeks pregnant with a little boy. She cried and said she felt lost but she knew she couldn't have an abortion. She's due December 3rd, we all should keep her lifted in prayer. Today another woman came in abortion minded and she seemed very nonchalant about the whole idea of an abortion. She went in and sat down to watch the informational video of a developing fetus and seemed to become very uncomfortable. She wanted to leave at this point. As she proceeded to walk out, I seen great emotion in her face,Linda,the Brooklyn office director,reached towards her and grabbed her hand and told her she wanted her to see her baby by giving her a free sonogram. Some time passed, and I found out the real motive for her wanting to have an abortion. She was 23 years old and suffered a miscarriage of twins on two separate occasions, one at 4 months and the other at 7 months. This woman was really suffering emotionally. After Linda ministered to the woman, her mind had been changed and she looked as if she felt relief. So today Ive realized more than ever, not only is a child a gift but a blessing as well.

Patience will prosper

My first day working at the EMC clinic in Queens I experienced my first hard, real and shocking case. A couple walked in, they were from Tibet. She is married to another man, who is living in India and is currently pregnant with another man's child, who is the one who brought her to us. He wanted an abortion because he claimed he was not ready to have a baby even though they are both 25 and with stable jobs. This made me think that there is really NEVER an excuse to have an abortion.
Even though he wanted an abortion he was open to our suggestions and very respectful to what we defend. We talked to him for over an hour, and he finally realized that not being ready, and even not being married to her was not enough and was not a reason to kill their baby. So they both left with a smile and encouraged to work harder and fight to make this baby's life possible. I thought the battle was won but the following week they came back abortion minded again. Then I realized that we must never give up and the most important thing is to be patient and never lose hope. The fact that they came back to us made me realize how amazing God's plans are.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Casual Sex

Last week I went to a 4 day trip with Chris, founder of EMC pregnancy centers, his wife, brother in low and tow other interns. The trip was very helpful for me because not only I got to know better my new coworkers but I learned a lot about the pro life movement in the states.
We attended a pro life fundraiser in NH, and there I learned how the pro life movement works here in the united states and thanks to the conference given there I realised more deeply that having multiple sexual partners has grave consequences, fiscal and emotional.
We must talk about these consequences and help young women value there body's and make them want to be loved by there personality and character and not by there fiscal aspect.
What I most learned is that having sex is not a passing by thing, the girl releases a special hormone called oxitocine which provokes her to grow closer to that person, so having casual sex with someone you hardly know increases the risk of later developing a feeling of emptiness, depression, promiscuity.... not even mentioning the sexual transmitted diseases and the obvious risk of having an unwanted pregnancy.
the best way to prevent the emotion emptiness, the sexual transmitted diseases and the unwanted pregnancy is by ling Chastity.
By living in chastity you are promoting a healthy lifestyle which not only brings you peace but makes you work on other virtues like respect, honor, and patience. I think we should all committee to this lifestyle and help promote it to others.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Home!

Whew, what a summer! It went by too fast! I am now back in Georgia getting ready for the next big adventure God has in store for me, but first, I want to take a minute to remember this summer.

Summer 2010. I will never forget it. Words could not begin to say everything that happened this summer. It was more challenging and rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I went to New York to save lives, but never could guess how New York could change my life.

I grew so attached to these mothers. All of them hurting. All of them in need of great love. More than anything, I hope these women know that I love them. More importantly, I hope they know that they have a Savior that loves them much better than anyone else ever could. These women need Jesus in their life.

We are called to be Christ for others. That is what EMC is. We are Christ. Don't be afraid to let the light of Christ shine through you! That is what you were made for! Let the light shine for all to see!!

I learned so much from all of the EMC employees. I am so grateful to know them and to have worked with them. Chris, Julie, Liz, Carmen, Linda, Kathy, Cathy, Rosanna, Jowel. I love you all. You are wonderful people with beautiful hearts. Mothers and unborn babies everywhere are so lucky to have you on their side! You all are storing up great treasures in Heaven.

Thanks to all of you readers. I pray that this blog brings you joy and hope. I pray that God is with you and gives you the courage to follow Him wherever He may be leading you.

I will always hold the memories and people of this summer close to my heart.
God bless you all until I see you again!

p.s.Tthis is a picture of me with a beautiful little boy who lost his younger sibling 5 months ago at Dr. Emily's. He almost lost his mommy the very same day. She stopped by one day to tell us her story. She had an abortion and the "doctor" didn't remove all the baby parts. They got infected and she almost died. She was rushed to the emergency room and had to stay for several days. She will most likely never be able to have kids again. Now, she tells everyone she can. Abortion is not the answer. It was a mistake. She regrets her abortion.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

There's no stopping us.

Yesterday at Dr. Emily's, the owner came outside and stood by the door just to see what was going on. Father Lewis greeted her and then started praying for her out loud. Apparently she was offended and called the police. When the police got there she said that she wanted to file a complaint because she was harassed.

The police denied her request for a complaint and asked her why she felt it was necessary. She said it was because Father Lewis was talking to her which was not true. He said the only thing I did was greet her and mention her name in my prayer. She said that she didn't need prayer and wanted him to get away from her.

I honestly think she just called the police because not that many people were coming into the clinic. The police then told Father Lewis that we had to legally be standing 15 feet away. Father Lewis then asked the police where he could see this in writing and the officer said that we would need to go to city hall to find that information.

About one hour a later three policeman came and put up barricades around us. They told us that if we moved outside the barricades we would be arrested. It was absolutely crazy to us because this has never happened to us before.

Just because the police fenced us mean does not mean that we were not able to talk to the girls. We were still able to hand out some brochures and share with them. I think blocking us just gives us even more attention and strives us to work harder and give more effort to save more babies live.

Pro-Life Gathering

Last Tuesday I went to Vermont with some other interns from EMC. There we had a very good time. On Wednesday we went to Carousel musical at New Hampshire, it was wonderful! On Thursday we were invited to a gathering of the Pregnancy Center of the Upper Valley. It’s great to know that everywhere you go there’s someone who defends life. These Pro-Lifers were celebrating their 28th anniversary!

There we had the opportunity to attend the conference of M.D Freda McKissic Bush the author of “Hooked, how casual sex is affecting our children”. She talked about very interesting things such as sexuality, relationships and beliefs. “Our culture is changing and we must be prepared” -she said. “We don’t have to change the message but our methods”.

Another speaker at the conference said people used to say abortion would be the liberation of women. “I work in a pro-life pregnancy center and I assure you that abortion isn’t the liberation of anyone. Abortion only gives sadness to women”. I think we need to reflect more about this truth.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Saturday at Queens is always rough because we are on our own. We know that its the one day of the week in which those lives are completely our responsibility, there is no head couslelor with us and no sonogram. Miguel and I headed over there tired and ready for the weekend. It was a quiet morning and I was thinking to maybe nobody comes in at all..................but I was wrong.
A couple walked in with their 5 year old daughter, they both looked sad and worn out. Her eyes were all puffed up from crying.
I started talking to her and it turns out she had already had 3 abortions, she knew what the procedure was like and what it entailed, cases like theirs always the hardest.

So I decided to talk about the past abortions, first before turning to talk about the new unborn baby. I turns out she had the abortions with out telling her husband and it almost destroyed their marriage, he was suffering because of those children he had lost, he did not believe in abortion but right know they both though they had NO CHOICE, because they were living in a one room apartment which they were getting kicked out of in a week and had no job.

When I told her we could help her find a way to forgive herself and the doctors who had done the operation and that would bring her peace, she immediately asked if her husband could come in and talk to me.
We sat there for over an hour and talked about how they DO HAVE A CHOICE, and how they could reconnect and save their marriage by having this new baby. God is giving them another chance.

Listening to them talk about the horrors of their life situation and how they felt "forced" to have the abortion, they never thought that they had a choice in the saving of the unborn baby's life because they did not see a way out. It came to my mind how "pro choice" organizations call themselves, and what they defend the following "we defend that every woman has a CHOICE!!!!!". Really? Then how come 80% of the women who have abortion feel the complete opposite? This couple is going to keep their baby, they are going to attend a post abortion couples retreat to help them reconnect and forgive each other. We are going to help them find the clothes and all the baby things they will need. Dont give up hope, people are dying for encouragement and are wanting to hear that they have the REAL CHOICE OF LIFE.

God's Alternative Plan

This past week, two interns and I had the opportunity to go with Chris and his wife to Vermont and New Hampshire. The main reason for this trip was for us to get to know each other better which will later help us work together and bring out the best in us. Also it is a way for Chris to get to know us a lot more, see what we are like off of work, what our hobbies are, likes and dislikes, dreams and future plans.

But God always has a back plan for us. On our first day in Vermont we attended mass at the town church and there we discovered a pamphlet for a Pro life fundraiser dinner party that was taking place the following night in Lebanon, NH which was only 30 min away from were we were staying. We could not believe our luck...................or the way providence woks. So we immediately called and reserved a table for 6. It turned out to be a total success.

This fundraiser was organized by the "Pregnancy Centers of the Upper Valley" which we learned through conversation, are Centers all through out the upper valley of NH, that not only attend women and couples with crisis pregnancy's but promote chastity by forming young girls and boys in the value of one's body and soul, they encourage teenagers to wait until marriage before having sex and by this they are teaching them the real meaning of respect, not only towards others but to oneself.

Learning that there are organizations like this one, fighting for the value of life, unborn and living, makes us not feel alone in our battle. Being present at this dinner helped me realise that we should not follow MTV, MySpace, Cosmopolitan because even though these institutions lead the way young teenagers think and act, they do not hold the truth.

Well all set out of New York with the clear idea in our head of having some time for us and for relaxing, but God always has something in store for us and this was an amazing opportunity. We came back not only rested clear headed and with new friends, but will the will to fight harder and stronger because the truth is out there we just have to give it a push.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Coming Back for The Mission

Coming back to New York feels great,i'm so glad to have another opportunity to do God's work.Earlier this week I worked in the office on 149th street in the bronx, it was very busy. There were many girls who were so confused and i heard some of the same excuses that I heard before.When the real truth about abortion came to some of the girls' realization,some were shocked,some were scared and some were indifferent. There were a few girls that had received an abortion before this time and they didn't know that at that time of there abortion, their unborn child was a developing baby not "tissue" or just small "fetus",like some were told. These girls expressed of how if they knew the REAL truth they would have never had an abortion. I felt sympathy for them and I encouraged them to have their baby. I let them know that they don't have to make the same mistake twice. One of the girls had just recently had 2 abortions at the beginning of this year and she is pregnant again now. She explained to me how her boyfriend wants her to have another abortion and she doesn't want to. She cried and cried of how he abuses her and how she doesn't want to be with him but she wanted to keep her baby. She was forced to come to the office that day.I could tell she was afraid of what might happen to her if he found out she wanted to keep her baby.I encouraged her to leave him and keep her child. I pray she is okay.Keep this girl in your prayers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Sharing of the Heart"

Just yesterday i met with a young lady that was struggling with her decision whether or not to keep her baby.She came in with a puzzled look on her face.As she sat down and began to talk, i seen tears in her eyes.She spoke about how she had a 16 month old son already and how her and the father had been struggling.They didn't believe in abortion, but they had no help financially.She then expressed to me that for her first pregnancy her mother told her to get an abortion but she said "No! I want my baby!". The young lady then told me her mother had went through with an abortion recently and that she knows her mom wouldn't accept it and kick her out.At this point, the tears that were in her eyes had began to fall. Anyone that has a strong spirit and a pure heart could see that she didn't want an abortion. I told her to think about the first time she met her son face to face and her emotion at that moment.She said "I was so happy and it felt like he had my heart", I let her know that her heart is being shared and I asked her would she really want to take her love from her baby. Please pray for this young lady and her unborn baby.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not all is lost

Today, I met with a girl named Abigail who came in for a pregnancy test. When she first came in she said that she was undecided of about whether or not she would keep the baby. I then sat down with her and showed her the abortion procedure videos and the choice blues videos. She looked so sad and disgusted when she saw them. I asked her what she thought about them and she said she could never do that.

I then asked her what her fears were concerning the pregnancy. She said that she was in currently in school in Connecticut and that she was leaving for school next week, most importantly she was afraid of how her parents would react.

I gave her a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Abigail began to cry and you could see in her eyes that she thought all was lost. I began to comfort her and let her know that her world is not going to end and that we could offer her as much help as she needed. She later became at ease and scheduled an appointment to have her sonogram next week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd Year Fighting for Life

Hello, it's Jose Aranda :)

Tomorrow I'm leaving to Spain.

Talking about what I've done in EMC would take hours. Talking about what I've learned in EMC would take a book.

This picture was taken in Liz's office, in a day where God gave me the opportunity to save 3 babies from death. That was just one day, but 3 lives. One morning but 3 "Jose(s)", three "me(s)". It's really difficult to think about it. Those 3 girls came, manipulated by the ignorance, slaves of their fear, of their boyfriends, and maybe -and sadly- of their families.

Would have been abortion a FREE choice?

If someone regrets about a past decision, he/she was not really free choosing that, because freedom is the capability to choose what we really want, in a deep way. What we REALLY want.

We are free, and we choose freely, but if one decision is chosen because of fear or selfishness, we are not acting like humans (freely), but we're acting like animals. Acting like humans is acting with the mind and the consciousness. I would be happy if the "pro choice" would teach this, but no. They say "are you scared? feel free to abort. Do that".

Anyway. In EMC I have noticed that Abortion is the Issue of our time. It's the fight of most the current heroes. Those heroes fought, are fighting, and still have to raise their voices. None of us know how many time is this fight going to take.

The mass media, the interests of politicians, states, countries, selfishness of the people... seeking for the audience and money above the love. Miracle potential VS Sanctity of Life.

Human Kind has reached a turning point.

Poised for conflict at ground zero. Ready for a War.

Do we look to our unearthly guide? Of to white coat heroes, searching for a cure?

It's not only abortion; it's euthanasia, it's the embryonic stem cell research, it's the intention of control the evolution... it's relativism.

Dear Humanity:

We're reaching.

But have we gone too far?


We are building the Christian Culture of 2400 a.c. Maybe 2500, maybe 2200. What we do now is not going to change the world now. Actually with EMC we're changing it really quick. If those 3 babies of ONE day and ONE counselor have 5 children each one, and each of them have 5 children, and again... that's few hundred persons in less than a century. Just because I had the opportunity to talk with 3 girls one morning.

I didn't know what abortion really is until I came here. Nobody should judge and play with the life of the babies (I'm talking about pro-abort people in debates), until they really know abortion. I'm still knowing though, and I will always be knowing and learning about it possibly.

I believe that Abortion will become a historic tragedy of the humanity. The knowing of that fact will lead us to chastity, to dignity.

Can we change?

God, have mercy on us.

Thanks, EMC.

We Promote Life!

While I was tabling at Queens it was really interesting the crowd of people who would stop by. They ranged from pregnant women to teenagers and even some men. One man came by grabbed a newspaper then left. He returned five minutes later and gave us back the newspaper left and then came back again. He spoke to Maria and asked us what exactly we were trying to promote. Maria told him that we were anti-abortion and that we're trying to provide women with help who don't have any.

He was excited when he heard that. He actually thought that we were pro-abortion and didn't understand why we would promote such a thing. Then he said "Jesus Christ is the giver of life." Which is true. It gave me something to think about. Who are we to decided who is allowed and not allowed to have life on earth. That is God's decision. Women should began to realize that having children is both a privilege and a blessing. The fact that God trusts certain women to take care of child should speak volumes and should be seen as an honor.

A Different Perspective

Yesterday was my first time being at the Queens center. I got an opportunity to table with Maria, which I have never done before. It was great that we were able to hand out literature to those people who were also passing by.

A lot of people actually took the literature which surprised me but then I realized they were more willing to look at what we had to say because the literature we were handing out looked like a newspaper, which I thought was a great way of getting people's attention.

Many pregnant women stopped by with their children to look at the fetal models. It was really cool because they were able to show their daughter or son how the baby looked like in the womb. It was exciting to see the children's faces looking on happily because they couldn't wait to see how their new baby brother or sister would look like after they were born.

The fact that many women would want to abort their child and take away that privilege from the child or children that they already have now of having little sibling is really saddening.

Her Choice

MS of 21 years came to the Bronx office for an abortion, she didn't come alone, her suposed boyfriend was with her. We firstly talked to her, she said she was undecided, not sure what to do because her husband did not want to have it for the world, then talk to her husband kept saying he wanted an abortion even after seeing the video choice blues.

After a while, I realized that the husband was hiding something, usually boyfriends support their wives and if they don't is for some economic reason, but this guy was not warranted simply refused outright. Speaking with him and after saw the choice blues to realize that he would kill his son, in the course of the movie told us that he was married, had three children with another woman and didn't want this one. He was afreid.

We ask the boy to leave the room, our intention was to stay with the girl alone. Speaking with her, suddenly the begans to cry because in the back of her heart I think she really wanted to have her baby but was pressured by the boy.
I felt relieved when she finally agreed to take an sonogram and her apoitment is for Monday.

Please pray for her and her baby.


A couple of days ago we were in Queens giving some pamphlets about abortion, when a couple stopped to talk with us about the use of the condom. They told us they were catholic but they didn’t accepted what the church says about that. They told us they were for the use of the condoms, and at the same time they claimed to be catholic.

The first thing we explained them was that if you are catholic, you fully understand the view of the church about sex and the use of contraceptives. Anyway, we didn’t pay attention to that incoherent statement because we wanted to explain them that we tell people to practice abstinence because if you have relationships you are having the chance of being pregnant, and you might break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have a child with no father or no mother.

We think all child deserve the opportunity to have a mother and a father. Cos if you have had the opportunity of having a stable family your child deserves also such a thing.

Mexican family

A Mexican family, a growing reality in a multicultural country like the USA. Current crisis and the financial difficulties that affects many families, specially immigrants. The wife, husband and their other 8-year old daughter came by. They wanted to do a free sonogram. They saw their baby and heart his heart pumping. We remind them of the often forgotten consequences of the miscalled “easy way out”.

Abortion generates physiological and physical consequences than can remain for a life time. Thought the conversation we saw the strong desire of the husband to have his child. However he preferred to leave the choice to her wife as she is the one having him.

They decided to speak among them and promised she will call us. The following day we received that call, they wanted to hear his son’s heart again.

Amelia, incredible story.

I knew Amelia (picture) a couple of days ago.

I was in Queens, in the sidewalk, passing brochures out and showing videos to people by the TV.

Suddenly, a mother approached us, as if she were looking for information, or surprised because of the videos. Then I started to talk with her and giving a paper to her as normal. But then she started to talk with me, showing me her baby. She said:

-I wanted to abort this baby about nine months ago. Someday I was walking by this street, and saw you guys, your video, and read your brochure. My husband then encouraged me not to have an abortion and to keep the baby. It was a hard time but finally I decided to keep it. Here it is. Thank you.

That was one of the most shocking stories of this year because I had the baby in front of myself. Normally I don't get to see the babies whose mother I have counseled, but he was there, beautiful and alive, and even I didn't counseled directly that woman, the question "what if...?" was there.

Beyond religion

A sunny summer day. A Muslim girl approaches in Emily’s. She was a special story. She is thinking about abortion not due lack of economic resources but because the fear of being rejected by her family and friends for having a one nigh affair. She was concerned, alone and confused. She thought about the “easier solution” : abortion.

We spoke with her and told her that she is the owner of her destiny and he cannot focus her life in pleasing other. She realized she could live with the guilt of killing her son for the fear of disappointing her parents.

Although the difference of religious believes there are universal words that we all human beings understand and value. Life is one of them.

Mature 15-year old girl

A 15-year old and her 16-year old boyfriend came to us at our Bronx Office. They intended to abort her baby of 12 weeks because they had to continue her studies, friends, life, etc. .. Furthermore, the parents of the girl did not know she was pregnant. Fear of disappointment her parents was a major concern to her.

After a long chat with them they realized the choices they had and that having a children has also an option. They thanked us for helping them, he told us that thanks to this we can help many girls who do not know how to solve their problems, who are confused and have nowhere to comfort and thanks to our work they realize that the world does not end here. Having a child is a gift from God so therefore you have to receive a gift as precious and not as a problem.

It is a very special case because despite his age is a very strong and mature girl who knew how to face difficulties and move forward.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The mother's guardian angel

Before coming here I thought that the reason girls went to abortion clinics was their dislike or disinterest in having children.

I never stop to think it was because they saw no other way out, that each of them is a world, a world where they are easier to live, either by the family, economic problems, ...

After 5 weeks I have learned that there are many problems which I would never have imagined and that thanks to the admirable work of Lis, Linda and Carmen the girls begin to see light on the way... begin to trust other possibilities realize that the world does not end but it just started ..

The other day a mother came with her son to visit Lis, and told me they did not know how to thank you all he had done for her. His arrival at the office was not an accident but a message from God not to commit the biggest mistake of his life.

The child has two years and is a guardian angel, the most affectionate and good-looking children I've seen, the mother could not stop kissing him.

Spread the word

Every day in Queens many mothers pass by with their children. the small children attention is caught by our baby models. That makes the mothers stop and in makes them interested in abortion and realize the importance of our pro-life organization.

Yesteray a woman stands by wondering whether a 8-week fetus was a bulk of cells or a human being. She told us that she had an abortion because she taught that it wasn´t a person.She thanked us for our explanation and realized that a living being was growing inside her. She promised us she would inform herself better of the causes and consequences of abortion and spread the news around her family and friend.

I learned that by teaching one single person we can create an important change in society as an informed person can also teach those around her.

Last Saturday at Emily's

As many of you probably know, Saturdays at Emily's are much different than other days at Emily's. On Saturdays, volunteers we call the Deathscorts join us to escort the girls to the door.

What I love about it, though, is that we also have extra warriors on Saturdays. Here you can see the scene at the front door with the escorts, a group of prayer warriors, and me with Father Louis, a priest with the CFRs.
Today as a girl walked out of the clinic, one of the escorts asked her if she needed an escort. She looked at him with a face that said, "Why the heck would I need an escort?" I told her, "He wants to know if you're scared of me and need to be escorted out of the parking lot." She laughed, said "no thanks" and came over to talk with me through the fence.

She wasn't pregnant, but I asked her what she thought about abortion and why she would come to a place like this. She gave a pretty typical response about how she never wants to have an abortion and hopes she doesn't get pregnant anytime soon, but she understands why some people can't afford children and need an abortion.

I explained to her the work we do and gave her our information. I told her that if she or any of her friends do end up pregnant, they should definitely come to us first!! She took two of our pamphlets and said she would come see us if she ever needed to. Thank God!

I hope our conversation has a lasting impact on her and her friends. You never know how God will use your simple words if you let him.

Bye Bye!

This is going to be my last post. We've been today in the Bronx office with liz. I've to say that this has been a very good opportunity to help others and also that this has been a very good opportunity to learn more about abortions. I've had the opportunity to speak directly with a lot of girls that wanted to take the abortions, and I've learn a lot from different situations of girls that were going to abort. I've learned a lot also with Chris, Liz, Carmen, Julie and Linda. They've tought us what to do in all the diferent situations. I'm very proud with the things we've done, and I will continue praying for this cause. Because we know that abortions will disappear in the near future.
And I have to say also that we have had a great opportunity also to do sightseeing in nyc!
This is the last picture taken at liz's office. Thanks for EMC for this amazing opportunity!

Last day turnaround

Today I was at Liz's. One of the girls that I counseled was named Yvonne. She is from Puerto Rico and she came with a baby (picture). It has been really curious because she didn't know she was pregnant and she came to get information of the abortion procedures for a friend. The thing is that she was suspicious during the counseling, and we started to ask information of her.

Suddenly she said she was pregnant too; and we realized that she probably wasn't asking for information for her friend but for herself. She was afraid because her parents didn't know anything and her boyfriend left her 1 week ago. A while later she told us she was lying and it was for herself, but I think she got along with us and trusted. Finally the situation became in a turnaround of Yvonne who decided to keep the baby with our help and she's going for a sonogram!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Turning to a Culture of Life

Yesterday I was in Queens, with the table outside. Since that's a work where we wait a lot, we also have time to think.

A lot of people come usually to the table to ask for information; some of them just watch the TV videos, and when there are some people together they talk between themselves. The table work in the sidewalk is a good way to change the culture to a positive vibe and also to spread information. A lot of girls that come to our offices have also known about us by these "brochures - being in the street" thing.

Changing the culture is really a very important thing to end abortion. We need that people defend and fight for life out there. Specially in countries like Spain we have a culture which in 2 seconds tag anyone who is against abortion as a close-minded catholic-right wing, etc. That makes impossible to communicate as they're not listening to you anymore when they think this.

This happens because of many things. The mass media are the most responsible of this tragedy in the communication, because they're looking for the audience, and in TV programs and information the contents are made by the seeking of the self interests; this makes people change (because the media influences people), by some self commercial interests instead of what is really important . But this tragedy is continously feeding itself by the people. If the people think something is anticultural or it's seen from a bad view already manipulated by the media, they will criticize it, and this makes mass media manipulate and select the news that will interest to people all the time.

We need to change the idea people have of "what the world thinks about" (abortion in this case) the things that are not being right done these days. We need to, and we are doing it.

(Picture: People watching the TV with an abortion video at Queens)


A whole family stopped in front of me yesterday in the street, I was working there, and that big family was walking by there and they started to see the video that our TV was showing.

The mother of the kids approached to me and told me she got pregnant a few time ago, but she already had children, and she didn't want more because it was very hard and because of his circumstances.
Then she told that to his husband and he said to her to keep going on with the pregnancy.
The husband was there while the woman was telling me this, and he said "I could not permit my wife to have an abortion, killing our baby it was not the solution".
And they had the baby, they are a numerous family now, very happy.

I said to her "your husband is a very good person". Almost all of the pregnant girls I was talking with had not a boyfriend or a husband who supports and encourages them, and this is the reason they decided to have an abortion in a lot of the cases.

A piece of meat

We were in Queens last day, in the street with a table and a TV. The TV showed a video of an abortion, and we were near the table dealing pamphlets to the people, and talking with them.

There was a lot of people stopping in front of the TV, there was different reactions: some of them changed their faces and I could see disgust on them, others commented with us what terrible the abortion was, others congratulated us for our work, but almost all of them seems to be disagreement with the video was showing.

So why people keep having abortions? A girl stopped near me and told me she had an abortion. She was very young and went to an abortion clinic, the doctors said her that what she had inside was not a baby, just a "piece of meat". She was afraid, and she believed them... they made her to believe it had not any importance.

She realized a few time later (too late) that his baby was not just a "piece of meat".
She got pregnant again after that.
She was with his baby in her arms telling me her story.


It's my last day. I am thankful for the great opportunity I have had to meet EMC.In Spain it is hard to believe that there are people who are truly dedicated to saving lives. And more difficult is to believe that a person can change his mind. Is summarized in a society accordant and little fighter.

EMC's work is extraordinary. Many lives have been saved. Many babies will be able to make his mother happy by EMC. Many babies will bring joy to the world thanks to EMC. Many babies are going to enjoy life through EMC. Many babies are going to learn by EMC.In Spain I will not settle for what my government say, I will fight. We will fight!


David. His mother wanted to abort. Her mother is the happiest person. Thanks EMC


On Saturday I went to emilys.I really enjoyed. Many of us justiciay fight for truth, we are not alone.

The Franciscans, young people from new york, mothers .... and we pray the Rosary together.It is a difficult struggle, but with the Virgin Mary, which does not leave us and ask God to give us strength when we give up for lost the battle.

One day, doctors of those abortion clinics will see that behind every dead baby is God. Hopefully that day is close.Together we CAN.

God's plans

I was talking with a girl who was pregnant. She didn't want to keep her baby, I asked her why and she said: it is not the moment now. Just because of this. She didn't care the baby was alive inside her, and she had the resources to have that baby, but she didn't care! She was thinking of having and abortion just because it was uncomfortable for her.

She told me that she was catholic, so I said to her God had sent that baby to her because a reason that she probably didn't understand in that moment, but she couldn't decide about God's decisions, we don't understand a lot of things happening in our lives but when time goes by obtain sense.

Because of this, we must to accept good and bad things He send us, this way (accepting them) we will be happy, because God has a plan for each of us.He just want us to be happy, God knows more!

She realized she was not allowed to mantain or not to mantain a life that God has sent to this world.


Sometimes handing out leaflets on the streets of queens I discouraged thinking that people ignore the strip ...

Yesterday, Isidra wine, a woman of 36 years. Just being in the abortion clinic next door. It was decided to abort, but says that an angel appeared to her. While in the waiting room, opened a brochure handed out to those ... and reading time, realized the folly of going to commit. He left the clinic and came with us. He has realized the gift that God has sent you and how much he loves her baby.

If in one day and handed out 1000 brochures saves just one life ... is more than enough.


Today my heroes are two young, Rosanna 15, and Joseph, 16. Rosanna has come with the idea of abortion and Joseph with the idea of supporting the decision Rosanna think is the best. We have explained the risks of abortion, possible disease, we've got a baby the size of his, we started to talk about her baby from her, Joseph, of how precious life is, for the opportunity we have all to be here ... and that God sends us things about something and therefore accept it as best as possible. The two will continue on with your baby. I ask that ye remember them in your prayers. Thanks

Why young people accept abortion?

The other day I was wondering why there's young people that accept abortion. I was thinking about that because when we were yesterday in Queens, a 5 year old kid asked her mother why there were doctors that were killing baby's while watching the tv we had on the street. I know that if you ask a kid if abortion is good or bad, they all are going to answer you that it is bad. So, I was interested in the transition between that moment, when we are kids and we don't like abortion, to the moment in which a young person accepts the abortion and even support such a thing! I then remembered a thing that a priest that I met in the life-tour we made a couple of weeks ago told me: "Imagine how much you have to wash the brains of young people to make them think abortion is a good thing".
And this is probably one of the most interesting things I've ever heard about abortion. We are all born in a pro-life environment. I haven't met yet to a person born in a pro-baby-killers (or pro-choice as they refer to themselves) environment. It is very interesting to think about that thing, about that transition, because you realize how much brain-washing you need to make a person to convert him into a pro-choice...

I found a very interesting picture and post about this in another blog, I recomend you to check it:
And I'm posting the picture also.

The best way: Abstinence

This morning has come a girl for the second time in less than two months for a pregnancy test in the last consultation we inform she about what was abortion, explaining the risks by teaching the videos on the process of abortion and gave understand that it was his son, a human life that was in there.

Even so when filling out the form has since it was undecided if the result was positive. Have led us to one of our room and tried to understand that abstinence was the most appropriate and necessary for her, was the safest way not to get pregnant, we have also explained that when a couple wait, that strengthens their marriage.

She understands this and has said it is difficult but it is going to try it, She really have seen what it means to have sex, is an act of love between husband and wife, God has designed just for them.

Why are you doing this?

The other day I was giving out some pamphlets when a men stopped in front of me and asked: Why are you doing this? How much money do you earn doing this?

Do you know what was my answer?

My answer was: Do you believe in God?
He replied: Yes I do
Me: God gave you the opportunity to have a life, am I ok?
He: Yes, God gave me a chance to have a good life
Me: And what are you giving to God in exchange of this opportunity he has given to you? Cos I'm doing this to let other children have the same opportunity we've both have.
He: But you spend such a lot of time doing this!
Me: The life's we are saving here, deserve much more time than we actually spend on it!

That's the reason why I'm here: To let other people have the same opportunity that we all have had.


Yesterday he came to our office a girl with the intention to abort, as soon as we put in one of our consulting rooms and saw the material we have placed (the evolution of the fetus, utensils used in an abortion ...) started to refuse to go there and see all those things, his only goal was to abort.

After changing room I stayed alone with her, I showed him my side closest and understanding and I started to investigate what was really the cause of it was that tanjante with wanting an abortion.The tears began to fall. After a moment of silence began to tell me her reason.

She had a formal relationship with the father of her two children and had had sex with another man and did not know which of those two could be the son, I knew that if the couple discovered that the leave.

I told to her that a child is the most important thing anyone can have, and that life is much more than that mistake, is a very important part with this conecected. I could not decide on a human life and less about your child. I said and I swear she will never be regret of having it. He began to mourn without stopping and pulled everything she had inside.

Apparently she seemed very cold but then showed just the opposite.It was a great counseling.


A couple of days ago we were on the street near Emily's abortion clinic and I was giving some iformation phanplets and some cd's. Probably the most interesting thing that happened there was when a woman told me to go home and not to gave out those phanphlets. She thought we were "Pro-choice" (Or pro-baby-killers). After speaking a couple of minutes with her, she realized that we were pro-life, and she told me that her daughter did four abortions when she was young, and she told me that she has been crying a lot of time because of the abortions, and that she regrets a lot of the abortions. I gave her some information to help her daughter. I also told her that her daughter has to tell everybody the truth about abortion. She doesn't want abortion for other girls, and people must know that.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Life After the Internship

Contemplating on all the women I have counseled and all the amazing people I have met, I realized that this internship really is like no other. Everyday, interns are counseling, praying or fighting for women whether it is in the smoldering heat, heavy rain or under the threats of the Pro-Choice. My foundation in the Pro-Life cause has grown so much stronger. This internship gave me the experience, faith and tools to fight abortion. I can probably state and explain every risk and procedure associated with having an abortion now. Seeing the most stubborn of women break down and cry whether it be tears of joy or regret made me really understand what these women are going through, and what I need to do to reach them.
Observing some of the wisest women I have ever met, the supervisors of these life saving clinics, talk to these women in need and pouring out their heart and soul to them has made me feel the presence of God Himself in the room. They showed that we must save the women first before we can save the child. Although there could be clashing personalities, miscommunication and disorganization within the Bronx Life House sometimes, our goal of helping those women always kept us together and strong. We learned to look past our differences and ourselves so that we could make a difference.

So Amazing, So Touching

For my first day I went to the office in brooklyn, I was welcomed with kindness.As things were being explained to me young mothers and some of their partners began to fill the office. As a few minutes passed by,I sat in on the presentation of the untold truths about abortions. As I looked around in the room there were shocked faces and there were plain faces. I myself learned a few things during that presentation. But anyways I continued to look around the room and i seen a young lady with her head down as if she felt uncomfortable with the presentation. Well as the presentation was winding down a fellow intern and I took one of the young ladies to talk with her. It wasn't until the young lady sat down and looked up that i realized it was the girl with her head down. So we talked to her about why she felt she wanted an abortion and her response was " I feel it's the best thing for my child because i don't want my child to grow up with a dispute between their parents". So as I explained to her that to abort her child wasn't the best thing for her child she began to express how her and the father had been going through things and she began to cry. Anyone could tell that she didn't want the abortion and she was heartbroken. She continued to speak about the things they were going through and how the doctor told her she wouldn't carry a full term pregnancy because she was high risk because of her physical frame.We told her that that was an even better reason to keep her baby because it's a miracle and that she doesn't know if God will bless her again in the future.It was time for her ultrasound and she was ready.She began to cry as she seen her baby, she was 11 weeks and 3 days. She even talked to her baby. This was so amazing and so touching.I am really blessed to be able to help other females and change a Life. I am looking forward to many more stories and many more blessings!

We Must Learn to Take the Good with the Bad

After spending the day at Emily's, I was feeling pretty discouraged. There was one girl I talked to for over half an hour who turned around and walked inside.

This girl made me so sad because all she could say was, "I'm sorry but I have to do this."

The bottom line is, no matter what we do or what we say, we can't save them all. We can't save any of them. Only Jesus can. I let myself get caught up in one bad situation when there is so much to be grateful for.

The good news, which Jowel had to remind me of, is that we had 8 sonograms today!!! One was a set of twins. Now that is incredible. What a GREAT day at Emily's!!

Only by God's grace can we get 8 women headed into an abortion mill to stop and talk to us and then get a free sonogram even when it might make them late to their appointment.

Guess what? Most of them never made it to their appointment :D

So I've learned that this job is full of ups and downs, but we must never get discouraged. As Christians, we know that Jesus has already conquered death. We are soldiers in the battle of life, and we are headed towards Victory!

Another Abortion Clinic in Queens

Our office in Queens is in the midst of many abortion mills. One of these mills is right next door to a party shop. This shop mainly features birthday party supplies for young kids. I find it highly ironic that right next door to a place that celebrates life and birthdays, there is a building that destroys that very same life.

While outside this abortion mill, an employee of the party shop stopped to talk to us. We asked her how she felt about working next door to such an awful place. She is Catholic, pro-life, and hates working so close by. She says she often gets girls coming in to her shop looking for the "health clinic."
We gave her our pamphlet, and from now on she will tell those girls just where they need to go...a few blocks down the street to us!! What a great encounter and opportunity to spread LOVE and LIFE!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post Abortion Syndrome

Working at the clinics has helped me realize the horrors of abortion. It's a reality we all have to face, and we all have to take part in the fight for life. When I first heard of Post Abortion Syndrome, I tought to myself, "well that's a little exaggerated". But after working here for a month and talking to girls who have lived through abortion, this exaggeration turned into a reality.
Post Abortion Syndrome is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this case the abortion becomes the trauma.
The symptoms of this disorder don't show themselves until after 5 to 10 years of the abortion. That is why so many girls have been lied to and are ignorant of their problem. They are sad, moody, unstable and never know why.
Soon after the abortion, a woman will usually have a temporary feeling of relief, she will think the problem is solved, but after a while she will go through "emotional paralysis," which means she becomes numb to any other emotion, and this numbness is what prevents her feeling the true loss of her baby. Her emotions turn ice cold so she can't feel the pain and grief of the abortion.
Some of the physiological and emotional consequences of abortion include: denial, regret, promiscuity, phantom pregnancy, anxiety, self destructive behavior............... the positive side to all this is that there is a cure to this. Girls can heal and go on with there lives once they have accepted the abortion and forgiven themselves. And the miracle of Gods grace is present when you encounter a girl who has lived through hell on earth and has found a new path with God's grace. And this is part of what we see working at the EMC clincs.

No Going Back

“I sometimes see a little girl walking across my bedroom, but I know she’s not real” The woman who told me this had an abortion when she was 15 years old. She called the EMC Center a couple of days ago asking for another abortion and for a job at the center. I scheduled an appointment for her and told her I would have to see about the job. Yesterday, I walked into the EMC Center, and there was a new Medical Assistant being trained. We were introduced, and I explained to her the mission of our centers. “We are here to help women and their babies by providing them free abortion alternatives so they do not feel like abortion is their only answer.” She then proceeded to tell me that that was great and told me that she had actually called for an abortion a couple of days ago but changed her mind. Immediately, I realized she was the woman I talked to. I then asked her if she had ever had an abortion, and she said yes. “So why did you have an abortion?” I asked. “Because I was only 15. I was too young to be raising a baby.” I responded, “Well did you know what an abortion was at the time?” “Yes, I did some research beforehand.” At that moment, I did not feel as if she was the right intern for this center. I made sure to pay close attention to her.
As the abortion procedure videos played, the Medical Assistant intently watched. She then left the room and sat in the office. When I came in later on, I saw tears streaming down her face. “I wish I knew all of this before, and now my baby is gone.” “There is a beautiful weekend retreat out in the countryside known as Rachel’s Vineyard. It’s a place where women heal who have gone through what you have gone through,” I said. “I would love to go,” she said. That day, I realized I was being judgmental. Who am I to say that she does not belong here? God sent her here for a reason whether to tell her story or just heal. Although there is no going back for her first pregnancy, God has blessed her with a new one. All she can do is learn from her mistakes and move forward, and the EMC centers will help her.