Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Saturday at Emily's

As many of you probably know, Saturdays at Emily's are much different than other days at Emily's. On Saturdays, volunteers we call the Deathscorts join us to escort the girls to the door.

What I love about it, though, is that we also have extra warriors on Saturdays. Here you can see the scene at the front door with the escorts, a group of prayer warriors, and me with Father Louis, a priest with the CFRs.
Today as a girl walked out of the clinic, one of the escorts asked her if she needed an escort. She looked at him with a face that said, "Why the heck would I need an escort?" I told her, "He wants to know if you're scared of me and need to be escorted out of the parking lot." She laughed, said "no thanks" and came over to talk with me through the fence.

She wasn't pregnant, but I asked her what she thought about abortion and why she would come to a place like this. She gave a pretty typical response about how she never wants to have an abortion and hopes she doesn't get pregnant anytime soon, but she understands why some people can't afford children and need an abortion.

I explained to her the work we do and gave her our information. I told her that if she or any of her friends do end up pregnant, they should definitely come to us first!! She took two of our pamphlets and said she would come see us if she ever needed to. Thank God!

I hope our conversation has a lasting impact on her and her friends. You never know how God will use your simple words if you let him.

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