Saturday, July 4, 2015


My first week in EMC
When I saw that about 20/25 mothers a day got inside just one abortion clinic I felt really sad for all the babies who are dying every day in all these clinics. Now I’m happy because I have the opportunity to change this situation and I feel very blessed for having this opportunity.

During this week all the interns went to Sister Dorothy’s trainings and all of us started to read a leadership book in order to improve our work (saving babies).

About my experience: I went to the Bronx office and I was the only Spanish speaker so that I could talk with two Hispanics mothers who went there.

One of them was 40 years old and she didn’t know she was pregnant, so she went there for a pregnancy test as she felt something was inside of her. After the test we saw it was positive, so she was pregnant, and the most incredible thing is that she was almost 29 weeks pregnant!!! When she realized it was illegal for her to abort she got so mad and angry. And she left.

I think that this whole situation has to do with Providence acting, as if she has known she was pregnant before she would have aborted her baby.

The lesson I acquired this week is that we must pray every day for the babies and for their mothers.


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