Sunday, July 5, 2015


After this amazing weekend, celebrating the 4th of July, I want to tell you a story. Last Friday, another intern of this organization and myself were counseling a young 21 year old girl at Queens’ office. I can’t stop praying for her because she is in a difficult situation. She is Muslim, her parents too, but her boyfriend is Catholic. Her parents don’t know about the pregnancy, not even about the existence of that relationship. She kept on talking about how difficult her circumstances are, and if her parents ever find out, she would be in serious trouble. So she wanted to have an abortion right away.

And this whole situation made me think about priorities; every single person has different order of priorities. And when it comes to this story (and to abortion in general) we have to consider, on the one hand, what is preventing the women from having the baby, and on the other hand, the death of her child. And what we try to explain to them is that, in almost every case, having an abortion is not a solution. I think that is preferable for your parents to be mad at you for the rest of their lives, than to not being able to life with yourself for the rest of yours.

I think this girl was perfectly aware of what it means to have an abortion, and she really didn’t want to do it. But maybe because of the pressure, her parents came first, and therefore the baby wasn’t a priority. So all there is left for us to do is pray for her… Let’s keep on doing it!


Another week fighting against abortion.

This week I' have continued my daily work in EMC.

Last Thursday I felt really lucky when I assisted to a "training class" with Sister Dorothy, who showed us how to deal with different situations at the abortion clinic's doors. She has a huge and amazing experience advising pregnant women who are convinced about abortion.

It's amazing the security and bravery that this woman transmit with her words. Because this capacity she could help lots of woman to make up their minds to have their babies.

She stood up one point. We need the God's help to reach this women's   hearths to show them how important it's to go on with their pregnancy to let their babies born.

After this training, I have my first counseling whit one woman that need help to continue with the pregnancy, in this case the mother was pregnant with twins. In the conversation she seed that she wont to have the babies, but for this was necessary help to continue.

This situation means that there is a lot of case that the mothers need help to continue with the pregnancy and have the baby, we have to find all this mothers to give them the necessary help and fight the abortions.

For that reason I pray everyday with the hope of saving lots of lives During my stay in New York.

My firsts impressions as a live saviour

Hello everyone. My name is Javier and I am a Spanish student at University of Navarra. This summer, encouraged by many friends I have decided to come to NYC to do the summer internship at EMC (Expectat Mother Care). Besides my friends recommendations, having the opportunity to learn how the pro-life movement is developed in this City was also a huge motivation. After two days working with them, I am truly impressed. The planification and organization is fantastic and I have the opportunity to be working with people from all around the world, such as Ireland, the Congo, Lithuania, US...
I'm leaving at the O'Gradys house, with Borja and Gonzalo that are two Spanish students that are doing the same internship. Anne, who is the one that keeps us at her house, is very kind and generous with us.

My first day working at the entrance of the Clinic was a bit tough. At first, starting to talk with people that were coming inside was hard, as it is another language and a place far away from my country. Little by little I found the courage  and I felt more confortable to talk and try to convince them that abortion was not and option and that life is the best choice. What give me the power to try as hard as I could to convince people was to think about all the murdered kids and also the grace of God. Thank you very much for reading me. In the next posts I will try to show you how I'm doing over here. See you soon!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A New York Renaissance.

I'm Claire, a secondary school teacher from Ireland. This is my second Summer volunteering with EMC. I arrived in NYC on Thursday. Yesterday, Friday was my first day back counselling and I've found the same thoughts and emotions resurfacing. I am reposting one of my blog entries from last year because of it's relevance, and I'll post again when I will have more days worked next week.

Conflicting and some seemingly incongruous ideas and associations abounded prior to my trip  to New York and en route: New York, the city that never sleeps.  The abortion capital of  the world.  Soho. Central Park. From Broadway to Roosevelt Avenue´s 12 abortion mills:  New York´s very own baby death-row.   Giuliani´s  zero tolerance of yester-year versus the liberty to butcher babies in utero. ´In God we Trust´ printed on over a billion dollar bills exchanged for abortion. Bagels. Yellow cabs. Metropolis. Necropolis. The zenith of the Empire State Building and the nadir of modern ´civilisation´: the right to choose to have one`s own baby killed.

The trip itself raised mixed feelings for me. I absolutely wanted to go. It was however hard to reconcile a visceral desire to try to save mothers and babies from the horror of abortion with the anticipation of the adventure that living in NYC would be. I was very excited about New York but at the same time felt guilty about this, given the gravity of the work. How would I square the poignancy of the pregnancy centres with the wonder of the city??

New York: a teeming metropolis. `The city that never sleeps´. Why? People are too busy living. Living. Living life to the full! Yet, alongside this metropolis lurks a necropolis. That same sleepless city summarily sentences and violently dispatches babies to their sleep. NYC is the country´s abortion capital. No fewer than 250 abortuaries peddle their ghastly baby-dismemberment and baby-killing services. Metropolis. Necropolis. Metropolis. Necropolis. Metropolis. Necropolis.  My brain struggled to make sense of it all. NYC is a majestic city. She is breath-taking but if you´re a babe in the womb, she can literally, and brutally, take your breath away.

The conflict persisted right up and into to the office block that houses one of our pregnancy centres in Brooklyn. There are views from our floor. Our centre overlooks a bustling commercial district. Nearby streets are leafy and balmy. Seemingly innocuously-named abortion clinics share the building with us and do their diabolical best to bludgeon babies to death on other floors of the building. One of the clinics is 3 floors directly beneath our centre. A few times already the elevator has stopped on these floors. Shivers permeated my body. I was staring at the face of evil. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly and the evil interface in one building in NY, just as they co-exist in places the world over. Be it in our the pregnancy centres or outside the baby-killing facilities, we are on the front-line.

New York, New York, so good they named it twice. New York needs a renaissance – the French for re-birth - to be born again in humanity, dignity, truth and love. We have to reclaim  New York. For life. The good news is that pro-lifers are informing, spreading the truth, praying, witnessing, counselling, making interventions, saving babies and sparing expectant mothers from abortion. We are bringing the city slowly back to life, one baby at a time. There can be great sorrow but there is great joy and hope also. In God we do, and will continue to trust. May God bless America y viva la vida!

Making the decision

What does the right decision mean? Is it the decision that meets the standard of the society, or the decision that works best at the moment, or the decision that will lead to a life without regret. Most of the mothers make a decision on behalf of themselves and their  current situations, they hardly consider the fetus to the decision equation. Most women that want abortion initial thought on their pregnancy, is that the baby is an obstacle holding them back from their plans or preventing them from the life they want.  What they don't know is that their current situation is temporary but abortion is permanent. Making a decision based on various issues like the opinion of the baby's father, their parents, friends, financial situation, education situation, cost of living, their children, will not make facing the consequences of having an abortion easier. Most women that have abortion suffer from Post Abortion Trauma or Depression. Some may claim that their life is the same and that the abortion did not affect them,what they don't know is even if it is not physically there is a change psychologically. Pro-life Counsellors help the women make the right decision health wise and morally. This is why the counsellors have to give their help and support for these women in order for them to make the right decision.


My first week in EMC
When I saw that about 20/25 mothers a day got inside just one abortion clinic I felt really sad for all the babies who are dying every day in all these clinics. Now I’m happy because I have the opportunity to change this situation and I feel very blessed for having this opportunity.

During this week all the interns went to Sister Dorothy’s trainings and all of us started to read a leadership book in order to improve our work (saving babies).

About my experience: I went to the Bronx office and I was the only Spanish speaker so that I could talk with two Hispanics mothers who went there.

One of them was 40 years old and she didn’t know she was pregnant, so she went there for a pregnancy test as she felt something was inside of her. After the test we saw it was positive, so she was pregnant, and the most incredible thing is that she was almost 29 weeks pregnant!!! When she realized it was illegal for her to abort she got so mad and angry. And she left.

I think that this whole situation has to do with Providence acting, as if she has known she was pregnant before she would have aborted her baby.

The lesson I acquired this week is that we must pray every day for the babies and for their mothers.


Sidewalk Counselling

Sidewalk Counselling is one of the most challenging experience that I have ever and probably will ever go through. It is like been on the frontline of the battle and having various attacks aimed at you from different angles. It can be very discouraging sometimes and seem like nothing is working but "joy cometh in the morning". When I hear the testimonies of the pro-life sidewalkers who have been doing this for a couple of years it energizes me and give me hope. Having a turnaround is not easy but when it happens the feeling is so amazing and rewarding, the joy of saving a baby is fulfilling. It is a battle that involves life and death and the devil will do everything to bring us down, We have a our weapons(prayers) and a heavenly army to fight for us. Being the last person that could possibly save a baby and prevent it from been killed, all must be given and done.We have to advocate on behalf of the baby and help the mother make the right choice. Sometimes the women go into the clinics but they later come out and say they could not do it. Last saturday, I was in front of planned parenthood on Bleeker St  when I approached a young woman who did not want to talk with me but she took my pamphlet and went into the clinic. A few minutes later she came out and said she could not go through with the abortion and she is going to keep the baby.  It is  wonderful and we have God to thank for that, sometimes most of them don't want to talk and they just inside but because of the pamphlets and our prayers they come around. Sidewalking is challenging but also rewarding. Joy.

Prayer can truly change your life

It's been a really interesting week... I feel as it's been short and long at the same time. I've lived a lot of things that I'll always keep in my heart.

On my first day in the Brooklyn offices I went with two women for the sonogram: one decided to keep her baby and the other one still wanted to abort after the counseling. The second one, was sad and looking at the floor since she came into the office, and during the sonogram she even cried. Why? Because she knew she was going to kill someone, and not only someone; her baby.

That's the part of the abortion people always "forget" to tell the pregnant mothers. They say that abortion is the easiest solution to our problems. BUT IT IS NOT. It is the hardest, because you are killing your own baby, and then no one cares about that, and you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

This week we also had some role playing training with Sr Dorothy, which was very useful and we learned how to treat pregnant mothers who are going to a clinic. And also I had the opportunity to put it into practice on Thursday at Planned Parenthood in Manhattan.

At PP I got to see with my own eyes the amount of women who get into an abortion clinic... I must say that on my first day I was about to cry, maybe more than 30 women went there in just one morning!!

This made me feel so sad, but it also encouraged me to keep working hard with the training, to keep doing my best, to keep praying hard, and to ask all of you for your prayers, as they are our most powerful tool, and all of you can join us from wherever you are. We really need them.

"Prayer can truly change your life. For it turns your attention away from yourself and directs your mind and your heart toward the Lord" Pope John Paul II


PS: Here I share with you an interesting video I saw the other day about children who are asked about abortion :-)

Welcome To The Abortion Captiol

Hello my name is Michelle Nunez. I am twenty-one years old; I was born and raised in Houston Texas. I arrive to New York this past Tuesday, June 30th. I got involved in the Pro-Life movement after hearing that one third of my generation was killed by abortion. At that moment I felt called to do something about it. After discerning if this was really what God was calling me to do, I decide to become more active in the movement.  God provided me with this amazing opportunity; he decided to send me here to New York, the abortion capital of America. As soon as Chris picked me up from the airport I was able to witness the reality, women called him at least every ten minutes wanting an abortion. My first assignment was to go to Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion clinic in America. I have to admit that I felt very intimidated by the women: they all seem so sure of their decision that it seemed that nothing that I could say would change their mind. Thanks to the other pro-lifers out there, I was able to realize that this work does not depend on my human abilities but on the power of the Holy Spirit.  The fact that God is in charge in each one of these death and life situations is what gives me courage to reach out to the women. The fact that God is in charge is what makes me get up in the morning and look forward to a new day. It is very easy to become discouraged in a place like this, were so many people are being killed, because when a woman has an abortion not only does the baby die, but so does her soul and that of the baby’s daddy. However we as Christians need to remember that the battle has already been won by our Lord Jesus Christ. This should be our anthem for life, and personally it will mine for this next two months. May the Lord bless and keep you may he grant you the desires of your heart.

Your sister in Christ,



Friday, July 3, 2015

This baby will live!

A miracle happened today.
Next to Dr Emily's abortion clinic we met a very energetic and kind woman who worked for EMC 4 years ago. After long negotiations and help from interns she took 23 year old lady from abortion clinic to the Bronx office and left her with me.
She mainly considered abortion because she has 6 months old little baby boy and looks after 4 children of her siblings. She did not finish school but has a dream - she wants to be a nurse. Then we watched a video about abortion procedure. She was shocked because she has had an abortion when she was 15 and the baby was 5 months old. She was put to sleep, and only watching this video let her know what really happened.
Before the sonogram, she still thought that her baby will look only like a bean. But then we saw this full baby on the screen! The little one was turning from one side to another, then slept for a bit, woke up and was opening and closing little mouth, then reached out for a little foot. Apparently yoga was invented in the womb!
After this the girl knew she could not abort such beauty. We gave some toys and baby wipes, and kept in touch with this expectant mom. Her family was supportive!

P.s. I did not mention a father. They are not together, but the girl feels confident to be an independent mother.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dealing With Challenging Situations

Oh how complicated life is!

First off, let me start by saying that last week flew by with many new interns to meet and help get settled into the lifehouse.

There is a story of one client I really want to share with you because her situation was so complicated and it really put into perspective what I am up against.

Monday, this beautiful young woman from Pakistan came to our Queens office early on in her pregnancy. She wants an abortion because she is supposed to go back to Pakistan in January and get married. If her very strict muslim family finds out she is pregnant they will call off the wedding and she will no longer have their support. We spoke extensively as she confessed that she really doesn't want to have to turn to this but feels like she has no choice. I felt her pain...what a terrible situation to be in.

When I would bring her fiancé up she would glow as her love for him exuded through her face. The statistics of couples breaking up due to abortion is so high at 80% that my heart broke knowing that these two have a small chance of making it anyway if she decides to abort. In the end she may end up totally alone.

Her whole future played in my head. I saw the challenging but rewarding future she might have giving life to her baby and I saw the painful and devastating future choosing death.

She nearly broke down knowing that her baby is already fully formed with a fully beating heart. She wasn't expecting for her baby to be so developed and she all of a sudden began thinking clearly. She decided she needed to have a deeper conversation with her fiancé and that she would have to figure out how to find a job that will sustain her and the baby as well as a new place to live. I mentioned to her that we could help with all of these things and she seemed more open to keeping her baby.

It was a great conversation but a difficult situation indeed. She left unsure of what to do but tomorrow I plan on following up with her and I'm hoping she goes into the office to get her sonogram!!!

Sincerely yours,

Teaching and Learning

 This week was very special for me. The reasons for this are many.

Firstly, on Tuesday we all received training from the best sidewalk counsellor in the world, Sr Dorothy. Usually she saves a few babies a day! She explained how prayer is important in converting women who want to abort their babies. Prayer is the least visible action but extremely effective.

Following this I met an exceptional man -Don- when I went to a new abortion clinic. This sidewalk counsellor always makes friends with employees of abortion clinics. He said it is very important because having friends inside of the clinic can provide useful information. One doctor even left the job in the abortion clinic because of him!

This week we attended many meetings where pro-life mentors stressed the importance of reading and stuying a lot in order to be informed. If one is not well prepared one won't be able to to help women in difficult situations.

Learning more each day,



This week has been primarily training! In my opinion it has been very important, because I think that, the same way we need to study a degree before we start to work in our professions, we need to know which ones are the keys to do a best counseling of these pregnant women. There are some things that interns should have (should bring with them), but there are many others that we are learning here in order to do our best. This training we have had, has been absolutely necessary for us!
On Monday we had an interesting training day at the LifeHouse with Chris Slattery; about 6 hours of training. He has dedicated almost his entire life to this cause, and he always keeps on studying and acquiring new useful tools! It is very important to keep on learning, no matter the age... because we can never have enough of it. 

Furthermore, we spent all Tuesday morning and most of the afternoon at the Immaculate Conception Center with a very amazing nun: Sister Dorothy. She dedicated almost 5 hours training us with such a carrying spirit. Also, we had the occasion to visit the beautiful chapel and to assist to Mass.

So as I was saying, training and studying (and of course praying) are the keys to a successful counseling.

Today I was next to an abortion clinic in Queens, passing out newspapers, when a woman came to me; she asked me about my work, so I started explaining to her everything and she asked me for a pair of newspapers because she works at a library and she wanted to make copies to leave some there for the people that goes into it. It is incredible how nice people actually exist! She really wanted to help us in this cause! For instance, the other day I was at Dr. Emily’s, in the Bronx, and I asked a woman if she was going into the abortion clinic, and she answered me: “are you kidding me? I am against that!”

Another thing that catches my attention is that many of the mothers that I have talked to that go into the abortion clinics, are amazed because we really care about them, we are really concerned, and they can tell. This is something that they really appreciate, to see how a completely stranger is worried about them. I have seen their faces change when I have said: “I really want to help you”. But somehow, some of them decide to go into the abortion clinic anyway. The good thing is that they know where we are, and that they can come talk to us whenever they want.

So this is all I can tell you so far.


 Not feeling very free

Yesterday, 1st July, marked the 40th anniversary of the first legal killing of an innocent child in the state of New York. The womb is one of the most dangerous places to be in the US. Saturday will be Independance Day and I wonder if this is the vision Congress had for America 239 years ago. I truly doubt it.

It seems a long time in ways, but over history it is but a drop in the ocean. A drop that has rippled into tidal proportion and shed the blood of tens of millions of innocent babies. I do not feel liberated at this horrific reality. How can we call ourselves civilised as we rip perfect little bodies apart just inches inside the womb? How can we say that we are free and deny the most vulnerable the right to their first breath? How can we call it a right to dump mangled and broken bodies in the trash? How can we call this legal? How can we call this right?

How can we celebrate Independance Day living in this culture of death?


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

She said NO for an abortion

This happened in our Queens office. There were two young women and two little happy and naughty children in our waiting room. Little girl had curly hair, she wore miniature red dress and was around 2 years old. A boy had beautiful eyes with long eyelashes and was taller than the girl. He was 3 years old but he would try to look after the little girl as if he was much older. 

I asked who the client was. Apparently she brought her sister to support her and she did not speak English, but her sister agreed to tranlate, so we took all 4 of them to our counselling room. I was so distracted by these kids! They filled the whole room with energy, it was just fun.

Now back to the case. The girl is my age, 23. That boy with beautiful gaze is her son and she is 5 weeks pregnant. The girl is single, these two pregnancies were caused by two different men who have other children and no commitmetn to this girl. She lives in Puerto Rico but was visiting her sister. Her argument for abortion was that she already feels like having 3 children with this boy! She also works in a bar despite of having been trained as a nurse. I knew there is a hope though, because her sister said that she was crying before coming. Neither of these ladies had abortions before.

The girl looked very tough, she was not touched by arguments about risking her own health, losing unconditional love for her living child, or all the help available. She did not want to see an ultradound and she did not want to wait for any longer because aborting a bigger baby would feel so bad. However she did not know that her baby already has a face formed and a heart beating. She was surprised. I was talking to her sister in English and asking her to pray for her because that is the last resort. We showed pictures of aborted babies for this tough lady and she looked at them with focus. Suddenly she wispered something in Spanish and her sister translated to me

'No, she said she is not having an abortion'.

Pictures that moved the heart of this mom

Sunday, June 28, 2015

During this week we have been training for "save lives".  I am still surpresed for the faces of the women who assist the clinic. When a woman comes in the clinic she seems to be simply serious but when she leaves it,  her face reflect pain and suffering.

I have spoken on several occasions with some women who were coming to the clinic,. Most of them were not interested in listening what I wanted to tell. But last Wesnday on the Planned Parenthood clinic I decided to talk with young couples that were around the clinic. They told me that they had uncertainty about her pregnancy and that they were looking for information

Finally they decided to assist the Brooklyn office for make a pregnancy test instead of going directly to the abortion clinic. I felt really happy and proud for helping them.

After this first experience I can see how much I can help with this job.

fIrst week

We have had a hard and intense week. We have done all sorts of things. On Monday, We were training in the LifeHouse and we have learnt a lot of thing like counseling or doing a pregnancy test. We didn’t know anything before that, but after that we have improved our prolife’s knowledge.  Now, we can help to the mothers who need our assistance and advice. We met Sister Dorothy on Tuesday. She is a great woman who has a great heart. She showed us that the most important thing, that we can do to help these mothers and babies, is PRAY.

I have been the rest of the week in the abortion center of Manhattan. They have a lot of clients and it is a place very transited. I could talk to some mothers but only one heard me. Her name is Sarah and she is 17 years old. We were talking during a long time. She has a friend who is in the same situation. She said me that she will talk to her friend to convince her. So we have to pray for her and her friend. 
You can see that if you pray, God acts. On another occasion I noticed that some women, who leave the abortion center, are depressing and doleful.  They need company and consolation. And in this moment we gave advices and help after abortion, and they are grateful for that.

We can help and pray more, NY needs us!