Friday, September 5, 2014

"The Courage of this Army..."

So, my time has come to an end with this internship. Within the past two months I have encountered some of the toughest and most challenging experineces of my life, but it has been both a blessing and a privelige to be given the opportunity to work with these women, and to witness them encounter God's love for them and the tiny life growing within them. 

This might be the end of my internship, but its not the end of my call to be a witness to life. We are all called to recognise the dignity of life, from conception to natural death. I have always identified myself as being pro-life, but this summer has really solidified this for me. 

Some of the most poignant experiences of my time in NYC included being present in the sonogram rooms as women saw their babies for the first time. Seeing the flutter of the heart, hearing the sound of the heart beat, and watching the baby move really brought home how much this movement needs people to be witnesses to the pro-life cause. Abortion STOPS a beating heart. 

Whilst visiting the Valley Forge National Park in Pennslyvannia, after completing my internship, I  came across a quote by America's beloved, George Washington. 

I thought this quote from the 18th century still resonated with society today. As a pro-life army, we are called to spread the message of God's love and the dignity of human life. Lets do it for the unborn babies, those that do not have a choice on whether they want to live. We can be the generation that ends abortion, that ends this degradation of both women and baby. 

Thank you everyone for reading this blog, and for your prayers. They have helped me so much throughout the summer, and for that I am eternally grateful. However, please continue to keep these women in your prayers, and for those pro-lifers out on the frontline, battling everyday for the rights of the unborn, being a voice for the vulnerable. May God protect and bless them in their mission, and may they find comfort in your prayers. 

God bless everyone. 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

summer 2014

The summer is ending, I will leave next week, which is something that makes me feel sad.. But on the other hand, It was the best experience of my life, saving babies makes me feel so happy, it is somthing that I am going to remmeber all my life. 

I would recommend this experience to everyone, Not only saving babies will feel you a better person, but also, you are going to share this experience with a wonderful people who will become good friends. They will support you in your difficult times and you also will enjoy with them great moments in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, New York.

It's going a wonderful week, I have saved two babies until now.. two lifes! 

Thank God Two moms decided life!

 Two babies were saved, two mommies decided life today in brooklyn!! I was so nervous. I know I know Im only in training and im a ¨"newbie" to this side of counseling not the sidewalk side hah no pun intended. However to just be a part of mothers choosing life for their children has already blessed me greatly and even if no more moms decide life for the rest of the time i am here i will know that by these children having life. IT WAS WORTH IT!!! EVERY BABY IS A NW UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT BABY! I am thankful to each of the different interns I have met for showing me the ropes. Though most of them are now gone I feel as though I developed a great relationship with them in only a week. I look forward to more mothers being mothers fathers being father babies being saved born and raised and families being families. I continue to ask for constant prayer in Jesus name. I am also thankful to him for all of this for without knowing him I would have never even thought about doing this. IT IS SO WORTH IT HOWEVER!
 So keep me in your prayers please and these mommies, babies and fathers. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

E pluribus unum - Out of many, one

Hello everyone!

This will be my last blog as an intern at EMC. 2 months have passed since we first arrived here and a lot has happened in that time! We have had the most incredible, but challenging experience we could have imagined. 
It has been a privilege to be here and be part of something eternal - we were never working just for this world, and that's quite a task. There always has been, and always will be a higher aim in this movement. We have shared some stories with you along the way, but by no means was that them all. We have witnessed the best and worst of life - the true joy and beauty of motherhood and the utter devastation of abortion. As interns, we have been held together by your prayers, and we have tried our best to speak truth and love to every person we had the opportunity to meet. 

As this group of summer interns leave and go our separate ways, it dawned on me that we will probably never all work together again like we did this summer. But as we move on to whatever is next, we are still called to be involved in some way or another,
We are all called to different parts of the pro-life movement, and who knows, maybe after this experience, some of us will have the opportunity to lead a new aspect of the movement one day. After a trip to Valley Forge in Pennsylvania today, I have been thinking about what makes a successful team when so many people have big ideas and big personalities. Valley Forge was the place where George Washington set up a military camp in the winter of 1777 during the American Revolutionary War. The soldiers suffered enormously, living in wooden huts with little food or appropriate clothing. Many died as a result of this. Yet on the National Memorial Arch (found in Valley Forge National Park), quoted at the top is the following:
"Naked and Starving as they are
We cannot enough admire
the Incomparable Patience and Fidelity
of the Soldiery."

This quote was from George Washington, who was clearly impressed with the soldiers and how they were dealing with such difficult and often impossible circumstances. And much of this willingness to suffer for the cause is thought to be down to the trust his soldiers had in him. He believed in and loved his men, he was a man of exemplary character, he treated others with respect, he took responsibilities seriously and he was a man of deep faith.

Of course, these are ideals we can aim for in the pro-life battle too - to be fair leaders and willing soldiers. As I've said in previous blogs, our weapon is prayer. Just as the soldiers camped at Valley Forge for the winter and prepared to go to battle, we must do the same. We must learn how to pray, and how to trust in God before throwing ourselves in. 
We need a good leader to guide us through the difficult times, and we need to be willing to go through the tough times, sometimes at extreme personal cost, with the trust that it is all for the greater good. We need to be so united as a team that no matter what position we hold in whatever organisation, we are willing to try to survive and fight with the undeniable strength, fidelity and unity of the American soldiers all those years ago.

'E pluribus unum' - 'Out of many, one'
It is clear to see from my (limited) experience in the pro-life movement in the UK and US, that there are many different personalities, ideas, talents, gifts and opportunities in this movement. How wonderful! I truly believe that God provides us with every type of person we need - the counsellors, those who pray, the leaders, the supporters. Everyone is different, but God has given us the strengths we need to fulfill the vocation He has for us. If we could recognise this and work more closely together in greater unity, like the American soldiers had to do in the past, perhaps we could win the battle more easily. One pro-life army, united under God. Each organisation or group working in their niche, each with the same ultimate goal - Now that's certainly something to pray for! We are on the same side of this fight. We are fighting the good fight!! Let's not forget that!

Please continue to pray for the women all over the world facing crisis pregnancies, pray for pro-life organisations, their leaders, and their workers.

Below are some photos from Valley Forge and our last few days working with EMC.
Thank you all so much for your prayers and support throughout this summer, it has been invaluable and you will never know the strength your prayers have provided us interns with. Thank you thank you thank you!!
As Laura and I travel back to Scotland, we'd like to say a special thank you to everyone back home who has prayed for us, and supported us this summer. Texts, cards and skype calls kept us on track and able to continue this difficult work. So thank you! :-)

God bless each and every one of you,
Love Vanessa x

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thank you once again

This is going to be my last blog. 

I cannot believe its been 2 months already working for EMC and saving lifes here in New York City.

I came on June 24th and since that thay I did not stop trying to convincing the girls in crisis situations not to have an abortion and explaning to them that there are plenty of alternatives and that we can really help them.

This week I have been all morning in front of Planned Parenthood in Bleecker st, Manhattan.
I spent 7 hours each morning more or less doing sidewalk counseling and praying around the block.
Knowing it was going to be my last days here in New York City, I tryed my best. We cannot waist anytime. Those girls need our help. They are desperate and hopeless. They need us!.
After being sidewalk counseling at the abortion facility, I went to Brooklyn office to continue counseling the girls and helping try to help them.

I am very thankful to everyone who made this possible, but specially to my parents who I owe them everything.

Thank you so much and count on your prayers.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Looking back. Looking forward.

Today is my last day of my internship at EMC. As I sit here today looking back l, I have mixed feelings.

It's been a very challenging summer on every level. Physically, emotionally, and Spiritually I feel exhausted. I look at where I was when I started and where I am now and I see two people. 
It's not necessarily that one is better than the other though I have grown tremendously through the perseverance this summer. But I also feel much more troubled than I was when I started.

I'm troubled by the way my generation is being raised to think.
I'm troubled by the way my generation has chosen to act.
I'm troubled by the moral compass of my generation.
I'm troubled by the loss of identity my gender has chosen above the beautiful maternal identity we were given.

This summer has taught me that the American stereotypical values of independence, career, and education have surpassed the values of love, goodness, and family in too many young hearts and minds.

I've also learned how little my generation knows about life and love as so many of them have sat and told me they would have rather been aborted than be raised the way they were. Some of them literally think they are being merciful and loving by taking the life of their child.

Now that's not every one of them, but enough to leave me concerned.

This summer it has become increasingly clear to me that the issue of abortion is much bigger than what EMC or any other single organization is capable of addressing. 
This is a mass movement by our culture that can only be stopped by a mass movement of a counter culture.

Working with individuals who are pregnant is important. Very important.
But it can't stop there.

The church and all the moral people of our society need to step up and take a stand in every area of their lives.
Ask yourself this question: Is your life contributing to the culture of death? Or are you fueling a culture of life through your words, actions, and prayers?

Come on America. Come on ladies. Let's take back what we gave away: our dignity, our love, and the dignity, love, and life of the next generation.

Today is a day of celebration of all God did this summer. Yet it's also a day of mourning as I reflect over all the lives that I witnessed being thrown away this summer. 

Please pray for me as I set out to seek what exactly my role is in all this long term. What exactly is God calling me to in the pro-life movement? I don't know right now but I'm trusting him to reveal it as I move forward and take the next few steps I see in front of me.

Cheers and God bless,

Celebration dinner with the interns:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Week Here!

 So my first week here has been quite productive. Handing out tons of pamphlets. working infront of planned parenthood meeting many friends and already i have witnessed mothers decide to keep their children!! Praise God so thankful to be seeing mothers choose life and not death. The pain you see in their eyes hurts you yourself. Yet you know there is hope for her and her baby. I am very thankful to be working here and im praying God would use me in great ways, i ask that all of you be praying for me and even the workers at Planned Parenthood that they would repent. I pray that they see the love of Jesus in me. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Please pray!

This week has been a quiet one in the office. Not many girls have come in which leaves lots of time to contemplate things and pray and follow up with clients.

One client in particular has really been on my heart all week. 
She is the girl I talked about before.. the one whose boyfriend prayed in the counseling room.

She is around 3 months pregnant now and told me she has an abortion scheduled for tomorrow.

Part of me feels the hopelessness trying to set in, but I know God can change her heart even now.

Please join me in praying for her and her child. May she choose LIFE for her precious baby and say no to the abortion tomorrow.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Gift of Life

Hello again! It's been a while since I did a post because I finished up my time with EMC, but I've still been working with some of the young women that I counseled. Since I left NYC and returned to Florida there have been some developments with one of my clients in particular that I was asked to share with you all. But first I would like to share with you her whole story as that is what really highlights God's Hand in our lives.

About a month ago I was working in the Brooklyn office and a young woman came in wanting to have an abortion, as they often do. So, I sat with her and we filled out the intake form together. As it common practice for anything having to do with physical or mental health, I asked her for an emergency contact in the event of an emergency. She did not want to give one as she did not want anyone to know she was pregnant. The father of the child knew, but that was it. I explained to her that it is just standard practice to ask for that information so that even if she was to trip and seriously hurt herself we would be able to help her as needed. In the end she reluctantly gave some contact information for a family member who was not her mother, as she did not want her mother to know.

After I got that all settled we moved on to talking about the father, her boyfriend. We gather information on the father of the child so as to better counsel the women we see so we can help them based on their individual circumstances. She did not want to give much information on him, even though he already knew about the pregnancy.  The reason for this was that he wanted her not to have the abortion. They had had a few arguments about it and he really wanted to come with her to our center, but she would not have that and did not want me to be in contact with him; so I didn't push it.

So, I continued with the usual intake process and she was too early to see anything on the sonogram and plus the sono tech had left for the day, so I scheduled an appointment for a few weeks later. After talking with her she was still adamant that she was going to have the abortion even though she wasn't quite sure that it was right. But she had to do it, and it was her "choice." I encouraged her to talk more with her boyfriend and also to talk with her mother (for various reasons I can't disclose). She insisted that the boyfriend was going to have to accept that this is her choice to make, and her mother would never know about it. She left the office that day set on an abortion.

Several days later I received a text message from her saying that not only had she actually talked with her mother, but that she was going to go through with the pregnancy as well. While she decided to do this, I could sense a lot of fear and anxiety, but she was going to do it. So, I kept her in prayer and kept checking up on her. A few days after she told me this, she was having a lot of cramping and wasn't sure if she would make it to her prenatal appointment later that week. I encouraged her to stay strong and not to worry as what she was experiencing was not necessarily signs of something wrong and actually is common enough for the first pregnancy. She soldiered on and made it to the appointment, but had to schedule a sono and blood work for a few weeks later.

Earlier this week I received another text from her that said, "Michelle I'm going to pass out." I thought that this can't be good. Then I got another text that said,  "I'M HAVING TWINS!!!" Although there obviously was some shock and further anxiety over this news she has come to accept this cross, this cross which her mother continually calls a blessing. The young woman I think has often doubted those words, until this morning. I asked her when the due date was to which she responded: April 4th, 2015. I then informed her that that is the day before Easter! Christ suffered and died for us so that we may have the gift of a new life, eternal life with Him. My client will be, and has been suffering, but come Easter Sunday she to will have given the gift of life to not one child, but two!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

please pray

Today I am going to talk about my last client of the week.  This client is in my heart and on my mind because she is a victim, and she's about to make her baby a victim too.

My last client this week was an adult, but still a teenager.   She is 19 years old.   This is the first time that she is pregnant.   She is so scared, and undecided about what to do at the same time. ​Before coming to EMC and counseling with me she was receiving advice from her boyfriend.  He wants her to have an abortion.  Obviously she doesn't agree.   That's why she was open to counseling with me about choices and alternatives.   Unfortunately her boyfriend is not so openminded. He is completely sure he wants her to have the abortion.

I have seen more than one couple in this situation.   Too many women are coerced by their boyfriends to have abortions. It's horrible!  It's sad to see women think of themselves as something less than their boyfriend, or to hear them say that their choices are not as important as his.   These women must realize that they are the mother of their baby.   The mother always wants to protect her child, and during pregnancy she is the one and only person who can.   These women must learn that in pregnancy and childbirth her choice is the only choice that matters.   But her choice is not about herself.  Her "choice" is a matter of LIFE or Death for her child.   

In these situations I always try to speak with the woman alone. In this week's case I did the same.   She explained her situation to me.   I listened with all my heart and soul.   Then  I firmly and boldly told her that as the mother of her baby she is in charge.  Only she has the power to kill her baby or to let her baby live.  God trusted her with this power and gave LOVE for her baby to help her put her baby's needs before hers.  In this situation I told her she must make the right decision in spite of her boyfriends' choice.  In fact, this is not his decision to make.   God gave the gift of motherhood to her and her alone.  

It is remarkable to me that women in these situations do not know that their choice is at least as important as their boyfriend's, and even more important as a mother of a baby in her womb!  

It is sad that the young woman I saw today doesn't see value in herself or the power of her choice over her own life and her baby's life.  If she realized how valuable she and her baby are, and how powerful she is in this situation she would certainly make the right choice.  We have to help women like this one learn their true value in LIFE and in God's eyes.   We have to help young mothers trust their instincts to protect and value the life of her child.    This teenage mother came to us because she hesitated to follow her boyfriend's advice.   That hesitation is courage and strength in the face of oppression.  I know she can make the right choice if she will just value her life, her baby's life, and see her power in this situation.

Will you join me in praying for this young mother and the other women like her who are coerced by their boyfriend's to have an abortion?    I pray that God will show her how valuable she is and how precious is the life of her baby.   I pray that God will show her how powerful she is to determine whether her baby will live or die, and that her boyfriend truly has no physical power over her in this decision.  I pray that God will give her the courage and the strength to stand up for her baby and for herself - to choose LIFE for her baby and to accept the help that EMC can offer.

Wouldn't it be miraculous if every women in crisis could see how valuable and how loved she and her baby are?   If young mothers realized their worth and their power it would save a lot of babies!

Tough week

This week was one of my toughest weeks here at EMC in New York City.

Monday through Friday I spent every day at Planned Parenthood on Bleecker Street or at Emily's Clinic on East 149st in the Bronx.  Both of these locations are places where women are encouraged and even convinced to have an abortion. Spending an average of 7 hours each day in front of the abortion clinics is very tough work.  Knowing what is going on inside those clinics is already very disturbing, but watching young women approach the killing centers impacts me even more strongly. These young women are in crisis. They are looking for help, and they have believed the lies that Planned Parenthood and Emily's Clinic have been telling them. This is because these young women have only these lies and no other information to rely upon.  They are vulnerable, scared and depending on others to help them. Most of the time they are not 100% sure that they want to have an abortion. They just go straight to the clinics because they have been told from a very young age that this is the only thing that they can do. Because of their fear, they usually do not even tell friends or family that they are pregnant.  In some cases there may not be trustworthy family or friends to tell.     

That is why it is so VERY important that we from EMC are there. We are the beacons of HOPE for these mothers and their babies. We offer them GOD's love and the TRUTH about their options, the real choices they can make for themselves and for their babies.
I began by telling you that my work this week was tough. Now I must tell you that my work this week was absolutely worth it. The girls, these young mothers, are in crisis situations. They need to hear from us, interns from EMC, offering them the truth about abortion, and information about real help from real people that is available to them. Spending time at Planned Parenthood and at Emily's Clinic has given me the opportunity to speak with these young mothers and to bring as many as I can to the EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers nearby. At EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers we show these girls, young mothers, that loving people will help them and their babies.  At EMC we help these young women learn the TRUTH about their real choices for housing, medical care, education, job training, parenting classes, and adoption.   We teach the women in crisis that there is LOVE, there is HOPE, and their babies must be given a chance to live.  

Outside the clinics while we wait for women to come, we pray around the block or even in front of the main door. Praying is a the most important thing we can do outside the clinics. We pray for the women and we pray for ourselves. God is the only one who really can help us. The Holy Spirit gives us strength to talk to the girls, and of course God can stop abortions already taking place inside the clinic. Would you join your prayers with ours each morning? Would you offer a small prayer for us during your day?

After spending all mornings this week in front of the abortion clinics I went to EMC's several offices in New York to help other interns that already are working there counseling women. It's important that we have enough interns to provide immediate counseling for the women when they arrive. When I had a break from counseling I went outside to distribute pamphlets about EMC to people passing by. The more pamphlets I can give out, the more people become aware of the alternatives available to them.   If the girls know there are alternatives, maybe they won't go the the killing centers, but come to EMC instead.

I felt the weight of my hard work this week, but I am very happy to have worked hard. There is so much to do!   We all must do anything we can everyday to stop abortions and help girls in crisis.    Helping the girls and saving their babies is totally worth it.

God is on our side. He wants us to keep working. Of course there are times when we get tired, or feel helpless because we can't see whether our work has helped the girls or saved the babies. That is when we need your prayers most of all  We know our mission is critical. With the support of your prayers, we will never give up.  

Thank you so much for everything you do to help our girls and their babies. And please, please, keep praying for my muslim 16 year old girl who is 23 weeks pregnant and her parents are forcing her to have the abortion. 
Please pray for her!

More prayers, please!!

This week has been a particularly busy one, with a steady flow of clients coming into our offices each day. We've had a whole host of situations, some good, some bad. Many clients left our offices with a lot of information to consider before making a final decision, some sat in front of us and decided to choose life, and others, unfortunately, walked out to find the nearest abortion clinic. 

The ups and the downs of this job are not just trivial burdens ... These are real lives. And I don't just mean the lives of the babies. The women who are choosing life or death for their children are changed forever, depending on which route they take. 
All we can do is try to offer them a few things they might not find elsewhere:
- the information they need to make an informed decision
- compassion
- a listening ear
- and most importantly love. True, sacrificial, unconditional love. 

I'd like to ask you to pray for all the women we've seen. (We could be here all day writing about every one of them, and their stories!) This week has shown me again the importance of prayer and perseverance. These women and babies deserve our prayers. Maybe no-one else is praying for them right now. You don't need their names, you can just offer a prayer or a small sacrifice for someone in a crisis pregnancy who needs some help. God's got this whole thing worked out, so we need to just draw close to Him in prayer and never stop trusting.

Instead of pouring a bucket of icey-water over your head, I nominate you all to take 10 minutes out of your day, and pray for someone in a crisis pregnancy. And if you don't know what to say, or haven't prayed for a while, try this daily prayer for the unborn:

"Heavenly Father, as the author of life, touch with compassion the hearts of those women and men who, with your help, have conceived human life and now think of abortion not parenthood. Help them to understand that their newly created child and all children are made in your image and likeness and made for eternal life with You.
Dispel their fears and helplessness and give them true and generous hearts to love their babies and give them birth and all the needed care that a parent alone can give. And when your children turn away from you through abortion, penetrate their hearts to seek your loving forgiveness and healing power.
Finally Lord, soften the hearts of the abortionists and enlighten all elected officials to protect the unborn, to accept your loving grace and to recognize the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death. Amen."
Finally, I asked that you would pray for the Church of Holy Innocent's in Manhattan a few weeks ago, well their latest newletter is really amazing. Look on this link and at the picture of the sonogram at the end. Wow!

And here's a link to the petition to keep this beautiful Church open!

And if you aren't all prayer-ed out after that, please offer a prayer for us too! We so appreciate it.
Thank you all so much for your support.
God bless, Vx

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Some Coffin...

The other day, I was praying outside the back of Dr. Emily's when a truck pulled up to collect the "medical waste"...aka the bodies of murdered individuals.
As the guy was loading the boxes in the truck, he joked that he thought I would help him with the heavy boxes. I responded by asking if he knew what was in them.

This led to a pretty long and interesting conversation. I found out that that this guy is a strong Christian and his heart breaks over the aborted bodies too. I asked him if he actually saw the the waste and he explained that yes indeed he does and he can see the little body parts distinctively. He said that there are quite a few pretty well developed large babies that are in there.

It was a sad but interesting conversation. I had seen these trucks before and watched the bodies be loaded onto the truck, but this made it that much more real. At first I was a little bit shocked that he could do this job while professing faith, but the more I talked to him and the more I thought about it, I realized that someone is going to dispose of these bodies and this way at least someone will say a prayer over them and their families as they are loaded into the truck. He said he always says a prayer for them as he collects the boxes.

I still am not sure how I feel about him doing this job, but I can see where he is coming from.
Either way, the whole experience was interesting and got me to think deeply about a new aspect of the issue.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Urgent prayers needed

You might remember my previous blog of a few days ago when I wrote about a 16 year old girl who is now 23 weeks along in her pregnancy.  I want to provide an update on this mother and her baby.   I also want to ask for your prayers in support of this mother's decision to keep her baby, and for her parents, the baby's grandparents, who are pressuring her to have an abortion.

I counseled this 16 year old mother at the EMC office in Queens, NY.   We talked for more than an hour. She is musilm and pro life as you can imagine. The Muslim religion teaches that when a mother is pregnant, the child in the womb is a baby.   The baby is a human life, therefore Muslims generally do not support abortion. But sex before marriage is a serious offense and can be severely punished.  This young mother was very scared the day I saw her.  She is in high school and her parents did not know about her pregnancy at that time.  She wanted to tell her parents, but did not know how to begin.

We talked about the abortion procedure, the risks and complications.  I started talking about the intrinsic value of life and the awful sin against God that is killing a defenseless unborn child.
I told her as well that her mother loves her. A mother never wants something bad to happen to her sons and daughters.   I asked her not to be afraid of keeping her baby and to go forward in her pregnancy. Her mother will eventually support her in everything she decides to do because a mother loves her child.

After our conversation this young mother decided to keep her baby.   I gave her EMC's pamphlet and additional information about the Sisters of Life and other organizations who would help her in preparing for birth and caring for her baby afterward.  I was so happy that God used me to turn around this young mother from thinking about abortion to a firm decision to keep her child.   This was the first time ever I had the opportunity to speak to a muslim girl about her faith and the precious gift of life within her.  I was celebrating in my heart and mind and praising God for her baby who we saved.

But yesterday she called me back. Her parents now are forcing her to have an abortion. They do not want her to keep the baby.  She called me scared and asked for help.    I am springing into action to help this young mother save the life within her.    I am ready to support her in doing her first and most important job as a mother, which is keeping her baby safe while in her womb.   Even now that her parents are scared for her and giving her the wrong advice, she is brave and asking me for help.   I know that God will give her the courage to do what she knows to be right.   I know that her parents will love her and her baby, their grandchild, in time.    I pray that I will keep my heart and my mind open to God so that the Holy Spirit can fill me with God's love and the words that this mother needs to hear.   I pray that God will activate others in our pro life network to provide a safe home for this young mother and her baby until her family is able to cope with this situation and welcome them back with love.

It is times like this that I need you and your prayers most of all.   Please I beg you to pray for this young mother and her baby ....and for me.  Pray especially for her of course, but I ask you to pray for me so the Holy Spirit will light me up and help me to convince her again to keep her baby safe, to love her baby always and to trust God that He will help her parents see that she is strong in her Muslim faith, following God's teaching about Love, and doing the right thing.   

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support, both spiritually and financially.    I am devoted to helping this young mother and her baby as I am devoted to helping every woman who walks through the doors at EMC.   I promise to keep you updated on what happens when I know new information.   Where two or more of us are gathered in prayer, even over the internet, I know that God will hear us.  

Loving God, please help me and listen to our prayers.    Please help me to convince this young mother to put herself in Your Hands.   She has kept her baby for 23 weeks.   Her baby is fully formed, moving and alive inside her.  It won't be long now.   
Please God, give her the strength to carry her child to term, just a few weeks more!  


Today I want to write about a very exciting event. God used the work of the EMC team and my counseling to save a baby on Monday!

Monday was a very busy day. We saw several women in the office where I volunteered. I had the opportunity to counsel these women. The women were all abortion minded when they came in. After I counseled with them they all became undecided - praise god! We need prayers for these women that they will grow to love their babies and learn to become good mothers, or in the alternative allow adoptive parents to cherish and care for these babies as the mothers wish they could.

One of the women I counseled on Monday actually told me before she left the office that she definitely wanted to keep her baby! I am so happy that God used me to speak to that mother on Monday. There is no better use of my time than to be volunteering at EMC offices where I can be part of God's plan to save his children. I am still excited today! I hope God will help me use this energy to save even more babies. Every life is precious. Every baby deserves a chance to live.

There are a lot of emotions that we feel every day while working at EMC. Some emotions are so good, like surprise or happiness when a woman comes willing to take the baby. But some emotions are bad, such as anxiety, sadness or disappointment when we try to convince a woman to keep her baby and we find it impossible.

To be positive, now I am going to focus on the good feelings. the emotions that we feel when we get a turn around are a mix of surprise, satisfaction and pride. In summary: Happiness. We use this happiness to help mothers feel love for their baby and to believe that there is a way for them to keep their baby.

Nowadays I am studying psychology and the emotions in particular. My studies help me when I do the counseling. I try to understand the woman and be emphatetic with them at the same time as I am trying to change their point of view.

When they realize that they are pregnant, most of them feel fear, nervousness and aprehension. These are emotions that they can't control. when we can't control something, it scares us. We want to return as soon as possible to our "comfort area" where we can control everything. Thats why women decide to have an abortion. It's because they think that it is the best and fastest way to fix their emotions. I counsel them that this is not the way. Killing the baby will only create more out of control emotions.

In addition to explaining to them the risk that abortion involves, I also talk to them about their emotions and teach them how they can control their emotions. This technique is something very important for all people to learn. Presently that's the way I do my counseling and I have achieved success in a lot of them.

Today is one such example. we are celebrating that a baby was saved!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Miracle on 149th Street

So today I witnessed nothing short of a miracle. A client I've been talking to for a number of weeks yesterday text me yesterday to tell me she was having the abortion. She was thirteen weeks, she had the sonogram on Monday and was convinced yesterday that she didn't have it in her to bring up this baby and that abortion was the only option. 

This morning, however, I truly witnessed a miracle, and the power and strength of God. I woke up to a text from her, telling me that she had decided to keep the baby after a talk with her family. This girl, who yesterday, was so convinced that she was going to abort her baby, had now decided to give it life. Something pushed her to changed her mind, and whatever that was, was the intercession of God. God has a plan for this baby, and helped this girl to see the most beautiful gift of life that was growing inside her. I had sent out prayer requests for this girl specifically. PRAYER DOES WORK, and it is so powerful, and God is so loving and merciful and good. Sometimes, during my experience, I have underestimated just how powerful prayer and God's love is, and it's times like this I am so thankful, and blessed to witness such miracles. 

Can I just ask everyone one favour? Just to say one prayer of thanksgiving. And I just want to thank everyone for their continued prayers, they really do work! 


Ideas worth sharing (Conception to birth)

As it has been a really busy week, this blog will be a short one! Between the three clinics, we have seen a lot of women. Many of them are needing our prayers, so please storm heaven! We are all finding the work pretty intense this week, but I for one have found comfort in the following passage from Joshua 1:9.

I just wanted to draw your attention to a video I came across a few years ago and was reminded of today. It depicts the development of the baby from conception to birth. There are many videos out there, but I think this one is particularly amazing. (From 2:01 - 6:00 minutes)

When it comes to talking about pro-life issues, there are many different ways we can approach a situation. However, over the past few weeks I have become convinced that our key approach should be one of love, truth and compassion. Looking towards the development of the baby can often shed a positive light on the baby. A 20 day old foetus may not look like what we recognise as a 'baby', but that 20 day old foetus looks exactly how a human should 20 days after conception. Just as we look different now than the day we were born. A baby looks like a baby ... and a toddler, a toddler ... and a foetus, a foetus! At the moment of conception, a new human being exists that has never existed before. A new member of the human family. 

Lets work to protect the most vulnerable members of our family. The unborn.

God bless you all, and good night! Vx.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Please pray!!!

Please take a few moments to pray for one of the young ladies I talked with today. She wants to keep her child and knows that it would not be right to have an abortion. However, she is under a lot of pressure from her mother and the fiance.

So I am asking for some prayers for this client that she continues to have that courage and strength to stand up for what is right and that her mother opens her heart to the truth.

Monday, August 18, 2014

URGENT: Please Pray

Please pray for the dozen abortion seeking clients we saw in our offices today. 
10 of them left undecided.
There's still hope for these babies.

Thank you

So that was it, ladies and gentleman. Im back in Spain after an amazing experience. Nothing will make me forget all I learnt, felt and lived here in NYC during this internship. Helping mothers to find choices they couldn't even consider and opening their hearts to life has been one of the most emotional things that happened to me. I´d like to thank everyone that made this possible to me because I can say for sure that I changer a lot: my spirituality, my sensibility and also my knowledge about the topic has improved. That prepared me to similar situations in the future and also in my country. I also want to add how much I liked NYC as I have now a link with it that make as mandatory to come back soon.
God bless you all,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

East 149 st

On friday I had one of my best experiences in the Bronx office.
I was suppose to stay in the office from 8:45 till 4:45 but I decided to stay even longer.
I believe in saving lifes and helping others specially women in crisis situatione so whats the problem staying more time at the office to help them.

Also I spent 3 hours outside in fron of Planned Parenthood abortion clinic doing sidewalk counseling and giving up houndred of pamphlets.
I gave 200 pamphlets in half an hour. Its amaizing seeing people from the Bronx taking our pamphlets. 

Then after spending 3 hours outside the office I went to the office and talked  to 4 girls in total, and after they all left the office they left the office wanted to be parent.

Thank God.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Hi everyone! 

This Thursday I celebrated my twentieth birthday. However it was a bittersweet day. All of this week, Vanessa and I have been sidewalk counselling at the abortion clinic on Willoughby St. Thursday was especially tough. A client I had been trying to help on Tuesday, who was adamant she was having the abortion, showed up for her appointment. There was nothing I could say or do to help her see that there was other options. She was 19 and in college, and thought abortion was the easy way out of her crisis pregnancy. She told me on Tuesday she would be able to handle it. However the girl I saw come out that abortion clinic didn't have me convinced. She was in a complete trance, with a look of bewilderment and sheer isolation. That was hard. Just two days earlier I saw her seven week old babies heartbeat in the sonogram room. The baby had moved its arm, or what we suspected it to be. But she couldn't look at the sonogram. I was really upset at this prospect.

However Msg Reilly was a real inspiration that day. His dedication and commitment to the pro-life cause is one I admire so much. I was truly blessed to have him there, and his wise words really helped me. He reminded us of the story of Calvary. Jesus had to die, for the Roman soldier who pierced his side, to fully realise he was in fact the Son of God.  He said that this was the same case with the women who have an abortion. With some of them, it is not until after the abortion that they realise that it was a human life that was taken away. And we need to pray for these women, to change their hearts so that they can save the lives of their babies. 

God bless, 


Constant Presence

This week, Laura and I spent the majority of our mornings sidewalk counselling outside an abortion clinic on Willoughby Street. Late in the week, we had the privilege of meeting, for the second time, Msgr Reilly. He is an incredible prolifer who has spent years praying outside abortion clinics peacefully. He gave us some incredible insights, and explained the importance of having a peaceful, prayerful presence outside the clinics. (

On the 14th of August, Laura's birthday, we noticed one of her clients from last week (who had left the office still wanting an abortion) go in for an abortion. We tried to get her to come out, and we immediately prayed and passed on the prayer request. Unfortunately, despite Laura's best efforts, the girl was intent on getting the abortion. We prayed for her and the baby, but her mind was made up. A few hours later she walked back out - a completely different girl. She looked sad and in shock. She walked straight past Msgr Reilly and refused to take a leaflet. When he realised that she was Laura's client, he explained to us, quite beautifully, about the story of calvary.
He reminded us that, as Our Lord was crucified, only one of the two thieves were converted. And then, even after He died, for the Roman soldier, it took for him to pierce the side of Jesus to realise that, truly, He was the Son of the Living God. Jesus died. Our Lord and saviour was killed.  
This, he told us, shows what happens so often to the women. When the life of their child is taken, when the abortion is done, then they realise that truly, this was a child. This was their child and they chose death. How heartbreaking to know that as they walk out of those clinics they might, for the first time, be realising the life that could and should have been. 

We can't expect to convert all the women who walk into those clinics. Even 1 in 2 would be an achievement. But something we have learned this week, is that, even if for the times we can't change their mind, maybe our presence will make them reconsider their options, if they find themselves in a similar situation in the future. As long as those women are alive, there is hope for the souls. Our God is forgiving and merciful. We are all sinners. 

I saw firsthand today, the importance of being a constant presence outside abortion clinics. This morning, as I walked into Court Street (where we have our office 3 floors above Planned Parenthood), a woman praying the rosary tried to give me a 'Pregnant? ... We'll help' brochure. I explained what we did in our office and told her to send any women up that she speaks to. At 9;30, a woman came in to the office looking to talk through her options. It turns out that two years ago, she had an abortion in our building. Apparently, a woman had offered her information and prayed for her. She went ahead for the abortion anyway, as she felt like she had no emotional support from her family. However, finding herself in the same situation this week, she decided to walk to the clinic at the same time she did 2 years ago, in the hope that she might see the same woman standing, praying, and offering help!! Which she did! The lady gave her the same brochure, talked with her, and sent her up to our office. I was able to get her in touch with the Sisters of Life, who will be able to offer her all the help she needs. 
So, 2 years ago, that lady standing praying probably felt that she hadn't achieved anything, but maybe now, 2 years down the line, the fruits of her untiring labour and constant witness will be seen. 
How beautiful to see God work in such ways!
God bless that woman who has been praying there every Saturday for years!

God bless, Vx

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel, pray for us. 

Jesus is the Answer

I want to share with you what happened in the office recently as I sat with a client and her (ex) boyfriend, the father of her child. 

Discussion about pregnancy and abortion and options and life situations turned into a few hours of "couples counseling." Although the client had said she was pretty set on abortion, she said ideally she would want to keep the baby and be in a relationship with the father. He apparently wants the same thing so we talked about the issues and reasons behind the break up and what it is that is keeping them from being together. 
After a couple hours, it felt like they were going in circles and the only solution I could think of was to give it to God. I knew from earlier that the girl was a Christian but I wasn't sure where he stood but eventually I felt like all I could do was ask him how he felt about praying. He said he didn't know what he believes but after I shared about the ways God helps me through things and can change hearts, he agreed to pray right then and there.
So on the spot he took her hand and out loud prayed for Jesus to help him and her. It was a powerful moment!
After praying, he said that he would keep praying and that his friends would think he was crazy and ask who he is talking to but he will just be like, "Dude I'm talking to Jesus!"
I was amazed!
Now the girl is still considering abortion but I encouraged them to pray about everything individually and together. She has a sonogram scheduled with us for this coming Thursday, so hopefully that will help change her mind completely.
Please join me in thanking God for what He is doing in their hearts and in continuing to pray for them as they try to sort things out.

Laura and I outside Dr Emily's recently:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A beating heart...

Being pro-life has always been a key element of my life and beliefs. However, never having much experience in the movement and standing at the sidelines, it's always easy to say you're against abortion and leave it at that. 

This summer I've really came to realise what it means to be pro-life. Your beliefs become reality when you sit in that sonogram with a woman, you see her seven or nine week old baby, sometimes moving around, and what really sticks with me most is that you can physically see that baby's heart beating. Abortion stops a beating heart. It's at that moment when you realise that you have to fight for this life with every fibre in your body. I've never experienced anything more emotionally challenging than sitting with a woman, who after just witnessing her seven week old baby move around her womb, still feels her only option is to abort this human life, this beating heart. This mother recognises this life growing inside her, and sometimes you feel the tears well up in your eyes and it takes everything in you not to break down. 

Please pray for a girl I was speaking with yesterday. She's pregnant with identical twins, and wants an abortion. I saw two beating hearts in the sonogram room with her. Those twins were eight weeks old, their fingers and toes fully developed, they can now hiccup and have milk buds for teeth. She always wanted twins, but not just now. Today I was helping a woman who had four abortions in the past. She feels guilt and regret, yet views abortion as her only option. Society and organisations such as Planned Parenthood lead women to think abortion is their only option to a crisis pregnancy. There is help out there, and in the majority of cases I have experienced, it's not the fact it's an unwanted baby, it's a lack of resources and time. Society and government should be helping these women, but instead, organisations such as Planned Parenthood are only interested in making money from vulnerable women. Abortion counsellers receive commission if they manage to convince women to have an abortion. We live in a society that ignores the painful consequences of abortion, and women are not fully aware of the physical and emotional risks that abortion can lead to. As I said before, one of most beautiful things to witness is a woman in need realising that she can actually bring life into world, and we need to make sure women know this. Blessed Mother Theresa once said 

"The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father's role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts--a child--as a competitor, an intrusion and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the dependent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters."

Thank you for reading this blog, and hope everyone has a blessed weekend. 

God bless,