Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sidewalk Counselling

Sidewalk Counselling is one of the most challenging experience that I have ever and probably will ever go through. It is like been on the frontline of the battle and having various attacks aimed at you from different angles. It can be very discouraging sometimes and seem like nothing is working but "joy cometh in the morning". When I hear the testimonies of the pro-life sidewalkers who have been doing this for a couple of years it energizes me and give me hope. Having a turnaround is not easy but when it happens the feeling is so amazing and rewarding, the joy of saving a baby is fulfilling. It is a battle that involves life and death and the devil will do everything to bring us down, We have a our weapons(prayers) and a heavenly army to fight for us. Being the last person that could possibly save a baby and prevent it from been killed, all must be given and done.We have to advocate on behalf of the baby and help the mother make the right choice. Sometimes the women go into the clinics but they later come out and say they could not do it. Last saturday, I was in front of planned parenthood on Bleeker St  when I approached a young woman who did not want to talk with me but she took my pamphlet and went into the clinic. A few minutes later she came out and said she could not go through with the abortion and she is going to keep the baby.  It is  wonderful and we have God to thank for that, sometimes most of them don't want to talk and they just inside but because of the pamphlets and our prayers they come around. Sidewalking is challenging but also rewarding. Joy.

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