Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joe Scheidler

As i told you, last week i had the opportunity to meet many important prolifers in the US. Joe was one of them. Along with his wife, he has worked very hard for the prolife movement. He is such an amazing example to me.

This is his wesite where you can find more information:


We just arrived to NYC after an 8 days trip. We went to Minessota, and attended a prolife meeting. It was very interesting. Mainly it was about sideway counseling. Important prolifers talked about their experiences and gave us tips.

Now, back in NY the ones who went there have formed the A team and several times a week we go to Dr Emily to do sideway counseling. I am sure this will help us help more people!

un dia completo en queens

En la oficina de Queens ha sido un dia muy completo, he hecho 4 counselings de los cuales ha habido buenas noticias y malas.

La primera mujer ha dado negativo, asi que no hemos podido hacer nada, otra que estaba embarazada, solo tenia 15 anos pero tenia muy claro que queria quedarselo, le hemos ofrecido ayudas y va a volver a por un sonograma. La mala noticia de hoy es de una mujer la cual hemos intentado hablar con ella pero cuando se ha dado cuenta que no haciamos abortos, se a ido muy enfadada y finalmente la mejor noticia de hoy, una mujer que venia para abortar despues de que le contaramos las consecuencias, a cambiado de opinion y va a volver para otro sonograma con su novio y probablemente quedarse con el nino!

She Saved the Day

Monday this week was pretty depressing. By 4 pm we had had five girls come in; two still wanted abortions after the counseling and the other three were undecided – we had had no turnarounds, no mothers choosing to keep their babies and save them. Then three women came and knocked on the door of my tiny closet office. One, the oldest, insisted upon talking to us in private first, pushing her way in then closing the door in the faces of the other two with her. She sat down and began speaking quickly, explaining to us that she was the mother of both girls outside and her youngest NEEDED an abortion. The girl was dating a druggie and the child would definitely be “damaged” so it was an emergency and needed to be stopped immediately! I asked the woman if she had ever had an abortion and there was a pause before she said yes, she had had an abortion. As I began to outline the risks she stopped me and had her older daughter come in to hear them, insisting that the youngest – the one who was pregnant, remain outside. When I explained about the breast cancer link she stopped me to make sure that it wasn’t 100% sure and that it wouldn’t happen too soon. If the girl got breast cancer in 20 years it wouldn’t matter, if she became infertile that wouldn’t matter either. She just couldn’t have this baby right now.
                Eventually, as I continued informing this woman of all the risks of abortion, she admitted that she wasn’t really the mother – she was the aunt. Later she admitted to never having had an abortion (Thank you Linda Marzulla for teaching me how to catch them in their lies!). Then I sent those two out and spoke to the pregnant girl in private (with my partner, Dani). Soon we discovered that our client was a pro-life activist! She went to the March for Life in Washington last year and had a pro-life t-shirt from Defend Life that she had wanted to wear into our clinic! She was prepared to fight for her right to keep her child and found instead a haven of protection and aid. When her mother arrived we spoke to her and she was just upset that her daughter had hidden the pregnancy for 5 months. She wasn’t going to try to force her daughter to have an abortion – she wanted nothing to do with her daughter or grandchild. At least, she wanted nothing to do with the decision-making aspect of the situation. She still will give her daughter a home and all the necessities of life, she just won’t help her figure out how to deal with all this. If the girl could get along for 5 months without her mother’s advice in this concern, then she can continue for the next 4 months without that help. I can’t blame the mother for feeling that way, and I think I would do the same!
                Now this girl has nothing to worry about except dealing with her aunt and cousin. They will surely continue to push for an abortion, but now she knows that they can’t force her to do anything – especially because her mother won’t try to force it. She said she prayed so hard before coming to our center – praying for God to help her in this struggle – I think it worked!!
P.S. I called this blog “She Saved the Day” because the day was really awful until she came in. After that the day really brightened up and it didn’t seem so bad!

Some Things Don't Make Sense

Last Thursday, while I was on the Face the Truth Tour, a woman that I had previously counseled came in for a sonogram at the Queens office. She was about 8 weeks, but when she had the sonogram, there was no hearbeat to be found, the baby had stopped growing. It is so heartbreaking that after all that she went through, first wanting an abortion, then changing her mind to choose life, only to suffer a miscarriage. It is so very painful and I don't understand it, but we have to trust in our Creator that He knows what He's doing with us. 

Pretty Pathetic

Our stop on Wednesday evening of the Truth Tour was in Westminster, Maryland. When we arrived to set up, there were already several pro-abortion women already there. They had barricaded themselves (or had had the police barricade them) into a little pen. They held small home-made signs that had "Never Again" scrawled below a drawing of a metal coat hanger. (Among other things) They all refused to engage in a meaningful discussion with any of us, but nonetheless happily posed for pictures.
Needless to say, after seeing what the pro-abortion side could muster compared with our own lovely volunteers and huge signs, we were not threatened in the least.

Faithful, not Successful

This past week, Shannon and I participated in a Face the Truth Tour put on by Defend Life, a pro-life group based in Baltimore, Maryland. Each day during our lunch break after our second stop, we had a different pro-life speaker give a short talk. Three of the five speakers during the week mentioned something which I found to be very encouraging, not only for pro-life work, but simply for life in general. What they mentioned was a quote from Blessed Mother Teresa: "God does not ask us to be successful, He asks us to be faithful." We must keep this in mind when every girl walks past us on the sidewalk and into an abortion mill, or when we have a day at a center with no turnarounds. Even in moments of sadness, or frustration, we must remain always faithful.

Monday, July 30, 2012


This week I have been working as a deliverer. I and Manu have gone to buy buy baby, this is a store that gives things to families who need it. Then we went to the trailer, that we use to pick up the baby stuffs, and then distribute them. There we were tiding all the baby products and afterwards we started the deliveries.
In this work you can realize that there are very generous people.

I wanted to see the reaction of people who receive these very needed presents. It has been a very good experience. And I think that I will never get used to do this, but it will always be exceptionable. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Introduction :)

Hello everybody, I'm Cristina Macias, the newest incorporation on this internship. I come from Barcelona, Spain, and I'm 20 years old.
I'm so excited to be finally here. I expect from this experience to learn a lot of things and to help as many people as possible. I'll give my best to save as many lives as I can.

Each Girl Counts

"Don't worry about the numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest to you."- Mother Theresa of Calcuta.

A lot of times we can lose sight of the importance of every inividual and get lost in the numbers, but every girl who is saved from the horrors of abortion is precious and worth all the troubles.

I usually work at the Queens office which is a really busy one, but the days when we see 15 girls are just as important as the ones where we see 3. All their stories are important, and just helping one single woman make the right decission, is worth all the work. When a baby is born that wouldn't have been born otherwise, is all that we can ask for. Just one girl, just one baby is more than enough.

Truth Tours

This week I spent on a road trip throughout Maryland on the Defend Life Truth Tour. Each morning we would rise before the sun to go hold signs on the side of the highway showing the truth of what an abortion looks like. We made three stops each day of about 2 hours each. It was very tiring work, very hot and sweaty, but it was worth it. People driving by would shout profanity at us, tell us to get a life and flip us off. Some honked and waved with big smiles on their faces. But others looked shocked and horrified, holding their hands over their mouths. They were the people we were there for. Those people had no idea what “Choice” means. Now they do, and hopefully they will do something about it.

Priests for Life

This thursday we attended to a talk from the father Frank from Priests for Life in Staten Island.He explains to us the work they do and we start an interactive talk in which he gave us advices to put into practice when the girls come to the offices. 
We visit the place and we had the opportunity to pick some panflets and books from pro-life stuff.I think this material is going to be very useful in our daily work as we can be more prepared to listen and be comprehensive to the girls.Another interesting book I found was "God answers",it explains you about  how God can respond to your prayers and can help into your life.
In fact,this internship here makes you to be closer to God.You  realise that He really acts in your life.These experiences makes your eyes open to God and faith!

Father Frank

Last Thusday we had the great opportunity to meet the famous pro-life leader Father Frank. He is part of Priests for Life. Before talking to Father Frank, we did a tour around the offices where we saw Father frank with different Catholic personalities such as the Pope or Mother Theresa.

The talk with Father Frank was very inspiring. We spoke about the reationship between the pro-life attitude and the catholic attitude towards life.He also gave us some tips about how to continue with the pro-life movement back in our countries.

Follow up's

This past week in the Queen's office I had a 22 year old woman who came to have an abortion. She told me that she didn't want to have the baby because she was at school and she couldn't support it.

I explained to her the procedure of abortion and it's consequences and complications. She was very nervous and shocked because nobody had ever told her about these things. Before leaving the office she told me that she had to think about it because it was a lot of information in one single day and she had to reconsider everything.

I called her some few days later and for my surprise she said she would keep the baby! This helped me to realise that it importantto follow up with these women and see how they are, because this shows them that we really care. There is always hope, even if we have to wait a little.

There is hope

This week had a very busy day in the office.It was just three of us and many of the girls  came in.It was very stressful because most of the girls I council were leaning toward abortion.By the end of the day,I was exhausted and felt a bit hopeless.Days like these was really hard because you feel as if you've somehow let these girls down.However after contacting them a few days later are now parentings .These small successes helped me to realise that it is important not to give up hope,but persevere even when the work seems too much.

Civil War Museum

This week a small group of us have come to Virginia to visit some famous historical sights. We´ve had a chance to learn a lot about America´s historical battles while visiting museums such as the Civil War museum.

Yesterday we walked across some battlefileds, where years ago soldiers as young as fifteen went out to fight. We took a look some buildings nearby, including a small house inside of which a small room was used as a hospital! It was incredible being right in the place where these memorable events had happened so long ago.

We also had the chance to visit some caverns, natural underground caves which were discovered in the early 1900s. These were a spectacular sight, and we learned many new things about how they formed and are continuing to develop.

The whole trip is a learning experience and a nice break from the often difficult work back in New York. We will definitely returned ready to get back to helping save mothers and their babies!

Priests for Life

Last Friday we were given the opportunity to visit the Priests for Life! A big group of us left early in the morning and filled up two cars, which took us all the way to Staten Island where they are based.

When we arrived we were given detailed tour of their offices. Afterward we were lucky enough to meet with Father Frank Pavone, the founder of the order! He is a renound pro-life advocate and speaker and has many shows on the Catholic TV channel EWTN. We even had a chance to take a look at the studio where many of his shows are filmed! He gave us an inspirational talk about how our work is so important and the need for us to continue pro-life work back in Spain. 

Thank you Father Frank and the Priests for Life for an amazing day!

The Lurray Caverns in Virginia

This week we are lucky enough to come to Virginia! We have visited many sights and museums, and
yesterday we went to see the Lurray Caverns. These are undergorund caverns which were discovered un the 
early 1990's. 

The tour was very interesting because we learned about how the stalactites and stalagmites formed over the
years. Some of the views were incredible; there were optical illusions and many of the rock formations 
resembled animals and famous sights, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

This trip is an amazing opportunity to discover and learn about America's history. The valuable work we've been doing back in New Yok can sometimes be overwhelming so these educational breaks are helpful.
We will go back refreshed and ready to continue helping mothers!


I have been working for a week, and day after day I have realized that our work is something very important. Not only our work but also the effort that many people do with their time, prayers, contributions etc. And I really believe  they  are necessary.

One week ago I didn´t know exactly the number of  women that did go to a clinic to  have an abortion. Now  I know it , and I think that there are a lot of people that do not know  it.  This should change.

I also know that we have not always success when we want to help a woman, but if only one girl changes her intention through our work and prayer and decides to continue with her pregnancy, it was worth it!

Welcome to Virginia!

Taking a short break from work, we are staying in Virginia this week, a state which holds much of America's interesting history.We have visited many battle fields and museums which explained the difficult circunstances in which people survived years ago.I was intrigued by the stories  about how the soldiers as young as 15 to fight in a battle.It has been a great learning experience,witnessing the actual places where all this happened. 

Un gran ejemplo

¿Alguna vez habéis conocido a alguien que os haya impacto en todos los sentidos? ¿alguien a quien admiráis profundamente? Yo tuve la gran suerte de conocer a esa persona hace unas cuantas semanas.

Es una mujer valiente, luchadora, generosa que decidió entregar en adopción al hijo al que no podía mantener y darle  la oportunidad de vivir y experimentar esta gran aventura que nos depara la vida. Pero no sólo hizo eso, sino que pudo dar a unos padres el hijo que nunca han podido tener.
El otro día tuve la gran suerte de poder celebrar con ellos esta gran noticia y ¡¡ no sabéis que maravilla!!! Son unas personas super generosas, agradecidas y tienen unas ganas increíbles de cuidar a su hijo y darle todo el amor posible.

Cada día doy las gracias a Dios por haber podido conocer a estas personas quienes me han enseñado que el amor, la aceptación, la generosidad y la entrega total a los demás es lo que nos hace felices, que el aborto no es la mejor opción para solucionar un problema y que quién escoge la vida está eligiendo el camino correcto.

¡Gracias por esta gran lección! 

A new experience

This week I have had one more time a great experience at Bronx office. 

As usually I do I have attended  to the girls that arrived scare with "their problem" and others that 

despite his youth want to be mothers. With the first of them is harder because we have to help them  

realize that there is no problem, it is a life, a great gift that will bring them much joy and being able to  
be a mother is a experience. With the seconds, I think is incredible, I surprised a lot as I see them  

appear "weak" and when I talk to them I realize how much they are worth, the truth is I feel very  

proud of them but just I know them.

The next week we will have a new experience.

No basta con intentarlo, ¡hay que conseguirlo!

Otras las las cosas que me llamaron la atención en nuestra visita a "Priest for life", fue un póster colocado encima de una puerta y que decía algo como:

"No queremos luchar contra el aborto, queremos que se acabe el aborto".

Me gustó la idea de que, aunque nos alegremos cada ve que una sola chica decide no abortar, todavía hay miles de bebés que mueren cada día.

El camino por recorrer es mas largo de lo que en un principio parecía pero juntos, paso a paso, sé que podremos acabar con la industria del aborto y con ésta mentalidad genocida de matar a los más débiles.

Caramelized onion.

I love cooking. I always liked different recipes and try new flavors.

Some days ago I discovered thst if you want to prepair caramelized onion you don´t need sugar! You only need lot of time, pacience and add a little water from time to time while you put everything to fire slow.

Perhaps think that I was wrong with the blog or I,m crazy but what happens is that I´ve noticed that people is like onions.  Let´s explain it...

Yestardad came to the oficce a girl who wanted to abort. She looks cold and sad, (like a raw onion that smells so strong and makes you cry...)

I decided to put all my attention and my commitment to listen to her; listes her whit love, closeness and understanding (like the slow fire).

When she was explaining me her story, she began to cry and I thought that it was time to tell of life that is inside her, her own life, God (like the water that you have to add...)

And so, with all the ingredients, you discover that all the persons have a very sweet side inside. You don´t need have very bigs things with the persons, you only need to listen and pry  to God help you to say the right words.

The bitter onion is sweet caramel became and finally, she leaves with a smile in hes face and with the idea of have her baby.

It was one of my best days here...

Priests for Life

This week was really exciting because I went to visit the Priests for Life. A group of us were given a tour of their headquarters in Staten Island. After being shown around the offices and picking up lots of literature, we were lucky enough to meet Father Frank Pavone! This was especially exciting for me because I had watched many of his shows on EWTN back home in England, so seeing him and having the chance to hear him speak was such an honour. He was really encouraging and explained how our small efforts can make such a huge difference; even saving the life of one person has an effect on the world. The whole trip was such an inspiration; we left feeling really driven to continue trying our best to reach out to women and develop pro-life activities in our countries. 

Valio la pena

Un dia de trabajo de la semana pasada fue especialmente importante,recibimos unos padres que habian adoptado un niño de una de las chicas que habia venido en el emc pregnacy center.La madre queria abortar porque no tenia suficiente dinero para mantenerlo y su padre no aceptaba mas nietos,dos realidades duras que le empujaban a abortar,la idea mas facil.Sin embargo despues de un largo counceling la madre decidio quedarselo y poder darlo en adopcion.
Realmente ves como vale la pena salvar vidas cuando ves estos sucesos;los padres adoptivos encantadisimos de poder amar a un hijo y la madre tranquila porque daba oportunidad a que su hijo pudiera ser amado y recibir el cuidado que ella no le podia dar.El encuentro entre ambos fue muy especial y emotivo.
Por primera vez vi que grande es el sufrimiento que puede haber entre una madre y su hijo y el gran amor y vinculo que hay.¡Una vez mas valio la pena decir si a la vida!

"You can not help a girl intellectually if she is emotionally upset"

This statement comes from Linda one great counsellor who is training all who come to her. But what does it mean? Well in the pro-life movement we all have argued. We struggles with ourselves, with our friends, with colleagues at work, we read books and listen to talks and in all this we became convinced. Convinced that abortion is hurting women and ignoring the life of the child.

We all travelled on this road of becoming more and more convinced until we started to speak out what was in our heart all the way. Now there is the way to get into discussions and to transparently explain ones thoughts, logically and spiritually.But there is another way.

Being there, being present in a difficult situation and rather then to explain the cruelty and the logic one can start listening to the needs of the particular woman involved. The immediate needs might be the need for a job, for someone to help to stand up against a harsh "boyfriend", for someone to help to solving difficult housing situations etc. Only when this help can be actually given a girl can see that words are not words but the the beginning of an action. Just as in the bible: "In the beginning was the word ..." so must our first action be listening to pain and speaking words of kindness. But that isn't it. We need to keep our word and be actually of help and offer these places to live, the support and the job. The good news is that we can do it. And this is what Linda is saying and doing, "help the girl and you help the baby."

Practicing my English

This week I did my first counseling in English, alone! All the other interns  were busy, a girl arrived and my supervisor said to me: “ come on Mary! It´s your chance!”
At the beginning I was scared and said I was not prepared to do a counseling in English alone, but my supervisor insisted that was my chance and that was the only way to learn… and I found this to be true!

The woman I spoke to was about 30 years old, she had two children and was pregnant again. Her economic situation was not very good and she explained it seemed impossible to have another child because she could not support them.  I told her abortion is not the best choice; if anything happened to her who would care for their children? Economic problems are only temporary but the consequences of abortion are forever. I knew I had to let her think about these things, and all I could do from there was call her in a few days and pray for her.
Regardless of whether I am successful with these women at the end of the day the choice is theirs and I am just there to help them make the right decision and choose life. I am so grateful for this opportunity to practice my English. It is amazing to me that I was able to counsel in English when I thought it was so difficult. With matters as serious as abortion we are always find a way to communicate to these helpless girls. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good news!

Hello everyone!!! One more time here with you sharing my experience in this amazing internship.

This week I knew an incredible notice: a woman that came to the Bronx office a few weeks ago, call to my workmate and she said her that she is gonna keep the baby!

I never imagined that this could happen. I only remember from this woman that she only wanted to have an abortion, that she needed it. But all is possible! As I could see, you never can give up, and a negative answer can become positive.

Por ellos

Señor, tú conoces a cada uno
y a cada uno llamas por su nombre,
y das a cada hombre una vocación
para llegar a la salvación,
para darte gloria
y para ser una ayuda a los hombres sus hermanos.
Ha llegado también para nuestro hijo
el momento de descubrir el camino que has
señalado para él.
Ilumina su mente con tu luz,
sostenlo con tu fuerza,
para que no se contente con un ideal fácil.
Ilumínanos también a nosotros, sus padres,
para que le ayudemos a reconocer su vocación
y a realizarla generosamente,
sin poner impedimentos a su libertad
y sin oponernos a tu guía interior.

Beautiful moments

"I want to wake up one day and tell my kids we're going to Disney World... When I was little I had nothing,

and I don't want that for them".

"What do you think about abortion?"

"I don't want to harm an innocent person. I always try to do the right thing, and give them a good education,

I want my children to have strong values. But I don't have the means to give this baby all that he needs".

Good people overcome great difficulties. A mother that wants another child, a mother that struggles to give

her kids everything the need, a good education. A mother that decides to be strong and make a bigger effort.


"If the test result is possitive, what would you do?" "Have an abortion".

"Why?". And that is when the whole story begins.

She was born in Korea and came to the US when she was 14 years old, all by herself, looking for a better education, for a better life. As she grew up, she had to fight and achieve every goal she had, she had to come from having nothing to having a house, a job, a baby and a wonderful couple.

"So you have everything, what's the reason why you want to have an abortion?"

"You know? When I had my baby my mother didn't talk to me for several years. She didn't even let me go visit her in Korea, she thought I was the worst  person in the world. She only wants the best for me, and my pregnancy at 18 years old wasn't in her plans for me. Now she has finally accepted me again... And I don't want to screw that up. I'm scared, and confused".

"Would you like to have the baby?"

"I've been thinking lately... I would love to have a family, to give my daughter a little brother or sister. But my mom is everything I have, and I don't want to be alone anymore".

"You have a daughter, a boyfriend. You have a house, a job you love. Lots of friends, his family adores you. You have all the support you need: you have them, and you have us. Ever since you were a teenager you had the courage to fight, you were alone but you built your own world. You built your own family, and you are able to get everything you want, because you have already done it before. You know you're a strong person, you know you can make it. And as for your mother, if she wants the best for you, she won't stop talking to you again, because she loves you just as you love your daughter. Do you really think you're alone? Do you think you can't make it?".

"I want my baby. I want my family. I love my boyfriend and I want to start to live my life. I'm going to talk to my mother, and she will have to understand... And if she really loves me she will support me, and she will believe I will be able to make it... Even though I'm afraid of starting all over again".

She faced her problems, and she got over the obstacles.

We are here for you.


Trabajar en la puerta de Emilys es duro.  Si, muchas veces pasas horas bajo el sol  aguantando altas temperaturas y con la única sombra de un viejo camión aparcado en la parte trasera. También es duro intentar ayudar a la gente y que el personal de la clímica te ponga vergas i lineas imaginarias en las que poder moverse como si fueras una delincuente mas. Pero todo eso es llevadero, anecdótico e incluso divertido en algún momento...  Lo verdaderamente duro ea ver como chicas con problemas, verdaderos problemas, caminan con la mirada perdida en busca de una solución que lejos de auudarles, les destrozará tanto física como psicológicamente. Eso ea duro...  Observar con tua propips ojos como los "médicos" llegan en sus lijosos coches y las chicas a pie; observar como la industria del aborto se enriquece a vendiendo humo a quien necesita Verdad.

Making differences

Many people think that prolife movement is useless, that we are just a bunch of crazy people that don't want

to understand other's problems and only want to make them cope with a responsability they can't assume in

a particular moment.

As a part of our job, we use to go to abortion clinics to try make women reconsider their decission. We

think it is important that they know exactly what they are going through... And that is something that nobody

get to explai to them.

It's only about knowing to say the right word, letting them know that tere is someone there for them. Maybe

one of those girls entering a clinic only needs support, maybe she doesn't want to give up on her baby but

thinks she has no other option. We stand there, still, waiting for somebody that need us, and with only a few

words we expect to make the difference: save a life, give a mother the biggest present she could ever have.

Father Frank

El jueves pasado todos los internos viajamos a Staten Isaland para conocer la sede de "Priest for life". Fue un dia muy bonito y entrañable en el que además de conocer a fondo toda la gran labor que hacen desde la organización, tuvimos la suerte de poder conocer a Father Frank. Father Frank es uno de los iconos de la lucho provida en los Estados Unidos y una de las personas que mas ha luchado por la causa.  Nos contó anecdotas e impresiones y aprendimos muchas cosas de el pero lo que mas me gustó de todo lo que dijo es: "El aborto no hace retroceder en reloj, ni tan siquiera consigue pararlo". Creo que es una idea acertadísima ya que la mayoria de los  abortos que se producen son por circunstancias personales en la pareja, y cambiar el hecho de que ella esta embarazada no cambiará ni resolverá sus problemas... El aborto no hace que las cosas cambien a mejor, simplemente destruye el tiempo de tu futuro.

¿Qué hacer con los casos difíciles?

El pasado miércoles, tuve un caso aparentemente sencillo que acabó en un turn around. La mujer, que dio positivo en el test de embarazo, era de origen latino y tenía 27 años.

En aquel momento, estaba de once semanas y, aunque llegó indecisa, finalmente se decantó por quedarse con el niño sin pensárselo mucho porque le ofrecí toda la ayuda posible. Le dí mi móvil para que viera que estaba a su entera disposición.

Sin embargo, al día siguiente, me mandó un mensaje comunicándome que no podía hacerlo, que su situación familiar no le permitía quedarse con el bebé. Fue una decisión repentina, e influenciada en gran parte por su marido, que me transmitió como si yo fuera una amiga.

Desde entonces, todo fue muy rápido. Intercambiamos al menos una treintena de mensajes en apenas dos días. Yo intenté convencerle por todos los medios de que no abortara con palabras cariñosas, pero lo curioso fue que, a pesar de resistirse continuamente a la idea de quedarse con su hijo, en ningún momento, quiso cortar el contacto y dejar de informarme. Yo creo que en realidad no quería hacerlo. Pero, finalmente, el demonio ganó la batalla. Ayer al mediodía lo hizo. Sin embargo, me consuelo pensando en que lo más probable es que no vuelva a abortar por todo lo que le he dicho y lo que sufrirá.

The A-Team

The five of us who went to the conferences in Minneapolis about the prolife movement, it´s goal and more, now we are consider by the Bronx Lifehouse the A-Team.

We all learned a lot on the conferences. They were so interesting and gratifying. They explained so well to us how to do sidewalk counseling. They teached us how to talk to the girls that are going to the abortion clinic, specially the Emily´s one, because we use to go there. Some good technicals, and that we do not have to be afraid. We are always next to the Holy Spirit, so God always helps us to counsel them.  In other words, in God we trust.

The five of us are supposed to go everyday to Emily´s abortion clinic, so we are now perfetly prepare to do sidewalk counseling, thanks to the great prolife liders we met in Minneapolis.

I am sure by the grace of God we will save a lot of babys.


Hi everybody for the last time!

This is my las post in New York! I'm leaving the U.S this afternoon and I only wanted to share my feelings about this experience.
It has been a pleasure for me to work here, helping pregnant mothers in the offices, having close relationships with them after the counseling, being in front of Dr. Emiliys...all these days here have changed my life and the way I'm going to act in the future. 
Back in Spain, I'm sure I'll remember all the people I've met here, not only the girls, also the other interns and the people who work in EMC, all of them are great people.
I hope next year new people are coming and they enjoy as I did.
Thank you so much for all!


La EMC es una organización que se mueve gracias a todos aquellos prolifes que donan todo lo que pueden para que las mujeres a las que ayudamos no les falte nada, y gracias a ellos nosotros podemos realizar este trabajo.

Es increible toda la gente que apoya a la EMC, increíble y al mismo tiempo emocionante. Porque también gracias a ellos nosotros tenemos la oportunidad de vivir ésta experiencia tan gratificante. El mejor beneficio de ésto son todos los "turns arround", todo lo que aprendes de éste trabajo, a ver cosas que nunca pensabas e incluso a llegar a entender otras tantas cosas que hasta ahora no podíamos entender. Pero aparte de todo ésto, es la experiencia que nos llevamos, todos los momentos, todo lo que aprendemos, pero sobretodo, a muy buenos amigos. Es una experiencia ÚNICA. No me imaginé nunca que iba a estar tan contenta con todo. Os lo recomiendo!!!!


La causa principal de la EMC es ayudar a mujeres a salir adelante, a apoyarlas, a demostrarles que no están solas y que siempre hay esperanza. Gracias a ellas nosotros crecemos como personas, nos hacen sentir que ésto vale la pena. A veces nos confundimos creyendo que somos nosotros los que salvamos todas esas vidas, pero realmente son ellas, esas futuras madres, las que con su esfuerzo sacan todo adelante. 

Cuando me siento a hablar con alguna de ellas, me miran como pensando que a lo mejor para mi es muy fácil aconsejarles porque no soy yo la que está en su piel, pero todo lo contrario, tengo en mis manos la responsabilidad de hacer que vean que se puede seguir adelante. Muchas me preguntan que porque hago ésto y al principio antes de venir aquí pensaba que solo lo hacia por los niños, pero cuando conoces a estas madres, también les quieres a ellas. 

¡Viaje a Mineapolis!

¡Aquí Miriam de nuevo!

Hoy quiero compartir  con vosotros mi experiencia en el vieje que hicimos algunos internos de la life-house a Mineapolis la semana pasada, con motivo de una conferencia provida que se organizó allí.

Hubo diferentes charlas, entre ellas la del father Frank y Joe Schneider, en las que nos aconsejaban sobre sidewalk counselin, y explicaban como había  en realidad que hacerlo. 
Pero a parte de todos los consejos o tips, hubo una cosa que me gusto más: el ambiente que se respiraba, la emoción e importancia que ponían en la causa, la pasión y esfuerzo dedicados a salvar vidas humanas. Eso es algo, que quieras que no, te motiva para seguir adelante cuando ya no sabes ni para que lo intentas, ya que muchas mujeres siguen queriendo abortar y no consigues cambiar su decisión.

Por eso, estoy encantada de encontrar personas por el mundo, con los mismos intereses que yo. Pero no unos intereses cualquiera, sino que uno tan importante como el de salvar la vida de un bebé y la vida de una mujer, e incluso, de una familia. No desesperes, no eres la unica persona en el mundo intentándolo, no tiremos a la basura el trabajo echo por otros hasta ahora. ¡Juntos podemos!

Trip across the states

Last week some interns and I had the great opportunity to go across the states. In fact we went in total to 12 states. Starting from New York, then New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

It was so fun because I never went to those states and we visited all of them. We learned all the american culture, the lovely history it has, and we saw the great countryside around the states.
We also went to Gettysburg. The famous US batttle in wich the civil war took place. I enjoyed it so much because I am a very history fan so I liked it.

But the best time we wad was when we went to Minnneapolis (Minnesota) to some prolife conferences. There we learned how to do sidewalk counseling. Since we had those conferences I really know properly how to do sidewalk counseling. Also we met very nice important people from the prolife movement.

Priests for life

This week, Father Frank invited us t the Priests for life in Staten Island, it was a very interesting visit, they explained us about their work in there.

Father Frank talked to us about the work we are doing here, and how great is to help a woman that is lost and doesn't know about what she is really doing. He also let us ask all the questions we had about counseling and how we can help woman.

They told us about the tv and radio programs they have in Priests for life, and what they talk about in those programs, it was very interesting!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Trip to Minneapolis

Hello everyone! This is Miriam.

Today I want to share with you my experience in the trip that some of the interns did to Minneapolis, to attend a conference about the abortion. We did a lot of friends, lovely and nice people that were there for the same reason.

We learn a lot of things, but the most important for me is that we are not alone in this difficult mission. That when you are in front of an abortion clinic, and it's too hot, and the only thing that you want to do is go home, you just have to think in all this people to motivate yourself and fight in this battle for women and children.

Father Frank Minneapolis

En las conferencias en las que asistimos en Minneapolis, uno de los conferenciantes fue Father Frank, el cual hizo un discurso muy enriquecedor.

Trato el tema del aborto, no tanto basandose en el sidewalk counseling como los otros conferenciantes sino que se refirio mas bien a los efectos psicologicos que este tiene en las mujeres, y el porque muchas mujeres deciden hacerse el aborto. Aporto tambien muchas ideas utiles para ofrecer alternativas a las mujeres.

Me gustaría hacer hincapie, en un detalle sobre el que hablo Father Frank, y es que muchas de las mujeres que van a hacerse un aborto, creen que despues su vida va a seguir igual y que nada va a cambiar que todo será como antes de quedarse embarazadas, y si al principio puede ser verdad, pero esta comprobado que todas las mujeres que han tenido un aborto, antes o después los síntomas post-aborto (muchas veces depresión, otras consecuencias medicas como el cancer...) aparecen.

The girl with the elegant boy

Today has been a hard day for the A Team. We've been at Dr. Emily's doing sidewalk counseling.

One girl came with a smartly dressed tall guy. We couldn't talk to them when they went in the clinic, because they didn't listen to us.

But about an hour and a half, they went out of the building having an argument. Despite the previous failure, I tried to talk to them and to give them a brochure. He turned down again our help, but the girl stopped.

He kept on walking, and so I was able to give her a leaflet. She said: "he never listens". I don't know why, but the expression on his face made me think she didn't want to have an abortion.

Maybe, as they went out so quickly, she didn't actually have the abortion and I hope we'll talk to her in our offices soon!

A hard day at The Bronx

Hello again!!! Two days ago i had a very hard experience while i was working in Jerome office, a office located in The Bronz. A woman came. She was nice, but when she started to tell her story she started to cry.  Rosie was talking to her and the woman was telling us her hard story. She had her family in Jamaica, but his father who was living in Texas. She started going out with a man, but after some time she realized that he was married. That is the point when she started crying a lot. The man didn´t want to come to the office. However, rosie called him to come with her in a few days. It is a very difficult situation because she lives alone and she doen´s have a money.

I think she will keep the baby because of our help!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning to grow...

The past few weeks I have had my own office in Jerome, and it has for sure been something different. I felt a little like a baby bird being pushed out of its nest. Working in all of our offices have for sure taught me so much, it has been and still is very helpful to have Linda or Kathy always there either in the office or the phone. I have learned so much from these women within past few months and I can’t say how thankful I am. I feel as if they are my New York mother’s whenever I need help I know I can count on them. Working in Jerome has taught me so much but the biggest thing it has taught me is that our work is truly God’s work and that we are just instruments of his work. It is never us that changes the girls minds but rather God through us. Thank you lady’s for giving me the push that I needed to be able to do this work and discover truly what it is about!
Little quote: I've often heard when a baby bird is big enough to fly, but she's afraid to try,the mother bird will find a time that's best to give that baby bird a shove, right out of the nest.I'm like that little bird up in a tree.Won't you be a mother bird to me,and push me out of the nest?
Let me try my wings.with a little help from you I think that I can do new things. - Dottie Burman
Thank you both for being my New York mothers.

Mother Know's Best!

The other day I had a girl and her mother come into my office, I normally don't allow the parents to come into the session but this mother insisted on coming in!! So I start talking to her about an abortion, the risks and harms. As I'm talking her mother starts say that everything I'm saying is true. The mother had worked at one of the abortion clinics that we pray outside of. She told her daughter everything about how she had an abortion when she was younger and to this day regrets it!!! It was so amazing to see this mother open up to her daughter like that. When we were done that mother turned to me and said "Thank you, also please say thank you to everyone who prays outside that abortion clinic