Monday, July 28, 2014

Prayers Please

Please take a few moments to pray for one of the young ladies I talked with today. She wants to keep her child and knows that it would not be right to have an abortion. However, she is under a lot of pressure from her mother and the boyfriend.

When asked what would be her dream outcome now that she knows she is pregnant, she responded: "To keep it." So we then discussed the obstacles that she felt were keeping her from reaching that dream and there were solutions.  She saw this, but she also saw that it would not be carefree and easy to overcome those obstacles. In addition, her mother, for reasons of her own, doesn't want her daughter to parent this child.

Shortly after this young lady left our clinic with a lot of new information to think about and consider, she was bombarded again by her mother and boyfriend.  So by the grace of the Holy Spirit, I was nudged to follow up with this client only 10 minutes after she left. Normally I wait at least a few hours to follow up so that they have had some time to process what was discussed, but I was encouraged to do otherwise with this client. I found out that she was still outside the building, 9 floors below, and that she feels she might have to go through with the abortion, but that it was crazy that no one seems to care what she thinks.  I reminded her that I cared and that she was welcome to come back up and talk.

She came back up, but was pretty set on an abortion at that point. I was able to get her to think about this some more and reiterated some of the main points that we had talked about earlier.  I have since been in contact with her throughout the afternoon and into this evening and think I am finally making some progress, or rather God is making progress by using me to do His work. She has now confronted her mother to tell her how she really feels, which is a big step for her. So I am asking for some prayers for this client that she continues to have that courage and strength to stand up for what is right and that her mother opens her heart to the thruth.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A reply to pro-choicers

Ronald Reagan once said "I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

After my experience outside Dr Emilys today I've fully came to realise how much this quote is a reality. After hostile remarks from pro-choicers at the clinic, just for being present, this quite came into my head. Despite the pro-choicers firmly believeing that they're helping women in their own way, its sad to witness the disregard for the unborn child growing inside the women entering the clinic. These pro-choicers were given a chance at life - how can you deny that chance to anyone? 

This was a placard from one of the pro-choicers. They don't want church/state intereference in matters of womens bodies. However they want the state to provide free contraception/abortions. Women do have the choice to decide our fate - however when that "fate" includes taking into consideration the life of another human being, its a different case. 

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend


Questionable tactics ...

This week took quite an unexpected turn on Thursday when, at around 10am, another group turned up to Planned Parenthood on Bleeker Street. This 'prolife' group had some questionable tactics; reading from the bible and shouting at the women as they walked in to PP. One woman walked alongside the women making all sorts of distressing comments about the day of judgement etc. Their approach was less than helpful, and encouraged the women to run into the clinic with no chance of hearing the truth.
We always try to stand at a clear distance from the door, and offer information or a listening ear, which couples often respond well to, but as soon as this group turned up, our hard work was undermined and we had no chance of helping the women. Instead, we stood away from the group and prayed the rosary. 

For me, this situation really highlighted the difference between being 'prolife' and 'anitabortion'. We can't expect women to consider keeping their babies, unless we are truly willing to listen to them and offer real alternatives to abortion. Yes, we believe that abortion is wrong - it hurts women and kills children - but we also care for the women. Just preventing them from getting an abortion isn't 'prolife'. Walking with them through difficult times, listening for hours on end to their stories and their hardships, and getting real help for them - that's prolife. 

The unfortunate thing about the other day was that we felt completely helpless and unable to offer any alternatives to the women, but I was reminded of these words by Congressman Henry Hyde:

"When the time comes as it surely will, when we face that awesome moment, the final judgment, I've often thought, as Fulton Sheen wrote, that it is a terrible moment of loneliness. You have no advocates, you are there alone standing before God and a terror will rip through your soul like nothing you can imagine. But I really think that those in the pro-life movement will not be alone. I think there will be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement. They will say to God, "Spare him because he loved us," and God will look at you and say not, "Did you succeed?" but "Did you try?"'

God bless, Vx

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Are You Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion?

When talking about the life issue with people from the other side I try to get them to think about the label that they often give themselves; the pro-choice label. Most times these people are actually not really for everyone having the right to make a choice, because then we would all be pro-choice and these people would consider the baby's choice. So, in reality these so called "pro-choicers" are actually pro-abortionists.

Even though I try to get the pro-abortion crowd to think about their label I have to admit that I never really thought about mine either... until the other day. So, can I really call myself "Pro-Life"? Let's take a look at the two possibilities on my side of the fence.  I could either be pro-life or I would be anti-abortion. Someone who is pro-life would be a person who's actions are meant to prevent death by encouraging life. Someone who is anti-abortion,  however, would strive to stop abortion. So what's the difference,  they both don't want an abortion to take place?

In argument there does not appear to be too much difference. That is because it is in the practice that the difference is made clear. The anti-abortionist will try to stop you from having an abortion by exposing the evil of abortion. The pro-lifer will try to stop an abortion buy showing the good of life and the help available to those who choose life. A scared and frightened women usually responds more favorably to the kind, calm words and gentle nature of the pro-lifer as opposed to the harsh, angry words of the anti-abortionist.

While both parties are speaking words of truth, only one is really acomplishing much of anything, or at least not making matter worse because of the way that the truth is presented. I saw this very clearly for myself, a pro-lifer, the other day when I was with some other pro-lifers in front of Planned Parenthood. A few hours after we arrived, we were joined by a group of anti-abortionists. Their angry, loud voices stiffled our calm, loving voices as we tried desperately to change the minds of the women going into Planned Parenthood. Even the sidewalks themselves bore the angry,  althought true, message of these people. The atmosphere on those streets that day quickly changed from somber to hostile and warlike.

Please pray for those scared women as they are faced with a difficult choice to make, that they are greeted by the tender, loving voice of someone who really cares about their soul and their child's life. That they may are not attacked from those on the other side of the fence and those who claim to be on our side.

Friday, July 25, 2014

"Voy a tener a mi bebé y voy a ser feliz"

Brooklyn. Tres de la tarde. Había sido una mañana de escasos clientes. Me encontraba acomodado en uno de los sofá´s de la oficina cuando Kathie, la persona que dirige y controla la dicha oficina, vino a mi encuentro con un teléfono para decirme que era una llamada en español y tenía que responderla yo. Sus ojos denotaban que esto sería un test de confianza, lo que yo vi como una oportunidad. Víctor llamaba porque una amiga suya, inmigrante, se había quedado embarazada y su "única opción" era abortar. Al parecer ella estaba tan desesperada que ni siquiera era capaz de ser ella quien llamara. Les di una cita para el jueves en Queens.

Casualidad fue cuando Chris, jefe de operaciones, me mandó a esa oficina ese mismo día. Cuando me enteré de la noticia supe que ese caso tendría que desempeñarlo yo de principio a fin. Llegó el día y entraron en la oficina dos personas sonrientes, un hombre y una mujer, "amigos" de la protagonista, y ella, una nerviosa joven desesperada y confusa. 

Rellenaron el formulario entre risas y al terminar pedí a los dos amigos que se marcharan para que yo pudiera explicar a María, que así se llamaba, cómo iba a ser todo. Ellos dos aceptaron y se marcharon pese a la insistencia de María de que se quedaran, porque estaba muy nerviosa. Para calmarla un poco le dije que me tratara como a un amigo, no como a alguien con el que se hace negocio, y me intenté ganar su confianza desde el principio. Comprobé que estaba embarazada y le puse un vídeo de los diferentes tipos de procedimientos abortivos y sus riesgos, que ella veía con miedo, pero con las idea clara de su intención. Después del vídeo le conté la verdad: aquí estamos para ayudar de verdad. Hice un discurso de unos veinte minutos en los que ella solo miraba y asentía con algunas lágrimas en sus ojos. Al acabar le dije que me dijera lo que pensaba, esta fue su respuesta: "Toté, quiero tener a mi bebé". Es difícil explicar la sensación que sentí y lo involucrado que estaba con ella, me afectó durante horas. Se hizo el sonograma y vió que estaba de 13 semanas. 

Decidió decirle a sus amigos, con los que vivía, que iba a abortar de verdad aún cuando no lo iba a hacer, para que no la manipularan. Es muy gratificante sentir que esa persona confía mas en un joven todavía inexperto de 18 años en 20 minutos que las personas con las que vive. "Voy a tener a mi bebé y voy a ser feliz" dijo tras agradecerme entre lágrimas lo que hice por ella y justo antes de abandonar la oficina.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Thank you all for praying for my client I posted about yesterday who is almost 24 weeks. She just texted me and said that she had made an appointment to get the procedure today but decided last night to not go through with it and to keep it instead!!

God is so good!

Please continue to pray for her as her situation is still really tough, but God is obviously working in her life so I'm excited to see things turn around for her!

Thanks again for your prayers. We can thank The Lord together!

Washington DC

This weekend, I was given the opportunity to visit Washington DC along with a few other interns. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, especially seeing the Capitol buildings and the several monuments dedicated to previous Presidents. 

My favourite museum had to be the American History Museum. After studying a small section of American history at university, it was great to be able to witness first hand different things I had studied. I found the different exhibitions on slavery to be especially poignant. The struggle that African Americans went through just to be recognised and gain equal rights was tremendous, and in some ways the struggle of the unborn child to be heard in todays society is similar. In his recent decision in Planned Parenthood v. Abbott (2013), federal district judge Lee Yeakel joined the long list of people who insist that abortion “is the most divisive issue to face this country since slavery.” Both movements fight for a section of society to be recognised, and treated as equals. One thing that struck me whilst sidewalk counselling outside Planned Parenthood was that one of the street names was Margaret Sanger Square. This is the same woman who spoke at KKK conferences and who claimed the most merciful thing "that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it", yet is glorified by a large section of society.

Another key feature of the trip that stood out in my mind was the visit to Arlington Cemetery. Especially the visit to JFK's grave, wherein I found there to be a memorial not only to the President and his wife, but also to their stillborn daughter, Arabella, and their son, Patrick, who died at just 2 days old. It was so moving to witness this, and to think how lucky these babies were to have a family that loved and cared for them, especially in a time where it was illegal for a child to be killed in the womb.

As I begin to sidewalk counsel more often, I have started to say the prayer to St Michael the Archangel. I feel this is an especially powerful prayer that can help us in the battle for defending human life, against the horrors of abortion, euthanasia, etc. 

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

Thanks again for reading this blog, and hope everyone has a happy and holy weekend.

God bless, 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Matthew 7:1

This week, a few of us interns visited Washington DC. After Mass on Sunday, we decided to visit some of the sites including the Washington Monument, the WW2 and Vietnam memorial, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. In the Lincoln Memorial, two of his speeches are inscribed on the walls; The Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address. In one, while talking about slavery, he said: 
"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds."
It can be hard sometimes, as prolifers, to act compassionately towards those performing abortions, or towards those who are encouraging women to get abortions, but let's face it, we have all been misled, we have all sinned, and we have certainly all fallen short at one time or another - Let's pray today that we may show compassion and kindness, so that we might 'love them onto the other side'f, without judging. Abby Johnson, former PP director and current prolife activist was encouraged to hear the truth by the prayerful and peaceful vigil kept outside her clinic for years on end. Such a great example of how we should behave outside abortion clinics or when speaking with clients. 

We also visited the beautifully sombre Pentagon Memorial where the lives of 184 people are remembered. The memorial has obviously had a lot of thought put into it, and every detail has been considered and perfected. Such time and effort is understandable ... These innocent lives were taken unjustly, inhumanely and wrongly. However, I can't help but wonder what a memorial for the unborn would look like - a memorial of all those innocent lives lost at the hands of professionals. The lives taken at the request of their only hope of protection; their mother. The United States Declaration of Independence declared that 'all men are endowed with certain inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' Which of these is more important? Surely the right to life trumps all other rights? Apparently not. 

Where do our leaders stand on the issue of abortion? All over the world, politicians and policy makers side with 'choice', possibly in an attempt to keep the votes of the prochoice population. (Deuteronomy 27:25) Regardless of their reasoning, the fact is that issues such as abortion are all too easily normalised within society. Obama has been quoted saying that 'Abortions should be legally available in accordance with Roe v. Wade.'. For those who don't know, Roe v. Wade was the legal battle that resulted in the abortion law being passed in America in 1970. Norma McCorvery, the woman who the case is based on, has since been quoted saying that she will spend the rest of her life undoing the law that bears her name. (For more information: Right now, it is estimated that since Roe v Wade, 57,019,492.9 abortions have taken place...

Let us pray for all those lives lost, and for those who have been misled. For Obama, for the policy makers. 
And for ourselves - for patience, charity and peace.

God bless, Vx. 

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.


Heaven, es una preciosa canción de Beyoncé, en la que se habla sobre la interrupción del embarazo tratada desde un ángulo diferente: La mujer que desea dar a luz, pero se lo impide un aborto involuntario. Se trata de una experiencia real de la cantante. En una letra persona y sentida, Beyoncé se dirige a un niño que finalmente no nació "Luché por ti / Lo más difícil me hizo más fuerte / Así que cuéntame tus secretos / No puedo soportar ver como me dejas / El cielo no pudo esperar por ti.." La canción no podía ser de otra forma, es un baladón lacrimógeno. En el video la cantante subraya su religiosidad: Beyoncé se arrodilla y reza en una iglesia. "Heaven" acaba con Beyoncé recitando el Padre Nuestro en castellano. 

Aquí os dejo el vídeo para que podáis verlo. A mi se me ponen los pelos de punta.


Today I had another 23 week 2 day client. She is in a really tough spot in life and is wanting an abortion inspite of how far along she is. 
Her situation involves custody issues, drugs, jail, divorce, and more. Another abortion is the last thing she needs. Please pray for this woman and her child. 

A Memorial to the Unborn

This past weekend I had an opportunity to visit our nation's capital again and do some sightseeing.  I have been to Washington DC a number of times in the past and have visited most of the the memorials and museums. There was however, one memorial that I had never seen in person before mostly due to my ignorance.  This was the Vietnam Memorial. I had never made a point to see this memorial because, to be honest, I thought that it looked kinda silly. I mean, it's just a big wall with names on it... at least that's how I used to think of it.
Yes, it is still a large black wall with names on it, but it is so much more and it is something that one should experience in person because pictures do not do it justice.  When you walk up to this memorial there are three things that hit you. 1.) The length and height of the wall 2.) All the individual names on the wall and 3.) The silence of nearly everyone around you.

It was a very somber experience to walk the length of that wall and see each of the names of those who died in the war. The names and the size of the wall really made me realize the loss of life during that point in our history. All of those brave men who fought for our country to protect freedom. Reading the numbers on a page in a book or newspaper just do not effect you the same way and obviously everyone else there was feeling the same thing based on their silence. 

Then that made me think, "What if we built a memorial to all of the unborn children who have had their lives taken from them before they even had the chance to look upon this world?" 

The length of the Vietnam War Memorial is 493.5 ft long and includes the names of 58,272 soldiers from the US who died or are missing. So, I ran some numbers to see what a similarly designed memorial would look like if it had the names (or something to symbolize those children which would take up the same amount of space as a name) of every aborted child in the USA since Roe v. Wade in 1973. With over 57 million names, this memorial would stretch roughly 91.5 miles in length. And this just includes those aborted legally in the US since Roe v. Wade. That is long enough to go around Manhattan 3 times over, give or take a few miles. I don't mean to belittle what happened in Vietnam,  but just want to take the number "57 million" and make it more concrete, as the Vietnam War Memorial did for me and many others who have visited this sight.

Double turn around

Yesterday I had to go to Brooklyn office.
Its a busy morning and we all saw about 6 girls in total.

When I wen to the office after lunch a couple arrived. I looked at them and they looked very scary and terrifed.

I took them to a room and asked the girl to take first a free pregnancy to verify if she is pregnant or not.
After she took the pregnancy test we concluded she is pregnant. Then I took both of them to an other room and started counselig them. I showed them the methods of abortion, procedures and of course the risks of having an abortion.

Soon after they saw and understood all the risks of abortion, I talked to them about the other options and alternatives they can have instead of the abortion.

Then the girl went to a sonogram in other room, she heard the heart beat of her baby and I believe that was the main cause that changed her mind. Hearing the heart beat of her own child in the womb was something that astonished her so much that made her want to keep the baby.

Thank God she is keeping the baby and she has us to help her and her boyfrien in everything they need.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good for you, God to me

Hello again, my good readers. This week I wanted to share with you that being a volunteer and work for EMC is not something I do for my own good, the main reason is to help others. But even is not the objective why I came here, I have to say that lots of new and positive experiences are involving me in this first weeks that I´ve been here. I feel that I´m learning many new things mostly in terms of pro-life and helping future or recent mothers, a knowledge that I will be able to use in the future so I would know how to act in similar situations. Also, to do this task correctly is basic to have inspiration. That´s why is so important to be close to God: to have clear ideas, to focus on your target and to have that extra power of inspiration that can make the difference. But wanted or not this relationship gets closer while days are passing and while tasks are being done, you feel more and more how God involves you with his presence. There are not many other situations that open to reflexion and that easy to improve your faith like this. It´s a privilege not recommendable to reject.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Embarazo adolescente

El embarazo adolescente es aquel que se da entre las mujeres de entre 10 y 19 años, es decir, desde el comienzo de la edad fértil hasta el final de la adolescencia. La mayoría de los embarazos adolescentes son embarazos no deseados, de ahí que muchos acaben en aborto.

En Estados Unidos la tasa de natalidad en adolescentes es la más alta del mundo desarrollado, siendo también muy alta la tasa de abortos en la adolescencia.

Por lo que considero que es necesario un mayor apoyo a la maternidad adolescente, incluida la ayuda para volver a integrarse en la educación obligatoria, asesoramiento y apoyo psicológico y económico. Pero también creo que es necesario una completa educación sexual, de esta forma se evitarían un gran número de abortos en adolescentes

Sidewalk Counselling

Hi everyone, 

Over the last couple of days, I've done quite a bit of sidewalk counselling. The long hours and heat are tough, but the work is vital. Yesterday I spoke with a man standing outside the women's health centre in the Bronx, whose wife was inside and had just suffered a miscarriage. The man told me how they had been trying to have a baby for five years. It was a completely different and new situation, and despite the setting, and seeing several women enter to have abortions, it was uplifting to meet a couple so desperate to welcome new life into the world. The circumstances were sad wherein they were seeking help from a business that made so much money from women looking to end life, whilst on the other hand trying to assist this couple create new life. The contrast between the two really shows how mixed up society can be. 

This weekend I'll be taking a trip to Washington DC with three other interns. I'm really excited to see the Capitol, and it will be interesting to see the different institutions of US government. We need to keep the policy makers in our prayers, that they come to recognise the beauty of life, and act in defence of it.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend. 

God bless, 


Complex Case

What a week we have had! A couple of days ago, some of us interns spent the morning side-walk counselling outside Dr. Emily's abortion facility in the Bronx. We spoke with some women and handed out leaflets at a reasonable distance from the entrance. A few hours in, the security guard must have felt threatened by our presence ... He called the police. The girl nearest the front door was well out with the 15 feet boundary, so the police seemed less than impressed that they'd been called out 'again' for nothing. When the police left, the security guard followed one of the interns around. He was trying to intimidate her. Luckily, Hannah was not upset by this and stood her ground. A true prolife warrior!

For the second half of that day, I went to the Bronx clinic. For five hours I sat with one woman - an extremely complex case. In short, this woman wanted to have her baby, but an incredible number of unfortunate circumstances placed doubt and fear in her mind. She was told this pregnancy could kill her, she and her family are about to move away, she has job interviews lined up, she has plans for her life that don't include another baby. On the other hand, she feels like she knows this one is a girl, her boyfriend is desperate to keep his daughter, she keeps finding herself in the baby aisle of the supermarket, and she 'knew' she was pregnant before she missed her period. The five hours consisted of a lot of uncertainty and fear.
We discussed her belief in God and His plan for her life. She feels her baby would be better off in heaven and that she has been forgiven for her past abortion. (We talked about John 8:4-11 for a while. 'And Jesus said, “... Go and sin no more.”') We discussed at length the place God had in her life and how He brings life and takes it away. She left the office still undecided so please pray for a conversion of heart, and that a good doctor can assess her situation and give her the truth (It has been known for people with big families to be told that future pregnancies would be dangerous to their health by their doctors).

As I mentioned, this is a very complex case - God alone can work this out. 

One last thing I'd like to mention about this situation, is that during our session, we discussed how the current law is influencing her decision. She knows God doesn't want her to have an abortion, but as the law allows it, she feels she can make the decision and that in time she will heal and be forgiven again. 

This crime - that society accepts and normalises the fact that women undergo surgery to make them equal to men, but ridding their pregnant bodies of their children - is unbelievable. One day, I truly believe we will look back and ask where we all were when these lives were being taken, and when women were demeaned in the name of choice.

A C. S. Lewis quote from The Screwtape Letters comes to mind:

"The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices."

How true.

God bless, Vx. 

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Friday, July 18, 2014

God is Good... And Life Is Beautiful!!

The last few days I have really been asking myself why I am here doing this internship. I was beginning to question whether I had made the right choice to come here since it has really been a struggle for me at times for a few reason. Then I remembered that I was here to help save some lives and souls.

But I couldn't help but wonder if I was really reaching that end...

Yesterday I had heard that one of my abortion minded clients had gone in for her Sonogram and found out that she was 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant and was going to keep the baby! I wanted to follow up with her to make sure that she was still doing ok after the sono only to find out that she now wanted to have an abortion. I tried my best to talk her out of it, but unfortunately do not think I was successful as she would not come by the office to talk again. So has this been worth it..?

This morning as I headed to the office feeling very downhearted, I asked God for the strength to get through the day and do my best to be there for the women He sent my way. So, He sent a little humor my way today to cheer me up and topped it all off with a big sign, literally. :)

In the 5 weeks that I have been here I have never once had a client come in to the office looking to take pregnancy test and not have had enough to drink beforehand to do so [if you know what I mean ;) ]. Today three came to the Bronx office... so I had a few laughs about that one and some interesting experiences with those clients.

Then, while I am with one of my clients, the doorbell rings so I had to excuse myself to answer the door. The person at the door was a young gentleman saying he was here for his STD test. I told him that we do not do STD testing and that we were a pregnancy center where we do pregnancy testing, sonograms, etc... he must have not understood because he then proceeded to ask if we could test him. :)

But wait, there's more! I later had a client who came in with a young boy, about 5 years old. While I was helping the client the boy asked to use the restroom and accidentally locked the door and couldn't unlock it. So that was an adventure.

As I was straitening the office towards closing time I chanced to look out the window and saw a moving truck that was stopped in front of our office for a few minutes. This truck was your ordinary moving truck, but it was the slogan across the top that caught my eye. It said, "Life is Beautiful." The ironic thing is that the slogan was facing so that it was upside-down to me, but right side-up to anyone in the building across the street. What's so ironic about that... Planned Parenthood is located on the second floor of that building!

God is Good... and Life Is Beautiful!!!

Don't go in!

Yesterday was one of the toughest days that I have had at Planned Parenthood on Beeckler St. in Manhattan.

I spent all morning with another intern, Hannah, praying in front of the main door, and doing side walk counseling around the block.

It wasn't a slow morning, so we had to pay close attention all the time. As we saw someone approaching the clinic we had to be very cautious.

At 11:00 AM two girls were approaching the main door so my friend and I walked straight to them. They didn't want to listen to us, they just said please don't bother. So I decided to give them a pamphlet and said please keep it in your purse. The security guy might tell you to throw it away because they never let anyone get in carrying a pamphlet.

Six minutes later, the friend of the girl interested in having the abortion went outside the clinic to wait for her. So Hannah and I decided to talk to her. The girl told us she already had an abortion and she is so sad and deppresed but she does not care if her friend has an abortion. 
After 25 minutes of talking, the girl inside the clinic came out and approached were we were stood next to a tree by the main door.

Then Gloria, a prolife volunteer who comes to pray with us and do sidewalk counseling some days, came with her daughter and started to talk to them. 
Her daughter is about 4 years old but she is well prepared to do sidewalk counseling. Isnt that amazing? After so many months coming with her mother to Planned Parenthood she learned how to talk to the girls and what to say to them.

The girl interested in having an abortion told us she is undecided but she wants to have an abortion because she cannot afford it. So we told her how we can help and that this is not the only option. For example, she can find help at the Sisters of Life. 

After talking to her and praying on our knees next to her she decided, while crying, to go back in. Then the little girl ran to her and at the very moment when the girl was opening the door, took her arm and pulled her out while saying please dont go in, come with us!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

God's plan

Hope everyone has had a blessed week. At the start of this week I was fortunate enough to visit the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania along with Vanessa.


During that time we visited a historical farm village set in the 18th-19th century. Overall it was an extremely interesting experience, and one key aspect of it that I most enjoyed learning about was the determination of the original settlers. Their hard work was evident, starting as serfs in Germany, boldly crossing the Atlantic on a small ship to make a better life for themselves, only to have to build a full farm from nothing. They fully trusted in God, and everything they did, they done it in His name. Their faith and courage is a shining example to us all. Sometimes when life gets hard, we just have to take a step back and see that God has a plan for each and every one of us, and just to trust in Him. 

“If you follow the will of God, you know that in spite of all the terrible things that happen to you, you will never lose a final refuge. You know that the foundation of the world is love, so that even when no human being can or will help you, you may go on, trusting in the One that loves you.” 
― Pope Benedict XVI

In the office today, I was talking to three different girls. Strangely, all three of their pregnancy tests were found to be negative. With two of the girls wishing to parent, it was tough witnessing women who long to be filled with the joy of a new baby finding out they weren't pregnant. In a society today that discards something so sacred as human life, it is an injustice not only to the babies who don't get the chance to live, but also to the parents who cannot conceive. Therefore we must pray that society comes to realise this injustice, and truly recognise the beauty of human life. 

Thanks again for reading my blog.

God bless, 


A special greeting from God to you.

This week, Laura and I were given the opportunity to visit Quiet Valley Farm in Pennsylvania as part of our few days off. It was interesting to travel back in time to the 19th century where life was so basic and family so important. The people working there lived as though there was no electricity, running water, cars, or mobile phones. Life in those days was hard. Of the German family who originally settled there, apparently only one child survived the trip across the Atlantic. 

One of the really interesting aspects of the day was when we met the woman who made the clothes and curtains for the farm. She showed us how the machines worked and how she made her living. In another building we were shown where the cooking took place - the cups, bowls and cutlery were made from ram horns or deer antlers. The kitchen was built into a hill so it was essentially underground making it cooler in the summer. The downside of this is that the fire was their only source of light ... Either that or candle light. Candles were made on the farm and lasted roughly 30 minutes. The only time their candles were used was on a Sunday after Church when the preacher would come and read from scripture. In this difficult time, resources and energy were found to listen to the word of God. 

When these people arrived at the farm with nothing, they trusted in God and set about their daily work to make a living for themselves. They took time to listen to the preacher, and wore their one special outfit to commemorate the Sabbath.  Perhaps this is where we could take a leaf from their book - to trust in God. Not to ask to see where we will be in the future, or what will happen next, but to work hard, trust Him and allow Him to take us on the path He has carefully chosen for us, whether that be one we find favourable, or one laden with crosses that are difficult to bear. We can apply this thinking to our lives, but also encourage women in crisis pregnancies to think in this way too. St Francis de Sales said the following:

'The everlasting God has in His wisdom foreseen from eternity the cross that He now presents to you as a gift from His inmost heart. This cross He now sends you He has considered with His all-knowing eyes, understood with His divine mind, tested with His wise justice, warmed with loving arms and weighed with His own hands to see that it be not one inch too large and not one ounce too heavy for you. 

He has blessed it with His holy Name, anointed it with His consolation, taken one last glance at you and your courage, and then sent it to you from heaven, a special greeting from God to you, an alms of the all-merciful love of God. '

Over and out.
God bless, Vx. 

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Oh by the way...I'm keeping my baby!

Today I spent the morning once again outside Planned Parenthood.  It was a slow morning..meaning not many girls coming for abortions..which is always a good thing.
Nonetheless God worked in a mighty way and I got to witness a life be saved. 
I met a girl outside named Chaya. She at first was questioning me trying to figure out what "box" she could put me in. She didn't seem to want to accept that I literally just wanted to help. 
But we ended up having a really good conversation that included me showing her a mini video on my phone of what her baby looks like right now. 
She thanked me and said she wasn't gonna go through with it but wanted to talk to them. (I've heard that many times only to find out they went through with it..) Needless to say I was hopeful but not holding my breath. 

However, upon returning from a bathroom break I heard from Tote (another intern) that Chaya had left the clinic and given him her number to give to me asking for me to call her. When I followed up she said she just wanted to let me know that she didn't go through with it and wants to keep her baby. 

I was, of course, delighted!

It was a seemingly easy yet great victory!

Me conversing with a bystander outside Planned Parenthood:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

razones para ser mamá

Ser mamá es una estado maravilloso, que te ennoblece y te hace crecer como ser humano.Tu vida empieza a tener otro sentido en el momento que sabes que serás mamá.

Son muchas las emociones que te hará sentir ese bebé, tanto en la gestación como en el tiempo que dediques a cuidar y educar a tu hijo.

El día que te conviertes en madre, naces de nuevo, convirtiéndote en una persona diferente, absoluta y completamente feliz. La maternidad nos aporta la mejor y mayor felicidad del mundo; Cuando tu pequeño te dice ¡Mamá! por primera vez.. cuando da sus primeros pasos.. y un largo etcetera..

Sabes que existe al menos una persona en el mundo que considera que eres buena en todo lo que haces y para quien eres lo más importante.

¿De verdad existe algo mejor que ser madre?

Una persona, un mundo

Es interesante y a su vez un reto comprobar que cada persona con la que interactuamos en este voluntariado es diferente. Todos los internos hemos comprobado que es imposible utilizar un mismo esquema estable de conversación con todos, pues cada uno tiene unas circunstancias totalmente diferentes. Por eso es muy importante examinar con mucho cuidado los datos que rellena el cliente en el formulario que les damos al entrar en la oficina. Este examen minucioso es imprescindible para que el trato sea personalizado. En la foto que os he adjuntado debajo podéis observarme haciendo ese análisis del que os estoy hablando. Según sus datos y circunstancias se actuará de una determinada forma. Para saber hacer este tipo de adaptaciones es muy importante la formación y el entrenamiento por parte de los internos veteranos, quienes gozan de una sabiduría y maestría que los novatos estamos ansiosos por conocer. Poco a poco la cosecha va dando sus frutos y el esfuerzo y la dedicación va haciendo de mi un mejor canseleur.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Just Some Tissue... Really??

9 week fetal model
Today I had the opportunity to talk to two women who were considering having an abortion. Both of these women were faced with a difficult choice because of their life circumstances. They came to EMC with a decision to solve their problems, but both had been lied to about the new life nestled in their womb. These women, while deep down desiring to somehow keep this new life, found comfort in something they were told to be true... that it was just some tissue and not that big.

I decided that this would be a perfect time to show these women the fetal models that we have in our Bronx office. The first woman was roughly 9-10 weeks pregnant and so she has felt the child move, but still did not think that it was as big as it really is. So when I showed her the model she was shocked.

At first she would not take it, but just looked at the fetal model in my outstretched hand. I kept it there while we continued to talk. Then, after a few minutes she picked it up and held it in her hands and just looked at it, without saying anything. She sat there for several minutes caressing the model in tears. Ultimately she knows it would be wrong to have an abortion, and she does not want to have one, but due to circumstances in her life she feels pressured into it. Please keep her in prayer that we will be able to provide her with the help that she needs and desires.

Joyous Encounters

It's easy to get bogged down with the deep emotional issues with each client, but I thank God for clients like one of mine today. A sweet girl came in today saying she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. But as soon as she saw the sonogram of her 13 week old baby, she and her best friend were ecstatic!
There was so much joy in that room and afterwards she said she for sure wanted to keep her baby.

What a contrast! I asked God for some encouragement today and that was just the pick-me-up I needed.
Seeing a mother actually be excited for her child is a beautiful thing.

God is good!!

Me having fun in Queens yesterday handing out educational brochures: