Wednesday, July 1, 2015

She said NO for an abortion

This happened in our Queens office. There were two young women and two little happy and naughty children in our waiting room. Little girl had curly hair, she wore miniature red dress and was around 2 years old. A boy had beautiful eyes with long eyelashes and was taller than the girl. He was 3 years old but he would try to look after the little girl as if he was much older. 

I asked who the client was. Apparently she brought her sister to support her and she did not speak English, but her sister agreed to tranlate, so we took all 4 of them to our counselling room. I was so distracted by these kids! They filled the whole room with energy, it was just fun.

Now back to the case. The girl is my age, 23. That boy with beautiful gaze is her son and she is 5 weeks pregnant. The girl is single, these two pregnancies were caused by two different men who have other children and no commitmetn to this girl. She lives in Puerto Rico but was visiting her sister. Her argument for abortion was that she already feels like having 3 children with this boy! She also works in a bar despite of having been trained as a nurse. I knew there is a hope though, because her sister said that she was crying before coming. Neither of these ladies had abortions before.

The girl looked very tough, she was not touched by arguments about risking her own health, losing unconditional love for her living child, or all the help available. She did not want to see an ultradound and she did not want to wait for any longer because aborting a bigger baby would feel so bad. However she did not know that her baby already has a face formed and a heart beating. She was surprised. I was talking to her sister in English and asking her to pray for her because that is the last resort. We showed pictures of aborted babies for this tough lady and she looked at them with focus. Suddenly she wispered something in Spanish and her sister translated to me

'No, she said she is not having an abortion'.

Pictures that moved the heart of this mom

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