Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Home!

Whew, what a summer! It went by too fast! I am now back in Georgia getting ready for the next big adventure God has in store for me, but first, I want to take a minute to remember this summer.

Summer 2010. I will never forget it. Words could not begin to say everything that happened this summer. It was more challenging and rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I went to New York to save lives, but never could guess how New York could change my life.

I grew so attached to these mothers. All of them hurting. All of them in need of great love. More than anything, I hope these women know that I love them. More importantly, I hope they know that they have a Savior that loves them much better than anyone else ever could. These women need Jesus in their life.

We are called to be Christ for others. That is what EMC is. We are Christ. Don't be afraid to let the light of Christ shine through you! That is what you were made for! Let the light shine for all to see!!

I learned so much from all of the EMC employees. I am so grateful to know them and to have worked with them. Chris, Julie, Liz, Carmen, Linda, Kathy, Cathy, Rosanna, Jowel. I love you all. You are wonderful people with beautiful hearts. Mothers and unborn babies everywhere are so lucky to have you on their side! You all are storing up great treasures in Heaven.

Thanks to all of you readers. I pray that this blog brings you joy and hope. I pray that God is with you and gives you the courage to follow Him wherever He may be leading you.

I will always hold the memories and people of this summer close to my heart.
God bless you all until I see you again!

p.s.Tthis is a picture of me with a beautiful little boy who lost his younger sibling 5 months ago at Dr. Emily's. He almost lost his mommy the very same day. She stopped by one day to tell us her story. She had an abortion and the "doctor" didn't remove all the baby parts. They got infected and she almost died. She was rushed to the emergency room and had to stay for several days. She will most likely never be able to have kids again. Now, she tells everyone she can. Abortion is not the answer. It was a mistake. She regrets her abortion.

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EMC Frontline said...

Nancy, we miss you sooo much, too! We hope you come back to us soon! January?

Thanks for your awesome hard work, and great attitude, and love for the moms and kids!