Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Rain Can't Silence Us

An average day at the EMC Center at Queens involves the interns counseling women and showing displays of the ugly truth behind abortion just a couple of feet away from an actual abortion clinic. However, this one particular day at Queens came with a grey and cloudy sky. We quickly brushed it off however and set up our table of potent information. Just as soon as we did, random drops of water started falling on our face and soon turned into a continuous heavy sheet. Throughout this whole time, people slowly then quickly started running indoors. However, Mari Carmen, Javier and I took the rain and continued our work. Some people even gave us sarcastic looks when we asked them if they wanted a pamphlet through the pouring rain. No one or nothing was going to stop us.
A person's true dedication to a cause can be seen through their resistance and suffering. The Pro-Life cause can not be truly fought for without some pain and rejection. When a passerby sees this strength, they cannot help but feel respect for the organization and its cause. Fellow Pro-Lifers, we must continue to fight and show the world what we got!

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