Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Sharing of the Heart"

Just yesterday i met with a young lady that was struggling with her decision whether or not to keep her baby.She came in with a puzzled look on her face.As she sat down and began to talk, i seen tears in her eyes.She spoke about how she had a 16 month old son already and how her and the father had been struggling.They didn't believe in abortion, but they had no help financially.She then expressed to me that for her first pregnancy her mother told her to get an abortion but she said "No! I want my baby!". The young lady then told me her mother had went through with an abortion recently and that she knows her mom wouldn't accept it and kick her out.At this point, the tears that were in her eyes had began to fall. Anyone that has a strong spirit and a pure heart could see that she didn't want an abortion. I told her to think about the first time she met her son face to face and her emotion at that moment.She said "I was so happy and it felt like he had my heart", I let her know that her heart is being shared and I asked her would she really want to take her love from her baby. Please pray for this young lady and her unborn baby.

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