Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last day turnaround

Today I was at Liz's. One of the girls that I counseled was named Yvonne. She is from Puerto Rico and she came with a baby (picture). It has been really curious because she didn't know she was pregnant and she came to get information of the abortion procedures for a friend. The thing is that she was suspicious during the counseling, and we started to ask information of her.

Suddenly she said she was pregnant too; and we realized that she probably wasn't asking for information for her friend but for herself. She was afraid because her parents didn't know anything and her boyfriend left her 1 week ago. A while later she told us she was lying and it was for herself, but I think she got along with us and trusted. Finally the situation became in a turnaround of Yvonne who decided to keep the baby with our help and she's going for a sonogram!

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