Monday, July 6, 2015

Greetings for everyone! I am here again to tell you some stories and events of my week in NYC as a lifesaviour.

On this week I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Dorothy  and Julie this week. The first of them is a great woman who is doing an amazing job with a lot of mothers who need helping and counseling. On Tuesday, she was our teacher during all the morning. She gave us plenty of advices and we were able to use that during all week. 

The other woman was working in EMC for 5 years and now she is doing the same counseling and helping in other city of USA. She is able to talk with a lot of mothers although many of them walked away whitout listening her prayers. However,  she never lost her smile and energy because she never gives up.

I have learnt that we can help more mothers and babies because the techniques are so important. There are a lot of mothers in NYC who need our counseling and prayers. We have to PRAY more.


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