Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Botching Abortion, Part II: One Dead, One Wounded.

........Even having replaced these with a staff of "conscientious, careful, decent physicians, dedicated to the task", he aptly notes that "the morality of what we were involved in remained unchanged". They "continued to carry out the same grisly task with no medical indication or excuse at all", observes Nathanson (p.148).

Notwithstanding the changes Nathanson made in his abortion centre, writing in 1996, he added that "abortionists even today, ......do tend to come from the lower orders of the medical profession" (p. 150).

This holds true in 2015.  Moreover, shoddy and illegal practices are common. Irrespective of these, abortion remains a violent, physically invasive and dangerous procedure for women, even if within the forceps' grip of a skilled practitioner.

Planned Parenthood KNOWS this. They expect the hospitalisations, the grievous bodily injury and even death:  just outside the entrance to their premises in Bleecker St., (a prime location in Noho, Manhattan), they reserve a parking space for an ambulance from 7am to 7pm every weekday . If the patient is lucky, P.P. might even call it for them.

Tonya Reaves' 3 year anniversary was last week, on July 20th. She and her pre-born baby died following a bungled and incomplete abortion by Planned Parenthood in Chicago in  2012. Ms. Reaves suffered an extensive uterine perforation, possible severing of a uterine artery and substantial internal and vaginal bleeding. Yet, P.P never called 911 and waited five and a half hours after the abortion before calling an ambulance for the dying patient. We pray for Tonya and her baby. May they, and the millions of other victims of abortion, rest in peace. Amen.


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