Saturday, July 4, 2015

Making the decision

What does the right decision mean? Is it the decision that meets the standard of the society, or the decision that works best at the moment, or the decision that will lead to a life without regret. Most of the mothers make a decision on behalf of themselves and their  current situations, they hardly consider the fetus to the decision equation. Most women that want abortion initial thought on their pregnancy, is that the baby is an obstacle holding them back from their plans or preventing them from the life they want.  What they don't know is that their current situation is temporary but abortion is permanent. Making a decision based on various issues like the opinion of the baby's father, their parents, friends, financial situation, education situation, cost of living, their children, will not make facing the consequences of having an abortion easier. Most women that have abortion suffer from Post Abortion Trauma or Depression. Some may claim that their life is the same and that the abortion did not affect them,what they don't know is even if it is not physically there is a change psychologically. Pro-life Counsellors help the women make the right decision health wise and morally. This is why the counsellors have to give their help and support for these women in order for them to make the right decision.

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